I need Nutrisystem soup recipes?

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First of all I need Nutrisystem soup recipes? Looking forward for any comment. My other question... Onward & Downward Challenge: This Year is Our Year! Week of February 21 (Week 9).

This Year is Our Year.

Onward and Downward Challenge.

Welcome to the very first challenge of the year 2011!!! We are calling this challenge of Onward and Downward "This Year is Our Year!" We want everyone who knows the Onward and Downward name to be able to recognize that it's the same group of ladies...still chugging along! As always, newcomers are always welcomed to join us, no matter where we are in the challenge..

This challenge starts a new thread each week, so look for a STOP on Sunday Night/Monday morning and then follow the provided link to the new thread..

I'm counting on us all to keep each other motivated and meeting our goals!!.

We do a great job at it, so keep up the good work!.

Christmas feasting is over and the New Years parties are done and Valentines.

Day has now come and gone! It is time to get serious and get moving! Let's get ready to be our skinniest and best for the new year of 2011!! This challenge will run from today through the week of March 17.....St. Patrick's we have just about 3 weeks left to work hard and get ourselves eating better each day, as well as moving each day in some manner..

Please join us as we look ahead to a great upcoming year in 2011 and better health!! This is a place to make your goals for the next four weeks! Why not get support from one another as we journey through the next few months towards our ultimate goals..

The theme focuses upon this is the year that we will make the most of our efforts. For some, it will be reaching the goal and beginning to maintain. For others of us, it will earmark the reality that we are making significant progress and not letting excuses hold us back..

The rules are simple. Make your own goal about what you want to achieve between now and March 21st, 2011 and let us know what that is. Give a short introduction, so we can get to know you.....even the regulars!! Then come here often to let us know how you are doing, get support from the group and offer your support to other members. I'll be posting a new thread each week so look for it each Monday. Please try to post at least an update on your journey each week. We want you to be part of this great support system..

So what do you plan to achieve during this challenge? A weight loss? 100% days? Reaching a certain size dress or jeans? Maintaining your weight? Doing a certain amount of exercise? Just let us know what you want to work on and introduce yourself....anything you want to choose!.

Please join us and share the struggles and triumphs that we all will go through the struggles for this upcoming year. Getting through this journey is so much easier with someone there to hold your hand and give you encouragement..

I like to post a weekly question to help us get to know each other and/or to help us focus on our weight loss journey and to get some discussions started. Answer it as briefly or as fully as you want to." In addition, members who are comfortable doing so are welcomed to share their food for the day as well as any positive things that have occurred during the day..

As we enter this week of the challenge, the question of the week is:..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1


, it is great to see you back! I was about to post the new thread when I checked the last thread and saw you had posted. Great news! It sounds as if you have been overwhelmed with all the changes. I have a back up thread saved should it ever be needed. I had saved it in Word yesterday so I could do a quick post today if needed..

What non-medical changes have I seen? I'm still trying to get a grip on exercise; it isn't something I enjoy and sometimes the knee doesn't like it but I keep trying. If eating more veggies is considered non-medical, then I guess that is the biggie. I used to like them only if covered in lots of sauce..

We have the threat a very bad storms and the radar shows that it is bad about an hour west of me. I'm giving the trash people some time to pick my items up. If not, then the boxes will have to go back inside...

Comment #2

TZ and Jean - thanks for getting the thread going! What a team!.

I lost nada last week so need to knuckle down this week. Two more OWIs for this challenge! I may not make 20 pounds but I'm making some progress, I think, in my thought process..

I sort of like around 10 weeks for a challenge but I don't feel overly strongly about it..

I wanted to post to make sure I could get back to the thread easily. I'll think about the question..

I'm off to take AJ, our eldest, to the veterinary cardiologist and then to the regular vet. He's 17 1/2, has had serious heart disease since he was 2, has survived FOUR cancer surgeries, and has pancreatitis. He's SUCH a love that I just can't think about him not being here but I know it may not be all that long now. He could have a blood clot at any time and when he does the cardiologist says it will be time. He can't ever have anaesthesia again because of his heart which means if he gets any dental issues we're in trouble and we're in trouble if the cancer recurs..

We seem to be slowing down some at work. Hasn't happened since 2001 but could make for some lean months. In my mind I combined that with the fact that my freezers are WAY too full and decided I need to spend a couple months eating out of the freezers and the pantry, saving money and making room to get organized for the long haul of eating better forever. May add some challenge to the meal planning process for the next challenge but I'm going to give it a try! Probably means I need to get serious about exercise..

