I paid for my domain name from and i can'even set it up for my home business. help pleas?

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My first question is: I paid for my domain name from and I can'even set it up for my home business. help pleas?.

My next question is: I've had names for a while at Enom and recently pushed them to a retail account since I didn't want to pay the $30 renewals. I was actually told to do this by one of their account representatives so I finally went ahead and did it. And than I renewed a couple of names on there with a credit card that I frequently used and found no problem with it it as they charged me right away. However a couple hours later I found my account locked. So I called there technical support hotline and found out that there is nothing they can do and the guy I was talking to even refused me to talk to his supervisor. I than sent out some emails to a couple different addresses on their website and was told to email rskmgmt.

This doesn't make any sense since they charged the card fine no problem and the card works fine 100% everywhere. The purchase on enom wasn't even that large yet they have locked me out of my account (several x,xxx names) and won't tell me when I can reaccess it since it's "flagged". I found this absurd so I called the account rep who told me to make the retail account and he said theres nothing he can do and has no idea as to what is going on.

So I'm locked out my Enom account for who knows how long and no one there seems to know what to do...

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Your question was: I paid for my domain name from and I can'even set it up for my home business. help pleas?.

Sounds like a billing issue. That generally happens when the provider suspects.

The transaction to be "questionable", to put it mildly.

Unfortunately that can happen with practically any provider you use. Nobody.

Likes these things, but they have to protect themselves against such.

All I can say, planoali, is to followup with your account rep or whoever it was.

That contacted you regarding this at eNom. They can't tell you when it'll be.

Reactivated because they otherwise don't want to make promises they can't.


Not saying it's acceptable, but who'd like to be told, "You said it'll be okay by.

This time but it's not, so you lied to me!"?..

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I don't see how it was "questionable" since they charged my account fine and since than I have used this card on Go Daddy and Sedo for much larger purchases with no hassle. The account rep said there is nothing in his power that he can do. Apparently only rskmgmt can do something but they're very slow to reply to emails and don't have a phone line. They also don't give any indicator as to when it will be fixed and whats taking so long. Instead they act as if nothing is wrong and they might eventually look into it...

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Agreed with what Dave Zan said....enom are just trying to protect themselves from possible credit card charge-back. It is usual for retailer purchase. I sugegst that you continue with a reseller account with some credit in your account. That should solve all the hussle...

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Let's see here.... Youre saying it's okay for Enom to protect themselves by denying a customer access to an account full of domains, not just the few successfully renewed domains in question, because of some sort of unexplained suspicion of a charge-back that hasn't happened, that they cant prove will happen and that they refuse to explain the reasons for any suspicions or questionable activities that made them worry about a charge-back in the first place. Hmmm....

It's kind of like going to a shovel store, picking out a couple you like, paying for them, and then being told (as the store manager scoops your shovels away), "Yes, the shovels are paid for, and even though the credit card you used belongs to you and wasn't challenged by the credit card company, and although you haven't done so before, we suspect you may try to do a chargeback on the shovels after you take them home (but we won't tell you why we think that), so we're going to keep your money and keep the shovels (for as long as we like). We need to protect ourselves from customers like you who have completed hundreds of successful transactions with us. Oh, and by the way, you can't use any shovels you previously bought from us, either. Even though they are legally yours and have nothing to do with this transaction, we've locked them away and won't allow you to get to them, just like we won't let you take these shovels you just bought and paid for, until we're convinced there's nothing questionable about these shovels or the payment we now have in the bank thats earning interest. We'll tell you when we think it's okay for you to get your go away and don't bother us about it anymore.

In the meantime, the days are passing, your garden is dying, and your neighbors are trying to convince you that it's okay for the store manager to keep all of your shovels for as long as he wants because (even though he cares nothing for your dying plants and has your money) he has to protect his store from someone like you for some reason he won't explain.

Enom sounds like a great place to buy shovels. Do your neighbors shop there?..

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That's ridiculous, enom's risk management or billing department should tell you why are they holding your domain, are they getting paranoid? enom have just stolen both your money and your domain. now time to think which is much dear to you, your money or your domains if you choose the first one then act fast and request a chargeback from your credit card company...

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It's examples like this, and many others, why the shine has gone off eNom for me. There are just too many conflicts of interest for my comfort level. Also their might is right support rubs me up the wrong way. I'm in a long term strategic reduction of my exposure to eNom. That having been said. There are many, many, registrars which operate in exactly the same way...

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Well, I never said it's okay or acceptable. It depends on what side you're on,.

But it does suck to be on the losing side.

Right now, I'm wondering what's the status of planoali's issue with eNom...

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My point was that as long as enom and other registrars have the unregulated authority to take such overreaching and unreasonable actions against customers, for any perceived reasons (real or not) and with no obligations for justifications or accountability, the customers will always be on the losing side...

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I have a reseller and customer account with Directi and never had any such problems with them so far.

Hope they dont get inspired by Enom.....

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Sorry for the delayed update. I finally got it sorted out by having to fax in a copy of my credit card and drivers license. My account was locked for nearly a week but at least it finally got sorted out. They never told me as to why exactly it was locked and didn't offer an apology for the inconvenience either...

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