I have a website. What is the best/easiest way to host sound files and video clips?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: I have a website. What is the best/easiest way to host sound files and video clips?.

My 2nd question is: Hi,.

I was wondering how people see the future for .net domains..

I've read a few articles where industry boffs believe they can actually challenge .com in a few years (i'm looking for them & bwill post the links when I find them).

What are your opinions on this?..

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Your question was: I have a website. What is the best/easiest way to host sound files and video clips?.

I am a real skeptic on this. I like the .net tld and own several, and just sold one for $35,000, but I am still a skeptic on the future challenge to .com.

One of the reasons I say this is that ICANN is constantly (for better or worse) releasing new tld's. The new tld's will primarily compete with the other non-com extensions. This means market dilution, and dilution is *almost* always associated with depreciation. I do NOT think we will see depreciation, but the market dilution will probably slow the rate of appreciation.

Compare to market dilution in stocks and you get the picture.


Comment #1

It isn't likely to challenge now after 20 years of mediocrity...

Comment #2

Will pepsi challenge coca cola ? .

Will linux challenge windows ? .

Will amd challenge intel ?

There is allways the first and the second place, and we should be happy about that ;-)..

Comment #3

If you turn net around,.

You get ten. So, all signs.

Point to it becoming the.

King in 10 years!.

...or at least.

It will be in.

The top ten...

Comment #4

Nope, never, no way, not gonna happen, oh yeah & no..

Comment #5

Will the commodore 64 challenge the pc?.

Will betamax challenge vhs?..

Comment #6

Actually, in a few years time betamax will be more popular than VHS. Most public affairs jobs use betamax for filming and editing. VHS is dying quickly but for video professions a lot of people still use betamax...

Comment #7

Although I hate to echo the sentiment - the answer is a resounding - No. The problem is simple - .com has been widely accepted as the extension of the is kind of like the ugly sister.


Comment #8

Actually pepsi is kicking coke's ass in many India, for instance, pepsi has a slightly higher market share than coke...

And AMD has been eating into Intel's market share for quite some time now...maybe not now, but 15 years later, we might see an equal competition between the two..

Comment #9


It's not about competition folks. It's about acceptance. No company is backing .net, every company uses .com. It's a simple formula. It's a not a pepsi vs coke thing. These are not two companies fighting.

That is not going to change.Com will not be challenged for a very long time if at all ever and most certainly not by .net.

History.Net was never designed to compete with .com.Net is the infrastructure HostGator by design, it's not "intended" to be the next .com. Neither is .org for that matter. They were designed to represent a segment of the internet.Com took off and never looked back...

Comment #10

.net will never challenge the .com, .com will always be king..

Comment #11

Probably no way in Hell for .NET surpass .COM or even come close..

.COM has been identified with being all business and was ingrained as top dog.

During the .COM boom.

But .COM is saturated and the Internet is growing so other domains have.

Potential to gain greater acceptance than they have now...

Comment #12

Nothing can touch .com, however the vast majority seems to focus on that and foprget to mention the benefits of .net.

.com is is the Prince..

It will (IMHO) always be the #2 extension and that is quiet an achievement...

Comment #13

Now I may be wrong here but i'm getting the feeling that the answer is NO..

Thankyou for your posts and your balanced arguments...

Comment #14

.COM always will be on the first place and on popularity, and, of course, under the price. But also .NET never will fall below the second place.

Me such question interests: that will be more expensive and more popular LLLLL.COM -> <- LLLL.NET ?

Comment #15

Sure, why not ?

Its simply question of time.

As .com is going more expensive, more and more will start searching for alternative, and thats way where .NET will come...

Comment #16

There is no competetion..

Its like asking whether LLLL.coms will ever beat's.

Its about substitue, alternative, the next best thing.

Like if I ask you, which is better or ? I wont get a resounding (it may be somewhere down the line, but for now, beats anyday).

So it's a matter of Best Vs Better..

What comes to mind after com?..

Comment #17

Nothing is impossible. You may not see any sign that .net will challenge .com right now, but who know in future...

Comment #18

I agree. The .com market is so saturated that more and more people will be forced to register .net alternatives.NET will gain traction and acceptance, but won't surpass .com...

Comment #19

This is a stupid question..

.net won't trump .com....never, ever...

Comment #20

A stupid question would have been ignored!.

It's actually very relevant as every industry has trends - what was once the market leader quite often 10 years later isn't even in the top 10 of their field..

None of us know the future of the HostGator industry, so topics like this raise "some" good points from very knowledgable domainers...

Comment #21

Actually the are the type of questions that often get the biggest response...

Comment #22

Guys...what kinda time warp are you living in?.

Just head over to

" - The .com alternative".

So we have a challenger to .com supremacy already...

I'm just wondering how many people will get suckered in by that big banner and reg names? It sure looks good on paper for an American company....

Comment #23

They've got a point, though; domainers won't buy them (usually)...

Comment #24

Branson challenged BA, he won, Branson is never happy with 2nd, maybe .net thinks the same...

Comment #25

I do not see .net challenging .com anytime in the near future. But who knows after all; however logically speaking it's has own taste!..

Comment #26

As a domainer,

As an end-user,

Comment #27

Although this may be wishful thinking. I believe that someday every .com outside of will be sold out. Therefore making .net the king...

Comment #28

Lol, worst logic ever. Surely that means that the value of .com will only rise?!..

Comment #29

It could certainly happen but not very likely in the foreseeable future. What seems more likely is that the entire DNS becomes obsolete...

Comment #30

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