I have a godaddy account how do i build a web page?

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My first question is: I have a godaddy account how do I build a web page?.

My next question is: I can't stand when people post an appraisal that lists a price for a developed site. - Reg Fee / Developed - $1000.

I mean anything can be developed. The forum is really about the name value itself. I think adding an appraisal for a developed site makes no sense, since development value can't be predicted. - Reg Fee / Developed - $50M...


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Your question was: I have a godaddy account how do I build a web page?.

People probably just do it so they don't look like they are laughing at the reg fee HostGator name, people probably just say name reg fee, developed $1000 so they look like a nice guy. then again they may as well just say, name reg fee, developed 1.6 billion dollars (ie: youtube)..

Comment #1

Well your right, but when you appraise a HostGator at reg fee, the owner might just let it drop or sell it for a few bucks.

Letting them know that the HostGator will be worth something if they create it in to a site, gives them another option.

Something more annoying than this, is when a newbie gets frustrated when you let them know their "premium" HostGator is worth reg fee...

Comment #2

Yes. Sometimes they get down right mean if you tell them the truth...

Comment #3

Haha I know the feeling it's very annoying.

Theres no way to appraisal development.

This thread = reg fee.

Developed = $10k..

Comment #4

I agree. I honestly will rarely even respond to a newbie with a HostGator unless it is really good, or has something like a TM issues that I can point out. I noticed on the forums there seem to be a combo of people lowballing a value then PM'ing to buy the domain, or giving someone a totally unrealistic value...

Comment #5

I know what you mean. nonetheless, I think that when people give an appraisal for post-development, they are appraising based on a "moderate" level of development funds being thrown in... probably a few hundred max or so...

Comment #6

I feel that NP should hire moderator who is good at appraising and assign him a role at Appraisal Forum to help appraise domains. Because many a time, I see appraisals thread go unanswered and it's quite sad...

Comment #7

I have posted several high quality and for appraisal before and they get less responses than bad domains. Normally people are post padding with "Reg Fee" appraisals.

I also thing there should be a move to say $0 instead of Reg Fee. Because the bottom line is when someone says "Reg Fee" they are saying it is worthless...

Comment #8

I agree completely. It would also help to educate new domainers on a domain's worth. This place would be even more busy if such a thing could be offered...

Comment #9

As with many things in the HostGator business, it's all down to the end user and what they see it's worth, yes we can all sit at home-work-garden-bar and say yes that name is worth $$$$$$ if it's devolped or not.

The whole game has so many factors to be thought of when giving a value.

For example, I regged here at np a few weeks ago, being a keen golfer it's great for me, will work on it and have got a small revenue from it already, will spend time working on new ideas and see how it goes, but lets say I wanted to sell it, would someone with an interest in dinosours buy it!!!.

All down to the end user and we all must remember people will pay what they see fit to pay..

Comment #10

Undeveloped reg. fee / developed $500 BILLION Dollars..

Comment #11

Well the whole appraisal issue is just a way to talk about the HostGator.

Even for plain name (if it's not 3L, 4L.....) you can't be sure how this costs.

You can only image, speculate or compare similar previous sales.

This is a domainers forum, the owner will not get an actual end-user price.

I think everyone, newbie or not, who post to that section must have in mind that their topic is translated to "what do you think about this name" without any prices or tags attached..

Comment #12

Maybe we need to set up a new one call "website appraisal" ????..

Comment #13

I don't know how many times I've told someone "get a refund, that name is terrible"..

Comment #14

Well that's because the signal to noise ratio in there is horrid. It seems like the majority of the domains posted in there are lucky to be worth reg fee. So many threads go unanswered because it gets old after awhile telling everyone their fresh reg is worthless...

Comment #15

I forgot who said it, but a "no reply" is a reply in itself, and all reg fee domains being put up for appraisal has been turning people away from that section...

Comment #16'd or non- dev' guys should do like me....put all your names on ebay, list them for 50k each, and join me at the local wateringhole on Tuesdays and Fridays, telling everyone how rich were gonna be when they sell..

On Wednesday and Saturday, we meet up and complain about how we havent sold any yet...

Comment #17

Thats the problem everyone is APPRIASING the domains for VALUE. In all reality you CAN NOT do this realistically. It better terms you guys should be letting the person know what YOU would PAY for it. Most of the time it will be "Reg Fee" or "$0". This way the person can get a REALISTIC idea of what the HostGator can be liquidated for at the moment to DOMAINERS on the open market.

Also include things that you think increase or decrease value like wordtracker or whatever your methods consist of. Let them know why you would pay that much for it.

Another thing that a good "appraisal" should consist of are development IDEAS, not development values. As I have said before you can NEVER accurately 100% to the "T" appraise a name or website for VALUE. A HostGator or website will sell for whatever the market lets it sell for. Offering development ideas gives the person another option rather than just putting them down and saying "Reg Fee".

Appraise names based on what YOU would pay for them not what someone else is likely to pay, please!..

Comment #18

Some crappy domains have a better chance of being developed. PPC values / key word popularity can be used to guess a value. I wouldn't have quoted at anything but a bad email address...

Comment #19

The problem I see is all names are worth at least reg fee. The person wo regged it paid at least reg fee.

It might help to ask the poster why they bought the name and how they see it used. This might give more insight on it's value.

I don't post names for appraisals because the answers seem to provide little quality information.

What is value? -.

- could be sold on namepros?.

- could sell on sedo?.

- could sell to end user?.

- could earn from type-in traffic?.

- could be developed (name says what the website is about)?.

I think the value of the name for a end user should be assessed. The end user might be someone who develops the name or someone who buys a name just for earning from direct type-in traffic. Based on how much money can be (recovered) earned with the name/ website will suggest how to find the value. Based on the expected end user value it must be determined who is the name going to sold to:.

- a HostGator speculator who will sell to another domainer (quick cash turn around).

- a below wholesale sale on a forum.

- a wholesale sale on an auction.

- a sale to the end user.

Each sale is a portion of what the value of the name is to someone who will develop and keep the name.

In these cases reg fee means nothing.

Now, there are many names I have seen that have awkward wording with little meaning and probably shouldn't be developed. When this is pointed out, it helps people understand why it is worth 0.

I sold ismyname dot com for $1200 a couple of years ago. I am sure I would have been told reg fee if I posted it in the forum. I sold trip start dot com for $3500 one year ago. What would it have appraised for on the forum?.

With some names their value is best when it is used with sub-domains.

My 2 cents (hope it's worth more)..

Comment #20

The point those people are trying to make, is quite simple. If I take and go to post it for sale at NP, the appraiser is saying that it wont fetch much, BUT if I go back and put up a site, I might be able to move it.

That is all..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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