I need information on Nutrisystem.?

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Quick question: I need information on Nutrisystem.? Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. Welcome to the very first challenge of the year 2011!!! We are calling this challenge ...This Year is Our Year Onward and Downward challenge! This Year is Our Year O&D Challenge, for short! Mouthful I know......but we want everyone who knows the Onward and Downward name to be able to recognize that's it's the same group of ladies...still chugging along! As always, newcomers are always welcomed to join us, no matter where we are in the challenge. This challenge starts a new thread each week, so look for a STOP on Sunday Night/Monday morning and then follow the provided link to the new thread. I'm counting on us all to keep each other motivated and meeting our goals!! We do a great job at it, so keep up the good work!.

Christmas feasting is over and the New Years parties are time to get serious and get moving! Let's get ready to be our skinniest and best for the new year of 2011!! This challenge will run from today until March 17.....St. Patrick's we have just about 11 weeks (7 left) to work hard and get ourselves moving each day and eating better..

Please join us as we look ahead to a great upcoming year in 2011 and better health!! This is a place to make your goals for the next 7 weeks! Why not get support from one another as we journey through the next few months towards our ultimate goals..

The theme focuses upon this is the year that we will make the most of our efforts. For some, it will be reaching the goal and beginning to maintain. For others of us, it will earmark the reality that we are making significant progress and not letting excuses hold us back..

The rules are simple. Make your own goal about what you want to achieve between now and March 17th, 2011 and let us know what that is. Give a short introduction, so we can get to know you.....even the regulars!! Then come here often to let us know how you are doing, get support from the group and offer your support to other members. I'll be posting a new thread each week so look for it each Monday. Please try to post at least an update on your journey each week. We want you to be part of this great support system..

So what do you plan to achieve during this 11 week challenge?A weight loss? 100% days? Reaching a certain size dress or jeans? Maintaining your weight? Doing a certain amount of exercise? Just let us know what you want to work on and introduce yourself....anything you want to choose!.

Please join us and share the struggles and triumphs that we all will go through the struggles for this upcoming year. Getting through this journey is so much easier with someone there to hold your hand and give you encouragement..

I like to post a weekly question to help us get to know eachother and/or to help us focus on our weight loss journey and to get some discussions started. Answer it as briefly or as fully as you want to.".

As we enter this fifteh week of the challenge, the question of the week is:.

What is your biggest temptation and how do you keep yourself from caving into it?..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

I think this week I'll be posting a loss, but my OWI isn't until Wednesday so I'll update then..

We're expecting nasty weather starting tomorrow, too. And I think it's universal the stores here also go nuts, or rather, the shoppers go nuts and clear the shelves of bread, milk, etc. Even though our weather is expected to clear after a couple of days, they'll still do this. And to compound things, I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and there's talk of some big game going on here this weekend, so a lot of extra people are coming to town. A bit of a nuisance for those of us who aren't really that into it, but good for the economy I suppose..

My biggest temptation has and always will be sweets. I love to bake, and in the past did it semi-professionally (meaning people paid me to bake for them, but I never actually went into business as a baker). I've coped with it while working on losing weight by severely restricting the amount of baking that I do, and when I do bake I try to get it out of the house immediately. My husband has suffered a bit, but he's been very supportive for the most part...

Comment #2

I forgot to add that the goal I set for this challenge was to lose 8 pounds and to do 60 hours of exercise. So far, I think I'm on course to meet both goals, and maybe exceed the exercise part!..

Comment #3

Hi! My name is Christen. I just started Nutrisystem on Saturday. I have a goal of trying to fit into some of my old clothes by St. Patricks Day. I have a long term goal of trying to look good in a bathing Suit this summer. I have slowly been gaining weight for a for the past five years.

I would be happy with about 50 lbs of weight loss. The hardest thing I am finding right now on day three is missing Soda. I drank Coke breakfast lunch and dinner and sometimes in between..

Just curious I see two of you have those bears. How long have you been on the program?..

Comment #4

Welcome, Christen! I used to drink too much diet coke, too, though I didn't usually have it for breakfast! I found that the more water I drank, the less I craved the coke. I only rarely have one now, but find that I still crave it with certain foods such as pizza and hamburgers. I was used to diet coke, and still have it occasionally, but typically only 1 or 2 per week at the most. If you weren't used to diet coke and don't think you can switch, try switching to a different diet soda. I used to be like you about Dr Pepper, but absolutely hated diet Dr Pepper. When I decided to switch to diet soda I began drinking diet Coke instead.

Oddly enough, though, I like the taste of diet Coke. I gradually grew to like it so much that I was usually having at least 2 or 3 per day before I startedNutrisystemand cut back. I do think it would benefit you to cut back on your Coke addiction I don't know if it is the sodium or caffeine, but something in it slows my weight loss a lot. Plus water is so much better for you, and it's cheap!.