Our client seminar is the first week in May and I hope to be considerably lighter than I was last year!..

Comment #3


, I have a stock of single serve sugar free fruit cups I got for use in the Winter just in case I couldn't get out. I really need to finish those off before I buy any more fruit. I also have someNutrisystemfriendly entrees in the freezer...tilapia, chicken, etc. that I need to finish off before buying more of that. My buying essentials now are my Oikus greek yogurt and low-fat cheese string, etc...

Comment #4

The sky here just turned this ominous gray. It is supposed to storm with 60 mile per hour winds. Glad I have my lunch today and I wont have to venture out..

The big non medical thing I have noticed is that I have more energy..

Exercise is still a tuff thing for me to do. (surprisingly since I was so active in high school and college) I am hoping to start waking up in the morning and doing some workingout but with it being so cold I have not wanted to get out of bed and brave the cold to get to the gym. I can not wait until the weather starts getting nice again. I went and bought work out clothes this weekend. I am hoping that after spending money on cute clothes to go to the gym I might be more motivated to actually go to the gym..

TZ - enjoy your vacation!.

Maryanne - Hope everything goes ok at the vets! Sounds like he is a fighter and has made it thru a lot..

Hope everyone has a great Monday!..

Comment #5

CJ, motivation for exercise is a biggie! Hopefully those cute new workout clothes will help. Having a gym near by is a plus; my nearest one is an hour away. They tried to start one here a few years ago but it wasn't financially successful so it closed...

Comment #6

Hi my biggest non medical thing is exercise when I started 3 weeks ago I couldnt walk 1/4 lap on the treadmill... 3weeks later I'm up to 2 3/4 laps.. and some weights as well still hurts but I can do it,,, starting increasing and decreasing the speed through the walk so my body doesnt get use to straight walking,,, even stopped 1/2 way through and did weights then did more on treadmill then more weights at the end,,..

Comment #7

I've realized just how much exercise makes me feel better. I had a very lazy day yesterday, just sluggish and feeling icky, and I did NOTHING! This morning I still didn't feel so hot, but I put my shorts on, put in my DVD and got busy, and felt energized and ready to go when it was over..

Making exercise a habit is something I NEED to do to achieve my goal and keep it off...

Comment #8

The cardiologist is SUPER pleased with AJ. He says he doesn't need to see him for a year (he'd be 18 1/2 then). It does appear he's lost some more weight so the regular vet needs to focus on his inflammatory bowel/pancreatitis issue...

Comment #9

I've started a menu plan. I really don't know what all I have at the moment. Using some of it up will let me see what's in back and underneath and let me plan better. Last fall I finally got my pantry cleaned out - there's nothing expired in it any more any way. But it wasn't stocked with healthy eating in mind. So I'll use it up on DH and then start some long term planning. In addition to not yo yo dieting I need to stop yo yo shopping!..

Comment #10

A little bit at a time pays off; take breaks and do some more. It all adds up..

I do also; the doctor told me that at my age it is very hard to lose with my metabolism unless I exercise. I maintain my weight at 1700 calories so I don't have much flexibility with just watching what I eat..

I'm glad AJ is doing well especially for his age. I told Midnight today that he is no longer a young adult but is middle aged. He doesn't accept that...

Comment #11

Well I planned to workout today. I was nervous and excited about trying a boot camp class. It ended up not working out with my schedule to go to it so I head to the gym. The power went out at the gym and we were sent home. Guess exercise was not ment to be today.

I did do a ten min video I found so at least get my heartbeat up a bit..

I am really hoping to try and make exercise part of my life. I would love to not dread it..

Comment #12

Hi Everyone. The week is starting off busier than I'd hoped. OWI today, and managed to be up 2 pounds. Has to be water again, since I've been 100% on plan. I may actually have to add some protein, since I worked out a crazy amount this week. I'll give it another week and see how things go..

Back later to catch up with everyone..

Tz, great to see you back!..

Comment #13

Its amazing how you can start to do just a little bit longer and before you know it you are doing more than you ever thought you could. Keep up the hard work...

Comment #14

Yes, it must be water. Glad you are upbeat about it and not giving up. Just stay 100% and the weight loss will catch up..

