I just finished building my website on GoDaddy.What's the best way to get traffic?

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My first question is: I just finished building my website on GoDaddy.What's the best way to get traffic?.

My next question is: MDNH, Inc. owns a HostGator that I would like to purchase. Has anyone had any experience with them? Does anyone know anyone who works in the company that might be able to help me? Does anyone know any contact information other than what is listed in WhoIs?.

Thanks in Advance!!..

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Your question was: I just finished building my website on GoDaddy.What's the best way to get traffic?.

Rep added just because you to the time to look that up for me and were the first person to respond. I won't rep anyone else for Google searches, however. I've done those for weeks now.

I am looking for something more than what I can find on Google. Does this company sell HostGator names that aren't bringing in much revenue? Has anyone purchased a HostGator name from them. If yes, who would I talk to?.

Somebody PMed me already and when I mentioned that they have won legal cases in the past, they got upset.

I have no legal rights to the HostGator name I want. The HostGator name isn't anything popular in terms of keywords. It probably brings in less than $50 in revenue a year. There is no legal issue here. I just want it for my personal use.

Thanks for any information...

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I always thought that they did'nt sell their any of their names - however...

Their website has a live chat function and on the list it says - HostGator Inquiries so it may be worth having a chat with them directly.


Comment #2

That's perfect. Thanks. The price I was quoted is insane. The HostGator won't pull in that much revenue in 50 years. I appreciate your help...

Comment #3

They can afford to keep them even if it just pays it's reg fee each year, what did they quote you ?


Comment #4

I think it's over {$50 by 50 (years)} = $2500, so it's over $2500....maybe.....

Comment #5

They told me high $xx,xxx to even discuss the issue with me. There is no way in hell the name is worth $80,000.

In case you are wondering, I asked them about a 6-character-com that is a small town in Kansas with exactly 367 residents. It is also the rare Indian name of my sister. I thought it would make a cute gift for her on her 30th birthday. I was willing to pay mid $xxx for it...

Comment #6

What, and surprising your sister with her name as a .com isnt worth $80,000 !?!?! What kind of Brother are you?.


Comment #7

ROFL I was thinking the same thing.

I think it is alot of money, though it sounds like they now what their talking about. Even I would say a name of town AND person is much more than $xxx, but I do not know much about those kind...

Comment #8

For $80K ,nearly rent the entire town for your sister.

With those sort of prices ,no wonder they never sell their names...

Comment #9

Well, something is only worth what a person is willing to pay for it. Just to make myself feel better, I regged the 6 character name for $7.05. That's a person's name too. It's Greek and means alive. Now, she has to change her name to Zoelie because that's all I can afford.

Just because it's a name that doesn't mean it is worth $80,000+. Sure, the name George is worth that kind of cash and much more. It shows up in Google 557 million times. Her name shows up more than Zoelie, but it doesn't reach a million that's for sure.

(I have I guess that must be worth more than I thought.)..

Comment #10

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