I don't get the Medifast habits of health

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Ok so I have been on Medifast now since May and have lost a little over 30 pounds. Yes, I'm very happy about that but...I have been reading other peoples stories and goals and mine are so different that something must be wrong with me. I'm just not getting this whole change of eatting habbits for life or anything. It really sucks! Like most people here are saying that they are learning moderation and all. Nope not me! I'm just eatting my meals OP but as soon as I'm on my own with this I know I will mess it up. All I think about during the day is my next meal! The first thing I do when I get on the computer is check what new recipes people are making with the Medifast meals and write down the ones I want to try.

I have no idea! I only make a reciepe once in a while because I figure I really shouldn't be messing with the meals anyway. They are made exactly the way they are made for a reason not because the Medifast makers wanted us all to have tastebuds that couldn't tell the difference between sand and the food they give us but because if they added anything else then it just wouldn't be the amout that they have calculated it to be!.

My other REALLY big problem is most people have goals like 20 pounds lost - manicure or new shirt or something. Me nope! I say gee I lost 20 pounds I'm gonna celebrate with pizza because I deserve it! Why can't I change my thinking on this???? What's wrong with me????? I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why it is I think this way and all I can come up with is I really am addicted to food. The way it tastes and smells and makes me feel when I eat it. Having said that I really feel bad after eatting it because I know that I made a bad food choice..

Sorry Im all over the place with this I just don't know why I feel this way! I'm not going to stop doing Medifast because I really do like it but I also know that I'm really struggling here. I do know that I'm going to have pizza and cake on my sons birthday that is coming up soon. Why because I want it and know that the next day I will be back on plan and won't cheat myself again until Nov. for my girls birthdays. See this is a problem! Why after almost 3 months haven't I been able to change my frame of thought?.

Sorry to ramble on just been a super rough day. Any thoughts good or bad are sure welcome!.

Thanks everyone!.


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Sorry you're struggling.

I think that Medifast is a good plan for a lot of people but I do NOT think it inherently teaches people how to think differently about food. Meal replacements like bars and shakes are not going to show you how to find satisfaction in healthy foods instead of junk.

It's good that you've identified this about yourself. That's half the battle!.

I would suggest that you spend time finding new and interesting meals for your L&G. If you can come up with 10 L&G meals that are really delicious, that you look forward to eating, just think... someday soon you can eat those delicious meals 2x a day, and then 3x a day, instead of MF. Then you've made a REAL transition to eating healthy.

To me, food is always going to be something delicious, that I look forward to enjoying. And there's nothing wrong with having those feelings. But if you want to be healthy and slim, you have to learn to enjoy foods that are better for you. I really think it's possible for everybody to do this. You can do it!!!..

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Misty, if you're really addicted to food - there's nothing wrong with you. You're having all normal thoughts for a food addict. But there is a way to change those thoughts and recover from your addiction. Check out the 12 Steps of O.A. and Medifast thread: .

Good Luck! You can do this!.


Comment #2

For people like us, food will always be a struggle. The people you read about, they aren't magically free of the shackles of food addiction. It's a struggle for everyone. The key is learning to accept that and consciously making responsible decisions regarding your diet and health. It will never be easy but with time you will hopefully learn to be accustomed to living this way. That is the only way it will resemble something "easy"...

Comment #3

We spend far too much time beating ourselves up for liking food that is not the problem the problem comes when we don't limit ourselves on the amounts and how often. For me I love to cook I love to eat it's part of who I am so Medifast is pretty darn bland and boring but I want to get to my goals quicker than ordinary dieting alone so I look at this as medicine like when I had my breast cancer surgery I need to do this for a short while to feel better. This is not going to teach us to not like food what it does teach us is to limit the amounts we eat. Don't beat yourself up so much enjoy the pizza and cake on the birthdays tomorrow is a new day and we cannot guage our life success on if we were perfect today or not life is so much more...

Comment #4

I would strongly suggest the Beck Diet book. if you read it and do the exercises it will help you understand why you do this and give you the tools to combat what you're struggling with. The thing is, you have to do it. You can't think about it, or just read the book and nod your head. You need to do the exercises and do them every day. Just like you need to stay OP every day.

They work very well together and it's a pretty easy read...

Comment #5

There is nothing wrong with you. I completely understand where you are coming from. I think that it takes longer for some people to realize that we have to make a change in our eating habits for the rest of our lives in order for this to do any good. While the majority of this plan doesn't help to teach this concept, the lean and green allows you to learn it in small portions until the weight is off. I think that transition and Maintenance is really what can help to teach us that we have to change our thoughts and actions for life. As for wanting to go off plan every once in a while give your self a break.

