I need to set business email address in Outlook, I got the domain purchased through GoDaddy...?

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My first question is: I need to set business email address in Outlook, I got the domain purchased through GoDaddy...?.

My next question is: I know all you namproers out there heard that .com king, well that is true in some instances but it will sometimes hurt you in the. Yah a .com has higher resell value because the mass majority has an affinity with .coms. well let me tell you what is truly king which a lot pro domainers out there would say a saturated market is king. Even if you may own a .info but a term is searched for more than a thousand times a day is better than getting a term or keyword for a .com that gets 250 searches a day. Yah a .info may loose traffic too it's opponent the .com and .net but even so hands down the .info would do much better than .com who originally was built of 250 unique vistor keyword. I learn this just recently even I being a noob from my recently purchase of which is now deemed a premium domain.

What would this suggest, yuo probably wondering. well this suggest that are thousands of domainers out there that other extension blind and only see .com and when they do this they obviously leave a lot of money on the table. So I am basically telling everyone here go for big markets with .org. net and .info and control them which is better than getting those premuim .coms with mediocre traffic..

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Your question was: I need to set business email address in Outlook, I got the domain purchased through GoDaddy...?.

But you need the quad combo I am saying some people Only focus Spades in a card game( a dot com anology) where you can play other cards such as diamond, hearts, and clubs ( these are .net, .org , and .info). Collect king and aces in the info's, net's and org's and then worry about the spades/.com's ( since a big chunk of these are gone) after you have almost dominated the game/industry..

Disclaimer : you can go after .coms if you have a lot of money or made it from domaining already but the really good ones are gone..

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Over the years, I've made very good money with both .COM's (consistently, over time) and .ORG's (more recently, in particular), and to a lesser extent in the .NET's, IMHO.

On the other hand (and here, generally speaking, developments would be key), I've only made $Xx - $Xxx+/- sales of .INFO's, .US's, and .BIZ's, and for the most part avoided all of the rest; .TV's, .WS's, .CC's, .CO.IN's, and "dot Mobey's" etc.

PS. Watch the drop lists and learn from their (previous) owners mistakes!.


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.org is better than .net I think, not to mention that it has higher reputation(at least for now).

Actually, most of the people living in developed and industrial countries tends to rate their country's cctld even better than .net and .org. (I am talking about normal people here, your mom/father/uncle/cousin, your gf/bf/husband/son/daughter, your non domainer friend, your neighbour, etc).

To them, .com is king, .de/ and so on is queen, while .org is something they have heard off, not sure about .net, but I think it's popularity is going down lately compared to .org.

Now about, I think it is pretty good one. I myself is anime watcher. will have far more visitor than if they are both having the same content. sounds like a place where I can get accurate and complete detail about anime, the seiyuu details, ranking, and the anime itself for free(it is .org afterall, org is famous for a lot of "nonprofit" organizations), while the .net version doesnt sounds like it. actually sounds like a site where they introduce anime to a site, but they dont offer you the anime itself, they might have the forum to talk about anime, but the .net itself doesn't make it sound like they will give more than a place to chat, reviews and releases check...

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Dilution is also occurring ... with the release of every new extension, it further erodes the interest and credibility of the TLD released just before it, IMHO.

In many respects, and for those other than at at the very top of the pyramids / at these new registries themselves, the introduction of these new and newer extensions just ADD further value and prestige (and demand) to (for) the mighty .COM (and .ORG, and even .NET), in my view.

Just my two sense..


Comment #4

I think .info's and .us's need years more good's and .org's everyone knows about...

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Honestly, .com will always be king no matter what. If you really think about it the HostGator industry is limitless. Between IDNs and various languages, premiums are still to be had in the .COM extension. The future will be in IDNs, languages, and ccTLDs. Internet penetration is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Prolly 99%, made up statistic, only know .com or their ccTLD.

Yes if you build a .info up on a keyword that gets huge search results and the .com, .net, .org are not developed and parked, expect to lose a TON of traffic to these 3 extensions. I would rather retain 250 UV a day and build on that than risk losing thousands of UV a day. IMHO of course !..

Comment #6

There are still many good .com's to hand reg but I agree that there are many more bargains on other's like .org etc.....

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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