To answer your question, I started the program on July 14th. I lose weight very slowly, which is fairly common for those who have smaller amounts to lose. When I'm done I hope to have lost about 30-35 pounds...

Comment #5

Welcome! I love my Mountain Dew. I still have one Diet Mountain Dew a day. It is loaded with caffeine, so it doesn't count as water. I don't have easy access to coffee when I sub in school, so the Diet Mountain Dew is my caffeine fix at lunch. I also have my water..

I've been thinking about the question TZ posed. My biggest temptation is to avoid exercise just to be exercising. I know that I walked almost 8000 steps today at work, but if I had to do that just to be exercising at hone, I would find it hard to do. I really have to talk myself into doing exercise, so it is easy to fall to the temptation of avoiding it...

Comment #6

Good evening everyone!! Hope all is well! The kids had off of school today so trying to work in between taking care of their endless needs was fun (not!).

Tomorrow is my official first day of being back in college!! I'm doing it online, going for a Bachelors in Child Develoment with a minor in psychology. I logged on today and started my introduction..

Today the guy from Lowes today came and measured my dining and living room, and stairs as I am using my tax return to replace the carpet. I bought this house over 5 years ago and the carpet needed to be replaced then ... right now it is seriously nasty!! I also picked out a new couch - can't wait for my new living room!!.

I got my exercise in, but pulled a muscle in my right calf and it HURTS!! But I got through my workout regardless..

Tonight for dinner I had the frozen ravioli, and I have to say it was awesome ... I'm talking really, really good. Something I would love to eat every single day while NOT being on NS. The sauce was fantastic - best thing I've had so far..

We have snow coming in here in Upstate NY. It's supposed to start in the middle of the night and snow through Wednesday. Wonder if schools are going to be closed ... we shall see!..

Comment #7

Hi Christen! I'm so glad you are joining us. You've set a great goal for this challenge and I wish you much success in reaching it. NutriSystem is a great program and you'll find that once you really understand it, it's pretty easy to follow. All of us here will be happy to help you in any way we can. Please feel free to ask questions. We'll get you an answer or point you in the right direction to find the information..

Please feel free to just jump into the discussions or start your own. We can be a chatty group here, but we love to add new friends..

Again, welcome... I'm glad you are joining us...

Comment #8

Congratulations!!! -.5 Pounds!!!.

Way to Go!!!.

And a total of 10.5 pounds so far for the Challenge??? You are really smoking it!.

Keep up the great work..

That is quite a tempation, and it's so easy to fall back into your old habits. What do you do to overcome this tempatation?.

I hope you survive the snow that is forcast for the coming days. It sounds like it is going to be huge mess for a lot of the country. SC however, seems to be just looking at rain this time. Hurray!!!.

But my thoughts and prayers will be with you all who are supposed to be experiencing the "white stuff" for the next few days..

Baking is my favorite type of cooking too. I haven't done any other than for a specific function since startingNutrisystem2 years ago. If I make it for a specific event... church bake sale, therapy session, birthday party I'm okay because I have to take whatever that is to the event. But if it's going to sit in the house, I can't bake and not eat so it's just so much safer for me to not even start..

Luckily for me, I grew up on diet sodas. The regular types are way too sweet for me. I'm another one who was drinking way too much soda and little to no water prior to NS... as much as 2 liters or more a day. And most of that was caffienated. I still have a hard time drinking plain water, but I'm able to drink Fruit 2-O and water with fresh squeezed lemon or lemon juice added to it.

I still have an occassional diet soda... and a caffienated one when I need it to stay awake while driving after too long of a work day or when I leave much too late... but those are generally a special treat or reward for having met a specific goal or target behavior..

Karen, good luck starting back to school. I hope it goes well. Sounds like you are liking the frozen meals. I keep thinking that I'll give them a try something... but so far I haven't taken the plunge. Working full time it's hard to time delieveries and I certainly wouldn't want the frozen foods sitting out (even with dry ice) for a 12 hour summer SC day before I made it home to get them inside..

I'm jealous of your new carpet. Mine is about 15 years old and really needs to be replaced, but I want hardwood floors (or at least hardwood laminate flooring) but I won't make that change as long as my Rannon (dog) is still alive. He's an old boy and is already convinced that the laminate was put into the kitchen several years back simply to make it impossible for him to walk in there. I've old rugs and kitchen mats and holiday mats etc all over the place so that he can make it outside and to his food bowl. It sort of defeats the purpose of the new flooring, so I'm putting off the change until he passes. He's about to turn 13 and that's pretty old for his breed.

