I have lost 4 stone with Nutrisystem....?

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First off, I have lost 4 stone with Nutrisystem....? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... Good Morning happy NutriSystem gals! We are DONE with..... the holiday season's OVER and finished and we have NO excuse not to get up....move our fannies, and LOSE SOME WEIGHT! No excuses, just do it!.

We all started in September '09, and we recently celebrated our one (1) year anniversary last October on this fantastic program with some of us meeting up in Las Vegas!! I don't know about you, but I never could have succeeded without this group!.

Haven't been around for a while? Deb does a comical and well written update on Monday's for us to help give you a quick look into our current topic of discussion, what's going on in our lives at the moment, and just about all the past weeks dirt so you can post without having to read pages and pages of updates from the old thread... unless you want to. Please look for it in the first couple pages! Thanks Deb!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Good morning!.

It was 5 degrees when I came in to work this a.m.....luckily, I think this is the coldest day for the week..

Thank goodness for heated seats!.

You were up late Judy. Sleep well..

I started to use livestrong over the weekend, and I think it will help me get back on track. I have also gotten back to doing yoga every day, which definitely helps me feel better..

Have a happy day, stay healthy, keep warm!..

Comment #2

Glad the yoga helps and stay warm. Good grief you are at work early. Have a great Monday...

Comment #3

Good Gracious, I can't believe I even made sense at 4am! I fell asleep in the recliner about 10 pm again and I woke up at 4:00 anf fiqured I'd get it done and out of the way so this morning wouldn't be messed up and tight....but then I kept falling asleep and was barely able to get it posted!.

I have my trainer this morning, so I have to scoot!...

Comment #4

Happy Winter Monday Everyone. Brrrr this is perfect Penguin weather and unfortunatly I am not one of them and have started the chant " Come on Spring where is that groundhog when you need him".

DUCKY- Speaking of wild animals, Ducky is in a contest to win some wonderful prizes for her class if you vote for her at this website(.

See previous posting).

And I did, I voted for her and it's because of her teaching about penguins(.

Remember when she taught about the Jackass Penguin)..

She has also programmed her iPod to her sneakers and now she just needs warmer weather. Ok Ducky Chant with me "Come on spring..............

JEN- Apparently could not wait for spring so she went to Daytona to bring some 70degree weather back to us all(.

Sprinkling liberally from the plane).

Good try Jen and too bad it did not work. One of the few of her ideas that did not work.

Jen good hearted that she is volunteered to join the Team Serve and help out with several charities from her day job. You are such a good person. Jen and has been working that side job and grooming lots of pooches along the way. You wear me out with all that you do and I'm only reading about it.

SHELLEY- Say's the drama is still on and about to heat up even more as Matt moves out of home to live with uhmm 3girls. Yep, they are going to share a house and Mean Megan is about to find out the hard way. See folks there is no need for anyone to watch those stupid soap opera's on TV because it is so much more interesting in real life. Poor Shelley she has to live through this drama and all I have to say is "We are here for you" vent away.

JOHNNA- When she doesn't have her camera and taking wonderful pictures of all four of her guys is getting her groove on and shaking her booty. Johnna is the newest convert to Zumba and she liked the class she took with her neighbor so much that she signed up for 10 more. You will be ready to party in South Beach soon with all the moves you will be learning.

JUDY-Continues to lead the pack and has been dubbed Queen of Zumba took a day off for Wally. Wally had his knee surgery on friday and was last seen hobbling off to the gym as nothing keeps this man down for long..

VIX- Is looking at the mirror image of Wally as Pete had surgery Wednesday and was not supposed to do anything for 2.5weeks and of course she caught him red handed with weights in his hand and exercising("er, uh just doing some stretching dear") Guess there wasn't a whole lot of nursing them back to health going on around here. Vix is getting back on track by doing her yoga daily.

MELISSA- Braved the scale after being off plan for a while and eek was not happy with the numbers. She got off the scale and jumped in the car and drove to grocery store and is now stocked up on all the healthy stuff and will have those numbers whitled down to goal in no time at all.

COLEEN- Is right behind Melissa and as soon as she gets back from Atlanta celebrating her Dad's birthday with her Mom and sisters she will be back on track. Coleen was already spending an hour a day at the newly remodeled gym in her office building. I'm glad my tax dollars are being spent on health for a change. Which Senator do you work for again??.

(just teasing alittle).

CAROLYN AND DOREEN ARE STILL MIA, Come on sisters it is January and we are all in this boat together. Get back here and we will support each other getting the weight off and anything else you want to vent about, we are here for each other Sept 09 Starters for life.....

Well folks that's all she wrote...............

Comment #5

Great recap always start my Monday off with a laugh. Thanks for doing that each week..

Judy, thanks for starting our weekly thread the wee hours of the morning. That's dedication! Have fun with your trainer..

Jen, what a busy weekend. It sounds like lots of fun stuff though. I'm sure that with all the running around the number will definitely be down on the dreaded scale..

Vix, sorry you're having such cold weather. I don't know how I ever got by without heated seats. Sometimes it seems to take forever for the temp to come up in the car but the seats are instant warmth!.

Ducky, I have never checked my library for kindle rentals. Great idea though. Have fun with your parties this week. I love the Lia Sophia jewelry. My friend had a party last year and I bought quite a bit. Very reasonable prices..

Melissa, Johnna whats up with you guys today?.

