I own a POSB Mastercard Debit Card. why cant i make any online transactions? e.g at

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My first question is: I own a POSB Mastercard Debit Card. why cant I make any online transactions? e.g at

My next question is: I am waiting for the messages from dot asia company. I understand that the HostGator auction will start on 17/03/08 and still I haven't received anything from them about the domains I have been successful and the domains going into auction.

I think it is becoming ridiculous now without getting any info about the domains we applied.

Frustrating !!!!!..

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Your question was: I own a POSB Mastercard Debit Card. why cant I make any online transactions? e.g at

I know that the auction will be at pool. But I don't have any info from dotasia yet whether my domains are going to auction or about verification etc...

The auction will start at 17 and how on earth we are not hearing anything from them...

Comment #1

Yeah, it's ridiculous - the silence is deafening lol...

We know it's at but you cant even login or do anything until getting the details from your registrar/dotasia registry for the auction(s). So badly organized...

Comment #2

Exactly, the auction is starting in a few hours time and we are stuck with doubts about what to do next. Just, just simply pathetic...

Comment #3

Agree, the dot ASIA organization is proving to be extremely useless.

It seriously cannot be that hard to develop a system with all registrars thats simply updates your domains status. Is it reserved, Is it pending registration, Is it going to auction - the time/date and login information.

They promote the 13th of march everywhere as the end of the landrush, so I would expect that within an hour of the time passing, every registrar would know the status of our domains.

Hopefully the value of our ASIA domains will outweigh their terrible service...

Comment #4

Im dying to find out the status of our registrations.... hurry up asia!!!..

Comment #5

Are we sure that the auctions are for 2008? Are the auctions scheduled for 2009 ?

Not sure now...

Comment #6

This bad management does not bode well for .asia valuations, IMO. A good structure is vital for new TLDs...

Comment #7

No emails from registrars and no update on dot Asia website Mysterious..

Comment #8

And the auctions are starting today. Here is 17.03 now...

Comment #9

Maybe they found big time buyers for our HostGator lots and just pushed it to them!!!..

Comment #10

Guess the amount of applications they got might have surplus their expectations. What we can do now is only to sit down and pray for the best. lol..

Comment #11

Where did the date of 17th March come from? According to there are still several days of sunrise applications to get through before the next lot?..

Comment #12

Sunrise has finished many years ago. Look at the auction list and you will see March 17 , auction starts...

Comment #13

Sorry maybe I'm using the wrong terminology.

Those auctions listed on the 17th, 18th etc are all reserved names aren't they? I tried for several names listed a week ago and was unsuccessful...

Comment #14

I heard that Sunrise 1 reopened when Landrush started on 20 Feb. I'm not sure whether the Sunrise 1 is still open, hopefully it has ended with Landrush together. Coz I'm also waiting eagerly for the update, not sure whether my names fall into the single application or multiple applications...

Comment #15

Again, anyone tell me where March 17 came from? The auctions listed on are all for domains applied for weeks ago -

So is this panic that the auction's about to start today a little premature?..

Comment #16

It's already screwed up. I guess I will bid too high and not pay. it's the only way to pain them back. I don't think ICANN will do anything about their (dotAsia's) mistake (such as getting people pay for domains for landrush and then telling that the HostGator is 'funny' reserved [you don't get a 'cancelled refund' in registrars such as]) or crime (such as taking as many as possible domains to auctions)...

Comment #17

I applied for domains like trading and email and they are on the auction list. I applied well before 20/2/08. The domains appear both on the lists. In that case, I am not allowed to participate in the auction because of so called pioneer application or whatever ???..

Comment #18

And may be they start auction on landrush domains from 20th to 26th ??? Keep guessing people..

Comment #19

List of domains with multiple application but still no news on the auction I guess.

Comment #20

No update at their site and there is no info yet so far...

Comment #21

Its really farcical now not to have received any information at all about the auctions. They really have shown themselves to be incompetent...

Comment #22

Absolutely. The first come first serve is only about 9 days to go and we are still not sure about our applications. The service is awful...