I was doing great till last night when we had a birthday party for my youngest son and daughter and I "forgot" portion control. Hoping to lose what I gained by tomorrow as I was very careful today. On a positive note, we went bowling after, so got a bit of exercise...

Comment #15

Talk about the world conspiring against you! Glad you got a little bit done..

A bummer but you're doing so great with the exercise you have to be right about the water...

Comment #16

Hi everyone from sunny Playa de Carmen! I hope everyone survived the storms yesterday. It sounds like the weather was pretty intense in a lot of places..

Today, i'm enjoying 85 edges and sunny skies. I have walked for an hour this morning, gone to a 45 minute water aerobics (although it was more like a water exercise class) and did 45 minutes of swimming and walking laps in the pool. A great amount of exercise but not enough to offset the breakfast out we had this morning. I need to take another walk this afternoon when it cools off some..

Maryanne, I'm glad to hear your cat is doing well..

Jean, thanks for getting a working link into the end of the last thread. I like the size of this iPad, especially for traveling, but it has some definite limitations..

Jen, sorry to hear that your weigh in went the wrong way... But since you have stayed on plan, it has got to be just water weight that you are seeing. Keep drinking your water and that will disappear before you know it. My monthly cycle, stress levels, lack of sleep and the salt from eating out will all make me retrain water too. I do hate it when those days fall on an OWI day though..

CJ, I hope you get some exercise in today. It is harder when you plan on something and than it falls through. Having some back up plans available helps. Remember there is always the walking DVD that came with your first shipment. If I remember correctly that will give you about a 20 to 30 minute walk plus some stretching..

Karen, I agree with you...exercise is something that I NEED to do to get and keep my weight off. I know that. I just wish I was better about stopping whatever I'm in the middle of and starting the exercise. That's one of the things that is so nice about being on vacation for me... I find it so much easier to do that..

Hast a Luego,.


Comment #17


So sorry that the power went out at the gym, especially when you are so eager to improve your fitness routine..


Your gain is definitely water retention. I also had a gain despite being 100%...and it was a little over two pounds worth. I couldn't wear rings that I wore when I was much heavier...30 pounds heavier. That was how swollen my fingers were. You will get rid of the water weight and still make progress..


, enjoy your vacation. It sounds very nice and you are definitely getting in the exercise. The temps and sunshine would e welcomed right now..

I just got in from working one of those 12 hour days; another one lies ahead tomorrow. According to my handy, dandy pedometer I did 4 miles at work. Right now, I'm tired and am about to fix dinner...

Comment #18

Hi.. after not aleeping for 36 hrs with this silly cold I finally got in 8 hrs,,now I have the sneezes,, grr I feel so sick but life goes on. I am excited today my upgraded phone arrives and I went to a smart phone so I will my fav things on my apps, andNutrisystemso no matter where I go I can access my meal planner,,.

My US citizenship test is just 27 days away and I'm starting to feel the nerves , I know the answers and the questions,Im sure I will do well...

After changing to lower soduim I now have lots 3lbs this week so I am happy..

Congrats to those who have lost....

Comment #19

Saw this on face book just had to share:.

I figured out why i'm fat! The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my body says, "for extra volume and body." I'm going to start using "Dawn" dish washing liquid. It says, "dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove." Repost this if you have the same issue"..

Comment #20

I absolutely love that and I am going to steal it.

Hope you are feeling better. It seems everyone has been sick multiple times this year. Hoping for a warm spring and no sickness..

Comment #21

Well I am supposed to be on my way to work already. I am actually supposed to be at work in ten min but I am in bed on the computer. (oops) I had a really ruff day yesterday. It began with waking up on the wrong side of the bed followed by a car accident on the way to work(everyone is fine) and then a fight with a sales person who wanted me to do their job for them (during my busiest week of the month) I decided to say screwed it and ate comfort food and soda and had a drink for dinner. Totally off plan and I found that I as much as the food tasted good I didn't feel good afterwards. It really wasn't worth it.

I think I will remember this for next time and deffinitely stay on plan..

Hoping today goes better. I am supposed to do the bootcamp workout tonight. I am not as motivated as I was Monday but I am hoping for a surprise ~ that I will actually enjoy it. If anything it will make my boss happy since she is the one who invited me.

Not sure how much I will be on today. I know I will be busy but checking in really helps me stay focused and gives me a few minutes away from teh craziness.

