I can't get my Powerpoint's to download when building a website using FrontPage and GoDaddy ftp host?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: I can't get my Powerpoint's to download when building a website using FrontPage and GoDaddy ftp host?.

My 2nd question is: Just wondered how many fellow domainers have seen the news about 'Spyland' and the Gran Scala resort being built in Spain? Link.

I managed to grab a few domains even though I was late on board, anybody else grab any?.

By the looks of it could very soon be the 'pot of gold'!..

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Your question was: I can't get my Powerpoint's to download when building a website using FrontPage and GoDaddy ftp host?.

Thanks for sharing.

I would think this is Disney-alike park rather than Las Vegas style.

What name did you get?..

Comment #1

No, with casinos everywhere and amusement parks. Planned specifically for the gaming industry. They plan to have the first Casinos open in 2010/11.

I got '' and several others...

Comment #2

I also read about this a few days ago and managed to pick up some decent one's while they were still available. (.coms/.mobis).

If this even turns out half as nice as they are projecting, this will be HUGE on many fronts.

Here's To The New "Las Vegas"..

Comment #3

Makes a nice change to be in the 'first wave' of things, even though not the first...

Comment #4

Their can never be a new Las Vegas. Close but no cigar Spain..

Comment #5

D50, have to agree, but that is why we are doing it better!..

Comment #6

Exactly. We do it all better. However them trying to copy us is like a pat on the back..

Comment #7

Your Right - even they came out and already said that.

A close 2nd would still become a very popular place and even just being mentioned in the same sentence as Las Vegas is some super built-in PR...

Comment #8

Yes and no. Its great for PR but if it does not live up to the hype then it will fail...

Comment #9

We'll let's hope that $25 Billion Dollars and the help of the Government is enough to get it to that statis.

3 years in the planning and this type of support, I'd say it has a Very Good Chance to make it's mark...

Comment #10

D50 that is definately a 'glass half empty' statement!.

Why would it not live up to expectations?.

If anything it will be bad news for Las Vegas, every dollar/pound/euro spent in Spyland is one less in Vegas!.

Anyway only a few years to wait!.

Bucks, I think I must have followed you, ended up regging a load of .net and .info where the .com wasn't available, still a few $x,xxx each for 4-5 years at $7-$8 a year is still agood return...

Comment #11

Why not? Simply becuase people are not going to go to Spain for the summer rather than Vegas. Sure some will but not the majority...

Comment #12

Someone doesn't know Europe!.

Spain is the biggest holiday destination in Europe, literally 10's millions go there already!.

This is as sure-fire as they get...

Comment #13

No I understand that. Im saying that people arent going to go to Spain over going to Vegas...

Comment #14

Ye Spain is probably the top tourist destination for holidaymakers in Europe...been there loads of times..

Comment #15

Sure but if you lived in America. And you wanted to take a week long gambling trip. You go to Vegas, you wouldnt go to Spain...

Comment #16

Very true, average earning Americans are going to stay in the U.S, but Vegas is getting plenty of competion these days.

Look at Macau. it built it's first Casino about 4 years ago and this year it's revenues have surpassed the combined gambling of all the casinos in Vegas!.

Who knows this Spain investment may be as succussful...

Comment #17

I picked up mainly .EU names based on the premise that it is a European venture and situated in Europe. Also the equivilent .com names were already taken so I decided to take the .eu's. I also feel that .eu will eventually come into it's own right and the timing could co-incide with the planned opening date of Granscala..

Here are my domains:.

.COMS first:. (GRANESCALA is the official Spanish spelling).

My .EU's.

The last 2 GranscalaCity and GranscalaResort and also GranscalaCasinos happen to be registered in the .COM versions by the Top Executive of International Leisure Developments who are the consortium in charge of GRANSCALA one Mr. Paul Allegrini. Here is their official website by the way:

Well lets see how this goes. I am cautiously optimistic as there could be all kinds of hickups off course. Do read this article as it puts another perspective on the project:

Also this blog reveals much opposition to the project.,1020.0.html.

Even the WWF and Greenpeace are up in arms.

Also see this blog:

Here's a google search for Gran scala casino:

Comment #18

When are GreenPeace not up in arms about any development?.

You are right though to point out the opposition, but this is all but done and dusted. A couple of phone calls over the weekend to friends in Spain re-assured me that public feeling was in favour of the development. The biggest concern many had was the availability of water, but apparently that has all been sorted in the planning now...

Comment #19

Everyone's probably busy registering what they can get their hands on. I didn't get any though...

Comment #20

They are.

Let me dig out a link for you.

