I got a domaine name through godaddy now where is a good place to get a website?

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I got a quick question: I got a domaine name through godaddy now where is a good place to get a website?.

I also got another question: I would have thought that there would have been a press release on what's happenning with .tel by now. It sounds as though the progress on this extension is quite slow.

I read something about telnic having some issues with trademark lawyers on their decision to not use whois details.

I think that the plans for the extension is a bit wierd but I like the sound of it...

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Your question was: I got a domaine name through godaddy now where is a good place to get a website?.

Expected Dates.

Sunrise May 2008.

Landrush September 2008.

Thanks for the info..

Comment #1

I was under the impression that the .TEL extension was for telephone industry big boys. Am I wrong?.

If this is the case then I have no interest in the .TEL exstension.

As far as I can see, there is actually no need for this extension because these things will work on the normal domains...

Comment #2

.tel compared with .mobi is just like .biz compared with .com..

Comment #3

Is this about Telecoms? I think it's already redundant since there is already dot mobi...

Comment #4

Perhaps it would be better to read what .tel is actually for/going to do before passing judgement?

The second of Patrick's links above contains a link to (what a .tel name would look like in a web browser)..

Comment #5

The link does help explain a lot ... from the looks of it, it appears that actual company names, first and last names will be those in demand..

Comment #6

I have no change in opinion having read those pages.


Comment #7

Just as there is no need for the .MOBI extension (with the Mobile Web increasingly blossoming on .COM domains) ... actually, .TEL (logically short for "tel-ephone") is infinitely more memorable and brandable than .MOBI (awkwardly short for "mobi-le"), so the .TEL is already a threat to .MOBI and mTLD from a branding / marketing perspective IMHO.

Just my two sense, it will be interesting to see how it all evolves in the next several months!.


Comment #8

At first glance .tel appears to be similar to .mobi.

But, if you do a little research .tel is basically an electronic business card that gives people different ways to contact a company, not a mobile website. is an example of what they will look like...

Comment #9

.tel is like a glorified contact page..

.mobi is like a mini site for searching the web with smallers screens and more expensive download costs.

They serve different purposes and hence I expect will attract different markets. Personally, I picture the .tel having more potential for my contact needs. (e.g. For people close to me, I might give them my phone number but potential business contacts, I would give them my .tel address that they phone me through this site and never get my phone number. My close contacts can contact me any time while I can adjust my site settings to divert calls to message bank, other people, receive calls etc...) .tel in a sense can act as my private online switchboard for all forms of contact.

However, at the moment the future of .tel looks very confusing and more volatile than the .mobi as the technology stills needs to catch up a bit for it to be useful. The universal privacy of the .tel customers is very interesting as it can be abused but it has great potential for making it more useful as an extension. I'm watching what happens and I'm not sure if I will get one or more.

One big issue for domainers with .tel will be parking as it is not an extension designed for website style services and so it is interesting to know if telnic will want measures in place to restrict parking...

Comment #10

I think this hits the nail squarely on the head...

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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