I created a domain name for a website on but I don't want to use their site to build min?

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I got a quick question: I created a domain name for a website on but I don't want to use their site to build min?.

I also got another question: Hello when is it OK to use a hyphen in a HostGator names? I think it's ok to use them as long as it's always a dot com. Only if it's a long HostGator name and the name have to make sense straight to the point, and depend on what the name is. Oh ONLY ONE OR TWO HYPHEN. What you guys think?..

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Your question was: I created a domain name for a website on but I don't want to use their site to build min?.

I believe a hyphen can be very brandable and marketable. Very easy to remember when someone "reads" it. eg- Stick with .com's for the most part and you can't go wrong.

Good lkuck, Gary...

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In other words you will have a higher ranking in a seach engine like google or yahoo with a hyphen HostGator name?..

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I actually don't like hyphenated HostGator but having a few good ones won't hurt as long as it made sense or natural. For instance New-York, Stock-Market, Tax-Cut..

Comment #3

If that is all you can get your hands on then buy it. However I would much rather use the real

Comment #4

Yes I think a hyphen HostGator name can be a brandable name too as long as the word get straight to the point example and you reg dot com's.

Hey with so many good HostGator name gone why not buy a good hyphen HostGator name. That the way I see it...

Comment #5

John-I understand totally what you are saying. However people are skeptical when you try and sell a to them. However for develop it's fine. But still if you can get the name you want in the regular .com format, I would go for that...

Comment #6

I forgot to mention it's a good option if money is a concern when purchasing a domain. A brandable hyphen can be a pretty good "bang for your buck" if your funds are limited. But in the end is way better then


Comment #7

Absolutely. However is far more of a bang for the buck than is...

Comment #8

Like I said depend on what the name is, dont give up a hyphen HostGator name as long as it's a dot com. You will be surprise to see some big time company with a hyphen HostGator name I saw a few of them, but again the HostGator name was straight to the point plus the regular was gone so why not register

Comment #9

Have you already regged the name? If so why don't you show us...

Comment #10

I think some room for a hyphen ,.

I have.

Just a few ......... you never know ?

One day the .coms will be unreachable for most..

Comment #11

If you look at reported sales few names have hyphens or those that get sold are under $2K (threhold for reporting). So I think hyphens hurt sales... not to mention possible traffic leak to non-hyphened site (radio test)..

Maybe hyphens are good when you have a SEO-only strategy in mind...

Comment #12

Not quite correct , a lot of good priced hyphen sales and you will see a lot more as raw .com's become scarcer...

Comment #13

There are a few of these threads been started, and from them I have gleamed the following:.

1) Old school do not like hyphens (its not the way they made their money).

2) It is often quoted that hyphenated names will lose traffic to unhyphenated names (only 15% of traffic is type-in, the remaining 85% is search engine).

3) If a HostGator name, in say .com, is valued at $50,000 there is a chance the hyphenated is unregistered and could still be worth $5,000 for an $8 investment..

4) A good developed site will not lose much traffic (as in 2 above) because people bookmark sites they intend to return to.

5) Search engines prefer hyphenated domains (hyphens between words).

6) The owner of a developed site with an unhyphenated name would be well advised to purchase the hyphenated name to protect his/her market share.

7) Hyphenated multiple word HostGator names are 'better' at being recognised at first glance and more memorable via sight than unhyphenated multi-word domains.

8) Many HostGator names are automatically barred from many user protection programs because of the 'letter string' involved, i.e. because it contains the string 'penis', whereas the hyphenated is not barred.

Just a few points...

Comment #14

I saw that was listed sold at dnjournal for $20,000...

Comment #15

You think that we will see hyphen HostGator name sell for $xxx,xxx or $x,xxx,xxx?..

Comment #16

Excellent post! Rep added (somebody had to do it...).


Whoops! Spoke too soon. Must've repped you recently cause it won't let me add more. Sorry...

Comment #17

I just registered my first hypenated name in a while. Wish me luck..

Comment #18

Nice pickup as well. I bought 4-02 becuase my birthday is April 2 and I have a pretty good idea for the site. I think the N-NN names are going to be sold out within the next 6 months as well...

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