Edit:,00.html I'm not too sure about SpyLand (seems a little too niche), but the Gran Escala project as a whole looks like it's going to do well, being in Spain and full of casinos it will be the budget alternative to Monte Carlo. I can see people over here thinking "Why spend an extra 500/800 on flights to Las Vegas when you can gamble it away closer to home..."..

Comment #21

Reminds me of one of the episodes of 'Yes Minister'.

Hacker (the government minister) is threatened by his daughter that she will do a nude protest to protect the badgers in a wood about to be dug up for development. Upshot is she changes her mind when she finds out there are no badgers but a great many rats!.

I wonder of these 200 new species how many are insects? Strange that Greenpeace do not describe any of these new species!.

P.S. If any of you are not familiar with the 'Yes Minister' and 'Yes Prime Minister' tv shows I would suggest you make an effort to get to see some on video/dvd, they are classic comedy. Margeret Thatcher said they were true life comedy, they were her favorite shows...

Comment #22

Vegas - Captures a Huge American market.

Macau - Captures a Huge Asian Market.

Middle East - Gambling banned in alot of places.

Spain - Captures a Huge European Market.

....makes sense to me.


Comment #23

That's because Macau's niche is asian market, which is..."kinda" larger than Vegas' niche(american market).

So if this spanish casino is built, I think it's niche should be european market, if not it will be stupid. They can actually shoot even further by targeting the north african(such as egypt) and some of the middle east market too.....


I am latecomer, seems like it is too late..

Comment #24

Some seem to think this is just one casino, it is actually 25 casinos in the resort.

Metronome, no you are not too late but now you will have to delve a little to find names to reg...

Comment #25

I sometimes miss little gems like this by making full use of vBulletin's 'Ignore' feature.

Not that I'll see the answer, but whose research are you basing your information on?.

As a European, If I was going to go on pretty much any type of holiday I'd take any European destination over any North American one; simply for cost/convenience factors- and that resorts/facilities are as good as or better than North American counterparts in many instances..

Many people (Europeans) I know would agree with this (although I wouldn't dare pass it off as a fact that all Europeans would prefer something to something else based on this)..

Comment #26

There is a video of the master plan at towards the bottom of the page.

After watching this I would say the Gran Scala will be so unique then anything else in the World it will always have a solid base of tourist's coming from everywhere...

Comment #27

Yet again I will explain. I do not think that people from America will begin to go to spain over Vegas...

Comment #28

I'm sorry domainer50, I only noticed... and.. and did'nt notice..

Sorry, My mistake.


Comment #29

Honestly DM50, why do you think that Americans would make up a big percentage in Spain? Still, the spanish casino complex could get more visitors from all around Europe than Vegas from America. Just for your information:.

Population of America: 301 million.

Population of Europe: 728 million...

Comment #30

You guys are arguing something I'm not trying to prove. I agree they have more people and will get action. But I do not THINK that they are going to steal Americans who want to go gamble for a week...

Comment #31

Official presentation of Gran Scala project:

Bucks, I just saw that you already posted a link to the video...

Comment #32

It would seem that a lot of interest is now flowing in this direction.

Picked up some more today myself...

Comment #33

If it looks like this is picking up steam I might reg some myself. But again I do not think that Americans are going to choose spain over vegas...

Comment #34

We hear you crystal clear - You don't think that Americans are going to choose Spain over Vegas.

Nobody said they would !.


Comment #35

Does the project have a fixed name already or is GrandScala just a proposal? Because I think the name needs to be fixed before one can start looking for suitable domains, otherwise if the proposed name is not chosen in the end you end up with several unusable domains.

Also, with this project it may be interesting to check where to buy .ES domains for a good price and still with a reliable registrar. Because if this project goes ahead, it will increase tourism to Spain and give .ES a boost in general...

Comment #36

Gerrit, the offiial name of the 'city' has been chosen as 'Gran Scala'.

The number of google pages seems to have jumped to over 500,000 and if I remember rightly that looks like a ten fold increase on a week ago!.

A load of Gran Scala domains on Sedo now (not mine)...

Comment #37

Just in case if anyone's interested, all available at time of posting.







































Comment #38

Thanks lzy, but now have a look at 'gran scala', what a difference.

I have today recieved my first substantive offers on a couple of my names...

Comment #39

And Gran Scala, still plenty available, .fm can be a radio channel for gran scala.
































Comment #40

Yes, but nothing worth while!.

Now to really research this find out when the reg'd ones were reg'd!..

Comment #41

LOL. That will take ages, I'll let somebody else with more resources handle that task...

Comment #42

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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