I'd much rather have him with me than not...

Comment #9

My frozen meals have not gotten here yet. I wonder if they will be delayed because of the storm coming. I am happy to hear they taste good. I have liked everything I have tried so far. Portions just seem so small but I am sure large portion sizes is how I got where I am..

So one question I have is - - - are there certain times you should eat? So many hours apart? I guess this would be a second question but I am not usually a desert person. Does it matter if I don't eat the desert or snack. I eat so late and don't want anything else before I go to bed..

Comment #10

Welcome to the program and to the thread. It is an exciting journey which has proven to work well for many of us, incluidng myself..

Many people have their own eating schedule based upon what works best for them. Some will save something from breakfast to eat a little later between breakfast and lunch. That is just an example. When you finish the day, your meal planner should indicate that you have eaten everything required of you. That dessert or snack is not just a dessert; it is filled with protein. You can eat the dessert early in the day if you don't want to eat it at night.

I like eating frequently as it keeps my metabolism humming. I divide all my permitted food between breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and dessert/snack...

Comment #11

It's recommended that you eat every 2-3 hours, and as Jean said, you are supposed to eat everything, every day. I will confess, though, that I often skip the evening snack if I'm not hungry. You can mix and match your meals however it fits your schedule some people swap their lunch and dinner, or like Jean mentioned, split up your breakfast and eat it a couple of hours apart...

Comment #12

Hi everyone, hope you had a good day. It's really late, so I'll be back tomorrow to catch up on posts, but wanted to grab the new thread..

OWI today, and the scale says I gained 3 pounds. I know that's not the case, since it's just not possible to gain when staying 100% on plan. So I'm ok with it, and since it's most likely water, I'm hoping for a big number next week now...

Comment #13

Oh No you gained weight. That is probably my biggest fear is that I wont do this program right and end up gaining more weight...

Comment #14

Cj even if you do everything right and stay 100% true to the plan every single day, you'll still have weight fluctuations. Usually this is due to not drinking enough water, hidden salt, and/or hormonal fluctuations. So know that it will happen to you at some point and don't freak about it when it does. Typically if you suddenly see your weight jump up by a pound or more it will be followed by a loss, AS LONG AS YOU STAY ON PLAN. Don't let your mind tell you that it's not working so you might as well have that doughnut/piece of cake/pizza/double cheeseburger, etc. that you've been craving...

Comment #15

Thanks! I am really nervous. I have not dieted in years and back then I was skinny and just wanted to be very skinny. I am scared this wont work and I am going to be fat forever..

Comment #16

Welcome! Nutrisystem definitely works if it you stick with it and the great thing (to me anyway) is I'm seldom hungry..

Actually anything you do to reduce your calories will work! Nutrisystem's big advantage is it's ready made food which saves time and reduces temptation and high enough in volume and protein to keep you full..

Start off slowly; experiment; see what works for you; if you find something that doesn't work for you change it..

Good luck!..

Comment #17

So far I haven't. If you look at the graph of my weigh ins since 2007 it looks like a roller coaster. What I'm doing at the moment is giving it a lot of thought and talking about it with friends. I tend to bottle all this stuff up and just stew about it. I have this sneaky suspicion that I might be mildly bi polar and that the times I'm smokin on ns are the "up" times and the times I'm eating everything in sight are the "down" times. I described it to my sister as like a switch being thrown and then thrown the other way.

Right now I'm sort of approaching it one a "one day at a time" like overeater's anonymous or something! Hoping that if I talk about it, especially if I've correctly identified the issue, that I might be able to keep it under control...

Comment #18

Put the fear behind you. There is a thing called "self fulfilling prophecy." That's another way of saying that if you believe with all your heart and mind that you will eventually be an acceptable weight, then you will. On the other hand, if you believe you will fail and be fat forever, then you will. It is a mindset; you have to believe in yourself and your power to achieve. Make sure you do the weekly mindset makeover lessons. The little time spent doing that each week will help you achieve...

Comment #19

My biggest temptation is chocolate. TheNutrisystemdesserts, lunch bars, and choc chip muffins have made it pretty easy to avoid that temptation. I usually work out social occasions so that I have my lunch meal at the event. That way I can eat veggies or salad and some chicken with everyone else. Then whey dessert is served, I have my lunch bar. So I get dessert with everyone else while staying on plan..

Maryanne, Congratulations on the 1/2 pound - way to go!! I hope the weather held out until you got to the store and back home again..

Pam, I've got my fingers crossed for you for you OWI. I hope your weather isn't too bad. And I hope the game doesn't get in the way of your plans!.

Pam, fantastic news - way to go!!.