I am heading to the spa with my friends...Frank just rolled his eyes when I told him what I was doing today. Why couldn't he just say, have fun with your friends, you deserve a day at the spa......

Comment #6

It's above zero!!!!! The kids got to go out and play today!!!! (I'm only a LITTLE excited about that!)..

Comment #7

Oh and I'm crabby. The kids just don't think they have to listen or stop talking. URGH!..

Comment #8

Good afternoon everyone - sounds like everyone had a decent weekend..

We ended up making a surprise Disney run on Saturday and ended up at the Magic Kingdom around 4:30pm. We stayed until 10pm. We bought annual passes the last time we went and it's great - now we can do exactly what we did on Saturday and have a fun few hours. Owen and I rode the "Thunder Mountain" roller coaster 3 times while Brian took Brenna over to the Haunted Mansion. We were able to see the Electrical Parade and go through three other rides/shows so it was a lot of fun (but cold, in the 40's and 30's by the time we left). I feel sorry for people who come to The Sunshine State expecting warmth in January and February.

Then you come down to Disney and you have to wear a coat!..

Comment #9

Still 100%Nutrisystem- the weekend was a little difficult because we were out of the house a lot but I watched what I ate. Now I'm back on 100% AND...DRUMROLL... I walked the bridge this morning (4 miles) while Brenna was at school and intend to do the same Friday morning. Unfortunately I volunteer in Owen's class on Wed morning but I will be able to do it Wed nights when I drop Owen off at Religious Education! So that will be three times a week AT LEAST. I feel really good about that...

Comment #10


- So glad Wally's surgery went well but sorry about the arthritis thing! Getting older just sucks. Period! I'm sorry if I missed this post, was his knee an injury thing from work or jogging or was it just wear and tear?.


- The car I have here in Florida has heated seats! It used to be my MIL's car and I thought that was such a funny feature to have down here! Sounds like the yoga is putting you back into the right mindset for NS? You can do it!.


- Good about the snow. I bet you can't wait for Caitie to get her driver's license! Or do they have it there where you cannot drive around with more than one person for the first year or something like that? I think they have that here. I would say you got the good end of the deal in not having to go out at midnight also..


- Don't know if it still counts but I did go on and vote for you about 15 minutes ago - good luck! Glad to hear it's warming up to the 1's instead of the negatives - woo! That's freakin' cold..


- We looked at Bichon Frise's as a possible type of dog to get because Brian is allergic. I also like full-sized poodles. I didn't think I would but we saw this beautiful tall brown poodle named Rusty and he was so nice and friendly with the kids. and us of course, no just the kids..hee...hee...he bit Brian. Just kidding, he didn't bite Brian..


- I think you had something going on last weekend with cousins in town. Hope you had a fun time. Let's plan our date soon - maybe one of the last two Saturdays in February? How far is Orlando from you? That might be too far for you. I'm gonna mapquest you in a minute (you can tell me later if you felt it)..


- Ah, the drama of teenage romance (I still consider early 20's to be as dramatic as teen romance I swear!). I can see both sides - I'm sure if your son's girlfriend was moving in with 3 guys he wouldn't be thrilled! Relationships are funny. New Subject: I'm right there with you about why can't the husband just say "Have a good time, you deserve it!" I will say my husband will say that occasionally (usually AFTER I cleaned his parents' house)...

Comment #11

A friend and I went to see.

The Green Hornet.

On Friday night. As far as Superhero type movies it was okay. As far as Seth Rogan movies it was pretty funny...

Comment #12

The voting still counts! It goes until Feb. 8th, I think. I'm down to 7th place! The top 10 win, so I need to make more friends!..

Comment #13

Hey Melissa I just started a new series by Ayelet Waldman and the first one is called Nursery Crimes and it's a mommy-track mystery series about Juliet who was a federal public defender turned stay at home mom and the mysteries that she stumbles upon. It sounded like something you might like. I just started Nursery Crimes and so far I am enjoying it..

I can't believe it worked! I copied this post from the old thread for you to see and it worked. Just FYI!..

Comment #14

Hi, just checking in!.

Deb, I do love your Monday summaries!.

Shelley..hope you had a fun spa day with friends! With all you do, you do deserve it!.

Duckie...can we vote twice? hmmmm..

Melissa, you're so busy...lots to keep up with!.

I think the cold that everyone around me has, is finally catching me. But other than that, my state of mind has improved, and I'm feeling pretty happy..

Pleasant dreams to all, sleep well, stay healthy!..

Comment #15

Shelley - hope your spa day was fabulous!!.

Melissa - when you said walk the bridge I just kept thinking walk the plank. HA! That is a really long walk so doing that 3 times a week is great! Hey...was it you that recommended the Dewey Cox story?! That movie sucked! Anyway...I still love you! Oh - how fun to pop down to Disney for a couple hours. I was thinking you guys are probably laughing at all the tourists there!.

Duckie - glad the kids got to go outside today! to get them to behave?!.

Vix - great job on the Yoga. I have the Wii game for that and I have trouble concentrating on the 10 minute meditation. That really does take some practice!.

Well...Aaron is over here cracking himself up at a text he just sent his brother. Good lord! What a dork!.

OK...I'm off...I gotta get to bed soon. Night ladies!..

Comment #16

Melissa - you crack me up with your dog story...just kidding...I think you need mental help....just kidding...I think you are funny!.