Give yourself credit for setting restrictions and getting right back on plan!!..

Comment #6

Nothing is wrong with you. However. Do you really think that you'll feel ok with yourself after your son's party? I'm not judging, because I've slipped at times. I just know how I feel and if I were writing what you're writing, it's because I need a good boot up the bum. Come check us out with the Shamrocks team. The chicks there know how to be sweet and supportive, but also remind you why you're here.

So, I'm reminding you. OP is OP. Falling off the wagon (or jumping in your case), just makes you have to run to catch back up and jump back on. A lot of us just say, heck, I'll catch the next wagon.

Good luck...

Comment #7

I remember once years ago I had been doing low carb because my endo & my nutrionist told me to cut out sugar - so a friend was doing Atkins - I was gleefully telling her about all the 'low carb' options in my home - sugar free bread for sandwiches and sugar free ice cream. She was furious with me - I just did not GET the whole point - which was to GIVE THOSE THINGS UP. I looked at her and said - I can't and I wont give up enjoying my food. I love food, I love ice cream, I enjoy sandwiches for work. I am willing to find alternative ingredients and healthier options - but if you make my food choices too restrictive I will NEVER be able to stay on plan.

You do what works for you. Over time, you will find what works for you and your family. It is particularly difficult when everyone in your house has different dietary needs. We have so many food and/or allergy issues in our house that some times it seems like I am cooking something different for every single person! It can be very frustrating to watch Hubby sit down and eat an entire pizza (he's a bean pole), the kids are dairy allergic and I can't eat flour/sugar/tomato..

Hang in there. We hear ya!..

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Hello Misty! I really appreciate your checking in so honestly.

Folks have made some excellent suggestions which I hope are giving you some comfort and ideas to follow up on. I thought I would speak to your plan to go off plan..

I don't go off plan not because I still don't occasionally crave cake or pizza, but because I have learned that eating them even when Im not on Medifast makes me weak and sick and my joints ache more. (I'm lucky in that I have a wheat allergy that makes eating wheat based foods really painful for me. That has often not stopped me in the last 30 years, however. Only the frequent meals and balance of Medifast and the support of these threads have freed me in these last 3 months to stay OP!!).

Even people who don't have a wheat reaction SUFFER when they go off program with pizza and cake on MF. You go out of ketosis and have to go thru all the physical psychological uncomfortableness and stress and struggle of getting back into ketosis. Plus the feeling bad about yourself, knowing that you've let yourself down. And then the really BIG risk, as Joliebug pointed out: that you just won't get back on the wagon again, or it'll be easier to fall off, or it will take you months or years to get back..

I really encourage you to make yourself some special food for the party and stay OP. If you haven't tried it yet, the following link is for cauliflower crust pizza and it is truly fabulous. I have regular sized family members who seriously PREFER it to pizza. I know it takes care of the pizza cravings for me: I plan to never eat pizza again.

And although I haven't included them here, there're a hundred Medifast cakes sundaes etc etc recipes floating around. (you've probably already written some down ).

I hope you hang tough. You deserve it. We all do..


Comment #9

You are sooooo not alone with this addiction. You are completely capable of overcoming this. Just look at all your success! This process is never done as long as you live. Just because you haven't gotten it all figured out in 3 months doesn't mean you won't find the balance and peace of takes a lot a lot a lot of time..

I'd really rethink planning a birthday cheat. You love your children, give them a great birthday gift; a healthy mother who treats her body with the utmost respect. Birthdays are special occasions and you can totally elebrate without junk food. Keep your hands busy taking pictures and playing games. Think of how accomplished you'll feel when you trade the bday cake for something more meaningful; a long happy healthy life with your family...

Comment #10

I found that for myself, as I am in the same boat as you with loving food, obssessing over it, a planned Off plan meal or food is just a recipe for disaster for me. I did that and it took me darn near a month to fully get my head back in the game. It hurt me more mentally then the satisfaction of the off plan eating that I did. Mine was camping and it hurt me mentally bigtime. I could have been at goal by now or near but my "plan" didnt work for me and backfired. Just a thought.

You wont love that birthday cake longer then you'll have to get yourself back on track afterwards. Just a few thoughts. Keep strong at this...Embrace the empowered feeling you will feel after that party. It will take you farther then the cake. I have to hold onto those feelings and it helps alot, especially with my love, err addiction to food..

Comment #11

Interesting post, and one I think many people can relate to! Occasionally I still get a really strong craving for a food that is not on my plan, but for the most part, I have managed to get that under control but it was difficult for me to do. There are 3 things that have really helped me with this so I will share with you:.

