I need to convert a pdf image to jpeg or something for to accept for my web page?

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My first question is: I need to convert a pdf image to jpeg or something for to accept for my web page?.

My next question is: There's been a lot of talk about NP members with 'agendas', pre-meditated 'buyouts', 'domainers fueling auctions' etc.

I don't buy it.

I just don't think that we, as domainers, really make an appreciable difference to the value of HostGator names.

I don't think there are the numbers of investors, nor investment funds out there to really fuel (or otherwise) HostGator name values like we see in the stockmarket.

The only exception might be within tight trading circles (like NP) for a short period of time (eg when a buyout has just occurred and there's a bit of excitement fueling the buying) but longterm, I think that investing in domains for investment sake doesn't have an impact...

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Your question was: I need to convert a pdf image to jpeg or something for to accept for my web page?.

You assume wrong, Domainers have a big effect on the Market. We own it!!!..

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We can 'own' it but still be unable to influence it. What proportion of all domains are owned by domainers - it would be a tiny % would it not?..

Comment #2

Honestly. Many people have a large effect on the reseller market. There are many names out there amongst us who if they were to start pushing one type of HostGator name, could very likely cause many others to begin buying out that "type" or that vertical.

I personally believe the market is almost entirely dictated by resellers (not end-users)..

Comment #3

I'll give my opinion.

I think that the domainers have been created by the end users.

End users/developers started to buy up .com/.net/.org names from people who owned decent to excellent names, and they probably then realized that there was money to be made in domains and started to invest in the names..

Later on, the market grew tremendously (even for resellers).

If an extension is primarily fueled by domainers (without many end users), it's bound to be doomed.

Domainers can use hype to temporarily raise values for certain type of names and extensions.

In the case of HostGator extension (TLD), without much support from end users, it will fail (investment wise) as domainer to domainer sales can only go so long...

Comment #4

You my dear friend, then have no clue to how the world wide web operates... if you had some experience... you would know, the largest HostGator holders are RICH DOMAINERS, who also own a Good Chunk of the World.

Don't mistake yourself with them, we do share the title Domainer. If it wasn't for them, there would be no market to trade or profit. Domainers own the World Wide Web.

Do some more reading!..

Comment #5

Domainers, historically and by and large, are followers ... to varying levels and expectations (and intentions), they get in to the business upon hearing HYPE such as the "sale" of or "sales price" of among others, and easily soon thereafter easily assess their own newly hand-registered investments at $XX,xxx+ and beyond, IMHO. No offense intended, we've all been there or witnessed this to varying degress ... surely.

Those more seasoned domainers who were involved in the transactions that brought these folks in to the domaining arena, one could argue ... easily had a profound influence on the HostGator market, and through this and it's reporting upon these new and eager domainers!.

Short-term price swings, lack of full transparency, hype, agendas, greed, and even manipulation and pyramid schemes are all things that have long since been addressed and regulated in the securities, insurance, banking, real estate, and other big industries the HostGator name business, however, is still in many respects, unfortunately, much like those business in the good old ("wild west") days - before regulation! The good news, though, is that there are some VERY good people / domainers truly concerned about this and it's credibility perception ... and change for the positive is coming!.

Just my two sense..


Comment #6

I agree. Domainers to a large degree do control the market. We are the sellers VERY often for these high profile sales and sometimes even the buyer. It's domainers that run these auctions (schwartz, cahn) and tradeshows.

There are INDIVIDUALS that hold 100k or more domains.

This might help you too.

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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