I forgot to tell you guys I weighed in and I held my weight from last week....not bad considering and at least it didn't go up! I did workout this AM too so that's a step in the right direction!..

Comment #17

Well, I finally checked into a local gym. Well, not really. I emailed them to tell them I was interested. I REALLY need to get there. Is an 8 year old old enough to stay home alone? Actually, she doesn't like to stay home alone. Another URGH!..

Comment #18

IMHO I don't think Ashton is old enough to stay home alone but, don't they have a daycare area at the gym that she could hang out while you work out? Or maybe a playdate with a friend while you work out?..

Comment #19

Oops I missed this post and I must say good for you. The bridge does sound like a great walk and now just download a book to your iPod and away you go...

Comment #20

Hi guys. popping in on my way to bed. Again with the sleeping in the recliner. I am seriously messed up in the sleeping schedule. All is going okay with the knee...the 2nd and 3rd day are worse...and it's quite swollen and fluid filled and just not a lot of fun. He did graduate from the crutches to the cane today so tomorrow he should be able to do more things alone.

I'm not avoiding the board on purpose...I'm just staying busy all day and then passing out in my chair. I've also been hitting the gym extra hard to get working on these last 20 pounds. Must be done. I need to build muscle and still lose the weight too...which kinda tends to contradict each other. LeLand, my trainer is helping me a was butt day! Seriously...we worked on nothing but glut exercises. I don't contract those muscles very well and it messes up my hips and makes the sciatica worse..

Okay off to bed. I'm about dead and I have zumba class at 10:15am!..

Comment #21

Good morning!.

Judy, don't know how you stay up so late! Glad Wally's doing better. It's great that you're doing all that exercise and building muscle!.

Hi Deb! I read a lot too. My bookclub meets once a month...this Thursday night. The last book we read was What the Dead Know by Laura Lippmann. Fictional crime drama. The interesting part for me was that it all took place right near where I work. (She's a local Baltimore author).

Duckie, good luck with the gym..

I miss having little kids around, but it does put a damper on getting time for yourself, which is important..

Jen, I'm working on that holiday weight too. It goes on a lot easier than it comes off! My yoga is only about 20 minutes, and mostly a lot of stretching which I really need. I'm also doing a brisk walk or getting on the elliptical every day trying to get the exercise'll be easier when it's warmer!.

Have a happy day!..

Comment #22

Must move and get to the gym on time.......back later..

PS: VIX....I don't stay up that late...usually it's me waking up from being asleep in the recliner for hours! I just post in the switch from the chair to the BED!! LOL!..

Comment #23

Most of us read alot and I know I read tons, not too much into TV. Maybe we can trade book suggestions?? Have a great day!..

Comment #24

Good afternoon everyone. Hope everyone is having a great day!.

100%Nutrisystemall day yesterday and so far today. Oh my stomach is so bloated from water and lunch! Not a good feeling. And as much as I LOVE Nutrisystem it's not even one of those "bloated because you had the best meal of your life" bloated feelings.

I'm surprised I'm not sore today from the walk yesterday but I was a little sore last night. This time I am totally sticking with the walking because I want to get all this weight off once and for all. I'm with you Judy - let's just freakin' do it!..

Comment #25

I just went onto Goodreads last night after a long pause in my checking in. I am in a book club on there but have only read one of the books they have and I was really far behind - I like other stuff way too much - movies, TV shows from Netflix, Bejeweled, Zuma, etc. These other women - I cannot believe how many books they read but I think that's the only extra-curricular they do. I'm going to try to read the book we are to start on February 1st:.

The Glass Castl.

E by Jeannette Walls...

Comment #26

It depends on the 8 year old! I would say from what you've mentioned about Ashton she might just be old enough. But if she doesn't like to stay home alone, sorry sister, you're screwed.

You know I'm just kidding.

I wish we lived closer to each other - I would watch her for you!! Actually, no, then we'd have a bigger problem because we'd want to go walk together and we'd have to find someone to watch 3 KIDS!!!!..

Comment #27


T does sound funny to say "walk the bridge" - that's what us locals call it.

Oops, sorry about the movie recommendation and you hating it! I think that might have been a movie that I watched once, thought was okay, then watched again and thought it was funnier. I just love the part when he's in the hotel room and the nude guys are behind him, "Do you want a coke or something?" like it's completely normal!! Plus all the cameos! Okay, I'll be extra careful with my recommendations from here on out.

The tourists are probably laughing at us freaks with our winter coats on while they think it's sunbathing weather!! Actually, almost everyone had their winter coats on so I think it was a draw that night..

Comment #28

I do that all the time!! Not laughing at what someone sent you but rather what I sent to someone else. And I am certain people are staring at me while I burst out laughing by myself while walking around in the store just THINKING about what I typed. Now that's pure dorkiness...

Comment #29

I'm certain it's a little of both - maybe 30% funny and 70% need mental health attention immediately!!.

GOOD JOB on not gaining any from last week - that is always a good thing to see on the old scale - no gain :.


Comment #30

Melissa...I read the Glass Castle...thought it was good. I like books that are a little crazy. I read 2 books by Jeanette Walls, they were both pretty good...

Comment #31

I like memoirs that are a little crazy too. Did you read Auguston Burroughs "Running with Scissors"? I really, really liked it and you couldn't get much crazier than his family!..

Comment #32

You would not believe the pile of clothes I have to fold. WTH happened here????..

