I have my domain resgistered with godaddy but i want to host it with hostmonster how do i go about t?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: I have my domain resgistered with godaddy but I want to host it with hostmonster how do I go about t?.

My next question is: Internet is really bustling!.

For most domaining folks, a new gold territory is there for you to develop, so get ready to sail to the new space for a new gold chance, away from the dreary, unfortunate, developed space.

ICANN Chairman, Mr. Peter Dengate Thrush, has recently announced that Non-English-speaking nations could begin using their own scripts for top level HostGator names as early as mid-2008.

The Web is always developing forward and forward, targeting all peoples of the world, and customizing the Web itself for all peoples of the world.

The Web is becoming the Real World Wide Web!.

A New Age is coming!.

This is a New Gold Chance for IDN /img/avatar8.jpgs, traders and domaining industry? Yes.

Some smart individuals with keen, foreseeing eyes have already started earnings from their IDN domains' trade and other /img/avatar8.jpgship activities.

Here's a quote:.

Non-English-speaking nations could begin using their own scripts for top level HostGator names as early as mid-2008 says the new chairman of ICANN, New Zealand lawyer Peter Dengate, who was elected unopposed as the international body's new chairman last Friday, says fast-tracking the Internationalised HostGator Names process will be one of his first challenges heading up the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Introduction of the localised top level HostGator system, he says, will allow countries such as Japan and others use their own script instead of English. That means rightmost suffixes such as .jp and .de can be replaced by local language scripts.

Dengate Thrush says implementation of Internationalised HostGator Names will run in step with efforts to introduce the new IPv6 communications protocol that underlies the internet. This is being created to takeover from the current IPv4 protocol and will greatly expand the 4 billion internet addresses currently available to the world's internet users.

The new chairman said was pleased by progress made on Internationalised HostGator Names following the launch last month of an evaluation that allows internet users to test top-level domains in 11 languages......

The Wellington intellectual property expert says that overall he is pleased with the shape ICANN is in and credited that to the leadership of outgoing chairman Vint Cerf and current CEO and president Dr Paul Twomey.

"There are still some internal structural issues, especially around the At-Large community. There is some debate whether this should remain an advisory role and is quite contentious." He said the role of the At-Large community had become an issue because of ICANN's rapid growth in recent years.

Dengate Thrush says his chairmanship will naturally differ from Vint Cerf's: "Vint is an evangelist and always in demand because of his charisma and background.".

He said he intends to focus on making sure that "the business is done and new voices are heard" during his term.

(This quote is from a HostGator source portal)..

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Your question was: I have my domain resgistered with godaddy but I want to host it with hostmonster how do I go about t?.

I must reiterated what accentnepal said. If you don't speak the language, don't be afraid to get advice.

Goodluck, and happy hunting. 98% of the prime stuff has already been taken. Some might get lucky...

Comment #1

You did not get the message at all:.

They would introduce alternative extensions , so the HostGator won`t have .jp or .cn but it will some of their chars after the dot.

I can see a massive amount of domains dropping...

Comment #2

ID, I totally agree with you. After all what would be the point of using 'local' characters for the 'name' and latin letters for the suffix?..

Comment #3

.com and .net are a worldwide brand. This has been argued over and over... give someone a word in ANY script and slap on .com/.net to it and it is automatically known that it's a website...

Comment #4

I was not talking only about those extension , but much more about names like:.

Plus yes....all the idn with ccTLDs will become worthless.

I had a conversation with "Rubber Duck" (David Wrixon) a year ago on DNF about this.

I was not understanding how idn.ctld would have success and I was concerned about the release of "idn.idn" (which is what is going to happen) so I did not get involved with them...

Comment #5

IDN.CCTLD is a success. Where are you looking? IDN.DE have sold for $50K+. It's just not publicized. It really depends on the ccTLD and if it makes sense.

About names like that with ccTLD, I guess it's up to the registry to decide. IDN.COM/NET is already doing very well.

Super tired, I'm not sure if I answered the question. I'm half asleep.

P.S: Wish I knew a year ago what I know today!..

Comment #6

There is a huge difference between latin idns and non-latin, like Chinese or Japanese. Of course will not lose any value, because .de is .de in English or in German. That is why most idn.ctld will be ok, but I agree that many, etc. can lose value.....