Comment #23

I wouldn't go that far might get caught up into a legal binding frenzie!!!..

Comment #24

Absolutely, they will chase you up. Possibly, they are just couting money at the moment. They may not be able to focus on HostGator names...

Comment #25

Still do reply and today is 18/03 and the open reg will start on 26/03.

What on earth dotasia is doing?..

Comment #26

Nothing here.

I have not received anything on the names I paid to register months ago. I'm ready for my refunds already. Most of the closing prices look ridiculous to me. IMO many peeps are ovepaying for .asia, basically paying end user prices for the name for 5 years out from release.

This system has been perfect for the .asia registrar, they are making a killing off each and every name, whenever they get around to running the auctions...

Comment #27

I received an email from pool saying nearly half million HostGator names applied. Nothing mentioned about the domains I applied...

Comment #28

Lol, at least you got an email from them at all.

I have zip all in my inbox...

Comment #29

Also received jack all from my registrar, dot-asia and I have emailed my registrar (myDomain) with no reply as well.

I'm kinda hoping they really screw it up now, and no one ends up getting the applied for domains so we can all put a hefty lawsuit on their arse.

The point is there has been absolutely NO communication as to the status of our domains. It really doesn't matter if it takes them 1 day, 1 week or 1 month to register our domains, as long as their is communication and confirmation for the domains we were successful at getting...

Comment #30

Looks to me like they were overwhelmed with applications.

This is good news for us all! I'd suggest everybody relax and wait to hear something rather than panicking and listening to all the misinformation out there (like the auction was due to start on the 17th - that had no basis but was being repeated everywhere on NP).

I'm sure all our applications got through and we can be sure that they will give everybody as much opportunity as possible to participate in the auctions (it's in their best interest after all).

Whilst I agree it would be nice to get confirmation of secured names, I think it should be safe enough to assume that if you applied for a name and it's not on this list and it's not reserved by the goverments (check here then you have it.

Do you think that's a safe enough assumption?..

Comment #31

If they think they could not handle it properly, they better post pone the 26th general registration for the public...

Comment #32

I sure hope so, I applied for quite a few domains and "in theory" got about 7% of them.

By the way, I spoke to, they said the auctions that appear on their site post March 13 are still the backlog of Sunrise auctions.I also panicked because I had applied for a name that appeared on the auctions and I hadn't gotten a notice for the auction.what happened was that the Sunrise application was processed AFTER I had submitted my Landrush application, and hence my application will likely get declined..

As far as the Landrush auctions go, said that dotasia hadn't scheduled them yet and they expect the notices will be sent in the next 10's like .asia water torture but at least it's comforting to hear that we're all on the same boat..

Comment #33

Spoke to - they said sit tight, no Landrush auctions have been scheduled yet and we should receive emails in the next 10 days (!).

I had also applied for a HostGator name that appeared for auction on March 18 - what happened was that my Landrush application went through before they had registered the Sunrise applications.

Did you notice some cheeky bugger got for $10!! I bet you (no pun intended) what a lot of people did (and in retrospect I should have done as well) was to register a company name in some .asia jurisdiction and then applied for HostGator names in the last phase of Sunrise. It would have been well worth the hassle if you could get for $10!..

Comment #34

I apply Landrush registration for above domains and available till land rush start, now Lord Dot Asia post on their WHOIS page that it's government reserved..

I dont know how many of my application will be rejected by Dot Asia even if they are available in landrush period...

Comment #35

NEXT 10 days?! OMG! next week will be the go live stage, will they run all the landrush auctions before 26 march?.

What if they cannot finish the auction before 26, does it mean the names which have been submitted in landrush will be shown as 'not available' even though it hasn't been auctioned?..

Comment #36

IMO dot Asia will auction all land rush domains at their ease..

No pre-schedule for any auctions, when they feel it's time they release list one by one:.

Keep checking below page

Comment #37

I sent a complaint meassage to 8 hours ago and I see that they just updated their auction page..