Comment #33

Okay off to make my chicken sandwich for dinner. I'm getting back into it, yes I am! Did that sound sarcastic, ahem, I mean.


Enough for you??? I'm fine. It's just really hard to eat the food now that I had such tasty things while off but I WILL DO IT! Actually, I'm starting to like the "feeling hungry" feeling again..

I have been looking at the Select frozen food longingly, it looks better! I have so much of the pantry food I couldn't even order if I wanted to. It's fine. I'm fine...

Comment #34

Hi guys.....back for a quick check in today. just tucked hubby into bed and I thought I could send a few posts better if I sat upright at the desk top and not use the laptop! I swear it still emits some sleeping mist that instantly knocks me OUT! I ate my salad for lunch today and then passed out for 30 minutes before I could get my Choc PB bar eaten??? Insane?.

Speaking of the frozen foods...I plan to call tomorrow and order one week of it just to see how I like it. It's supposed to be really good...but then I love the ones I eat now anyway..

I pushed back my BBB for 3 weeks because I have so many extra things and I thought I'd order a few dessert things and try that stuff. Gotta say Melissa that the chicken sandwich is my dinner about 3 nights a week! I just love making the shredded BBQ sandwich...

Comment #35

Good job!!!.

I think the walking will help you so much in the long might see a small water gain at first from your muscles but they'll drop it and once you build them up they will burn at a much more efficient rate. Muscle burns lots more than fat. Stick to your plan and you'll get in the hang of it again. I meant to tell you something when you were talking about your friends who were lucky enough to eat whatever they wanted to and never get any bigger.....

Doesn't happen in my world!! I bet they just appear to eat whatever...mostly when they are with their friends like you. But I bet they do watch what they eat most of the time and probably get exercise in there everyday too..

Simple MATH problem of calories in calories I drone on about all the time. They have to burn up what they eat or even the lucky ones will gain weight!..

Comment #36

Okay this is just too hilarious for words! I read it thinking...that's it...what? nothing else...I don't think I get the joke. Then I saw under the picture and almost fell out of the chair laughing!.

GET THIS....THIS WAS THE NAME...the stupid people on the moderation board starred out the word...*****! Crap it's stars again...well the last word of the picture! Idiots! Here's how it shows when the post comes up!.

[IMG]*****.jpg[/IMG] Oh no can we use the word floosy???might be too risque!..

Comment #37

We're having a good time reading and watching tv at home this week. I'm trying to get myself revved up for exercising 6 days a week again so the weight keeps sliding off. Just 3 more pounds and no more 150's!! Can't wait...I should have been there in Nov/ Dec. but I goofed off. At least I learned maintenence..

Hubby's improving...He's done really well. We went to the gym this morning and I did zumba class, while he did stretching and walking about a mile. He's still pretty swollen and fluid filled but he's able to bend the knee again almost all the way and he's walking with just the aid of the cane for a back up in case he gets off balance. If he goes down it wouldn't be pretty..

I don't look forward to a total knee replacement 5 or 10 years down the road, but they are much better at it now than they used to be. Much less trauma to the leg..

Okay I'm going out to brave the laptop...too much light in hubby's face, even in the next bedroom...and I need my tea and snack!.


- Good for you sticking and not gaining. I think that's almost as good when you get down to losing the last 20 pounds or so. Better than going in the wrong direction...

Comment #38

Good morning!.

Messy and slushy here this morning. Then the system was down at work for about an hour..

Melissa, I know I was going to read Running with Scissors, but I don't think I was probably checked out at the time and I never went back for it. I'm always looking for good books and keeping lists, so I'll check the library for it next time..

Have you read the Stieg Larrson books? They're kind of scary, but I loved the main characters..

I also tend to read a lot of current day native American books (fiction). I love a good story or a quirky, strange story!.

Have a great day, everyone!..

Comment #39

Hi everyone,.

Trying to be 100% today. Always easy to start off that way and always easy to get the exercise in. I just have trouble in the late afternoon, so we'll see. Just put in my al a carte order for scones and mint bars..

Spa was wonderful the other day but I came home to all kinds of issues with son regarding the breakup....dealt with that until yesterday. I guess they went out for pizza last night and talked. I am so over the entire thing that I don't even want to ask, so I have no idea what their status is at this point..

Vix, I've had the Stieg Larrson books on my Kindle forever but have avoided reading them because of what I heard happens to her in book one. Is it just awful to read. I'm really more of a suspense, mystery or romance reader. I avoid so many books because of traumatic things that take place in them. So many people recommended these that I went ahead and purchased them for the kindle, but they just sit there..

Ducky, how are you doing in the voting? Still in the top 10. We need you to win. I actually did leave my oldest son alone for 1 hour when he was 8. I was about 1 mile away and I remember him calling me to see if it was ok to make toast. Every child is different amd I would never have considered leaving my younger son alone at 8. I think I omly did it the one time.....desperate mom with no family in town!.

Judy, glad Wally is doing well. Your little Peggy the Valentine ***** just showed up. It didn't when I first signed on. Anyway...pretty funny. Now, if you order the frozen foods, do you get to pick the items you want or do they send you a selection. Picky people like me don't do well with a selection others choose for me.....

Melissa, you're doing great! The weight is going to start falling off soon. Walking is so good for the legs and calorie burn. I used to walk everyday and have slacked off on it because it forces me to do an hour all at once for 4-5 miles vs the way I can cheat at home and do 15 or 20 minutes, throw a load of laundry in, do another 15...well you get the picture. Obviously the walking would be better because I always choose the easier way out! If I could ever last an entire hour straight on the elliptical, that would be amazing..