Welcome Christen. Sounds like you've got some good goals set. I used to drink Coke all the time, too. But I'd tried to switch to diet Coke for a while before NS. Once I startedNutrisystemand really started paying attention to how different foods affect me, I found that diet sodas sometimes make me want to eat more than I should, especially sweets or carbs. So now I drink water almost 100% of the time.

You'll just need to experiment a bit to see what works for you..

Karen, good luck with starting school. That's really exciting..

I hope the snow isn't too bad by you, but it does sound like there will be lots of it. Enjoy the new carpet!.

Christen, you will get used to the smaller portions. Paying attention to the portion sizes is really important as you follow the plan so that when you're ready to eat out or flex some meals, you're used to what a correct portion looks like..

As far as a schedule for eating, most people will tell you you should spread out your food throughout the day so that you eat something every 2 - 3 hours. I'd say that you start out that way if you can, and then experiment to see what works for you. My schedule often does not allow me to eat that frequently, so I've figured out what to eat at certain times of the day to keep from getting really hungrey between meals / snacks..

Christen, I did gain this week, but I know it's a temporary fluctation in the scale. There's an article that PamSB posts all the time about why scales lie - well worth the read. If I can find the link, I'll post it. I've been onNutrisystemfor just over a year (started January 8th 2010) and have lost 82 pounds with this temporary gain. I know it happens sometimes and I don't let it bother me. If you follow the program, it works!.

Pam, great advice - when the scale misbehaves, it's time to stick with your plan and maybe even work harder, not use it as an excuse to eat whatever you want because you think the plan isn't working!.

Jean, also great advice. I occasionally go back and review some of the mindset makeover lessons if I feel like I'm getting off track...

Comment #20

Hi everyone. Hope you're having a good day. I had another exceptionally busy work day. But at least I was able to work from home, since we've had more snow / ice today. And we're now under an ice storm warning. Sounds like we won't be going anywhere tomorrow, so I'll be working from home again I think...

Comment #21

Hi All!! Just checking in. It was snowing like crazy today but the kids still had school. Tomorrow is supposed to be a mess so I'm thinking there will be no school, but who knows?.

I got super frustrated tonight ... in the middle of a workout I got a phone call from work ... something that had to be taken care of RIGHT AWAY!! I hate getting my work-outs interruppted!!! Now I'm hoping there is a snow day tomorrow so I can get in a double workout..

I ordered a new Leslie Sansone DVD today. I love the ones I have but I need something new. I can recite every giddy work out of her mouth!!.

I had the chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight and made it extra yummy by first cooking up some brussel sprouts and zucchini in a fry pan with Pam and garlic and some balsamic vinegar. I browned them up, then poured in my dinner, and it was extremely filling and VERY good!!.

I did my first college assignment today - it was quite easy but it's one of those first simple classes. I also ordered the new carpet (ouch!! expensive!), but I'm still excited about getting it installed. I also ordered a new couch yesterday ... bye bye tax return! LOL!..

Comment #22

Jen ... looks like the same thing here. But it's so hard to work at home with the kids!! Much easier when they are off at school...

Comment #23

Good morning, everyone! I'm not worrying about the groundhog. I'm more interested in seeing a shadow of my former self. I did my mid-week scale check in and see that according to it that I've gained a pound. I had expected it because my fingers are swollen as well as my ankles. I attribute it to fluid retention for some reason such as an arthritis attack. I kmow that I have not eaten 3500 excess calories, so this is just a temporary thing.

This has happened before and it will happen again; I eventually drop again...

Comment #24

I will hurry and post this we're having rolling power blackouts due to increased power demands due to the extreme cold (for us) that we're experiencing..

Today was OWI and I'm down -1.2 pounds! Yea!!!!..

Comment #25

My pizzas came! YEAH! Now I just need to figure out what to give DH when I have pizza!..

Comment #26

Hi everyone, my name is Aline Silva, and this is my second month on Nutrisystem. I started at 230lbs and am at 220 as of right now. I'm getting married in August and would like nothing more than to spend my entire honeymoon in a bikini. My biggest temptation is weekend eating. My family and I have always made a huge deal about big meals and family time, so when I have to turn away from the foods, I sometimes feel like crying. Same thing if we all go out for weekend outings and everyone has steak, and I need a salad.

I've recently lost 45lbs, only to gain it all back 5 months later, so this time, hopefully, it's for good!.

My current weight is 220, and my goal for this challenge is to lose 18 pounds, and run 140 miles. I just started this week but am up to 7 miles. Let's see where it goes!.

Hopefully together, we'll all have the strength to overcome the obstacles and temptations !!!..

Comment #27

Welcome Aline! An August wedding - how exciting (my wedding anniversary is 8/11).