Its only Tuesday but I hope it goes well for us all..

Comment #22

That is a gem! So funny! Congrats upon the loss this week. Also, I'm sure you will do well on your citizenship test..

I'm off to work..a 12 hour day. I'll try to check in today if the schedule permits...

Comment #23

No one checked in today? So unusual. According to ny pedometer, I did over 10,000 steps today. My shins are hurting as are my feet...

Comment #24

I am off plan again today. checking in makes me feel guilty. And to make matters worse I went to foot dr and I can no longer do eliptical or treadmill for several months. Not sure what I am going to do for exercise. He said I can start going to classes again in a few weeks as long as I don't spend the whole time on my feet (so no zumba)..

Comment #25

CJ, you can still lose weight without doing exercise; you may not do it as quickly but you can lose. I know you are disappointed but if you are not able to exercise much then it is even more important that you adhere as closely as possible to the program..

I have to confess that much of my weight was not lost doing much exercising other than light exercise. My orthopaedic surgeon just permitted me late last year to begin more extensive exercise..

Right now, my feet and shins are killing me; time will tell...

Comment #26

Congratulations on 3 more pounds lost!.

I am excited for you becoming a citizen! I am sure you will do fine on the test...

Comment #27

I can't usually check in till late at night, and it is even later for you because of my time zone. It is almost 10 p.m. here, but that would make it 2 a.m. on the east coast, so I imagine you were all in bed long ago..

10,000 steps! I am impressed! Hope your shins and feet hurting does not cut into your sleep!..

Comment #28

I'm up and about and apparently I'm not working today except for the evening program. I've had my muffin for breakfast and the rest will follow in an our. I'm currently watching the presentation of the Leslie Sansone 2 workout DVDs and handweights. The price is $19.96, item F09168, and is the same set sold byNutrisystemon it's A La Carte choices for much more..

My legs are still sore from yesterday's effort of walking and getting in over 10,000 steps. It is difficult to get in 10,000 steps unless you set aside a large period of time to do nothing but walk. Leslie is easier...

Comment #29

I am determined to stick to the plan today. I have already drank a liter of water. On my way to work I was thinking I might be able to do an abs workout since I wont be on my feet. I might try that tonight. I felt so good doing exercise everyday or every other day I don't want to loose that momentum..

Comment #30

Good Morning all!! I weighed in this morning ... and I HIT THE 130's!!.

Very excited to be back there again. I decided to try on my size 8 jeans this morning, and wouldn't you know it ... they got up and buttoned. From a 14 to an 8! Feels great!..

Comment #31

I am so very excited for you! ! ! ! I would love to be an 8 again. But I would take a 14 right now...

Comment #32

So we all probably know it's true ~ you loose weight in your boobs first. Well not one person has told me wow you look like you have lost weight since I started this a month ago. That is until this morning when I was asked "What happen to your boobs"..

Comment #33

So I know someone posted it before but I can't find where I saved it. Does someone have the link for the post about why scales lie..

Comment #34

Congratulations! It must be a great feeling! I haven't been in a size 8 since I was a child. My mother, who was built like me, wore a size 12 when in the 110's. I did wear a size 14 when I weighed 135 as an adult. I would like to fantasize about being small but I know a small size will never be for me...

Comment #35

In my 30's I was a runner. But arthritis along with the residual heel issues from my accident, a bum knee and a bum hip mean that will never happen again. Anyway, that was the last time I was a size 8. I don't expect to see that again. This time around I plan to settle for getting my BMI into the normal range, whatever size that might be...

Comment #36

I've gotten busy again with work. Was slow there for about 10 days..

For some reason I'm in a decluttering mood and every little bit I do makes me feel good! I figure it's also exercise of a sort!!!..

Comment #37

Not everyone loses weight in their boobs first. I lost mine in my face. My band size is a tight size smaller but the cup size is now bigger. The doctor said soy does this to some people with some influence on estrogen..

I have to say it was nice that someone finally noticed your weight loss but can't believe they expressed it that way. Couldn't they have said, "Are you losing weight?" I think it was about three months before anyone not a relative said anything to me....and that was a student who had not seen me in two months. Then a faculty member said something to me but that is about it. I just have gotten to the point that I don't expect comments...

Comment #38

You and I are focusing upon the same thing...a healthy BMI range. I'll wear whatever size fits me then...