Jen, sounds like you're doing great. My sister and I are always bursting into laughter over things that no one else would get....just a sister thing I think. I'm sure people think we're crazy...I know my husband does!.

Deb, I meant to tell you that you definitely got the better end of the chauffeur duties the other day. I would want to be on pick up duty at midnight. How is everything going with your mom? How about you? Are you getting to your PT appointments...You need to make some "me time".

Johnna, I may have missed a post. What are you up to?.

Coleen, hope all is going well with your family. When do you get back?.

OK,Nutrisystem2nd breakfast. Hope there's still egg beaters left. The real eggs have twice as many calories and if I only eat one, I'm still hungry. I'll check back in after exercise...

Comment #40

If it sounded like I was whining I certainly didn't mean for it to sound that way. Just having a few moments of "skinny envy"..

Yes, I agree about the math equation but it's not just that simple. Yes, they have to burn up what they eat or they will gain, but people's metabolic rates are different. Thus my niece can practically live off restaurant food and candy with literally no exercise except normal every day things and wear a size 0. Her father, same thing. Thin as a rail. Exercise? Oh heck no.

Thin as a rail. I'm not saying he's healthy for surely he is not. But he is thin..

I am confident that if I sat down with my size 2 friend and watched a movie for 2 hours that she would burn more calories than me. And it wouldn't be from working out every day which is what I'd have to do to catch up with her - it would be from good genes. Bad genes suck!!.

Now, I also realize that I have to control what I put into my mouth and my exercise and no one else can do it for me. I don't normally throw myself pity parties so I really hope it didn't sound like that...

Comment #41


Nd you watched Dexter??? I'd say that was one traumatic thing!!.

Thank you Shelley...

Comment #42

Running with Scissors is worth the read - you won't believe it his mom. Another good memoir is Dave Eggers, "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius"..

I have the first in the Stieg Larrson series. I think I keep putting off reading it because I think it's going to take a long time to read all of them. I, like Shelley, should not have read so much about it. NOT what happens but people seem to either like them or absolutely hate them! I should know better than to judge anything by the overall consensus but sometimes it's hard to ignore things that so many people seem to be saying but now with your recommendation, I'll try to start them soon. And I like scary. Avid Stephen King fan here...

Comment #43

Hello everyone! We are getting ready for 10 - 15 inches of snow and could have Thunder Snow. I would like to see thunder snow...sounds interesting! I long as I'm snug as a bug in my house!.

Ducky - I don't blame's kinda scary being home by yourself! Do they have those 24 hour fitness places there?! We have one here and it's open 24 hours (hence..the name!).

Shelley - Wow...this breakup/not breakup has been going on for long do you think it will last?! Did she find out about him living with 3 girls? I figured that would be the straw that broke the camels back!.

Melissa - I won't hold one bad movie against you! I think we mostly have the same taste in movies so you are still up there on my movie guru list!.

Vix - we had surprise snow last night was a messy commute going in this morning then they let us off at 3 because more snow is coming. So for the yoga - is it mostly the same moves? I've only done my Wii game a couple times, but it's always the same. I guess I need to mess around a little more with it. I will say that the first time I had to meditate for 10 minutes I was peeking at the clock in the first few minutes. Today I did the whole 10 minutes without peeking!.

Judy - That valentine's thing was funny! So bad!.

Glad Wally is doing better. Maybe in 5 -10 years they will have a cure for arthritis and he won't need to have any more surgery?!.

So three days in a row exercising in the morning...that's a good thing!.

I'll check in later!..

Comment #44

Melissa, I guess there's no easy way to say it, but I think I specifically have trouble when there is violence to the "good people" in the book or movie. I find it extremely hard to read about a rape or torture of someone...although it never bothered me when Jack Bauer tortures people on 24, but then he is trying to save the country! I dragged my feet about going to see The Fighter because I knew the fight scenes would bother me. Frank wanted to go so I closed my eyes when Mark Walberg was in the ring and I was fine. Actually, the movie was very good. I have never watched Sons of Anarchy because of a scene I walked in on one day with one of the main characters getting assulted while tied to a fence. In fact, I really have trouble getting that out of my mind whenever I think about it.

So, you see where I'm going here....No trouble with Dexter....let's face it, they all deserved it! No trouble with Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer, John McClane (die hard) etc They always go after the bad guys!.

I'm just such a sucker for a Nora Roberts happy ending!..

Comment #45

[quote=Scrapasaurusrex;5101823]Hello everyone! We are getting ready for 10 - 15 inches of snow and could have Thunder Snow. I would like to see thunder snow...sounds interesting! I long as I'm snug as a bug in my house!.

Ducky - I don't blame's kinda scary being home by yourself! Do they have those 24 hour fitness places there?! We have one here and it's open 24 hours (hence..the name!).


Good luck with the thunder snow! When we have it, it usually means lots of snow. But, it sounds like they are already predicting lots of snow. Have fun!.

Yeah, I think all of our places are 24 hours. But, none of them allow you to bring your child in (who is not working out)..

I signed up yesterday for Snap Fitness. So, the money is paid. Now I have to go! Well, it would be easier if J was around so I COULD go. But, I guess that's a good excuse for now!..

Comment #46

Throat is KILLING me!.

Oh, and I have a student with impetigo...

