"i just got a name can you tell me how to build a website"?

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My first question is: "i just got a name can you tell me how to build a website"?.

My next question is: I found out today that has been redirected to live search.

Check for yourself.

Do you think it about this?..

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Your question was: "i just got a name can you tell me how to build a website"?.

I guess Google registering means it's a part of it's big marketing campaign?..

Comment #1

It makes sense with MSN. Not so sure about Google and their strategy, and,.

"Google is not the top search engine in Asia". Its the Chinese company "BIDU.COM"...

Comment #2

Another defensive reg in a useless extension, they don't have plans for it so they redirect whatever little traffic they get. Makes sense ?

Comment #3

I think Live Search is just trying to take over everything...

Comment #4

Yup, as we saw by going to the link..

Comment #5

The base customers are Asians like the Indians and Chinese, therefore it makes sense that businesses also compete in the dotasian space.

I am confident when we have Indians and Chinese representing the largest customer base group during landrush phase. Another confident comes from knowing that outside investors in the USA, and auction house such as the CEO of investing in dotasia extension. When you think about it, if investors are willing to invest, customers are willing to pay, and so why would businesses like levi, toyota, microsoft not want to invest?..

Comment #6

I feel bad for your, most people have learned, but you look relatively new. Got hit by the .asia HYPE bug...

Comment #7

There's a base of customers in Asia, mainly Indian and Chinese. There's no need to feel bad because dot Asia has already trumped dot EU and dot MOBI...

Comment #8

What's so bad about a redirect? If .asia was so bad, companies wouldn't even bother at all...if you have a great site already with everything why bother creating a new one - just redirect.....

Comment #9

How has .Asia trumped .Mobi?.

It has only trumped .mobi in low selling auctions such as for $10..

Comment #10

I don't think live will become a major competitor in the asian market, but every little bit helps I guess!..

Comment #11

You cant use the argument - it was an uncontested sunrise reg..

Comment #12

Dot Asia has many uses for businesses and user ends, but we'll see within months. Its too early to rule out it's "useless"...

Comment #13

.Asia will be huge in my opinion. One quoted redirect is not the end of the tld.

All this pessimism and 'my coms bigger than your mobi' is garbage. To each their own I believe...

Comment #14

I dont see a use for .Asia.

Every asian country has their own TLD, it's like americans typing in .NorthAmerica. Most of the countries dont speak the same language.

No use for a TLD = Failure..

Comment #15

I think one of the biggest uses, as has been discussed many times before, is for Western Companies with an 'Asian presence' (i.e. offices in parts of Asia). Most likely would be a redirect, but take a look at the site - that's a great example of how it should be used...

Comment #16

That's a pretty nice flash concept they used for the Looks pretty good.

Here's my personal opinion and input...

IMO, the biggest challenge for .asia is end user adoption.

Within Asia, there are countries with their own TLD and being utilized.

Asia countries are not united like that of European Union. Even with .eu, look how it has ultimately fared.

One thing I don't like about this whole .asia thing is how the registrar launched this extension. Almost every single (worth while) names have been auctioned off and sold at a relatively high price.

As a HostGator investor, you know that it's not very good to buy high (and try to sell higher)... especially for an untested extension like this...

Comment #17 was only launched a few weeks ago and now it is only a bit less searched than .mobi. I think over next few months, it will take over .mobi...

Comment #18

Dot mobi according to has now a merely 1 million HostGator names registered sinced 2006, 2 years period.

Dot Asia during march landrush closes with more than half a million names in March.

This speaks volume.

Dot asia has on average 10,000 names registered per day from march 26-april 14 that's about 200,000 names and with 28,000 celelbrity names and a minimum of 25,000 trademarks in the world it's comes up to be at least a minimum figure of 750,000 names by April 14, 2008.

This does not include any live update to the numbers of registration from April 14 to July 1, 2008.

Yes dot asia has clearly trumped dot mobi...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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