Sounds like you're off to a great start!..

Comment #28

Hi! I have a quick question. If I had ketchup with my veggie burger can I have salad dressing on my salad? Or is that two free foods. Just curious..

Also what is OWI?..

Comment #29

Karen, hope the weather cooperated and your kids had school, but I'm guessing they didn't. I know that many of the schools around here (my town included) were closed. But since I don't have kids, working from home was pretty quiet..

Jean, hang in there - you're right that it's fluid retention and will drop. No fun, but hopefully you'll see a big drop next week. At least that's what I'm also hoping for in my case..

Pam, Congratulations on the 1.2 pounds - that's fantastc!! Hope you're not without power for too long!.

Enjoy them - I had one last night, and I'm really enjoying them. I'm going to Trader Joe's on Friday and will also pick up their version - not fat free but fits theNutrisystemdinner stats. And a LOT less expensive, and don't have to have them delivered. I just hope they're good, otherwise I'll be ordering more of them, even if I have to order direct from the company rather than QVC..

Welcome Aline! It is tough to manage those family outings, but as you're on the program longer and get more comfortable with add-ins and portion sizes, you can think about flexing some meals. It will get easier the longer you're on the plan..

I think that would be 2 free foods, but I'm not sure. Hopefully someone else in the group can confirm. OWI is offical weigh in. A lot of people will use it to highlight their weekly weight rather than a weigh in on other days of the week...

Comment #30

Hope everyone is having a good day. We had quite a bit of ice here overnight / this morning, but thankfully I'm now just about done cleaning up. I spent about 90 minutes on it today, and luckily the guys from the condo association finished up the steps / sidewalks..

I also got in a good workout - a new one for me - Powerstrike. It's a kickboxing workout, and I really enjoyed it. I had ordered this and two others, and they arrived today. Must have been fate, as I didn't have time to work out in the morning today. So I got to try the first one today instead of having to wait until tomrrow...

Comment #31


Congrats on the low cholesterol!!!!.

Keep on keeping on and the glucose will go down too..

You sure are! Good job!.

I don't have a problem with the food you seem too - mainly because I don't keep potatoes etc. around. But I guess you need to because of your DH? My temptation is more likely to be chocolate chips. Or my DH buys junk food (which I often do not even care for) and I will help him eat it..

Welcome to the challenge, Christen! I did the same with diet cokes before NS. Then I found out that whenever I stopped I got headaches the next day (caffeine withdrawal I think). So I weaned myself to Diet Rite which has 0 caffeine, 0 calories, 0 sugar. Later I learned to sub water for most of it by adding Crystal Lite (or Safeway's cheaper version). I can even stand straight water now.

You asked about the bears. I had never noticed people have them on the challenge pages - I thought they lived on our profiles! I have 3, but it does not mean anything because I gained some back so am trying to earn them again..

Yea for you! Way to go!.

How about an individual size pizza? If he needs to lose weight, it can be a low cal one from the grocery store freezer..

Sounds like a fun goal! Welcome to the challenge - we will help you all we can!..

Comment #32

Nothing new here. I've worked three days as a sub this week, so I could use today as a break. If they had called, however, I would have worked..

I got in 100 ounces of water yesterday. I have just finished 20 ounces of water before breakfast...

Comment #33

[quote=Midnights_Mom1;5122310]Nothing new here. I've worked three days as a sub this week, so I could use today as a break. If they had called, however, I would have worked..

I was a sub about two years ago while taking the missing education classes I needed to be a teacher. Then the economy tanked and you couldn't even find work as a sub or teacher. Those kids can deffinitely wear you out. Plus you are on your feet all day. I had to take some "me" days. I did not end up finishing my education classes so I am not teacher. Are you working towards being a teacher or just doing the sub thing?..

Comment #34

There is no reason that you can't have steak at least once a month. Applebee's for example, has a sirloin steak on it's under 500 calories menu. It comes with potatoes and is a 7 ounce size steak. Order it with steamed veggies instead of the potatoes. If you want the whole steak, then save a protein from earlier in the day. There are many places that have small steaks.

Moderation is the key. Even salads can be too calorie ladened if you don't watch what is put on them...

Comment #35

I have a question. I had the Broccoli Parmasian pasta today for lunch. And it turned our horrible. I filled up only to the waterline and all the water came out of it and into the microwave. Then the noodles were still hard. Any suggestions on a better way to cook it than what they provide?..

Comment #36

I always boil the water first and pour it into the cup, recover it, and just wait 8-10 minutes. I never put it back in the microwave after adding the boiling water because it will ALWAYS run over. Sometimes I add a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese to make it more creamy, and often pour the whole thing over my veggies. Yum!.