Comment #47

Ducky, sorry you're sick...Teachers are exposed to so many things...It's too bad you can't just bring your daughter to the gym with an ipod or other handheld gizmo and let her sit off to the side. I'm sure they make the rule for the parents that would bring 3 and 4 year olds that would be running sall over the place potentially getting hurt on the equipment..

Just had dinner...doing pretty good today. Matt left half a kit kat bar unattended in the pantry and sadll, it found it's way into me. I told him he can't do that anymore....I have no willpower when it comes to kit kats!..

Comment #48

Oh no, sweetie, it didn't sound like you were whining....I didn't think you were having a pity party for yourself...sorry. Believe does suck. I burn loads less now than I did at 245 pounds..

You are right...some people have metabolisms that just never slow down. They flit around all day and just stay little calorie burning machines. That's not me any more. Nieces do that...

Comment #49

I'm the same way Shelley.....seeing a bad guy get beat up is fine, but when they just do gratuitous violence against a good person....that creeps me out...

Comment #50

Okay off to eat breakfast ladies....then we are off to the gym. Wally's doing so well. He's totally back on his own power now with no cane and he's gotten his range of motion back almost 100%.

He happy too because the idiots at work finally had their conference call about him coming back to work and he's allow to be back this Monday. Seriously, they've taken a very simple procedure and monkey'ed it up so it's rediculous. It's not enough for your doctor to release must wait for the "committee" to decide they agree with your doctor and it's okay to return. Even if your prodcedure took no time off.....if they can't meet up, you just have to stay home and wait for them to have time to meet and discusss it. Pure stupidity...

Comment #51

Sorry you feel so bad Ducky. my last one was the horrid sore throat for 10 days and it was hell...never meen so quiet while I was sick, ...I can't believe most of the gyms don't have childcare....that's one of the biggest things my gym plays up.....the kid center! They do these summer workshops too where they watch your kid all day in a very structured way. Kinda like summer camp for kids...

Comment #52

Have any of you read The Lovely Bones? I LOVED the book - I HATED the movie...

Comment #53

The last time I was able to flit around and stay thin was when I was 9 I think..

Comment #54

I have read it about 10 years ago - I didn't like the book so naturally I did not see the movie. I didn't hear a lot of favorable press about the movie but I know the book was popular...

Comment #55

Jen - we have a couple of 24 hour places here. One is at the end of strip mall and you have to drive by it to go to the movie theater at the mall. The doorway is so dark and not very inviting and I'm always thinking, "yeah, sure it's a 24 hour fitness place!" Have you ever seen.


? Robert DeNiro is trying to get Ray Liotta's wife to go down this alley and into the place where they are "selling clothing". He keeps saying, "go ahead. Go on in. Yeah, right in there." Well she is totally paranoid so she doesn't go in (which is probably for the best) but that is what that gym reminds me of. That or "Could you help me move this couch into the back of my van?" and then you wake up in a hole in the backyard a la.

Silence of the Lambs.

"It puts the lotion in the skin or else it gets the hose again". Wow - I was able to use TWO movie references for ONE subject - COOL!..

Comment #56

I had to look impetigo up on Mayo Clinic - hopefully the kid is on antibiotics?..

Comment #57

Shelley, that makes complete sense. I think we all have out things that we absolutely cannot watch or feel extremely uncomfortable watching. That's why the first season of Dexter was so hard for me - I just don't like seeing children being harmed - psychologically or physically or being bullied. I still get the creeps about.

The Lord of the Flies.

And I read that in 8th grade I think!.

But people getting it who deserve it? Oh yeah, totally for that.

And yes, all of the people in Dexter pretty much deserve it. I haven't seen the 3rd season yet but looking forward to John Lithgow's character!..

Comment #58

Brenna's latest:.

This morning her cereal was waiting for her with milk in it. She was wandering around playing..

Me: "Brenna, your cereal is ready". She chooses to ignore me as I'm running around getting everyone ready (including myself). So again a few minutes later,.

Me: "Brenna, come on, your cereal is soggy"..

Brenna (shouting): "You're cereal is soggy!!".

Good comeback, right? She also later told me I was soggy. Brian came over and hugged me gently, "I don't think your soggy" while patting me on the back. A laugh a minute around here...

Comment #59

Jen - I had to look up Thundersnow too - that sounds bizarre. I wonder if it's always been around and they just called it something different? I guess in Illinois I didn't live close enough to a body of water for it to occur there..

Thanks for keeping the faith about the movie recommendations. I was getting nervous, I'm currently down two (.

Scott Pilgrim.


Dewey Cox.

). Maybe you need to stay away from movies with people's names in the title? Oh no, that would rule out.

Ace Ventura.

And I'm pretty sure you liked the first one..

Speaking of movies - did anyone here see.



- I thought you said you did. Did you like it? I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to seeing it again on my Oscar movie days. Brian saw.

The Fighter.

And he liked it and recommended it..

Judy -.

It's good to hear that Wally's knee is healing so quickly. I agree that it is insane that his co-workers or bosses or whomever have to have a meeting in order to see if they think the doctor's recommendation is okay so he can come back to work. Now, when he goes back he'll be doing desk work for awhile? When I used to work I would think of these insane meetings we would have - every Friday afternoon for about 2 1/2 hours we had a conference call I swear just so our boss's boss would have someone to talk to and someone to give a hard time to. They were such a waste of time and money (we could have been doing much more constructive things for the company)...