Comment #38

Yes, they might reserve whatever domains they fancy and esentially they don't care about people who did apply for domains. It is not good enough. Really disappointing. They should at least send info about when the landrush auction will start etc.....

Comment #39

Thanks for your efforts; something is better than nothing..

Comment #40

Yeah I just saw the 'coming soon' text on about the landrush auctions.

I hope the schmuck that registered some of the same names as I is focuses on other domains. maybe I will get mine for cheap... did anyone else read that a asia auction is extended by 24 hours every time there is a new bid? ughhhh....


"All auctions will run for 7 days (including weekends). When the auction leader has changed within 24 hours of the close date, the auction will be extended for 24 hours from the last lead change. Auctions will continue to be extended by 24 hr periods until there has been no change in leader for 24 hrs.".


Comment #41

This is just radiculous. It means an auction might last forever as long as the leader changes. There should be final date...

Comment #42


I just want my refund now..

For me, there is no point in going into a bidding war for this highly speculative extension.

Let's say that I win the bid for my generic .asia name for $1000.

What guarantee do I have that the value will rise? I may be left holding a very expensive bag...

Comment #43

Still many auctions have already closed - I suppose there comes a point where you just go "you know what mate, for $15,323k you can keep"...

Comment #44

Remember the rule of thumb: Buy low and sell high..

Most generic .asia names will be selling for a high price in the auction..

Too risky to buy high to try to sell higher (a speculative extension)...

Comment #45

Yes, I think it will be too risky to pay high price this time...

Comment #46

Back when Godaddy began taking registrations for .Asia I applied for one but my Godaddy HostGator Manager page still says 'Pending' Does anyone know when this Pending period ends and a decision is made?..

Comment #47

No, man. We all are still waiting for this great moment to be informed about what is going on with our applications...

Comment #48

Netfleet can you explain a little more? My name is on the first link you've provided. It says it has received more than one application in Sunrise or Landrush.

On the 2nd link, when I type in the name it shows a HostGator ID, a HostGator Create Date, The Sponsoring Registrar, Registrant ID , Registrant Name, Registrant Phone, Administrative, billing and technical emails All already assigned to someone in Dublin. How is this?..

Comment #49

I guess that guy from Dublin has won the HostGator in a Sunrise auction...

Comment #50

Hi DnPresident,.

Is it possible that the name you applied for is on this list (yes another list!).

I think this one has all the sunrise applications (made before 27th Feb) but not the Landrush applications. Although I would have through, in theory, a name applied for in this list should have prevented an application in Landrush perhaps the application hadn't been completed (due to it falling into a competing auction for eg) by the time you applied during Landrush so the system let you apply even though it was already destined for someone else.

Make sense? Just a guess really but let us know if it is in this list.....

Comment #51

Once again Yes It's on the list. I registered it on February 20, 2008. I called Godaddy and told them it was showing as registered but they said it didn't matter??? and that I would soon be contacted by someone from .Asia informing me of what I needed to do next....


Comment #52

You are right, My 3 asia domains rejected in this way...

Comment #53

I also had similar problem but haven't got refund for those names yet. They should refund the money asap...

Comment #54

The .ASIA Landrush Period, spanning from February 20, 2008 to March 12, 2008, received a whopping 473,633 HostGator name applications. Paired with the Sunrise and Pioneer applications, this brings the total number of .ASIA applications over a half-million. As the fastest growing online audience in the world, it's no wonder the Landrush Period for .ASIA HostGator names far exceeds expectations.

Domains with multiple applications will go to auction in the coming days. Interestingly, 45,697 domains received more than one application during the Landrush Period, including,, and As the exclusive auction partner for DotAsia, is ready for the rush...

Comment #55

Only 6 days to go to open registration. So far nothing what so ever heard about my applications...

Comment #56

Yes waiting to hear.

I think all domains I tried are in auctions..

Comment #57

For me, I got 20 HostGator names not in the auction list. Awaiting confirmation from them...

Comment #58

Hi James,.

