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My 1st question is: I NEED TIPS FOR A MORE "ENERGIZING" Dukan Diet? Looking forward for any answer. My other question... Are there any cookbooks left for sale? If so I would love to buy one. Please let me know how to purchase one..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

I would also like to purchase one when they are available! Please keep us posted! Thanks!.


Comment #2

OH WOWWWWWWWWWW! PLEASEEEEEEEEE count me in too!!!!!!!!!!! That would be terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Love ya Christina!..

Comment #3

Thank you sooooo much. I can't wait for it to be ready! I have tried several of your posted recipes already and they are marvelous. Keep up the great work Christina...

Comment #4

Your recipes are awesome! They're tried & true, and they are your own personal creations and hard work. I fully support this cookbook! (Can I have my free copy now?.


Comment #5


I am very interested in purchasing one of your cookbooks. Please let me know when it is ready. What a nice idea and such a help to all of us. I collect recipes and cookbooks.I was the chairperson at work for two cookbooks that we produced as a fundraiser for our company. I am the HR Coordinator at a Behavioral Health Agency. The first cookbook I did went into a second printing and we sold out both times.

All the recipes were tried and true contributed by our emloyees. We have sold about 200 of them so far. Unfortunately trying and sampling all those delicious desserts was alot if fun and probably what contributed to my weight loss and me joining Nutrisystem!!!!! Good Luck!.


Comment #6

Dont forget "Christina's Creations" that you can buy from her. Dry mixes ready to fix!.


Comment #7

Me too. I signed up on your site, but you've got to be one busy lady!.

I've used so many of your recipes already. UMMMM UMMM GOOD!.



Comment #8

I'm new here and just marking my place so I can come back and check out some of the great sounding recipes. I look forward to trying them in the weeks to come!..

Comment #9

Oh, and definitely let me know when your cookbook is ready! ....


Comment #10

Please let me know when your cookbook is ready. You have reall got some.

Wonderful recipies. Mary.


Comment #11

Christina, thanks for all of your food help. I too would be interested in your new cook book. Thanks, Vickie..

Comment #12

I want one too! I love your recipes!!!!Please let me know if I can purchase one too!!!..

Comment #13

Can you please add me to your list for your cookbook..




Comment #14

Oooh please add my name to the list. I would love to buy one to keep me thin like you in maintence. I'm gonna get there soon!.


Comment #15

Wow Chris , looks like you are going to be busy for a while , I think it's great that you look out for us on Dukan Diet and share your recipesAnd now you have the mixes to help others out ( great ) I have made a lot of your recipes and have never been disappointedYummmmmm is all I can say. Keep me in mind for a cook book (.

) Thanks again for being there for us..

Betty Jane.

Take One Day At A Time..

Comment #16

I would LOVE one of your cookbooks!! Can't wait for it to be ready!!.


Comment #17

You guys are too much!! It's nice to see that there are people interested in it. I honestly have no idea when it will be ready, but I will make sure to say something here. I'm not compiling any lists or anything like that for it, I'll just make it known that it's done and you will just send off for it. I can't do a printer copy until I have enough money saved up to do it which may be a while. The version that is being done right now is to have the book on a CD. I'm exploring a few other options as well for those who like the regular book (like me!), but again, I just don't know if anything will pan out or not.

Honestly I don't think I could take that on right now with my husband leaving in a couple months for a 6 month deployment. Of course it would be the best if a publisher would pick it up, but I have no idea how to go about doing that. I will let you all know when the CD is available though!..

Comment #18

Metoo metoo metoo!!! Chris, you have the best recipes ever and for the first time in my life I am eating sensibly. Don't know how you do it but you do a fabulous job coming up with these recipes. Well done. I have tried just about every one of them and keep them in a special binder. LOVE THEM..

Comment #19

Chris-are you doing it as single serving recipes, I don't do well with extra wonderful tasting food around so I'm much better at the single recipes...

Comment #20

Christina, you should so have your own cooking healthy show! My fiance does transcribing for Food Network, Home & Garden TV, and Animal Planet. I'm going to let him know about you so that whenever they ask for show ideas from staff, he can bring it up. Even if it was just a few episodes like a cooking special or something. Wouldn't it be great to have healthy meals easily prepared for 1 person as well as for many people? Dukan Diet could sponsor..