Comment #39

I can't say I have expected comments. Especially since I am still the same size in clothes but I was surprised that someone would notice that and express it...

Comment #40

I've noticed I've lost quite a bit in my legs, but I know that's due to exercise. I still have a belly. Even though I got the 8's on, there was that muffin top! LOL!! I have always been small-chested - and now I'm smaller chested then I was 3 months ago ... LOL!!..

Comment #41

I wish I were smaller chested than I was in May of last year. I'm professionally measured for the bras and they confirmed what I was experiencing. A cup that once contained was beginning to overflow. It isn't a good problem...

Comment #42

Hi everyone. Hope you're having a good week. My hopes for a quieter week just have not worked out so far. Wanted to drop in to say things are good but busy. Looks like I probably won't get a chance to catch up with everyone until the weekend, but looknig forward to doing so then!..

Comment #43

DH actually commented the other day that my "ass is getting skinnier". He has SUCH a way with words doesn't he? LOL!.

Since I work at home there isn't much of anyone to see me and notice...

Comment #44

The longer I am up, the worse I am feeling. I feel as if I have a cold coming on. I'm sneezing my head off and I'm now running a temp. I was planning to go to the city today to load up with needed items..

I'm really tired from all this exercise. I don't get a high from it like some say they do; all I get is tired and worn out...

Comment #45

I hope you feel better. You are not supposed to get sick on the weekends.

I get absolutely exhausted from working out too...

Comment #46

Sorry Jean. I hope you feel better..

Exercise does the opposite for me (usually). I didn't feel like getting up and moving this morning, but I did. It was torture until about 16 minutes in, and then I just felt a burst of energy. I did more then I planned to do and feel great..

I know the scale said 139 yesterday, but after my workout I stepped on and it said 137! I'm settling at 138 for now...

Comment #47

You just keep on losing! Great job! Losing is a real struggle for me. At one time, I could lose easily but that is long, long in the past. I've been in the same range since November. Right now, I'm struggling to lose the almost 3 pounds I gained while being 100%. I tracked my food and the calories during that time I gained...

Comment #48

I walked 2 miles with Leslie today so I reduced my exercise time. I was 100% today...

Comment #49

Jean - which Leslie DVD are you doing now? I have several and interchange them. Her boot camp dvd is awesome! My arms and legs are really showing the difference...

Comment #50

It's the Leslie programNutrisystemsells in it's A La Carte section, but I got mine from QVC at a cheaper price. It comes with hand weights. One is Power Walk with Friends using hand weights which is 2 miles in 30 minutes. The other is Total Body Slimming system to burn body fat and sculpt arms. It includes 3 workouts of one mile, two miles, or three miles. I haven't looked at it yet. I've just been using the Power Walk so far...

Comment #51

Saturday looms ahead with threats of flooding. I just had myNutrisystemblueberry muffin and will wait an hour to have the rest. Yesterday, I was so happy to get on the scales and see that all that exercise had paid off. Today, the loss was erased and today was the official weigh in...

Comment #52

Well I weighed in at half a pound more than last week. I am not surprised one bit since I was off plan the whole second half of the week. Gotta get back in the right mind set..

Comment #53

I got a question I am hoping one of you can answer for me. I am going to bbq tonight. I plan to eat some meat off the grill (my favorite) How much can I have. I plan to still do the three veggies but replace theNutrisystemmeal with some grilled chicken breast. About how much can I have?..

Comment #54

I don't do bbq's but the palm of your hand is the traditional measure of a portion...

Comment #55

You can look up the calories in chicken but unless they give you info on the sauce you'll be calculating in the dark! I'd say palm size may be the best guesstimating you can do. Concentrate on veggies and good luck! I haven't had good BBQ chicken in years!!..

Comment #56

Thanks! I dont think I will have any sauce. I just love grilled chicken.

I was surprised that when I weighted myself thurs I was the same weight and then on sat I had gained half a plan but like I said I didn't really eat on plan this week. I just didn't think in two days it would change that much. Lesson learned..

Comment #57


Saturday looms ahead with threats of flooding. I just had myNutrisystemblueberry muffin and will wait an hour to have the rest. Yesterday, I was so happy to get on the scales and see that all that exercise had paid off. Today, the loss was erased and today was the official weigh in.[/QUOTE].

That really stinks!..