That's how I cook all the cup meals...

Comment #37

I usually add boiling water, stir REALLY well and the place the plate or bowl I'll be using on the top of the cup. If I remember, I'll give it another stir about half way through the "cooking" time. I let it sit at least few minutes longer than the directions say. If I've let it sit so long that it's not hot enough, I put it on the plate / bowl and the microwave for less than a minute. Seems to work well for me. The one time I tried to microwave the whole thing in the cup to cook it, it was all over the microwave..

Pam, the Laughing Cow sounds like it would be a good addition - I may have to pick some up and give it a try!..

Comment #38

Not much new here today. I've got the day off tomorrow and I'm looking forward to a trip to Trader Joe's and doing some clothes shopping. I really need new black pants and a new sweater or two. Sounds like it should be pretty nice out tomorrow, so defintely want to get out before the next storm (Saturday). Ugh..

Hope you're all having a good day...

Comment #39

It was such a gorgeous day today that I had an urge to get out and go to the city. I called my hairstylist there to see if she had a last minute opening, which is rare. As it turned out, she had a cancellation. I had my hair cut and highlighted, and then I went to WalMart to pick up some more add-ins..

So far today, I've drunk 80 ounces of water. Yesterday, I drank 100 ounces; I'm debating if I should do it again...

Comment #40

That sounds like a good plan. Talking to others... here on the boards or face to face with friends definitely helps to keep me on track..

NS definitely works. It takes time... it's not set up for fast weight loss but for a nice steady safe and sustainable weight loss of 1 to 2 (sometimes I see 2.5) pounds per week. And after the first couple of weeks that is what most people average. You need to believe in yourself and tell yourself that you ARE going to succeed at this. You are worth the time and effort that taking care of yourself takes.

There may be bumps along the way, our hormones and make a monthly fluctuation in our weights too, but over the long haul your weight will go down. Just keep on following the plan..

I've gone from 278 pounds to currently 167.7. I was lower this summer, but had a little bump in the road after my mother was diagnosed with cancer. The good news (besides the fact that my Mom is doing great) is that I didn't get nearly as out of control as I have at other times when similar things have happened and I'm only 12.2 pounds from that low weight. I'm working on getting that off by the end of my vacation (I get to be very active and control most of my meals so I usually loose a little while I'm in Cancun.

) and then will be able to keep on working to get down to my final goal. I need to get my signature back up and running. Watching that ticker also tends to push me to keep it headed in the right direction..

Congratulations!!! -1.2 Pounds!!!.

Way to Go!!!.

You have had a fantastic week!!.

I hope you have managed to stay warm this week. I see the pictures of all the snow in the northen states this week and am very glad that we managed to miss the bullet this time. Although, we were encouraged to leave work early (although it still took me another 15 to 20 minutes to get out) when our supervisor came back into the building after leaving to tell us that there was freezing rain starting and that we should go home. So instead of getting home around 7:00 or 7:30 I was here at 6:30 today. Of course, I now have all kinds of notes that I will have to write tonight from home... but at least I'm here safely.

Hopefully it will stay that way all night. I missed the local news of course but maybe I'll be able to stay awake long enough tonight to see the 11:00 report..

I'm really hope it stays warm because I have to drive to Greenville in the morning to go to a continuing education course. I'd rather not do that in a lot of ice...

Comment #41

Welcome Aline!!! I'm so glad you are joining us for this challenge. We just love adding in new friends. It sounds like you have set yourself with some good goals for this challenge. Now just jump into the discussions here or start your own. Feel free to ask any questsions you may have about the program too. Someone here will probably have an answer once they see your question or will know where to send you to find out the information..

I actually put on a two piece (a two piece... not a bikini... I'm too old for that.

) swim suit last year for the first time in probably 25 years last February while I was on vacation. Of course I later covered it up with a wet suit but earlier in the day during the training I was in just that suit. I'm still not really comfortable in something that shows any of my tummy, I've still quite a bit to loose around my middle and hips, but it felt good to fit into the suit. I'd bought it as a carrot to dangle in front of me a some point years earlier when I had tried to loose weight and never got anywhere near that size. That I had reached it last year was a huge milestone. I still need to loose a couple of sizes before I'll consider wearing something like that routinely...

You'll reach that point too. My suggestion is to buy the suit you want to wear, hang it up where you will see it every day (I keep several reward pieces hanging in my bathroom and then periodically monitor your progress towards them. I keep some intermediate sizes there too, so that I can take them down and start wearing them as I reach that point. When I finally make my goal I'll have lost 1/2 my starting weight so I've had lots of steps to take along the way. And going from not being able to get my leg or hips into something and then watching it zip up is really concrete enough for me to really see my progress. The mirror, especially at first didn't really help me to see the difference...