Comment #21

Ohhhh, that would be wonderful!! I would love to see more cooking shows about healthy eating - especially one that calls for single serving recipes...

Comment #22

Wow, what a great idea...Rachael, Paula, Ina, Bobby, etc. better move on over!!!..

Comment #23

This would be so great. I was just thinking last night that I wish there was a show like thisand for it to be done by our own Chriswell that would really be something...

Comment #24

Well then I will certainly pass it on to the fiance and hope that his company listens. Him and the other transcribers were telling the company for years to give that one guy who cooks with power tools his own show. They didn't listen and another company ended up giving him his own show. Then the president of fiance's company got mad that the transcribers didn't point out this guys talent from all the videos...which made my fiance really mad because they did..

It's fun that he works there. He hates the job, but every once and a while, they film in his building. I got to go to a Thanksgiving episode of their Challenge series and got to try all the food at the end. They even gave everyone in the audience a t-shirt and a mini-cookbook with all the various recipes the 4 chefs were making...

Comment #25

Oh I LOVE Bobby Flay!! If I had a chance to ever cook with anyone famous it would be him hands down!!!..

Comment #26

That really is cool!! I totally don't expect anything to come of it. I know how hard of a thing it is to get into! Heck I can't even figure out how to go about trying to get a publisher to pick up my cookbook!! I am just very honored that you would think of me for something like that!! It's so nice to do something that you love so much and have people to come and share it with! Now I need to go figure out what's for dinner!!! LOL!! Thank you again for thinking of me! That really means alot!..

Comment #27

Have you ever been to any of his restaurants?..

Comment #28

My sister-in-laws boyfriend was sous (spelling?) chef in Lidia's restaurant and she got us reservations at Mesa Grill in NY(for the following night). Wouldn't you know, I came down with a stomach virus!! The ABSOLUTE WORST stomach virus ever!! So, my sister-in-law and her boyfriend went, and he felt funny asking her to make more reservations for us. He quit a few weeks later, so I never got the chance. So devestating!!..

Comment #29

Christina, I talked to my fiance, and he said that if you ever want to write a pitch for your own show, he can turn it in for you..

He also suggested going down to your local news station and seeing if they would be interested in hiring you for one of those random cooking segments they like to do or getting in contact with your newspaper as they also like to put recipes in there...

Comment #30

I'd sure like one also. Your recipes all look and taste so wonderful! Please let me know...

Comment #31

I definitely want a book! And what are these mixes people are talking about??..

Comment #32

I would love one too. Let me know when it's available..


Comment #33

Can't wait for it to come out. I'm collecting all recipes I can for my lifestyle change!..

Comment #34

Hi Christina. Add me to your list also..

Thanks so much!!!!.


Comment #35

One of the best parts of Christina's recipes is that she's available to answer questions! She tells us what she's tried, what didn't work, and everything I've ever made of hers has been fabulous!..

Comment #36

If you click on the link to my board you'll see a post about my mixes and recipe club(It's at the top). I'll be adding a few new things over the next few days as well as kits that include a cute little silicone single serving baking pan!!..

Comment #37

Thank-you so much for the kind words!! Lord knows I've made plenty that didn't turn out!!.

LOL!!! Right now I'm working on a Chocolate Molten Lava Cake and the first try was a yummy cake, but definetly not molten!!! LOL!! Sometimes part of the fun is messing up and trying again. Heck some of my favorite recipes are often ones that didn't turn out the way I planned, but ended up good in their own right!!..

Comment #38

You've been looking at my "wish list" haven't you? LOL That is one of the things that I have been trying to figure out how to make since I started Dukan Diet last July. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out (even if it IS different than what you had anticipated..


Oh! The other thing on the top of my "wish list" is cream puffs - just thought I'd let ya know...

Comment #39

Did you put that on there for real?? LOL!! I seriously didn't see it, David loves that cake and was asking if I could make a healthy version!! I do remember the cream puffs and I totally forgot about them!.

I get side tracked really easily, heck I probably have ADD or something!!..

Comment #40

Actually I didn't put it on any real wish list, just the one in my head. LOL I forgot about the wish list on your board...

Comment #41


Want a cookbook too.....I missed out on the first one!!.

So let me know when you have it ready. Thanks bunches!!..