1) Learning to resist the temptation by resisting the temptation.

I have found that only through the process of confronting foods and walking away from them that I earned the ability to do so. The more I challenged myself to resist, the easier it became. I work at a company that buys us lunch each week and treats - pizza, fried Chinese foods, Indian foods, Cold Stone Ice Cream, etc. are what I have to dodge on a daily basis. At first, it took all my strength to not give into the food, but I did what it took to avoid them. If that meant walking away from a party, not going to a dinner buffet, etc.

Hell, I even talked to food out loud at times and said "No, you have no power over me!" and walked away. Sure, I got some odd looks at times, but it has been so worth it. Learning to resist and mentally rewarding yourself for doing so reinforces your ability to resist. Every step away from the bad foods is a step toward health and a more positive life. Focus on where you are going, not what you are walking away from!.

2) Community Support.

Whenever I have a craving to eat off plan, I come post on the boards. I do not usually look at the recipes or snack ideas and avoid most food-oriented discussion. I have a few groups and my blog and write when I feel challenged. People here are great at talking you down from wanting to binge/go off your plan. Use this resource to keep you strong!.

3) Stop Thinking About Food All the Time!.

This is one of the biggest things that has helped me avoid eating off my plan - I simply don't think about food all the time. In the beginning, food was all I thought about - what about my next meal, what will I eat, how will I weigh my L&G, I wonder how this shake tastes, etc. I soon realized that I was setting myself up for failure because my thoughts were consumed all day and night with ideas of food. When one spends so much time thinking about food and eating, it is natural that thoughts of off-plan foods will creep into the thought process too. I have trained myself not to think about food all the time - I simply grab 5 food packets, put them in a lunch bag, and that is what I will eat that day. I don't deliberate, mix it up, ponder if I really want it, etc.

As well, find a subject to replace thoughts of food. For me, exercise has become that subject. I think about my next workout and what I'll do, can I add more reps to my weight training, how can I beat my running time for last week, etc. Having something other than food to concentrate on has made a world of difference. Get mentally involved in thinking about something other than eating - it will help..

In tandem with this, learn to make quick decisions about food and stick with them! I wrote a blog about this - about how athletes are successful partially because they can make a split-second decision and go with it. Train yourself to do the same thing but with food. Here is an except from that blog which summarizes this concept:.

Hope this helps!.


Comment #12

I've only just started my journey and can relate, Misty. We live in the land of excess and are taught that food is something to celebrate AND necessary to help celebrate anything else! It's not a healthy society we have, but it's reality. (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this country and everything our servicefolk fight to keep for us).

I still have occasional thoughts of "I'm SO going to celebrate with (insert food here) when I reach my goal!".

But, I suggest just taking a moment and think about how you might feel after a splurge. I'll admit, I slipped at my nephew's bday party and PAID for it with several weeks of tiny to no losses. I didn't want to go through that again. I think it's an individual process to either learn from your behavior or accept the consequences as is. Is the short time of tasting delicious, if not healthy, food worth the days of struggle it might take to get back on track? (And I'm not just talking mentally, but physically forcing your body in and out of ketosis with carb indulgences.).

I've now come to realize how much better I feel when I do eat better. I'm less lathargic and less congested. I can look at a donut and go, "I know what I'd feel like after I eat that, there's nothing redeeming about it.".

I'm not trying to preach, I'm just trying to lay out what I've gone through so you can learn from my mistakes instead of having to make your own...

Comment #13

Thank you everyone for all of your great responses. This really is a process and I'm learning as I go. I have done planned cheating 2 times already in the past and yes I felt like complete crap after. But...I have also gone to many family and social functions where food is of course is the main attraction and have planned ahead and brought my Medifast brownie or other foods with me so that I didn't feel that I was missing anything. Having said that I would most likely be about 10 pounds closer to my goal if I had not cheated! Which makes me so angry with myself!.

Sorry I'm going on and on again. I just wanted to say thanks again for all of your help! I will get through this and I will lose 30 more pounds and I will maintain it thanks to all of you!.


Comment #14

Hi I felt the same way when I first started out, this is a journey, just take one day at a time, and you can do this....

Comment #15

Nothing's wrong with you. It just takes some people longer to realize that food is not the party. People are the party. I have the same problem sometimes when I go to a celebration and I can't have a drink...alcohol not OP. I don't miss it when I'm at home, but at a party, or while camping, etc. I want a couple of beers.