Comment #58

My friend and I have finalized the major activities we will be doing on the Big Island. The rest will we willl do on our own as it isn't our first time there. As this may be the last time, we can do this major undertaking at an age we can handle it, we decided to do two major tours: the 12 hour afternoon and twilight volcano excursion and the trip to the Summit almost 14,000 ft. high..


I'll have to purchase a good pair of walking shoes as clogs don't work too welll on these types of activities..

Just called to book and we had to switch our original days for the tours around as they were booked up on the days we requested. We do have our days arranged now..

The afternoon/twilight tour was booked for all the days we are in Hawaii except for our first full day. We arrive late the night before so we have a hotel for that night with the cottage booked for us beginning on the 8th for the remaining days of our stay..

We will have to get up super early, drive to Captain Cook, dump our stuff and return to the airport area to catch that tour. I'm not happy about the hectic schedule but this "once in a lifetime" tour apparently books up very early. It will take about an hour to get to the cottage and an hour back to check in at 10:40am..

The company does have us waitlisted for another evening should someone cancel. I'm thinking positively on this!..

Comment #59

Jean I really want to come with you in your suitcase because I cannot afford the air fare. Maybe I can fit if I really start exercising hard? What do you think?..

Comment #60

I have to save the first bag for my clothes, etc. You can go as the second bag but you can't weigh more than 99 pounds. The total fee for that second "overweight" bag is $135....$35 for the second bag and $100 for being overweight. If you can't get down to 99 pounds, then you will have to go as "freight.".

I save money each month for my get-aways. This is where I am staying; it has all 5 star reviews and a great rate. Check the pictures and video. I'm paying less than what is currently quoted as the rates were raised after I booked. I'm paying $89 a night for this:.


Comment #61

Just popped in before bed to save my place. Doing OK today...

Comment #62

I'm having Kashi Go Lean cereal for breakfast; the rest will follow in an hour..

I had weighed in on Friday as a sneak peak at 167; the OWI is now 170.4 today...

Comment #63

So my doctor said I could ride the bike at the gym if I felt I had to work out. I tried it yesterday. I was next to two elderly people and could only do about ten minutes before I got bored. I came home to do the abs workout I had bought and it turns out you need hand weights and the whole thing in done on your feet not on the floor (exercises will on my feet are not allowed) Can't say I didn't try. Might go try the bike again today. I was so excited before I was up to two miles on eliptical and two miles on the treadmill...

Comment #64

CJ, are you using a stationary bike or a recumbant bike? If you have to use a bike, the recumbant is the way to go. I personally find exercise boring but I'm gritting my teeth...not that the exercise is helping me to lose. I tried so hard only to be excited at the 167 on Friday but ruined by the official weigh in..

I do wish the cat had not gotten me up at 5:30am on a Sunday when the depressing snow is coming down..

How did the BBQ go? Since I didn't lose with all that exercise, I decided I would have a nice Wendy's apple pecan chicken salad today. I got it yesterday on the way home and put it in the fridge for today...

Comment #65

I always have to be watching tv or listening to a book on tape or music when I'm on the treadmill or other such equipment. When I used to go to the gym for those things I had a pack with a walkman and some tapes that always went with me...

Comment #66

I'm watching "Red" with Bruce Willis, which burns up absolutely no calories bbut it is a fun movie..

I think I'll try the carrot fries for dinner. I'll do some walking with Leslie today but right now I'm vegetating, sorting through things while watching the movie...

Comment #67


I'm firing up the toaster oven. I'm having 80 calories worth of Gorton's fish along with theNutrisystempotatoes and veggies (those come later) as I'm not used to eating much at lunch because of lack of time at work...

Comment #68

How are you making carrot fries? Or are you buying them? Sound good!.

I do not know what the difference is btw the two bikes you talked about. I tried one which is more like a bike and you follow a path on the TV. And then another one where you sit down almost like a chair..

Both were much harder than my walking on the treadmill. I feel stupid only being able to do like 15 min. At least I could walk for half an hour..

I deffinitely take my ipod to the gym. And I love books on tape so I tried that but I just found it broing. My gym even has a cinema and today I went and watched a movie while biking..

I love relaxing on Sundays. It is usually my day to do nothing! I am stuck doing laundry today. I hate that I have to go to a different building in the rain to do laundry. next apt will deffinitely have laundry in the apt..