We will be receiving an email by Saturday 22nd March with login details and password for our up-and-coming auctions. DOT.ASIA & POOL.COM are a little late on schedule due to the exceeding number of HostGator applications. They were not expecting over 1/2 a million so soon. All should be in order this time next week at the latest...

Comment #59

Hi all!.

2 days ago I recieved the first confirmations for two names starting with the letter "A"!.

No sunrise applications - whois is also ujpdated!.


Dear Applicant,.

Congratulations! Your DotAsia application for the following HostGator has been approved and the HostGator has been registered to you at the .ASIA Registry:.


You may review your HostGator name WHOIS information by visiting Please note that changes to this HostGator registration are not permitted for sixty (60) days from the date of registration.


DotAsia Organisation Ltd.


Received: from ( []).


Tue, 18 Mar 2008 05:51:59 -0400.


Best regards.


Comment #60

It is good that they are starting to send out confirmation emails.

Thanks for sharing...

Comment #61

I got a message while looking for .asia domains at godaddy that these domains will be available on 26th march 2008..

Comment #62

Great news!! finally we are starting to hear some info regarding the domains... hopefully I get info on mines too.....

Comment #63

Same for me ; they did not gave any news yet..


Comment #64

I haven't got any messages about my application even though Mobix receieved email about the HostGator he applied on 18. Today is 21 and nothing heard. What is happening with pool or dotasia ?? Not efficient??..

Comment #65

Godaddy Told Me That It Would Be On The 20th March... Bt Now Its 21st.

I Just Want My HostGator Or My Money Back, If I Was Not Successful!..

Comment #66

Yes, they are wasting our time, energy and money. Dotasia sucks...

Comment #67

Mobix didn't say his HostGator was applied during Landrush, he could've just got his Sunrise domain...

Comment #68

Just for information:.

You can look up to see that Whois is updated for me ;-).

Some could not believe that I have received such a confirmation mail, so here is the information in written form for you...

Comment #69

Great news! Thanks, Mobix.

It appears to be a HostGator applied during Landrush...

Comment #70

It is good that you are still doing the HostGator reg. I have a HostGator applied with "c" but no email whatsoever from them. Ideally "c" is not far away from "a" letter...

Comment #71


Has anybody left letter "a" applications?.


Update: Information from German HostGator forum.

Not only "a" applications in Landrush with confirmation mails.

But very slow processing.

Some more allocated Landrush names....

Comment #72

Yes, I have landed but have not received a confirmation email as of yet. Must be patient, should have some news pretty soon...

Comment #73

Just looked over the Zonefile....

824 pages in DINA4.


Comment #74

I got one domain.

Dear Applicant,.

Congratulations! Your DotAsia application for the following HostGator has been approved and the HostGator has been registered to you at the .ASIA Registry:.

You may review your HostGator name WHOIS information by visiting Please note that changes to this HostGator registration are not permitted for sixty (60) days from the date of registration.


DotAsia Organisation Ltd...

Comment #75

My first Questions to you all is, Are you all part of Asia and Australia community? isnt that the requirement for .Asia domains? Aslo the ones who have been approved and have parked the domains , are you getting any traffic on those domains?..

Comment #76


It starts with letter "s". I am surprised beacause, I need to get 3 more, as they are not in the list. I have one starting with "c" and other starting with "N"...

Comment #77

Yes we are all from the Asian and Australian community..

Comment #78

Are you from Asia as well ?? I think they process applications from asia first ??..

Comment #79

Yes, I believe that all applications from the Asian community are treated before 'the rest of the world'... will shall all find relief once all 'goes-live'... only a matter of days now..

Comment #80

Waiting ever until 26. Hope our domains will not be for open regisration...

Comment #81

I hope not. I applied for some good domains and it's frustrating to know that the application is still pending and not know anything beyond that. No emaiks about the auction or anything. I am just looking forward to hearing the good news that All domains are approved :-) and they are in my portfolio.

By the way I noticed some of you who have been approved and have parked the domains. Are you guys getting any traffic or clicks at all?..

Comment #82

I received 6 .asia domains but still waiting for the others...