Again... Welcome. I look forward to getting to know you better as the challenge continues...

Comment #42

Sounds like you had 2 workouts to me. 90 minutes of clearing out snow must have burned a lot of calories..

I always boil the water first, add it to the cup and wait ... and then wait a little more. I usually at 3 to 4 minutes to whatever the lunch cup calls for. Look for the "conventional cooking" method directions on the cup. If once it's done sitting and the noodles are nice and soft I frequently zap it for 30 to 45 seconds to get it hot again..

I also like at add my lunch dairy/protein to this... usually 1/2 cup of canned turkey or chicken breast. (Whatever it takes to get the calories for the chicken up to 100 calories). I also sometimes add some more brocoli or other veggie to this. I usually use frozen veggies, especially at lunch time so that the time for preparing them is as minimal as possible. But if I have some previously cooked fresh veggies I'll add those too.

I love doing this with the Cheesy Mashed Potatos which is probably my favorite of all the lunches..

Yup, adding already boiling water is the best way to do it. Two years ago that's the way the directions on the cup said to do it..

Wow, getting an appointment like that on the spur of the moment is pretty major. I hope you enjoyed your day and the pampering. I was supposed to get my hair cut tomorrow, but had to call and cancel my appointment because I have to attend a continuing education program tomorrow instead. My next appointment is the day before I leave for Mexico. So I'll look great there, but I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through the next few weeks. I think I might call her back and ask if there is any way to change that appointment to the week earlier. Maybe someone will have canceled for her too..

Comment #43

Just a brief note to wish everyone a great Friday and to report my weekly weigh in..

Because I'm headed to a class this morning I'm up much earlier than usual for a weigh in and haven't completed my morning routines... so I'm using yesterday's numbers for this week. I'm down.

-2.9 pounds for the week!!! Yeah me!.

The freezing rain has managed to remain north of both where I live and where I'm going... so just rain to travel through this morning. I've got to run. I'll be back tonight or in the morning..


Comment #44


, congrats upon the very nice weight loss this week. Envy, envy!.

I've drunk 100 ounces of water two days in a row. I've just had breakfast and 20 ounces of water...

Comment #45

TZ congrats on the weight loss! Sounds like you're back in the groove and really working it..

Jean you're doing a great job on getting the water down! In the winter I really have a hard time with that..

Woke up to snow this morning that makes day 4 of being housebound. The kids have been out of school now for 4 days straight extremely unusual for this area. Luckily the state has issued a waiver and will only require them to make up 2 of those 4 days. We're not supposed to get above freezing until sometime tomorrow maybe, so the ice will still be a problem even then. And more snow is predicted for Monday and Wednesday of next week. I know many of you have been dealing with this kind of weather for awhile, but here in Texas it really is very unusual to have such extreme cold with ice and snow for this long.

The airport has been closed off and on due to ice on the runways, so even getting people into town is a problem, and getting them back out of town may be as well. Really bad timing for Mother Nature to go nuts on us!..

Comment #46

Pam, I'm trying to drink more water in hopes it will keep me from stalling. Others have said drinking more than needed really helped to speed up the weight loss. The only thing it has done for me is to create more bloat..

If you are tired of the cold and snow, you might like to check out this spot for a great dinner and view;.


Comment #47

Happy Friday Everyone!! The gal who works with my son (he's autistic) actually noticed I looked smaller ... and she only met me 3 weeks ago!! YAY!.

Most of my 10's are fitting well - a wee bit tight, and my 12's are really, really baggy so I don't want to wear them anymore. That "in-between" stage is tough!..

Comment #48

Jean thanks for the video sure makes me wish we were there now!.

Karen I'm facing the same issue. All of my old clothes are so baggy I need belts to hold them up, but I still want to lose another 10-15 pounds and don't want to buy new things until I get there. I bought 1 pair of jeans that fit me now so I'd have at least one pair to wear when I go somewhere and want to look nice, but I'm trying to hold off on getting anything more until I get to my goal. It's a good thing I have lots of belts!..

Comment #49

Jean, I'm glad you were able to get that last minute appointment. Great job with the water!.

I think I may have counted it as exercise that day - I'd have to go back to my exercise log to check. Definitely was one of the hardest storms to clean up this year, and that's saying a lot!.

Tz, Congratulations - 2.9 pounds is Fantastic!!! I'm glad to hear you avoided the freezing rain - I'd rather have a lot of snow instead of freezing rain..

Pam, I hope it gets warmer for you soon - that's a long time to be stuck in the house!.

Karen, that's great - what a great NSV! It is tough, but you'll be into those smaller sizes before you know it!.

