I fainted after 3 days on the atkins Dukan Diet.. has this ever happened to anyone?

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Got a question... I fainted after 3 days on the atkins Dukan Diet.. has this ever happened to anyone? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... I screwed up and I'm so glad I did!!! One of my favorite ways to eat the Microwavable Chocolate Cake is to mix it with 2 oz FF milk, 1 egg white, 1/4 tsp baking powder, 1 tbsp Splenda and 1 tbsp Walden Farms Chocolate Sauce, pour into a single-serve dish (I use a 16-oz corningware) and bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Then I put a couple tbsps FF Reddi-wip on top.

However, tonight I made it and it wasn't till it was in the oven that I realized I used the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pudding instead of the cake! I left it in for the same length of time, just to see what would happen. It tasted FABULOUS!!! It was still runny in the center, but so warm & a little gooey and AMAZINGLY good!!! So if you have some pudding and don't like it or just want to try something different, here's an idea!!!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could answer your Dukan Diet question..

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Yes, that's what it was!!! I.


There was a name for it, but I couldn't think of it!!! Thank you!!!..

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I hope you guys like it as much as I did!!!..

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What a great idea! I have more cake mixes than pudding mixes, but I did find some pudding recently at BigLots (still haunting that place from time to time to check out the Dukan Diet stuff), so I picked up a few more. I actually like it as pudding, or slightly frozen as "ice cream" but a Molten Lava Cake sounds just delicious! I know what I'm having for dessert tomorrow..

Thanks for letting us benefit from your kitchen mishap!.

And how the heck are you? Long time no see!.


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This sounds really good, I am going to try this out, with the cake 1st then maybe the pudding.

I actually like the pudding the way it is, but I am willing to give it a try.


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Judy, Im glad yours turned into something good. When I did that same thing, pudding not cake, it had to be dumped!.

Ill try your mistake, sounds good..


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I actually was kind of aware that it wasn't mixing as smoothly as usual, but it didn't occur to me to check the package, where I would have found out that it was because of the chips!!.

Maybe we'll have some time to meet up next month? We'll talk!!!.

When the cake first came out, I read a lot of negative comments before I tried it, and this addition of the milk, egg white & Walden Farms was the first actual recipe idea that sounded good. I tried it with my very first chocolate cake, and it was probably a year before I actually tried the cake in the microwave because I loved it this way so much! I really do prefer it in the toaster oven, and now, especially with the cold weather coming, I guess I'll be doing the pudding in the oven as well!!!.

I'm thinking it's because of the egg white and the baking powder. I usually use milk & Walden Farms or a Da Vinci syrup in my pudding anyway, but when heated, the egg white & baking powder probably help it set a little bit. I do wish the bags didn't look so exactly alike, though!!!..

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I actually really love the choc pudding. This sounds really good! Think you still have to add the baking powder since it's not going to rise? I am going to make this tonight! Thanks Judi..

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Oh Wow Judi both of these sound great. I have a few puddings in the cabinet that I haven't used since it wasn't one of my favorites. With my last order I got something like 15 cakes so I can try the cake recipe as well..

Thank you so much for sharing...

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Oh, this could be dangerous thanks for the recipe! It sounds like it would be a great one for the newsletter. Here's to living dangerously!..

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Hmmm, I honestly don't know!! Maybe if some of the real cooks show up here, they might give an opinion, pleeeeeeese?! I don't know if the baking powder had anything to do with making it seem so light, or if that was strictly due to the egg white?.

And my order just went out Monday morning, too late for me to add more puddings! I usually only get 2 puddings, but I always get at least 15 cakes!!!.

And you can get away with living dangerously, with your beautiful new avatar!!!!!!!..

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I just bought 10 more cakes and puddings at Big Lots. That and ton of pasta and beef for lunch is all they have left here. Selling those lunches 3 for 2 dollars...

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I met PamSB today at my local BigLots - a convenient meeting place near where she was working, a Starbucks, and my home, so a win-win-win (photos from that visit were posted by Pam in the General Support section). They didn't have ANY dinners or cake mixes, but lots of pudding and hot cocoa and some tub lunches, nutriflakes and maple brown sugar oatmeal. I'm currently really liking the Vegetable Beef Soup, which in the nourish is only 120 or 130 calories instead of the 160 in the Advanced, so I always buy those when I find them. And I picked up a few more pudding mixes as well for $1 each, so I'm going to try Judi's accidental recipe!.


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These ideas and recipes sound FABULOUS!!! But as for the cakes, I have tried to "spruce" them up and for some reason, I just can't get it right? I have used the different ideas on here to try to make it "yummy", but it just always seems to come out wrong. I guess I'm just not a chef, but I sure wish it would so I could "want to order 15" like you guys! Lava Cake sounds Divine!!!..

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Ooooohhhhh, Judi!!! This sounds really good! I had Jayzen's recipe of the chocolate pudding frozen over half a banana last night....tonight I'm having your recipe! Thanks for sharing!!!..

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Well, I made this last night for my husband and me and it was fantastic! It tastes so much better than the chocolate cake. My husband even said "or you sure this is Nutrisystem"? It was that good. I'm so glad the OP made a goof and used the pudding instead of the cake!!!..

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I tried this last night and it was delicious! It was so much better than having the pudding the regular way. I felt like I was cheating!..

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Hmmmm, I wonder if this recipe would work with the cocoa... I don't know if it would set at all, but maybe the egg white would take care of it....

Yay!!! I'm so glad to hear that!!!..

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Judi, I made your "mistake" with the chocolate chip pudding - the only difference was that I put 1/2 tsp of baking soda. When I copied it on a scrap of paper I put 1/2 instead of 1/4 ......... but I usually use 1/2 tsp in all my "baking" in Dukan Diet Land..

It was wonderful! I'm going to try it tomorrow with the chocolate cake and if it's even half as good as the pudding one - I'll be ordering 1/2 pudding and 1/2 chocolate cake in my AD..

Thank you so much for sharing your mistake - it is a perfect winner!..

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Thanks, Kat!!! I'm waiting for the cake one to cool right now, and I undercooked it a little, so I'm hoping it will be a little more "lava-ish"!!!..

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I just had this and think I will be making it again. Very good.

I have a bunch of puddings and cakes too from Big Lots..

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I only have 2 Big Lots close to me and neither one carried any Nourish food. I was so disappointed!!!..

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Oh, this was dessert tonight and sooooooo delicious! I love the pudding and this just made it so much more yummy! Warm and gooey.

Thanks so much for telling us about your mistake, Judi!!..

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This sounds amazing! I love the pudding but the cake didn't impress me too much. I can't wait to try it tomorrow night. Thanks for the recipe!.


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Judi, email me if you want me to buy you some puddings! I can do it tomorrow..


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Hi Judi....I made this last night with the pudding and it was wonderful!!! Thanks again for sharing the recipe!!..

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I did try it with the cake last night undercooking the cake a little bit to see if I could get more of the lava in the middle, but it didn't work quite as well as with the pudding. I think it's because of the chocolate chips in the pudding. So I'll continue to cook the cake for the full 15 minutes and enjoy the souffle texture, and leave the lava texture to the pudding!!.

Thanks so much, you guys!!! I'm so glad you liked it!!! I just emailed Julie to tell her to get me more puddings just for this recipe!!!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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