GoDaddy review : Suggest I try GoDaddy?? I have a HUGE issue with Godaddy! Please Help.

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I went to and registered and I paid and was sent the invoice as usual saying I had successfully acquired those two domain names. Then 10 minutes later I am told this:.

The following domain name has failed to be registered:.


Error: DEERO.COM: cannot register - already registered.

We will evaluate this error and retry the registration.

If appropriate.

If we are unable to successfully register the domain.

Name, your account will be credited accordingly. Please.

Allow one business day for the refund to be processed.

Please contact, Inc. if you need any further.

Assistance: Browser Update Page.

Sincerely,., Inc.

It was the same for So I say, who could have registered it?.

Turns out is under:.

Domain Name: PICUR.COM.


Whois Server:

Referral URL:

Name Server: No nameserver.

Status: clientDeleteProhibited.

Status: clientRenewProhibited.

Status: clientTransferProhibited.

Status: clientUpdateProhibited.

Updated Date: 02-mar-2010.

Creation Date: 02-mar-2010.

Expiration Date: 02-mar-2011.

And is under:.


Cykon Technology Limited.

Registered through: Easily.NET.

Domain Name: DEERO.COM.

Domain servers in listed order:.



For complete domain details go to: WhoIs Search Results.

Whois Server Version 2.0.

Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered.

With many different competing registrars. Go to InterNIC | The Internet's Network Information Center.

For detailed information.

Domain Name: DEERO.COM.


Whois Server:

Referral URL:



Status: clientDeleteProhibited.

Status: clientRenewProhibited.

Status: clientTransferProhibited.

Status: clientUpdateProhibited.

Updated Date: 02-mar-2010.

Creation Date: 02-mar-2010.

Expiration Date: 02-mar-2011.

Seems to me like I registered these names first then Godaddy gave them instead to the person who backordered through godaddy.

This seems completely illegal and unfair to me. I would like to get some help. I've never had this happen to me before.

What do you think? I know both of these registrars are used by godaddy for backorders, yet I registered and "already paid" for them already...

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So these were fresh drops? It seems to me if they were backordered at GoDaddy, then they would get first bite of the cherry when they dropped, rather than someone coming along and casually registering the domain for the first time. You do know that GoDaddy's whois base isn't a live database, don't you? So these things can and do happen...

Comment #1

It has happened to many of us.. Get over it, move on.. Make sure you get the refund. You most likely will..

Better luck next time...

Comment #2

First, you should not use GoDaddy for trying to register fresh dropping domains.

It takes too long to go thru the registration process.

A domain could show as available but by the time you complete registration and think you got the domain, someone else got it.

Secondly, I recognize the 2 Registrars you mention:.




Both of those Registrars are owned by GoDaddy and used to try and snatch up back-ordered deleting domains.

Unfortunately for you it seems that those dropping domains were back ordered at GoDaddy.

Cykon Technology Limited back ordered

It's not known yet who back ordered

I don't know why the domains showed as available except that GoDaddy is notorious for not.

Being up to date with newly deleted domains...

Comment #3

Problem is I payed for them using express checkout. I had already been charged immediately. Then 10 minutes later, they decide to give it to the backorderer instead? I would understand if I hadn't already paid.

I don't know, it just seems a little unfair. I truly think I beat their backorder service by just constantly re-entering the domain names...

Comment #4

The only reliable way to know whether a domain is most likely available (one can never be 100% sure until after the fact due to potential race conditions) is to query the respective TLD registry directly yourself.

There are numerous threads, including some week, from others experiencing the exact same problem with GoDaddy - their registration system simply is NOT reliable and can't be trusted, period.

Furthermore, even if a domain is truly available, be aware that many registrars, especially during busy periods (ie. when they're in drop-catching mode / doing maintenance), queue registration requests for many minutes to even hours!.

For most people some registration lag is no problem, but for those registering domains relating to recent news events, trends, etc it can be. Also for folks who catch less popular drops - expired domains that aren't sought by the drop services and actually become available for a few days to weeks ... some seek those out - more cruft to sift through, but some folks play it that way.


Comment #5

Thanks Domagon for the tip. Where would I find the TLD Registry? Is a website that provides that info? Sorry if this is a really "noob" question. Thanks for all the answers everyone. : )..

Comment #6

Cykon Technology are killing the 5 L .com drops by backordering anything decent that's dropping (and many that are quite frankly not worth the reg. fee IMO). They almost always backorder at (a GoDaddy/WWD reseller). You'd have virtually no chance of beating a GoDaddy/WWD backorder of a pending delete with a hand reg...

Comment #7

.COM - VeriSign WHOIS - Domain Name Lookup from VeriSign, Inc.

The source all registrars go through for .com registrations...

Comment #8

Godaddy isn't fair. Don't use their services. They are one of the few registrars in the industry that basically does whatever they want because they are #1 registrar...

Comment #9

How does Moniker handle this?.

If there is a Snapnames backorder, does a hand reg at Moniker go through or do they consult with the Snapnames database and report it as registered?..

Comment #10

As far as I know most registrars don't have this same phantom problem of allowing registrations on unavailable names. It's very common at GD though...

Comment #11

This happens to us as well, more too often than not.... I spoke with the Presidents office @ Godaddy and was told that it all depends in real time if someone beats you to the "punch" It shows available and then's not. Then you have to wait days for a refund. Make sure that you keep check on this many times you don't get a refund email and then you may forget. Best advice... go to a different registrar other than Godaddy...

Comment #12

That's BS though. On checkout when it's doing the payment it can be fixed by making sure logically it checks to register and THEN charges you. No one else seems to have this as a problem...

Comment #13

Thanks Everyone for all the Support and Comments. I really appreciate it. I really hope this is merely a software issue and that they don't really just give away names to someone even if they didn't register it first on the sole basis because they have a backorder.

I am also saddened because I have used Godaddy to register my first name when I was in 8th grade.


Comment #14

Godaddy is mega gay but things like you are posting about happen everywhere. Best to call them and ask for refund, they will give you refund...

Comment #15

Not to seem harsh, but I would think at this point in time (the internet being around for some 15 years) that only a total newbie would be surprised in any way that an 19 buck backorder would naturally be green-lighted ahead of a mere 9 buck hand reg.

Multiply that extra 10 bucks by the thousands of other backordering customers every year, and you'll get an even better idea as to which one they will "pick" to give the domain over to. And that's how it was even when the financial outlook was good - the preferences in a weaker economy will be even less evenly-balanced. Sounds "unfair"? Duly noted, champ.

But that's the "business world" - you give them your "world," and they give you the "business"!..

Comment #16

Ya, I registered today. Turns out it never was available. I got an email from Godaddy saying that it has been registered by another party since 2002.

Way to stay on top of things Godaddy...

Comment #17

Its likely not GoDaddys fault in this case. Odds are when they checked at the registry, they were given a Greenlight that the domain was registered. This may very well have been an error at the registry...

Comment #18

GoDaddy often doesn't check in real-time. GoDaddy's registration system likely is the problem.

Let's say hypothetically, the .org registry was down at that moment (which I seriously doubt), GoDaddy either shouldn't register the domain, or at minimum, display a warning that the domain may already be registered - proceed anyway? ... something like that would eliminate many misunderstandings, as well as, give people more confidence in registering domains there.

As of now, GoDaddy is NOT a place to register domains one MUST have right away - they're just not reliable enough. Period. I know GoDaddy scans these forums - but either they don't realize the registration glitches are a big problem and hurt their reputation -or- very likely simply don't care.


Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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