Pam, you might want to check for items on clearance and get a few more items in your current size. It wil make your hard work much more obvious to everyone!..

Comment #50

Happy Friday everyone!.

I had the day off and went shopping. I bought 5 pairs of pants in Macy's today. I probably won't keep them all, but we'll see what happens. It was very exciting - two are regular size 16's and one is a regular 18. The other two were a bargain - regular XL casual (more like sweats) for $7 each. Since a favorite pair just about fell down the other day when I took out the garbage, I really do need those sweats!.

Also went to Trader Joe's. Picked up a few interesting things, so now I have to fit them in with my plan to get to try everything. Yum!.

More snow / ice predicted for us for tomorrow, so I'm glad I got out today...

Comment #51

Great job, Tz! And it is so nice to see your here regularly now!.

As for microwaving the cups - WOW! I never heard of that! I was not aware they changed the directions - I always use hot water and I love most of them!..

Comment #52

Thank everyone for the idea about the lunch cups. And congrats on those who have lost weight. And I must say I dream of the day my clothes will not be tight but baggy. But I am sure since you lost the weight you want to show it off in clothes that fit. I have spent one week onNutrisystemand am down 6 pounds. I am very excited.

My nephews are sick so I went to see thurs and Friday after work. I didn't have my food and not sure myNutrisystemwould have been so satisfying watching htem eat pizza and pancakes. I ended up not staying because I was hungry and my food was at home. But I plan to see them today and I have food already packed just incase I stay till dinner..

Comment #53

The bad weather pretty much missed us this week thank goodness!.

The colds going around haven't missed me. I've been feeling punky the last couple days and worse today so haven't been on the internet much. I work and nap!..

Comment #54

Gorton's frozen fish is a great source of protien. I've tried their tilapia and now I have the Grilled Fillets..Cajun Blackened..

The stats for one serving are: calories, 100; fat, 3g; protein, 16g..

The package comes with two small servings. One would be good as a protein add in or as the package suggest to be added to a salad. Both at one time could serve as an meal entree..

I confess to having the Cajun Blackened for lunch but used one fillet plus the veggies. Oh, it was fabulous! The veggies were Green Giant's Baby Vegetable Medly which come in three servings in a steamable bag. At 40 calories a seriving, I used the three servings....and I am super filled. It was so attractive that I actually took a picture. This lunch came to 220 calores for the single portion fish plus all the veggies...

Comment #55

That looks really good Jean! And is something I might just try this upcoming week..

Comment #56

Jean, you inspired me to order fish tonight when DH and I went out to dinner at our favorite Tex-Mex restaurant. It came with mixed veggies, salad, boracho beans, and rice. My fish was grilled and then covered with a scampi-like sauce that tasted delicious, but probably had way too much fat. I ate about half of it and it was delicious, then ate everything else except the rice, which I don't like. I had a few too many of the chips and salsa, but overall I don't think I did too badly. It was worth it if I did!..

Comment #57

Please help! I walked two and half miles.How do I get it to show up on my exercise ticker?..

Comment #58

I've never done ns tickers. Unless they've upgraded, I know at one time you had to make a new ticker to make a change. I'm sure someone more familiar with ns tickers will come along!.

Great job on walking 2 1/2 miles!..

Comment #59

I wonder how many calories are in zinc lozenges and cough drops? The bags don't say. I don't feel good enough to care. LOL!..

Comment #60

You have to click on "my tickers" or something like that, select the ticker and change the information and save it. I've played with theNutrisystemtickers but I keep using my Tickerfactory ones...

Comment #61

6 pounds - Great job!! You may want to think about ordering some lunch bars. I often carry one in my purse or leave it in the car - that way if I get stuck out, I can get veggies and protein and have my bar. At the worst, I have two lunch meals in one day and then use two dinners the next (you can use a dinner at lunch time - you just don't add the extra protein)..

Maryanne, I hope you're feeling better..

Saturday was icy here in the morning and and night, but the middle of the day turned out to be mostly rain. Of course, you weren't quite sure what would happen, so I stayed in..

Looks really great, and sounds even better. I'm going to have to look for these when I go shopping next time..

Pam, sounds like you did a really good job flexing the meal!.

You need to go to "community" then 'my tickers". Go to the one you want to update, click edit. Change the numbers you need to change, and then save. There are two steps to save, but it should walk you through what you need to do...

Comment #62

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Believe it or not, I just had the last of my holiday events today. I got together with some friends that I've known since before we all started grade school and the assorted parents. It was great to see everyone. And the kids all loved it since they all got presents!..

Comment #63

I've spent all day doing odds and ends around the house, accompanied by an all day marathon of Law and Order SVU...

Comment #64

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