I have very important mail from godaddy to my mailbox and I am not getting them why?

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My first question is: I have very important mail from godaddy to my mailbox and I am not getting them why?.

My next question is: Hello,.

This is the official 1800/1888 Vanity HostGator Names thread.

If you have any 1800<keyword> or 1888<keyword> HostGator names, please share with us.

I am starting with: 1800MortgageRefinancing ,com.

1800election ,com.

1800realestateagency ,com..

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Your question was: I have very important mail from godaddy to my mailbox and I am not getting them why?.

^ This is a problematic HostGator name ... for the reasons I stated above, IMHO.

Best of Luck..


Comment #1

I just got:.

1800Cycles ,com.

Surprised to see this one unregistered!..

Comment #2

Not surprised, at all, that it was available ... please see reasonings above, IMHO.

All the best!.


Comment #3

At least it has the right (optimal) amount of characters ... do you have the actual matching toll-free tel. number, as well?.


Comment #4

It should be noted that these domains are immediately limited to the US market only.

Might be good. Advertising on the Net to get people to ring up sounds a bit arse about face, however, these domains do obviate the need to have two addressing systems in adverts, therefore you can print it bigger.

Of course there aren't going to be any short domains in this Genre. Obligatory 11 characters.

Has anyone ever thought of establishing an alternative Root on 1800?..

Comment #5

Nah, but 1800Jeffery might work. You must have the same number of characters as a phone number to make this concept work.

The problem I as I see it is that it is meaningless underless you can nail the equivalent phone number, which is probably where the real value lies.

Some of you guys need to start asking fundamental questions like: Who would want this? Why would they want it? How can they exploit it?..

Comment #6

I cannot agree 100% with what you said. There are hundreds of companies holding 1800names without a matching telephone number...

Comment #7

Jeff, yeah, the 7 letter one would be optimum for sure, but I have seen a ton of numbers advertised on tv that were not- many were longer by a letter or two, since only the first 7 connect- and I have seen shorter ones, and they added a number or so. it's fairly common as I think people had the numbers first, then may look to develop. is not something I would pass up because it was 4 letters! like everyone else, in the actual number, letters or numbers would be added..

Not optimal, but common..

Like premium names, the most perfect ones are gone- but I can see a market for them in the future simply due to mobile browsing..

Nothing makes more sense to me than to have a website that is a phone number, when you are mobile browsing- and you can work in the phone number in a few ways..

If you have the pure 7 letter with the number, that rocks for sure- but they are harder to come by and I can see the numbers being worked a bit- like always advertised- 8 letters, ect.....

Comment #8

Like the generic "iReport" ... wait, this isn't the "King" thread ... Optimum ... yes ... for those new registrations, and preferably for developments, in this useful toll-free context, correct!.

All the best,.


Comment #9

Well you are telling me companies would advertise phone numbers they have no control over, which is every bit as absurd...

Comment #10

No but .TV said it. Apologies over attribution. But my point stands, the value is only there if you have the phone number to match, and of the two the phone number is clearly worth more.

Unless of course the main play is a TM squat...

Comment #11

No, I did not tell that. Probably you misunderstood.

Hundreds of companies are using vanity *DOMAIN NAMES* (Not vanity phone numbers) to advertise their services, without having the corresponding vanity phone number. This is what I said...

Comment #12

That is exactly what I thought you said. So they pay for advertising to get enquiries for another business within your industry but there is no kick back. So why do they do it? Those with the phone numbers obviously nailed them first, so the HostGator holders are TM infringers, and potentially likely to get sued.

Somebody is definitely misunderstand something...

Comment #13

TMs? What TM? Owning a phone number alone wont give any privilege to claim a HostGator name under UDRP!..

Comment #14

If somebody has been advertising their business with 1888flowers I am pretty sure they would be able to do exactly and worse! Much worse!..

Comment #15


It is

The owner of does not own 1-888-flowers...

Comment #16

Wow- I wasnt aware you could trademark a phone number..

Comment #17

I think it is not possible to TM a phone number...

Comment #18

I have.

1-877-SMB-Geek the telephone number.

I used to own a computer repiar/consulting business with that name. I decided I am not going back to it so I am trying to sell the whole package now. I know it's a little off thread but anyone know any outlets to try and sell this stuff?..

Comment #19

Hmmm, after some research, it apprears it can be- interesting..

Comment #20

Where did you find that info? Care to share?..

Comment #21

The way I see it is that 1888flowers is not exactly a phone number, so I would consider it a TM...

Comment #22


Telephone numbers, protection of.

As long as a telephone number meets the requirements of a trademark, namely that consumers can rely upon it to distinguish the trademark owner's goods or services from those of competitors, then it can receive all the protections provided by trademark and dilution law. Typically, protection for phone numbers is sought for those numbers that are converted to a meaningful word, such as in the case of "Dial L-A-W-Y-E-R-S" in which a court enjoined another company's use of the same phrase outside of the region in which the phone number was originally secured. See Murrin v. Midco Communications Inc., 726 F. Supp. 1195 (Minn. 1989)...

Comment #23

Here is some nice articles and case histories of various vanity phone numbers, and UDRP histories:

Comment #24

And the conclusion is that owning a HostGator that has the same keyword as the Alphanumeric version of a phone number used by another individual or company to promote their business is called CYBERSQUATTING. The penalties for this may include, but are not limited to losing the HostGator at UDRP. If trademark infringement can be demonstrated, the penal damages may be awarded against said Cybersquatter.

This basically means that these domains have no legitimate value other than to the owner of the phone number. The downside is much greater than any likely upside. Realistically the best you can hope for is your money back, the worst is financial ruin...

Comment #25

Yep- just like with regular domains- so, dont own 1800 numbers that are being used and promoted- as far as the rest, it's fair game- just like any other domain..

Comment #26

You cannot stop a company promoting it's own phone number. The configuration is unique to the phone number even if the phone number is not unique to the domain. It is clear if these companies have acquired these numbers they had intent to use them as trademarks. It is also clear that the only possible motivation of the domainer is one of bad faith. Even if there is no clear evidence of present use I would think that the Critical Bad Faith criteria would be met in each case. OK, it might be hard for them to go after punative damages, but that still doesn't mean these domains have value.

Of course Moody's would probably tell you otherwise...

Comment #27

This is true, but not all numbers are promoted, or even owned in that way- you just have to look at what you are buying- not all companies have aquired the numbers- 2 of the numbers I own I checked out, and they are still with a toll free place, at a very high price- ;-(.

Like with anything else, you just gotta do your homework-..

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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