Comment #42

Ooh I want one too please add me to your list.

Thanks you rock Christina!!!..

Comment #43

I didn't know you had a cookbook as well. Please let me know when it's available. Is it recipes with Dukan Diet food and without?..

Comment #44

Please put me on the list for your book! I am new with this and trying to find out 'everything'..your recipes look awesome!!.

Looking at your pre packed items and will order shortly!.

Looks like they put my join date 2006 when I ordered once,could not figure it out until I read your introduction for newbes. It is very good!.


Comment #45

I want a cookbook too! Please add me to your list! You are changing lives Christina!!! Your recipes are awesome! Thanks!..

Comment #46

I would also love one of your cookbooks. I am new to Dukan Diet and have enjoyed reading your recipes. I am not to the point of feeling confident to eat food that is not packaged, but someday I will and your recipes and cookbook will be such a treat. Please add me to your growing request:.


Comment #47

I also missed out on the first one - please add me to your notifications so I won't miss out again....


Comment #48

Please add me to the list for your new cookbook. From all the responses about your first book, it sounds like something everyone wants and needs..


Thanks, George..

Comment #49

Chris, This is wonderful news. I missed out on your 1st. cookbook. I've been hoping you would have another. Please count me in also. I love all your recipes.


Comment #50

Please add me to the notification list for your new cookbook-.

You are such a source of encouragement and support, not to mention your yummy recipes...

Comment #51

ME TOO!!! My husband laughs because I did not even OWN baking powder until I started making your recipes!!! I never I bake every morning little individual breakfast things. They bake while I am riding my bike in the next room. LOVE YOU CHRISTINA!..

Comment #52

I too want the new cookbook when it comes out!!! Christina, I love your recipes! I was in a slump and beginning to slip, but your recipes have given me renewed enthusiasm to get the remainder of this weight off!!! Thank you so much!!!!!..

Comment #53

Add me too please, Christina! Your recipes are awesome and I thank you so much for making this so much fun!.


P.S. I made the fudge brownie last night! Yum! I'm making the Skinny Gooey Cake tomorrow for the 4th and I can't wait!..

Comment #54

Christina, I would love to be added to the list of people wanting to purchase your next cookbook. You've been a real lifesaver. Thank you..


Comment #55


Please add me to your list for your cookbook.....

Thanks for your inspiration!..

Comment #56

I would love a cookbook, also. Your recipes look delicious!.


Comment #57

Please put me on the list for the new cookbook:.



Comment #58

Please add me to the list, too!.


Comment #59

I forgot to give you my email... thanks, Ruth..

Comment #60

Please add me to the list for a cookbook..



Comment #61

Christina, I would also love a cookbook. I saw this and thought I better get my name in before the 450 were spoken for..



Comment #62

I don't remember if I gave you my email.....



Comment #63

Everyone is in panic mode..we have to have your cookbook! are awesome...thanks for all of your hard work....we love your receipes....Ruth..

Comment #64

Hi Christina,.

If we have to be on a list, count me your recipes.

They are a great help. You are soooooo creative!!!!.

My e-mail is.




Comment #65

Me too. I would love to have a cookbook!!!! My e-mail address is.

!!!! Thank You!!! Pam..

Comment #66

I would also like to have your cookbook. My email is.


Jan K...

Comment #67

Me too! I would love one of your cookbooks!.


Comment #68


Please add me to the list!.

Thank you!..

Comment #69

Christina, here is a thought for your cookbook, and maybe someone has already made this suggestion, but here it goes. A few years ago when I first started knitting I want new patterns and I went out on ebay and people that have put together patterns that they made there. You would bid and they then send you the link to the pdf file (that is where they put it) once you received the payment. Then they can either downlload to CD, the computer for just print it out. This would be one of of keeping cost down with no shipping cost, packaging to pay for. I am not sure where you have it on your computer at this time, but it would not take much to put into a pdf format.


Comment #70

Count me in!!!.

I would **LOVE** a copy of your cookbook. Please add me to the list: My email address is.

The pdf suggestion by katrina55 is a great idea. I am a webmaster, so if you need any help, just let me know! I have some web space where I could upload the pdf and provide a link...

Comment #71

Me too - I want one - keep us posted - my email address is.


Comment #72

I would love one too. I love your recipes!.


Comment #73

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