Comment #83

I still haven't received any updates about the status of my domains including the one I think won't be going to auction. What registrars did you guys use? Mine were via eurodns...

Comment #84

Im using godaddy, just got one approved early this morning... waiting on a couple more...

Comment #85

I am using Hostway & Domainmonster. Always a good strategy to use more than one registrar. Should land 8 .asia names in the next few days (once we get some news...) and have another 80 in PENDING for Go-Live. We'll see what happens when the cyber fireworks go off...

Comment #86

My registrar is also Eurodns. I got all the successful mails from the .Asia Registry itself and NOT Eurodns...

Comment #87

I am using godaddy and I got 6 so far waiting for 14 more...

Comment #88

You have received 6 confirmation emails for your .asia names? I still have no news... maybe on Monday...

Comment #89

On the topic of registering more domains for the 26th, can anyone recommend a registrar that is offering good deals? Eurodns has a 10 euro offer still which seems pretty reasonable. My only problem with them is that they only refund your eurodns account in full. I think they charge 10% (or thereabouts) processing fee to give you your money back...

Comment #90

Hostway is offering a good deal, only charge you when your application is successfull...

Comment #91

I got confirmation saying I got those domains. Hoping to get more...

Comment #92

I applied more than thousand and still got none. Congratulations to all who receive domains without auction...

Comment #93

I don't think all your domains are going to auction...

Comment #94

Have you been notified of an auction? I have not. I think mine is already registered to someone else, Godaddy says it's not but according to the .Asia WHOIS it is registered.

Dave C..

Comment #95

I haven't got any notification about auctions. I got only confirmation emails that now about 7 domains have been registered with my name...

Comment #96

I have not gotten notice from EuroDNS about the name I submitted. I know it is not in an auction so I am beyond annoyed...

Comment #97

I just got confirmation directly from dot asia that I received 5 names. Nothing from Godaddy on these five names and nothing on my other hundred names that are going to auction...

Comment #98

I got the confirmation from dot asia, but nothing from GoDaddy yet and it is still showing as pending at GoDaddy..

Comment #99

Check at

If your name is there, I think you can rest assured that godaddy will update soon...

Comment #100

No such notification. Waiting for acutions to start. Many of my landrush applications reserve by dot asia after landrush start...

Comment #101

At the mine says.

Domain Create Date 23-Feb-2008 00:11:44 UTC.

Domain Expiration Date 23-Feb-2010 00:11:44 UTC.

Host is

Only it's in someone elses name, I applied for this name on Feb 20th. Godaddy tells me there's no way it can be registered to someone else and that I will be contacted by .asia.

I believe the name was some how registered to someone early and unfortunately I'll be getting a refund from Godaddy instead of having the opportunity to bid on the name...

Comment #102

That is a good deal. I'm still tempted by the 10 euro price, but I think this may beat that.

A lot of registrars don't seem to be handling the .asia extension, does anyone know why that would be?..

Comment #103

Original Message.

Subject: [.asia registry] [DOMAIN].asia, has been Successfully Allocated.

Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2008 21:42:04 +0000 (UTC).

From: [E-MAIL].

To: [E-MAIL].


Dear Applicant,.

Congratulations! Your DotAsia application for the following HostGator has been approved and the HostGator has been registered to you at the .ASIA Registry:.


You may review your HostGator name WHOIS information by visiting Please note that changes to this HostGator registration are not permitted for sixty (60) days from the date of registration.


DotAsia Organisation Ltd...

Comment #104

This is really starting to get fustrating. I still have no news concerning my .asia pre-registrations. I know 8 of my HostGator registrations have been applied for by no-one else - but now news from registray or Also have 50 that should be going to auction, but again... no news. Is anyone else in this situation? I registered with HOSTWAY... Maybe a big mistake?!..

Comment #105

I'm in the same boat.

Also registered with Hostway....

There are about 200 I applied for not on any of these lists and about 2,000 due for auction.

However all the confirmations come direct from dot asia not from registrar so can't blame hostway I don't think.

