I fell off the Nutrisystem bandwagon

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Hi all,.

I feel so guilty.... I was doing so well, I was staying on the plan and lost 12 pounds in about a month and a half. I felt great!! Then Valentine's Day rolled around and allowed myself to eat "normal" food again... some pasta, some cake... And slowly, I started coming off the plan and allowed myself to have a bit of chocolate, some chips, some pasta, and now it has been more than a month and I am back to my old habits of eating junk and feeling lousy. How can I get back on track? I have a whole bunch of Nutrisystem food in the box and can't get myself to open it and get back to my healthier lifestyle...

Has anyone been in this boat before? How do I snap out of it and start losing weight and feeling good again?.

Thank you for any advice, I really appreciate it!..

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Your question was: I fell off the Nutrisystem bandwagon.

Thank you for the support! I have the same problem... I eat well during the day, or rather I barely eat anything at all except for maybe a yogurt and 2-3 cups of coffee... and then when I come home, I eat everything in the house whether I am hungry or not, it's horrible. And I know for a fact that when I am stressed out or upset, it gets even worse. It is very hard to get back on track, really hard and sometimes I want to just give up, but then I realize that I need to and want to get back to my healthier and happier self...

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You have to want to lose more than you want whatever it is your eating.


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I think you learn from what's just happened -guilt only serves us well when it motivates us to do better. Learning better habits is only done by continuing them. Pick a lunch, add a big salad, follow your meal plan. Prepare healthy snacks to grab.

You can do this, you just start again now. Best wishes...

Comment #3

Faina824: I think you just found your problem....You need to eat more, not just coffee and yogurt for the day....

When are you eating breakfast? fruit?.

Lunch entre? Salad?.


When you are on Nutrisystem, you are supposed to eat every 3-4 hours so you are not so hungry that you cheat and eat everything in sight!!.


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Jen, you are right... that's a good mentality to have, and I Do want to lose, but I'm just standing in my own way....

Linna, thank you for the encouragement. I know that little steps will lead me in the right direction, but I'm just struggling with it...

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Marianne, thats the problem.... I came off the plan completely and now it is very hard to get back on it. Thats why I feel so guilty... I bought this huge box of food for $300, ate some of it, and the rest is standing there... and whats worse is that the numbers on the scale are coming back up because I'm back to my old habits yet again. When I was on the plan, I felt great.

Now I am definitely not doing enough of those good things...

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I first tried Nutrisystem 4 years ago constantly cheated then quit altogether. I'm back 4 years later and 60 lbs heavier.

Think of it this way- how would you like to quit then come back years later (after years of abusing your body with bad food) even heavier than you were the first time? Or how would you like to get back on the plan, meet your goal weight and save yourself from harming your body even more?.

I do not want to give up again and come back even heavier, this time I'm doing it and I'm going to give it everything I have. This is the main motivation I use to keep on track..

You have to find your motivation0 let all the pros outweigh the cons. Good food is only momentary, good health is forever...

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Look, I've been doing this program since Nov of 2008. I've had a week here or two where I drift away and do the wrong thing. In fact, just 2 weeks ago I ate 3 days in a row off plan and def. the wrong things. Then I found myself cheating with healthy snacks...just eating too much of them. My weight loss stalled and I knew why.

Sometimes it's just hard to do it. But, I want this weight off soo badly. So, I picked a day mentally (well, the next day, but you know what I mean) and just hit the "refresh" button and started back in very strictly with the attitude that I'm back on the program. And it works; now I'm eating how I should and exercising regularly and it's reflected in the scale. One issue for me is if I'm home and not doing anything constructive, all I can think about is eating.

Now that it's nicer out the dogs are getting walked and I'm doing more outside. That helps a lot. Good luck!..

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Jess, thank you for the advice... No I definitely do NOT want to gain any more, I don't have much confidence in my body to begin with, but the added weight just makes it worse. My husband loves me the way I am, and I know he is still very much attracted to me... but when I don't feel attractive or secy, it just changes my mood. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those women who feels comfortable in my own skin no matter what, I feel much better when I weigh less. So, I will do my best to start fresh and go shopping and buy the healthy food that I was eating before.

The guilt, the lack of confidence.....

Comment #9

Hi Andrea, thanks for the tips... I also realize that when I think about food, I end up eating more. I think for me, it's really just about taking the time for myself to make a healthy breakfast as opposed to running out the door with coffee in hand... and taking a lunch break as opposed to sitting at my desk for 8 hours... and NOT eating my daughters left over mashed potatoes at dinner...

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Hey kiddo, how are you eating today? Have you been on plan?..

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one!.

I have a couple good days then I seem to 'fall off' on the weekends, gain a couple lbs back, then it is so hard to get back on track!!! I've lost the same 2-3 lbs about 5 times this month!!! I'm looking at the money I spent and thinking this was my last hope and I'm blowing it! Feel like a failure, AGAIN!.

I'm sure it will be pointed out that I've only been on the program a month and haven't given it a good enough try, and that's probably correct, but it's so frustrating because it seems so easy for others, but I seem to sabotage myself over and over and I fear I'll never lose this weight in it's entirety!..

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Believe me, it is not easy for any one to lose weight....we are all here because we could not lose weight on our own...

Nutrisystem is a tool to help us....but you have to use the tool. (You cannot put a piano in front of me and expect me to play Beethoven! I would need to learn and practice everyday to get better....Same with NS) We have to learn and practice everyday.

We may not be perfect everyday, but we have to learn 'What to eat, How much to eat, when to eat". These lessons, when practiced daily will result in weight loss. The more you do it the 'easier' it will be!.

Best of luck to everyone - keep your eyes on the prize!.

Ps - would it help if you check out the thread "Post your Before and After Pictures" - it is truly an inspiration. IF THEY CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT! Real People - Real Results!!.


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Hi Marianne...thank you for that wise simile (piano)! I just have such a hard time beginning again, feel like giving up when I mess up so badly so soon.

Started another thread asking if others have had a difficult start and then subsequently turned it around to become successful on the program! I CANT be the only one that feels this way!..

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