I JUST REGISTERED A DOMAIN NAME AT they tell me my domain is parked how can i unpark or ?

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My first question is: I JUST REGISTERED A DOMAIN NAME AT they tell me my domain is parked how can I unpark or ?

My next question is: Now that ICANN seems to be opening uo their policy let's fantasize.

If you were to start your own extension what would it be?.

I would choose .spam spam. Oh how fun. It would be a focal point for completely crappy sites...

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Your question was: I JUST REGISTERED A DOMAIN NAME AT they tell me my domain is parked how can I unpark or ?

I like .ph.

And also .wrn (my initials)..

Comment #1

.shop - shoppping.

.eat dining out...

.rel religious groups?..

Comment #2

I'll take the Religious route and go .Jew - just cause I think it'd be funny...

Comment #3

Just sent in my check...I bought .bio - $500,000 and you can have

And admin, I'm getting .pros as know what that means...

Comment #4

I really think that the upcoming and very highly brandable .TEL and .WEB extensions will garner significant interest at launch, IMHO.WEB, for instance, could very easily and effectively brand and market itself for the full Mobile Web ...

If I could have one extension all for me, I'd take .GO!.


Comment #5

The mathematician in me would choose ..

The physicist in me would choose ..

The capitalist pig in me would choose ..

The Christian in me would choose.

The moron in me would choose .abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and then try to pull a UDRP on all other ascii domains for infringing on the alphabet and using confusingly similar characters in lower quality extensions like .com..

Comment #6


Hey Chase, it will cost you and any of your competitors 25k to be listed on this extension, let me advise you that without the stamp of .Bank behind your name the masses of the people will no longer trust

Cost will be divided between professional and amatuer, blogger, vlogger ect.. must be validated.local,.

Cost will depend on worth of the city,state, unless they are at this extension, their prediction is wrong! .invest, this is the only trusted place to go, another 25k .download, everywhere else will give you a virus, or is potentially illegal, do it the right way and download only from .download.

.health, mainstream, yeah it's gonna cost ya, .eco or .green, alternative .rx this is really gonna cost ya .history, only for historical data.

10 tld's, 1 million bucks...

Namepros members get first dibs depending on how much np's they send me..

Comment #7

The best extension is no extension. http://namepros is much greater than like I have stated before...

Comment #8

If I could have any extension, I would have .com LOL.

Then .blog second to .com.

I do not normally like HostGator extensions over 3 letters long at all, but I would make an exception for .blog..

Comment #9

How bout .fun.

Make it a kid safe ext.

Or we all get our last names. like .jones and .lee, etc.....

Comment #10


Who wants a .com when you can have .mrdomainman ?

Comment #11

.mail - I'd be able to offer a totally free service, like hotmail, but it would be stuff like, sam@e.mail.

.sam - 'cause it's my name.

.squid - for obvious reasons.


Comment #12


Or maybe .marrypoppins.

Perhaps .thesoundofmusic.

Why not .2001aspaceodyssey.

The $100,000+++ Fee would make it all the more worthwhile..

Comment #13

Forgot to add one.


Then we can have domains like f***.icann..

Comment #14


I would start a company like google, and use my .everything extension to search for all other new extension domains.

*of course it's just a dream* lol..

Comment #15

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