It is strange though when people have just regged a handful & have had notification whereas I would have thought withy 200+ odds are should have heard something.

Maybe they go through registrar by registrar? Or by country?..

Comment #106

Yes, there are good chances... Maybe by country or by registry. I am from Switzerland... 'S' is way down the list I have contacted HOSTWAY.UK this morning and they have promised to contact DOMAINPEOPLE as soon as they wake up - to 'remind' them to send out the confirmation emails that I'm waiting for. Go-Live is only 2 days away.....

Comment #107

I just got some emails and picked up:.

And a few other business names..

Comment #108


Scents and REMIXED are definately worth more. Congratulations...

Comment #109

I got another HostGator name registered. smallbusinesses .asia.

They are so slow. I am waiting for another about 12 domains...

Comment #110 is a good catch.

I got,, and some other nice names. What do you think, not bad huh?..

Comment #111

James did you get that HostGator today? I am waiting for one more domain. That is more valuable than other 3 I got...

Comment #112

Yes, I got the HostGator a few hours ago...

Comment #113

I got the email of dot asia for one domain. The rest will go to auction I suppose...

Comment #114

Hello all, I am the CEO at Pool and I apologze for not getting into this discussion earlier, I may have been able to help in some of your frustrations. DotAsia is still processing HostGator applications that include a claim of some prior right (Sunrise applications). These are all being verified by one of two third parties so DotAsia has to wait until all of the applications for a specific HostGator are reviewed before taking any action.

Obviously, if only one application has been submitted and verified during Sunrise, then that applicant will be awarded the domain. If more than one application has been submitted and verified then the HostGator goes to auction as you all know. It is possible, for example, that when the HostGator goes to auction that no-one bids. In this case, the HostGator would be returned to the registry to decide what to do.

If a bid is submitted for a Sunrise HostGator then it will be awarded prior tot he HostGator being considered for a Landrush application.

Landrush applications are being accepted for domains applied for in the Sunrise in the event the sunrise process does not result in the HostGator being awarded. For example, if no-one bids on the HostGator in Sunrise then the registry might release the HostGator in Landrush to all who applied.

I know it is a bit confusing when you see a HostGator you applied for in LAndrush go to auction and you are not in the auction. Undoubtedly, this is because the HostGator was previously applied for in Sunrise and the disposition is not yet known.

There has also been some reference to "refunding registration fees". While it might be too late now, the registry does not charge the registrar the registration fee until the HostGator is actually allocated. Many registrars that I have spoken to also carry this forward to their customers, they don't charge until the HostGator is awarded to their customer.

I hope this helps clarify what's happening right now, I'd be delighted to answer any questions.


Comment #115

Hi Rasman,.

Thanks for info.

Can you please let us know how you are progressing through the applications? Is it done by registrar or some other order (eg alphabetically by country, alphabetically by domain, in order of HostGator application etc).

I think a lot of people would like to know when they can expect confirmation.

Thank you.


Comment #116


Thanks for great information.

I have one doubt..

I requested some domains with a small mistake(just missed the hyphen) in the mail id. I think, I would not get those auction details now. I sent a mail to .asia and godaddy. But there is no use. Is there any way to inform dot asia about it and ask them to consider my new mail id?.

Thanks and Regards,.

Kumar Ghanta..

Comment #117

Why not register that email address quickly or you may request the email owner to forward your emails from dotasia??..

Comment #118

Some more mails here.

Still from my "Domainmonster" registrations, but directly via ".asia" registry.

Anybody who likes ".asia" in the chat?.

I am waiting until the "full" hour!..

Comment #119

I finally got the confirmation from dotAsia.

However, can someone clarify the statement:.

"Please note that changes to this HostGator registration are not permitted for sixty (60) days from the date of registration.".

Does this include DNS info?.

Or that you just can not change ONLY on the HostGator Registration info...


Comment #120


Thank you very much for the reponse..

My problem is I gave my HostGator mail id(but I gave without hyphen).That HostGator was already registered with or with out hypen. I already lost hope on that. All of those went to auctions...