Comment #60

Hi everyone!.

Again, sorry to go MIA....just got distracted with life..

Made it to Zumba Mon & Wed! Ellip on Tues, and getting ready to get on there in a minute....I'm stalling, can you tell?.

I haven't had a chance to catch up on the posts, so I hope you are all doing well, and staying warm. How 'bout all these storms all over the country? Ian and I will head north to watch Cam play this weekend in Hooksett, NH. Just a quick fly up Sat a.m., fly home Sun night. Looking forward to seeing my boy. I've dug out the gloves, coat & ear warmer thing! Oh yeah, and the silk long johns underwear....hee hee hee.

Hey, I got an Oreck steam mop! Boy is it amazing! We were going for the Shark one, but the Oreck is working out too good. Will return the Shark to Lowe's later today..

This is the 3rd day in a row that Dozer has decided to go on an extra run about the neighborhood after he has taken care of his business. grrrr....Back to the leash for him. We always get him right back and he usually bolts down the back yards (our development does not have fences), so at least he's not running across the street....

OK...gonna get going...I'll be back again soon....promise!.....

Comment #61

Okay - you can tell Melissa is serious about Nutrisystem when she has 20 posts in a row instead of the usual 10 posts in a row! You can also tell I'm serious because I counted all my food yesterday and straightened out a bunch. I'm supposed to get a BBB sent out March 1st but I think I will delay it. I have 62 dinners!! And 69 desserts!! Breakfasts and lunches I have less but I can easily substitute those things..

Speaking of lunches...I have 6.

Three Cheese Pasta with Chicken.

Cups if anyone wants them. I tried one the other day and can't believe I ever liked those! It's funny how your taste changes! And why do they call that "three cheese" - I see no cheese associated with this cup of food!! Boy I would make a terrible sales person!!!.

And last night I walked the bridge again with my friend and we did 2 1/2 miles and I'll be out there again tomorrow morning for 4 miles or more!..

Comment #62

Judy - Brenna just saw your pic on my page and said "It's Judy!!! Does she have cats? What are her cats' names?" She remembers from us looking at your pictures..

Comment #63

I showed Ashton the picture of the ducks. She says, "They look like us!" Yup, she's home sharing my sick day! Not as relaxing as if I was home alone...

Comment #64

I am planning on closing my Lia Sophia show tonight. If you are interested in ordering, go to:.


Click on Our Jewelry. Type in DeShawn Scott for the hostess name...

Comment #65

I think I'm going to order something Duckie - I just have to figure out my ring size!..

Comment #66

What a sweetie! .....OH and I doubt you're soggy too!..

Comment #67

OH CRAP!! I meant to ask you about that the first time I saw you mention it...I think I did a big woohoo! party time! I'll go check it out...I really liked the necklace thing you and Jen had in Vegas...the solid circle that allows you to add pendants to hang off the front. Will see if anything makes me swoon and order it this afternoon!..

Comment #68

Okay....all ordered and paid for...I got 2 collar necklaces and 2 pendants for them. Gotta love the buy 2 get 2 at half price. I've been waiting since october to get the collar necklaces..

Never thought of ordering a ring. I hardly know the size to order too Melissa. I got all my rings sized to a size 6 before they are too big again. The anniversary ring that stays closest to my hand is a size 5 1/4" and it swing around all the time and drives me nuts! But you can't go but so small and still fit over the knuckle...problem is that where the rings sit it's much smaller from having rings on all the time! I've got tape on it again now because I was tired of the diamonds always ending up under my hand! If my hands are cold it's horrid..

Good luck!.

Off to eat lunch!..

Comment #69

Got about a foot of snow here last night. Spent a couple of hours shoveling this morning, but that's done..

Judy, glad Wally's better and can go back to work. That is kind of crazy about the committee???.

Shelley...I have trouble watching any violence, but somehow, most of the time, reading it doesn't bother me that much..

Hope you feel better Duckie! I saw the movie "the Lovely Bones" thought it was interesting, but usually don't like to read a book after seeing the movie. Just me, I guess, it's not the same if I know how it's going to end..

Melissa...I know exactly how you feel about the metabolism...mine's been slow my whole life, even as a kid I couldn't eat as much as the other kids, and always had to fight getting chubby. Thanks for the book names...I'll check them out..

Jen, my yoga doesn't really have meditation included. The shavasanah is really short...mostly laying down and "melting" into the ground. And we did get thunder snow!!! It's the first time I've ever seen anything like it. Last night I saw a huge flash of blue, then a huge flash of orangey pink. I went to the window and it happened again...colored lighting! Very strange!.

Hope you're all having a good day...

Comment #70

I'm having the same issue, but I guess my consultant can bring a ring sizer to my house... should I tell her to pop by!..

Comment #71

Sounds like fun choices! I am ordering my daughter a peace necklace. She'll love it!..

Comment #72

Vix - cool thunder snow huh?! We had some too but I couldn't hear it thundering but we saw a big flash of lightning as it was snowing it's a$$ off! I think we got 12 to 15 inches or so. It took me 1.5 to shovel the side path, front walk and the neighborhood fire hydrant! I think that counts as enough exercise for today! I have no idea what kind of yoga...maybe I'll play around with it tomorrow..

Ducky - hope you feel better. I'll see what stuff they have for know I'm a sucker for that stuff! Hope Ashton doesn't catch your strep!.

