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Yeah I got's on "Magic 8 Ball .net". Sad too because it got DMOZ listed and was starting to really pick up. Needless to say I am dissappointed but will be quickly transferring it to them and saying goodbye.

My advice...move away from domains with possible TM problems as quickly as you can. The lawyers are coming out of the woodwork lately.

This domain I bought a couple years ago already developed for a fairly cheap price. I made my money back so that's good. I am pretty much only buying generics from now on or stuff I can TM myself.


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Why not explain to them that you've put money into developing the site and that you would be willing to sell it to them for $3000? I'm not sure if it's difficult to do this with a clear TM issue...

I've received a C&D before but under different conditions. YES they had a tradename with the domain I had, but the domain is 2 english words merged together. It's a common phrase, and they offered to buy me out. So I sold it. Hope you get more $ for it if possible...

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Yeah hang them out for a bit.

It will cost them thousands to put a case on you, they might (might) just pay you some good bucks for it.

That is what I would do if I were you mate...

Comment #2

Good advice, more domainers should follow. ^^^.

Sorry to hear about your loss...

Comment #3

Not a big deal about the was future income I lost...I recovered my investment (plus a little something). Yeah I could have made them hang a bit and even asked for something on this. However I have a larger problem I am dealing with that is so much stress I don't need anything else on top of it. I just quickly gave them the domain and said bye bye. Eventually they would have gotten it anyways.

I could have strongarmed them for a few hundred maybe even a few thousand but that can backfire easily. RJ said..move away for TM domains if possible. Just reading this forums should give you enough clues to the potential problems...

Comment #4

That's called bad faith and you'll be hanging yourself out to dry by doing that...

Comment #5

Pat yourself on the back nevertheless, Labrocca. That's one less problem to.

Fret about...

Comment #6

I'd say it's bad faith if your sole purpose for registering the domain was to sell it to the TM holder.

The truth is he has developed the site and it has cost him some money. Putting that simple fact out there wouldn't hurt any.

But he himself has admitted it is a TM domain... I guess you're right. He knew prematurely that he was possibly violating TM law...

Comment #7

Actually, you can register a TM domain to steal traffic, put up ads or disparage the TM, that is bad faith registration also...

Labrocca did the right thing here, He registered a TMed domain, he made money from it (used in bad faith), when he was approached, he said "ok" you can have it.

It does not matter he developed a site, that does not show legitamate interest if it is determined it was registered and used in bad faith, and since Labrocca has no problem giving it up, then I beleive he knows the TM holder can prove the points against him.

Labrocca, how did that other deal work out so far? have you heard anything yet?..

Comment #8

That other deal is in Escrow. When it's complete I will post the story. People are gonna love it...

Comment #9

Hm.. Why not shut the site down, and redirect all traffic to a clone site which you created on another domain?..

Comment #10

Hmm...yeah I could have done a couple things but I really wasn't in the mood to deal with the hassle. This same week I was hit with a large legal action ($46k). Thankfully they accepted my settlement offer on Friday. I really just didn't want to deal with extra stress. I folded pretty easy which ain't my MO but I do feel I got back from the site more than I put in so I was happy enough about it...

Comment #11

Magic 8 Ball has been a well known toy for years. Brilliant idea getting in dutch by regging it. What's next for ya, then? Rubic's Cube or the Frisbee?.


Comment #12

Lol, I wouldent even go near the phrase "Frisbee", I believe they sent some correspondance to a dictionary publisher recently in which they asked if it could be referred to as "flying disc" or something similiar. Hilarious what companies are trying to do when their trademarks are so diluted they become general terms...

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I'll keep an eye out from now on about which domains I buy to make sure I don't follow into any C&D problems. Thanks for the tips guys...

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I didn't reg it actually. It was bought and I did very little with it other than monetize it. Not that it matters all that much. I just want to clarify I don't normally go out of my way to reg TM names I feel might get me a C&D. However an existing domain that's been around for a year or two is normally under the radar. I guess I did too good of a job monetizing this one and off it went into domain heaven. Oh well.....

Comment #15

Here's a thought:.

Manufacture a NET to carry Magic 8 Balls in, and you are all set..

YOu can purchase small nets for less than a penny. I'm sure you could sell them for $1.00 or even 2/$1.00 and do just fine. Then IS the name NOT "Magic 8 ball" Dot Net!!..

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Is the C&D very different than a DMCA complaint? I wrote this up 2 days already and nobody on this forum is giving me any advice. If you all could lend a hand, that will be great....

Comment #17

Here is another thought, give the other side MORE ammunition to prove you a squatter. Maybe make them mad enough for them to file a court action to recover legal fees along with actual and punitive damages. Maybe invoke the Lanham Act that carries a maximum fine of $100,000.00 per domain.... this is a great idea.

Labocca did the right thing, he got caught, he knew he would be on the losing end, so he did what they wanted...

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