Comment #121

FINALLY - my domains have started to come through, incl.,, etc. To those still waiting, hang in there, it looks like .asia is just busy trying to process applications.

Still no word from auctions though...

Comment #122

Anyone receive any confirmations after applying through Hostway? I'm thinking it's likely that domains are being processed registrar by registrar.

In fact if everyone who has received confirmations can reveal their registrar that could be useful?..

Comment #123

Got the same message from DotAsia. I also checked the Whois info and it is under my name. I also typed the onto my browser and it is live parked HostGator with working links.

Now my question is about the "60 days no changes.".

Is this for HostGator transfer? or for HostGator DNServer?.

Also, does anyone know if EuroDns will allow us to change the DNS of our choosing? As I checked before I got the domains that that link is not clickable.

Got 7 .asia domains out of (80) with confirmation from .Asia Registry.

I don't feel bad now as I've read others regged 1000's and might have gotten about the same...

Comment #124

Got 225 names, some of the best names one can think of. Listing a sample of the Top 10 names out of the 225:.










Collegeloan........and more..

Comment #125

That's great Vikrant. Insured is really amazing and I'm sure it was a worthwhile investment...

Comment #126

Lots of great ones there, especially Insured which is awesome. Congratulations...

Comment #127

Thanks, this is just a sample list, plenty of them in the rest of the list...

Comment #128

I see..

Bibble is a kind of company name, I suppose...

Comment #129

I think I got 5 domain. However I still have not received any confirmation e-mail.

All of them are register at Godaddy, 12 hours before the landrush period end.

Is there anyone also haven't received confirmation e-mail from GoDaddy.


Comment #130

Did you check at to see whether those domains are reserved names or not?..

Comment #131

For those waiting long to start Landrush auctions; well they have to wait longer "Landrush auctions are expected to start early to mid April.".

"You can expect auction starts to be scheduled through June."

Comment #132

Thanks. If we know when it will start, it is okay. As long as they inform us, I am alright with that...

Comment #133

The names are not appeared in the auction list and it's not reserved names.

However, I Still haven't received any confirmation letter.


Comment #134

Dotasia said they had completed 99.5 % and yours ones are possibly in 0.5 %...

Comment #135

Where can I found the rate of progress?.

May you please give me the URL,.



Comment #136


It was issued with yesterday date. I think 100 % of domains should be registered before the end of today.

Let's us know your progress...

Comment #137

It's for sunrise but not for landrush...

Anyway, Thanks for the link.


Comment #138

I take it Feb 20th, the day of my applying for Girls.Asia was the Landrush and since it shows as being registered on Feb 23rd someone else got it during the Sunrise registration period.

Does that seem right to everyone?..

Comment #139

I was thinking about DomainMonster for regging .asia, but I read on their site that they only refund a credit to your account there rather than a cash refund - can anyone confirm this? If so, I wont reg with them. I dont want credit, I want a full refund in cash.


Comment #140

Definitely wrong!!! Very fishy indeed!!!.

Its just that someone probably from the inside in the know how valuable the name is!!!.

Can we register for .asia for the live now!!!.

Is it China time or we have to follow the time zone for each country in the world where it reaches 12:00 midnight where you are in that part of the world?..

Comment #141

Yes, I have spoken to them today and they could not refund to our bank account. They said they will only refund to domainmonster account if not successful and we have to use the money to buy their products. They are also charging quite abit, twice other people's fees.

It is not good. Is it?..

Comment #142

Of course it's right! What's wrong with it at all? This name was applied for during sunrise (check here and once the application was approved that party got it. Had it not been approved you might have got it, but sunrise app always has priority over landrush app (read the recent docs on their site). So what's wrong with it? People - so many accusations of "fishy", etc. but did you bother to read and understand the simple guidelines yourselves?..

Comment #143

Dude, they didn't give any guideline when we applied for "available" domains for the Landrush. After a few days of our payment to the registrar, the name shown to be registered. What the hell is that? The registrar doesn't refund the money fully...