Melissa - well...I think you get a pass for the Scott Pilgrim movie because Aaron liked it..

We watched Red last night -that was the one with Bruce Willis and they were retired CIA agents - great flick! Hopefully Brenna learned she should eat her cereal when you call her the first time!.

Hum...I am the biggest wimp when it comes to any kind of violence movie or otherwise. I can't even look at fake blood on tv. Aaron thinks it's ridiculous! It grosses me out and I know it's fake, but I still can't watch it!.

OK...Aaron is back. I gotta run. I'll check in tomorrow. Aaron just reported that everything is icy and I need to be careful not to bust my a$$ on the driveway in the morning. He he!.

Johnna - Does your dog do sprints through the other yards then come back or is he just exploring at his leasure?!..

Comment #73

I just got my niece the peace necklace for her birthday...thanks for mentioning that...I totally copied!..

Comment #74

Getting ready to close my show. My mom is being pokey. (Moms!)..

Comment #75

It sounds like a lot of you NorEasterners are getting lots of extra exercise in!..

Comment #76

Question about weather:.

Next week we are suppose to get another "Arctic Blast." This is extremely cold air that comes down from Canada. Sometimes we get weather from Montana..

Where does your weather "come from"?..

Comment #77

This is how "good" I feel: I made Fruity Pebble Krispie bars for my party last night. I haven't touched them...

Comment #78

You go Duckie, you are being good - those sound divine!..

Comment #79

I'm sorry I didn't get to order.

Owen had about 3 hours of homework after school - 100 Day Project, Valentines Cards, Sunshine Math, and the regular stuff. Thank goodness he's good about doing it all and doesn't complain one bit. I was right along with him helping him so he enjoys that..

Anyway, I could not figure out the ring size so I guess it's for the best that I didn't just "guess" it. Please do let me know if you do this again and I'll be sure to find out beforehand so I can order it because I did like it...

Comment #80

If you are still interested in ordering, it's open for about 2.5 more hours. Thanks!..

Comment #81

I think ours is the dregs of all of yours! You all will have a cold front and we'll be around 80. Then a day or so later, we get the colder temps (for Florida). I think those Canadian winds just continue on down...

Comment #82

Okay, I just ordered. Ended up getting a necklace. I wanted to get the ring too but just don't know the size and my knuckles got bigger after having kids. Thanks for the opportunity Duckie! And please, do let me know again. I'll work on getting that ring size..

Comment #83

I should say.


That counts for your exercise - that's awesome! Well, probably not in your mind but it's something that had to be done AND you got exercise out of it. Last year at my sisters I was out there shoveling as much as possible (that's snow wisea$$, not anything else)..

I liked the movie.


Too (see how I did that color thing there? Pretty awesome, eh?)..

You know, Brenna ate that whole bowl and I know it had to be completely soggy. Hey, maybe she likes it that way!..

Comment #84

Duckie, I think you mentioned this last week: I can definitely tell I'm back onNutrisystemfood too, and not in the good way (esp for anyone nearby). Oh I so did not miss the gastro issues!..

Comment #85

Good morning!.

Back to work today. I'm really sore from all that shoveling! But on the bright side, you burn about 400 cals/hour!.

Happy Friday!..

Comment #86

That's kind of what I was thinking. It seems like it continues east from here...

Comment #87

Yay for exercise! Have a great day at work..

I am hoping to have a great day sleeping this crud away.....

Comment #88

OMG! I came out of my room and walked right out front and started breakfast...just remembered I never stopped at the computer this morning! Oops! Almost missed the Good Morning picture..

I remember a few things people asked over the last week so I wanted to answer some of them......great...they just popped out of my head..

One was about the frozen foods....I'm going to try a week of them and see how they are. I think it was you or Shelley who asked about how they were sold....not separately unfortunately. I wish we could just try a few of them. But you can order a full week and you do have to TAKE WHAT THEY OFFER. It's the variety pack...but people on here say they are pretty good..

I think I'll order them today with a few extra lunch & breakfast added in to make up the numbers and then a few different desserts so I have some more variety. I loved trying some of the new things. My pantry looks like yours Melissa - I have over 60 dinners too!! I eat fish like 3 times a week so I have plenty of dinners. I pushed my next order back 3 weeks but I should have gone 4 or 5 weeks probably...

Comment #89

Okay yesterday afternoon I officially tried out the Zumba for Wii..

At first I.


It...not the dancing part but the tutorial part. I still hate several parts of that. Like how after you master one move, you get taken back to the beginning of the list over and over again! Serious game design flaws in this game.....BUT, I did love seeing my girls doing the dances. I'm used to those girls from the videos so I was glad to see them again and not somebody new..

I went through all the moves in the tutorials so I could "master" them all, and then started the first 20 minute workout in the advanced level. Turns out it pretty accurate. I was sweating like a little piggy and I noticed that it picked up on even the smallest hip swing..

SO all in all I think it's pretty good. The dances are good....the way they made the game mechanics sucks...but who needs to wander in those parts for too long..

JEN- I still think you should find a LIVE class somewhere in your area and go to that too. The party and energy in the class just makes you work 200% harder I swear! Go to the zumba site and click on the find a class near you section and you'll find all the options..

PS: my favorite teacher is getting ready to offer BLACKLIGHT zumba at a local dance studio next month. Turn out the lights and let the white glow in the dark!!! Should be FANTASTIC FUN!..

Comment #90

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