I have learned to just get my strategy in place before I go and stick to it. If there's likely to be nothing I can eat at the party, then I make something delicious that I can have and bring that to the party. I LOVE FOOD. I love cooking, I love reading about food, and watching the cooking channel. I realize that I can no longer have unlimited amounts of the foods I want and I am focusing on finding fantastic recipes that will suit a lower carb lifestyle.

So start focusing your food thoughts on something other than pizza. Look for killer L&G recipes that you can share with your family. Branch out and experiment with new vegetables and ways to cook them, grill them, roast them, even saute or braise things you wouldn't have thought of before. Start using herbs to alter the flavors and come up with some really rocking combos. Food is not the enemy.

If you must go off plan, then give yoourself a strict limit, and maybe alter the food to make it a little less off-plan, i.e. one slice of veggie pizza with the cheese pulled off, or one small slice of cake with the icing cut off. Start trying the new foods and cooking styles now so you'll be ready when you transition out. Good luck, we're all pulling for you!..

Comment #16

Everyone gave great advice!.

I was 9 lbs. from goal...lost over 100 lbs. and told myself..."you can do it on your own don't need to transition...." Was I horribly wrong. As soon as I was left to make my own decisions...they always turned out wrong. I would punish myself as soon as I ate something that I knew was wrong...and then my mind would say...."well you ate that...might as well keep right on going and enjoy for the day and try tomorrow.".

Tomorrow came when most of my weight came back and being was quick!.

People like us have to have a plan....for me...complete structure. I know that when I get to goal this time...I not only have to transition....I have to plan each day or I will make the wrong choices, period!.

We need a 12 step program for food addicts! lol While it sounds really does help make people accountable! On the internet, it really is easy to disappear without seeing people each day. In person, it makes you more likely to be accountable!.

Good luck. There is nothing wrong with you at all!!! You know you have a problem and you've admitted it! That's great!!..

Comment #17

Like eveyone has posted there is nothing wrong with you. I think deep down we all go through the same thing. I mean really we all didn't get this way without having an issue with food in one way or another. I love food too, last night my Husband and I were talking and food network was on.... Try not to watch to much TV, to many triggers, but I had just turned it on, and it was on that channel. All the sudden I had the biggest craving for a big fat juicy hamburger....

Sounded good, but then later I started thinking about... Hey I am doing exactly what I did to get my here in the first place... I am rewarding myself with food... Decided to change the plan...

I am slowly coming to the realization that I truly have to change my life. I started last August lost almost 40lbs.... went off at the Holidays with the intent to get right back on.... well almost 8 months later and 15lbs of extra weight I struggled and finally got back on. That was my big wake up call.... I worked hard to get that off, and in a blink of the eye I started to put it back on...

Good news is I have got that off and I am in new territory.... Lots of good advice in the prior posts.... Just start thinking about triggers in your life, about things that got you here.... Change takes time... and prior posts are right Medifast is great for loosing weight but not so much for changing how we think...

Sometimes it takes time to find that switch inside that changes our mindset. keep up the good work... think about what you want in life........

Comment #18

Hi Misty,.

I am a newbie on Medifast and just completed week one into the program. I am a 51 year old woman who has had a string of ups and downs of dieting over my life etc. but in my experience the common thread is.

You can never run from your relationship with yourself..

Food can become a security blanket, our now adult binky, that is so vital to nourishing and supplmenting our inner core. It seems to be almost.

As if we are that innocent little child using food as a blanket or binky,.

Struggling to be safe and okay in a turbulent world..

As women, we are wired to be givers, doers, we empower others, we stablizie others, we.

Do for, we are always busy......

How do we learn over time to nurture our spirit, our hearts, our creativity?.

Many of us have used food like a best friend, never letting us down like an old dog that loves us alwasy. There are associations in our brains and bodies that.

Are so powerful, so nourishing and lovely,.

That NOW we are being told to "let go of" if you.

Really want to be thin?.

This ain't easy..

I am a big believer of hypnosis, creative visualization, mental imagery that.

Helps to reprogram a "new" way within. I wish someone I trusted told me that.

When I wan 20, I could have saved thousands of dollars and 30 years chasing diets and new ways, new books, new methods of "getting thin.".

You have to think you are worht it,.

And you are,.

We all are..

I have some contacts and some books that may help you..

I feel I have reached the ripe time in my life that my inner is right on,.

I belive Medifast program can no help me to get to the outer reflecting the.

Inner. I am minus 5 lbs, 55 lbs more to go..

Think Positive...

Comment #19

I can totally relate, too. I have dieted and lost weight many times in the past and re-gained it. I have realized that I need to start reprogramming my head now to get it tuned in for maintenance. I am doing this so that I don't have to get a knee replacement and have surgery on my neck for a bad disc. I also realized that I had a terrible sugar & carb addiction. When I came to that realization, it made the decisions so much easier.

