I have bought a domain name on godaddy & want to sell it on ebay, how can I transfer it after paymen?

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My first question is: I have bought a domain name on godaddy & want to sell it on ebay, how can I transfer it after paymen?.

My next question is: A couple of questions for you.

I have one HostGator and I recently sold it.

Its regged

I had a look at the transfer process and it says this - see bottom.

Am I reading this correctly, it's going to cost me $300 to transfer the HostGator to the new /img/avatar8.jpg??.

Is there a cheaper way of doing this??.

Anyone know of the best and cheapest place to reg and domains??.

Thanks for any help.

How to change the /img/avatar8.jpg of my domain?.

Changing /img/avatar8.jpgship of a HostGator name is a PERMANENT function. You will not be able to change the /img/avatar8.jpgship back once you have made the change.

As you may know, /img/avatar8.jpgship change means to transfer all of the rights and duties of HostGator names to designated person/corporate. To protect your properties, we do not accept the application of /img/avatar8.jpgship change online by telephone or email.

To change the /img/avatar8.jpgship of HostGator name, Aust Domains must reset your HostGator name license. This effectively means your registration period starts from the day it is reset, any previous registration period will be lost.

The fee will thus be the standard cost of new registration or equal value, plus the Change of /img/avatar8.jpgship fee.

Example 1. AUD $ HostGator + AUD $220 Change of /img/avatar8.jpgship fee.

Example 2. AUD $ HostGator + AUD $220 Change of /img/avatar8.jpgship fee..

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Your question was: I have bought a domain name on godaddy & want to sell it on ebay, how can I transfer it after paymen?.

Evirtual1, thanks for you help on that.

I have some really good aussie domains I want to reg, but I guess I better make sure they are "really" good to make up for the lost transfer fees.

Or just just bump your asking price up a bit.

Appreciate your help mate, I just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing something.

Rep added..

Comment #1

I will investigate this matter and get a reply shortly.

Transfers of .au names have always been auDA Transfer fee free in the past..

I or any of my clients have in 4 years of ownership of .au names never ever had to pay a transfer fee yet.

My site is Not the cheapest ,but it is reliable and ethical

Comment #2

Thanks Barefoottech.

I think you may find it's correct, a damn rip off though..

Comment #3

You gotta remember these domains are not meant to be flipped for quick profit , and that you must hold a name for at least six months before selling , that's why I only own a few with perhaps the idea of developing later on ? you must decide if worth the hassle , consider staying with .tv ..... less dramas !!!! , plus you have the option of sub domains , I have , it gives me the option of or , I also have which could have the subdomain of .... consider sub domains I suggest , I think still early days for the is it worth the hassle ??? unless a killer name , maybe not..

Comment #4

Exactly and The names MUST be either Parked or Developed during the 6 Month period.

Owning a name purely for resale in 6 months time is NOT a legal reason to own them under the auDA rules..

Comment #5

Thanks again.

I only plan on regging about 4-7 names, a couple I feel are really good, and the other good one has the and available - I presume it's best to reg both.

I certainly dont plan on going mad buying them, but the ones I do want have a pretty large end-user market.


Comment #6

4-7 names I wish my addiction to buying them was limited to that.

I have nearly 40 now..

Comment #7

Hey barefoot could you show us an example of a minisite please (just interest) thanx, are they autoblogs ??.

There was a site called nameseek*com*au advertisied here the other day , they are listing's for sale..

Comment #8

I can show you a minisite by BareFoottech

Also check the last line in my signature.

There are 3 links to his sites.


Comment #9

No autoblogs on any of my .au names << my best minisite..

Comment #10

Thanks corey, I have seen the name joomla before , I am wondering if it offers auto updates of content , may I ask if this site pays for itself ? pm me if you dont wish to answer publicly..

Comment #11

Info I just downloaded from my supplier.

Similiar rules apply to Netregistry and BottleDomains..

Comment #12

When you transfer the domain, the registration is automatically renewed for two years so not all of the transfer fee goes to the registrars.

I use Intaserve, because we have a couple of thousand domains they give us a good deal on the transfer fee (less than $100).

I think the reasons they charge so much are:.

A) new process. Perhaps more labour intensive than it could (and will be).

B) lack of competition. Once sales start hotting up you can bet registrars start discounting heavily.

Speak to Lana @ Intaserve & tell her I sent you..

Comment #13

Yes competition breeds cheaper prices for everything in life !!..

Comment #14

Thats interesting!.

You can buy/sell domains at

There is a few there too..

Comment #15

Thats right Barefoottech I spoke to a lady at Austdomains about the $69 and $220 fee.

She told me the HostGator needs to be registered under the new details, so you will need to pay for the HostGator again for the new registrant.

And then there is the $220 "change of ownership" fee.

I will probably lose the sale because of the fees, the buyer wont want to pay that, and I certainly wont or it's not worth th sale..

Comment #16

You know what you should do in this circumstance. Transfer the HostGator to another registrar which charges less to sell (& renew). This transfer won't cost you anything.

So move it to Intaserve, renewal will cost $28 rather than $69 and you should be able to get a deal for change of ownership for half what Austdomains were charging...

Comment #17


Thanks a lot mate, I will look into that option.


Comment #18

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