Comment #144

I thought Sunrise was for trademarked/entity names I didn't know Girls was a trademark/entity name. So they had a fair chance to get their name with no problems.

Girls.Asia should have went to auction in my opinion..

Comment #145

I just got the last couple of domains I been waiting for successfully allocated... finally!!..

Comment #146

Many domains were available in landrush period and suddenly registered by someone or reserved by dot asia...

Comment #147

I think this is what is annoying us most. They should NOT have been 'available' to be regged in landrush. A lot of registrars only refund credits back, not cash, so we are loosing out. Really unfair...

Comment #148

I thought I had 158 due (applied for that weren't on any public lists) and 158 ended up being confirmed so don't see any dodgy business from this end.

Are you sure these domains that were available during Landrush really were available?..

Comment #149

Btw I hope landrush auctions are finished soon. I just want my refund now...

Comment #150

You are richer now, IMO. May be the workload was not what they expected...

Comment #151

Just got confirmed on 2 adult domains, out of 100 tries...

Comment #152

I have received following confirmations. But no news on many more.

And a few more.

Many names have not been assigned to someone. Are these meant to go on auction?.


Comment #153

I have received only one from 150 Domains.

Comment #154

During the time of your landrush app it _was_ still in "available" state technically speaking, because neither of the sunrise apps were approved yet. Had they failed to be approved your app would be next in the queue. But apparently it was approved. Don't see anything is wrong woth it at all. People in a numerous threads I said DO NOT preorder loads of names in the very beginning - this is something all registrars wanted you to do by various dull advertising and PR and discounts campaigns. This is just for the benefit of them! You should have thought about this.

You should have checked refund policy in advance - many registrars are just robbers with regard to refund policy...

Comment #155

Anyone want to guess the day we start to hear word on landrush auctions? I'm not a betting man but I say may..

Comment #156

You are probably looking at mid April from what I read on another thread..

Comment #157

DotAsia has posted some updated information on the schedule... check out the following:

Comment #158

The notices for the auctions have started arriving, 2287 notices received yesterday..

Comment #159

I got the email from .Asia.

Dear Applicant,.

More than one application for the following HostGator has been received:.

As there are multiple applications for this domain, the HostGator will proceed to .ASIA Auctions.

Please watch for a follow-up notice from our Auctions Partner, For additional information concerning the auction process, please reference the auction site at


DotAsia Organisation Ltd.

Got 8 email from 10 HostGator I ordered, except and

I think both has gone through sunrise auction. so just wait for the refund..

Comment #160

I also got an email 2 days ago for upcoming auctions. Patience folks, the names can't all be allotted over night.

BTW, I used 007names to pre-reg and got a full refund for the names.

I did not get...

Comment #161

Yeah, that's nice. I use godaddy and they refunded me as well..

Comment #162

I am not happy with them. I applied for 58 domains and got none. all of them went to auction and I can't afford $10 k or mor eto keep them. All were good domains and one word domains that in the dot com world would be worth millions (I guess multiples of 8 figures) combined.

Etc etc.

Domains like those. All were fantastic and If I had gotten them all I would be rich lol. But it unfair. You know if people are registering them then they should not let them have it if they will want to make money at auction. some of my domains I applied for went for over 10K plus..

And I applied during oct. That is just not right. I didnt get one HostGator that I applied for and lost money in registration cost. I didnt get the full refund...

Comment #163

Nice one kam!.

These are mine:.

I hope these will have potential in the future.


Comment #164

This is the first good name out of all threads I come accross ever since .asia released...

Comment #165

Excellent name. Both my sisters would love it as they are pet enthusiasts.

I registered .asia domains thinking like a businesman with no knowledge of generics, as I was thinking of end user as opposed to traffic.

Developing was never an option, as this is not my real business.

I saw Moniker put 12 .asia in the Paris auction and two are mine.

They priced both in the $100,000-$250,000 range.

Of course, that means nothing at all, right now...but at least I am in with a shot.

But if nothing hapens, it won't gray my hair, as it is but a hobby.

Good luck to all with your .asia domains.


Comment #166

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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