I have a new domain name with how do i start my website on it without spending more mon?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: I have a new domain name with how do I start my website on it without spending more mon?.

My 2nd question is: Recently there have been comments about the following 3 types of HostGator names being bought out:.

~97.5% bought out..

456976 total.

>$3,000,000 expected to be paid in annual fees if bought out..

Cost of a buyout ~ $65,000.

~76% bought out..

17576 total.

>$120,000 expected to be paid in annual fees if bought out..

Cost of a buyout ~ $28,000.

~ 57% bought out.

17576 total.

> $200,000 expected to be paid in annual fees if bought out..

Cost of a buyout ~ $30,000 (discount price of around $4 per HostGator with DirectI sale)..

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Your question was: I have a new domain name with how do I start my website on it without spending more mon?.

Interesting thread.

I think 's will be bought out first, but I am not sure if after 1 year they will be renewed...

Comment #1 will be first.

Less than 4k , heading towards 3.5k..

Rate of regging past 2 days indicates inside 1 month.

All L-L-L & will be gone at some point though soonish..

I don't know the .in market so dont know tbh..

Comment #2

Having experienced working with lots of cheap .info domains with DirectI software, I wouldn't want to rush to be in the shoes of a large .in buyer.

From the 19 responses I see:.

~2/3 expect to be the most likely to run out..

~1/2 consider to be the most mad buyout.

.in renewals are a huge expense. 12 months after the domains ran out, people are still not paying a lot more than reg fee for them. The domains ran out with RegisterFly's discounted $2.75/year pricing. Anyone thinking of buying a lot of needs to be aware that they have to pay 3 times the price for a renewal. If you are not prepared, you could lose a lot of money.

While I think that have huge potential, my impression is that the reseller market for these domains is underdeveloped. I don't see a lot of these domains selling for good prices on the reseller market. Namepros has more interest than other reseller markets.

People may quote how premium are all being back-ordered but the people who back-order dropping are sometimes picking up very nice traffic names. The reseller market tends to have a lot lower chance of receiving a underated traffic It is a lot more difficult in offloading than the other two domains types. I would not recommend buying large quantities of from the remaining list to domainers who are not prepared to pay a couple years renewal fees as I think that the reseller market needs some time to catch up. are probably going to be bought out in the next 6 months. However, the remaining pool of are very poor. If you buy them, don't expect to get any big profit on any of them. They are probably a more safe bet than the other two and hence good for the novice or investor domainers who are either low on time (to pick good domains) or skills (to pick good domains). The best for reg fee that I see are the ones that WORDSWORTH recommends.

I think that all these HostGator types have great potential to be bought out. If they are bought out, that does not guarantee that the price will rise for them though. Buying large quantities of unregistered domains is very risky and hence proper planning and strategies for selling the domains needs to be done or there is a high chance of losing a lot of money. People need to remember that some of the large buyers of domains are very wealthy and just treat domaining as a hobby. Losing tens of thousands is not a big issue for them.

If I was going to buy any of these 3 at this time, I would consider The other two have too little variety of names to choose from. I would also try to approach it from a fun perspective and only buy a handful that looked nice...

Comment #3

Update. 97.5%->98.6%. 76%->89%. 57%->~68%.

At the current rate looks like the most likely to be bought out. Buyout cost ~ $14000 now...

Comment #4

Very insightful analysis and thanks for the recommendation for names.

Just let me know when is up and running and I will restore your link.

I have no experience of domains and no desire to invest in them at this moment in time. I will certainly be keeping my eye on this thread for the others.


Comment #5

Very interesting to see the jump that has been made over such a short time period. I am just hoping I get paid before all the L-L-L.coms run out as I would like to hold a few of them and see how I do. I am hedging my bets by buying into all three of the above...

Comment #6

I invested in both and Did not quite entered into the L-L-L's because (as VURG mentioned) there is not yet an established market for their resale. And I tend to flip domains quite fast.

Also, it is very interesting to see how many domains were sold in each category.

I still think that's will run out first, because I know one domainers who think of registering the last 1000 - 1200's, so that he makes a buyout. But there are less than 2k L-L-L's too. Will be interesting to see.

Keep up the good work VURG. It is appreciated...

Comment #7

Update. 97.5%->98.6%->100%. 76%->89%->100%. 57%->~68%->74%.

Two buyouts complete. buyout estimated cost is ~$18,000.

All of them seem a bit mad...

Comment #8

I agree that something is going on and my guess is that we`re moving towards the next level of Domaining (or cybersquatting lol).

New investors arrive and most of them don`t have the money or they simply don`t want to take the risk of paying $10,000 for a single HostGator hoping to sell it later at $20,000 so the follow the Trends of the short domains which are cheaper and easier to resell.

Out of the 3 buyouts analysed from you ,I`d say that is the less likely to stay sold out in a year due to the low sales of .in , the higher renewal costs and the competition of third level

Comment #9

Why thanking me? I have not bought ALL of them.

And no....sorry you were not right, the buyout was the first one..

Comment #10

Update. 97.5%->98.6%->100%. 76%->89%->100%. 57%->68%->74%->84%.

~2800 left. For those who were late with the and buyout, 27% of the were bought in the last 8 weeks and so the probability of the last 16% to be bought out in the next 4 weeks is significant. Check the available domains section if interested...

Comment #11

Are you sure is at 84%? I couldn't find any to register. Where is the available list?.



Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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