It's a process... It will take a long time, but every day I do a lot of self talk when I see trigger foods, I think about the effects they would have on my body. It's really helping. I have a long way to go, but I feel a lot more in control of my future with my focus on after...and not just on goal. I can recommend another book to you...Dr.

I hope this helped..

Comment #20

Just yesterday I was in the supermarket fondling a loaf of French bread and whispering to it that I could not wait to have it again next year. Last Sunday I burst into tears when I realized I was going to have to survive football season without my beloved chips, dip, beer, etc.

I am not sure if I am a food addict but I love junk food and, more than that, I love convenience. To me junk food is easy to make and easy to love. My plan is to try and make healthy food easy so when I hit transition I will not revert to my old habits. Honestly - I am scared sh*tless! But I am taking it one day at a time and having faith in the 5%ers who post here that this is possible.

Good luck on your journey...

Comment #21

Nothing to LOL about......Overeaters Anonymous (OA) is THE 12 step program for food addicts. And there is an OA/MF discussion board under the clubhouse settings. Come try us...... And you can go to online and/or phone meetings, as well as meetings in your town......



Comment #22

Misty, you won't mess it up if you do T&M like the program is written. Believe me, I had the same fears as you, but the reality is that after the 4th month I knew that this was a lifetime change in my relationship with food. It comes gradually, you can't force it, and over thinking it won't help you. Until the 4th month I was still obsessed with my next meal, as I ate a meal. Old habits die hard. Go with the plan, do it 100%, and let yourself have the awakening of the new relationship.

You have received some great advice on this thread you started about the birthday food. Let me just remind you, there are 365 days in one year. One of them happens to be the same month and day that you were born on years ago. What makes that so special? Did YOU do anything to cause that? What are you celebrating? As far as your kids, let them celebrate whatever you are teaching them about birthdays, but what you eat has nothing to do with THEIR celebration. Like one poster said, give your kids a healthy mother who will be around to nurture and love their children one day.

Getting off plan EVER is a bad idea, and you know know that.......

You can have excuses, or you can have success, but you can't have both. You decide which is more important to you, friend. Tough love here, but love it is..

God Bless,.


Comment #23

One last tip, it helps to read a little bit of a book about health and better eating, as well as something that feeds your spirit everyday. Maybe a few minutes when you wake up, and especially a few minutes before bed. It gives you something to cogitate on during the day and even while you are sleeping. This will slowly reprogram your brain. Also invest in a few cookbooks of healthy recipes. Mark the pages of the ones you can try now for L&G, as well as some new ones you want to try after you transition out, with little post-its.

Dream about healthy food, not the crap... Personally I've never been a big fruit eater, although I like many of them. I crave fruit now, and I dream up fruit and veggie recipes all the time now...

Comment #24

I thought the irony of the (my) situation made it funny....not that the problem is a funny situation. While those groups are a great way to utilize accountability for some....I am the type of person who could duck out of something like telephone calls and online support if I were to binge. I would love to find a group 'local' to my area to meet others like myself who struggle with food addiction. I think that would be benificial in my life and many others...

Comment #25

Absolutely NOTHING is WRONG with you. You're OP, you've been very successful so far and most importantly YOU ARE MAKING IT WORK!..

Comment #26

I am avidly searching and working toward release from my emotional eating and food addiction. I am working with a therapist because I feel that if I don't work on the food addiction then I am never going to keep the weight off for good..


I have recently come across a website that is helpful to me, it's, lots of free info is available..

Comment #27

Please, please, please, buy a copy of The Beck Diet Solution! If you read it and work through the steps, you truly will be able to change your thinking about food, and this can be the last time you have to lose weight. I got my copy for about $3.00 on Amazon, but it's worth it's weight in gold. Buy it, do it, believe in yourself and you'll be fine!..

Comment #28

I'm waiting for the day when I'm not thinking about either food or how fat I am. I also love food and sometimes feel like I'm living to eat instead of eating to live. So I just tell myself that over and over again when I start thinking about what I'm missing out on: "Food is fuel. I eat to live. I live to do many other things, I don't have to live to eat." I try to treat food like medicine. In fact, I'm not going to do fancy things with my recipes any more.

Once in awhile I'll make like a cauliflower pizza crust, but most days will be bare bones simple.

I need to retrain myself into thinking food isn't everything and instead is a chore; something to do to get out of the way so I can enjoy other things..

I'm not always successful. I will struggle. I just take it meal by meal...

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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