Comment #69


I preheated the toaster oven to 425 degrees. I lined the toaster oven baking sheet with foil and put the baby carrots on it. I then sprayed them with olive oil and baked for 25 minutes. I've read others use pepper, etc. on them for extra seasoning. I think it is something you play with to see what works best.

I would definitely do it again..

The recumbant bike is the one in which you sit and lean back a little like you are in a chair which results in the legs being more elevated. I used one every day in the physical therapy place when I had severe knee problems. Don't feel stupid; you are exercising a different group of muscles which is why cross training is recommended...

Comment #70

I visited the link of where you are going...

Comment #71

I might just try those carrots tomorrow! I was bored and made up my dinner already for tonight..

Comment #72

A fun day today! I suddenly lost power around 4pm. I called the neighbor and found they had lost power also. I called the electric company and it has just now been restored. The house was getting very cold and I was getting a little hungry. I had my yogurt and fruit but now I need to fix a very late dinner. Had the power not come back on, who knows what I might have resorted to eating....a cold shelf stable meal?.

The thread is supposed to start anew tomorrow. TZ was back to start this thread at the beginning of the week; I hope she is enjoying the trip...

Comment #73

Where do you leave Jean?.

I just wanted to check in and say I can't believe how much easier it is for me to drink my 8 glasses of water a day. I am up to about three liters a day which is more than my 8..

Comment #74


, you get used to drinking all that water. I start with a glass of water as I'm fixing breakfast and brewing the coffee. I take a 20 oz. bottle of water with me to work and refill it in the morning and then again in the afternoon twice so I get more than 8 glasses in..

I work a 12 hour day tomorrow in a computer class and then the evening program. When the transformer across the street blew, it sent a power surge into my cable box and fried it. I called the cable company tonight (open on Sunday nights, believe it or not) and they will send a technican with a new box...but I don't know when I'll be home..

I leave for Hawaii on April 6one month fromn today. Time will flly and the extra money earned working will certainly help...

Comment #75

Today will be one of those 12 hour days. I just had my double chocolate muffin; the rest will follow once I get to work..

My niece just sent me an email that told me the volcano on the Big Island is acting up again, with some minor earthquakes, and some areas of the park being closed....and flames shooting up in the air. That one tour may now be "iffy.".




Comment #76

Well hopefully the rest of your trip goes smoothly. Will you get to see the lava shooting 65 feet in the air? That might be a cool thing to see...

Comment #77

I am hoping to be more positive this week. I hope to find something I like about the program everyday or some positive change I have seen..

Yesterday I mentioned how much easier it is to drink the required 8 glasses of water.

Today I thought I would mention how much I miss exercising. I can't do much of anything right now but in the past month I start actually going to the gym and looking forward to going to the gym. I am not a die hard gym person and don't think I ever will be but I did start looking forward to that half an hour I spent on the treadmill...

Comment #78

Checking in. After no loss last week, I lost 2 pounds this week; 18 1/2 since the beginning of the year. YEAH! I have 1 1/2 pounds to go on this challenge (might make it) and according to my calculations about 28 more to go to get to a "normal" BMI..

Last week I got the urge to "declutter". So that was definitely some exercise. More than than watching tv or working at my computer anyway! Now if I could just keep doing that AND add on the treatmill.....

But I'm suddenly busy again with work so that has to be a priority the next couple days because next weekend we have the first cat show of the year (we set up as vendors as part of our fund raising for Cat Rescue of Maryland)...

Comment #79

Do you have VCR or DVD capabilities at home? I bet you could find a cheap used copy of a seated exercise tape/dvd on amazon or ebay. I know they exist for people in wheelchairs..

At the gym where I did my physical therapy they also had hand bikes for cardio. Imagine if the pedal part of the bike was at the top and you moved the pedals with your hands instead of your feet...

Comment #80

Well, I'm back from Hawaii. We had a wonderful time, but the scale was not nice to me this morning. I don't really believe that I gained 6 pounds in 1 week, but that is what it showed. I'm trying hard to believe that at least part of that is water weight and will come off fairly quickly. I knew I was eating and drinking things that weren't on-plan, but I didn't think I did that badly. I do know that I had a lot more carbs than I'm used to, so that probably accounts for a lot of the gain. I guess I'll need to work extra hard now to get rid of those vacation pounds...

Comment #81


, those trips to Hawaii, despite how great, can really add the pounds. I added 8 on my last trip there in November..


, great idea to find something positive in the program each day. There is a program on PBS called Sit and Be Fit which has a variety of exercises..

