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I got a "cease and desist" letter from Facebook, regarding the and domain names. The letter, sent by Facebook's lawyers, said I had until May 7 to "cease and desist"..

It's the 20th of May today, and I have neither ceased, nor desisted..

Do you think Facebook has realized the error of their ways (I'm not a cybersquatter), or have they simply forgotten about me?!.

Here's the "CandD" letter:

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Did you expect a UDRP on May 8?.

If the C&D is indeed legit, I wouldn't bet for a second they've "forgotten about you".

You've made an easy case for bad faith registration and by making a public mockery of their C&D, their lawyers could be researching your assets to determine if you're worth taking to court after they win UDRP...

Comment #1

Drop it, run like hell and dont look back!.

Go - Go - Go.

Joke a side I understand the FacebookEconomy but why the Mini-Feed (Im not a Facebook user so is this something in the Facebook system?).

Just drop it friend, why bother? Do you make millions with the domains? Thousands? Hundreds? is it worth it?.

Good luck and best regards,..

Comment #2

What error ?

The fact that you registered that name with their TM in it actually amounts to cybersquatting whatever your motives..

I would comply and transfer the name to them. If you don't then I can see a UDRP looming on the horizon. This will leave a permanent record of your name on the Internet with you labeled a cybersquatter. In this day and age employers like to google job applicants, people like to vet each other through online sources etc... You get my point.

Here is a fast-track course for you:

Comment #3

Error of their ways? very funny, thanks for the jokes.

If you're the one who's abusing their tm name haven't realized the error of your ways, don't expect the real owner of the domain to realized the error of their ways, ASMF you're the ones who's in error...

Comment #4

They caught you, and they have the law on their side. They for sure didn't forget about you...

Comment #5

Is it worth risking a lawsuit over crap domains? Probably not...

Comment #6

The letter said "we are hopeful that this matter can be resolved without further action". The whois informs that both domains still have the same owner..

Besides, there is and /.info too. The .com for over two years.

A search on sedo gives 690 domains with "facebook", only or containing...

Comment #7 ? )...... they have gotten you properly on that one. unless it's possibly linked to "facebook" stuff like, I think this is a weak argument on their side...

Comment #8

Mini feed is definitely linked to facebook. In fact, type "mini feed" and all you get are a bunch of facebook-related results. FacebookEconomy, how is it that you feel THEY are wrong? I really think the best thing for you to do is to drop the name, you don't want to mess with this billion-dollar company...

Comment #9


They've probably given you a week or two grace period and have had an attorney working on the groundwork for a UDRP or lawsuit, or at least have it on their to-do list. I think they probably have enough funds to bypass the UDRP and just sue you for damages. Things like that take time to put together.

They might also have been waiting for something as sweet as this thread where you admit in writing you received and ignored their request...

Comment #10

Give up the domain, it's not worth the trouble...

Comment #11

For all you know the op can't post no more since he's already in jail or hiding somewhere...

Comment #12

Give up the Facebook domain, the domain has no value and so it is not worth the hassle. But as for the other one, they have no reasonable grounds to ask to relinquish it, so I would say keep it...

Comment #13

Yes, I'm sure Facebook will realize the error of their ways after wrongly pointing out that you used their TM title in your domain name Thank goodness you were smart enough to add an extra word at the end of the name, which always magically erases all problems.

I'd like to say more here, but I'm just too busy managing some of my newer domains, which include Googleeconomy,com,, and, of course,!..

Comment #14

Just a honest question:.

Is it not true that to google is quickly becoming a term to indicate a web search, and if that is true then it is headed the way that xerox did with copying and kleenex did with tissues and wouldn't that mean that google lose it's trademark due to overwhelming association with the problem it's brand solves????..

Comment #15

I think OP still owns it according to domain whois...

Comment #16

It is already there. However, that doesn't mean they can't enforce it for their category. It just makes it more difficult. Spam still has a TM on canned ham, but we all use that word probably more than the others you mentioned. Just don't try using it for another brand of canned meat...

Comment #17

Interesting... the OP has not logged on since this thread was made..


Comment #18

Did he think that we would say "oh dont worry about Facebook, just screw there TM, f... them" ??..

Comment #19

Maybe Facebook decided to take him out gangster style...

Comment #20

I think he thought everyone would say "I can't believe this...can't Facebook see how wrong they are?"..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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