Comment #7

Out of the bunch, I'm not familiar with .cn, but .jp will probably do better than .com/.net.JP is widely used in Japan...

Comment #8

I did not mention

I`m talking about non ascii languages!..

Comment #9

I give up, you don`t understand what I mean. Sorry...

Comment #10

You're talking specifically about the Asian languages? Forgetting about the latin-based IDNs? Because there are latin based IDN characters...

Comment #11

NO, also.

Arabian , egyptian , any non ascii and non latin idns..

Comment #12

What about them? They are doing well also. They will choose .com/.net also. For the Arabic, I have equal faith in com AND net.NET in the Middle East is the only place where it just works. I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but .net is really big in the Middle East. COM still has it's power, though. I value them near the same.

Researched this heavily.

.com/.net just have to strong of a global brand...

Comment #13


I`ll take note and read of your sales and your story on how you became billionaire on DNJournal. 2008 ? Or 2009 ? Or...?.


Comment #14

LOL, I didn't know I was being flamed, just giving information. Sorry I guess for posting? Domaining is a business... we're just all trying to follow the money. No need to make people feel shitty...

Take care I guess...

Comment #15

Nothing wrong, I joined this thread because I was interested, then I gave my opinion but you can`t accept my opinion. I accepted yours. We disagree. That`s life.

Merry Christmas !..

Comment #16

You don't see it happen, you want it to happen, it can go both ways and in both ways .com/.net will remain highly attractive, as for the ctld's it can also go both ways and I haven't heard of any strong indications that .ascii ctld's will be 'replaced'...

Comment #17

And why would I want it to happen? C`mon say it : because I`d love to reg them?.


Comment #18

Threads like these are really misleading. They mean no harm, but the OP got the entire message wrong.

Will IDNs be big? Sure as hell.

But lots of people will also lose money regging obscure forms of words. Nouns are okay - Gato means 'Cat' in Spanish, and there's no other form for that. But verbs is where things get confusing. Bailar, Bailamos, Bailas, etc. are all forms of 'Dance' in Spanish.

Stick to a language you know and you'll do okay. Or get advice from a trustworthy friend who speaks the other language. Unfortunately for me, the only languages I can speak are English, Hindi and a bit of Spanish. Spanish names have been regged left, right and center, and there is no market for Hindi IDNs..

Comment #19

Please explain me one thing. I very often see IDN names in signatures. When I try to click them I get 'Server not found". What's wrong? Is it a fashion to have HostGator names that don't open?..

Comment #20

You might have Internet Explorer 6? Firefox + Internet Explorer 7 are IDN compatible browsers. If the URL is created using the punycode, it should be fun. If the URL is created using unicode and you are on IE6, it won't work. If you are copy pasting the URL unicode into IE6, it won't work.

To make things simple, just upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox...

Comment #21

What is IDN? How do you type IDN on the addressbar using the keyboard. And how does a complete IDN HostGator (or address) look like? Where to reg IDN?..

Comment #22


2) The same way we type in English domains (IE: people can now type in domains using their language: IE: (You might need Chinese on the computer to view that).

OR -> Russian.

You do need an IDN compatible browser -> Windows Vista has IE7 -> IE7 + Firefox are IDN compatible.

3) Reg IDNS @

Comment #23

I know what is IDNs. I just wondered why they didn't work. These examples worked ok. Thanks.

I use FireFox. BTW in address bar of .com is still is it ok or I need some sort of extension or plugin?.

It's so uncomfortable to type russian letters in address bar.....

But when my wife wanted to visit she typed..

Comment #24

The xn is what's called the punycode. It's currently not enabled on Firefox to show the unicode (.com would be a unicode) by default. On Internet Explorer 7, if you add "Russian" to your languages, you can actually see .com instead of xn. Firefox hasn't taken care of it yet, but it is still IDN compatible ...

Comment #25

The OP says ".de" in local script... Lol the Germans use latin script, thank you. Curious to see how they will allow extensions in Katakana or whatever.....

Comment #26

You assume something without justification, you present it as if it is new and fresh idea (which it isn't by at least a year) then you use your assumption to downplay the value of domains in which you have no interest (and then you whine about critique from someone who does have an interest ?

That you're not well-intentioned is nicely illustrated by your own reply; Why? Regging solid terms which people have dropped in panic maybe? Lowering the market value so you can buy cheap ? Whatever, there are plenty of motives...

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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