I'm subbing today in a computer class which gives me opportunity to walk as I monitor activity. I just had a planning period in which I spent the time walking..

As of 11:18am, I had racked up 6826 steps, of which 3714 were aerobic based upon the aerobic being 37 minutes of fast walking...

Comment #82

Thanks! It is 6:49PM as I type this and just got home from the evening program. Right now, I have racked up 15,288 steps, of which 6696 were aerobic or 67 minutes of aerobic walking not counting non-aerobic walking. If we would believe it, it supposedly resulted in 450 calories burned today...

Comment #83

Pam - you went to Hawaii and had a great time. I doubt that 6# is "real" weight, as that would be a heck of a lot of calories in a week. No worries, you will get it off quickly!..

Comment #84

Well I didn't make it to the gym tonight to try the bike again. Today was a ruff monday or at least I know it seemed to be for everyone at my work. Always tomorrow right..

Comment #85

Hi everyone. Sorry I've been MIA this week. It's just been incredibly busy, but nothing bad. I hope this week will be better. Congrats to those of you that have posted losses, and hang in there for those maintaining or showing a gain..

My OWI was today and I stayed the same. I really expcted the two pounds I'd gained last week to drop, but no such luck. Thinking that with all of my exercise, I may need to add calories. I'll call a counselor later this week I think..

Hope you're having a good day!..

Comment #86

Congratulations on the 2 lbs!.

At that rate you are sure to make your goal this challenge!.

So sorry about the 6 lbs, but I agree, it should come off fairly quickly if you stick to the plan this week. Good luck!.

Let us know what they say. I bet if you just stay on plan it will have to drop, even if you do not add calories!..

Comment #87

Good morning, everyone! I was up at 5am ready to tackle the world. As of right now, it appears that I may not be working today. I did, however, clean the living room early this morning. I don't know where this energy came from but I'm not even tired for all of yesterday's walking..

The cable company just called and said it was on it's way to deliver the new cable box. I assumed it would be a local service person but this person has never been here and was asking directions. Our cable company was bought out by an out of state firm, which has led to far better service. I couldn't believe it when I called on Sunday night to report the box had fried with a power surge and actually got a live person. I had expected to leave a message..

I've had my Kashi Go Lean cereal for breakfast; the rest will follow in an hour. In another thread, I read of someone who took their sausage they used for a protein add in and crumbled it up and put it on top of their Italian flatbread pizza. I think I will try that today, using my Morningstar veggie sausage..

I hope each and everyone of you have a rewarding day. Focus, focus upon the goals you have set for the day. Make it a day in which you will be proud!..

Comment #88


My OWI was today and I stayed the same. I really expcted the two pounds I'd gained last week to drop, but no such luck. Thinking that with all of my exercise, I may need to add calories. I'll call a counselor later this week I think..


Why would you need to add calories?..

Comment #89

I could not get out of bed today! I actually slept thru two alarms. Thank Goodness I have a third set..

For my positive note.

I wanted to say that I love how encouraging most people have been about my weight loss. I only have one person who seems to try and get me off track everyone else has encouraged me...

Comment #90

CJ, people who exercise aerobically and who do it intensely will burn up more calories than others. This sounds good in theory. What happens sometimes is that the body senses that it is not having enough calories to keep it from going into starvation mode, so it slows down the process to keep from losing. Adding a protein sometimes helps, but do this only after you stop losing when exercising intensely for several weeks..

Some people, when beginning to exercise, will also gain from water retention. This results from tiny tears in the muscles which retain water while they heal and become used to the exercise. The weight then starts dropping again...

Comment #91

Potbellys will be the death of me. I can't turn it down! ITs salads but as I am fully aware not all salads are created equal. These salads have tons of good fattening things in them..

Comment #92

CJ, you are so correct that some salads can be your undoing. Some of them are not the best when it comes to being low in calories. A grilled chicken caesar salad at Applebee's is 800 calories a serving....and has 1610mg of sodium, almost a full day ofNutrisystemfood...

Comment #93

I already know this salad was way beyond that. I usually get no cheese no bacon and have the chicken on the side so I can only put one ounce on. This time I said screw it and ate the salad as it came. I am feeling so guilty. But I plan to count the cheese at my snack protein and the bacon as my dinner fat. So hopefully I can at least turn it around a little..

Comment #94

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