I cannot get my website on to work....please help?

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My first question is: I cannot get my website on to work....please help?.

My next question is: Wanted to know just how important is trader rating for you guys.

Right now I have a rating of 0 and it seems to be affecting my sales...

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Your question was: I cannot get my website on to work....please help?.

Why don't you buy a few things to prove your credibility?..

Comment #1

I find it important when dealing with other members- I built mine up, and do look at others when selling or buying from others..

Comment #2

Yeah, make a few low priced transactions either buying or selling to get your TR up. Once people see you have a few good transactions, they'll be more willing to deal with you.

Good luck!..

Comment #3

Well, it makes sense for people to be cautious - anyone could fly in and rip someone off.

In a way i'm even more weary of people who have only posted a few times also.

Agreed - buy some things off people and trustworthy factor just goes up...

Comment #4

I always check it, and it's very important for me personally!.

All the best,.


Comment #5

Yes, very important because of the recent scams. Though remember, people with high rating still have potential to use it against you, but most wont..

Comment #6

I always look at how long people have been a member and check their TR..

Its better safe than sorry imo...

Comment #7

It might be more than just the lack of itrader. you've only been in the community for less than two months, no green rep bars, only 83 posts, etc. try to be a bit more involved and active such as buying some domains...

Comment #8

Means and lot to me when buying and I think it helps with my selling too...

Comment #9

Very important for me!.

In fact I like to check both the trader rating and the joining date!..

Comment #10

Trading rating is important but also registration day, posts and reputation are a big plus for me.

Also it's good to examine the ratings of the buyer/seller you want to work with.

A good rating when you buy doesn't mean he's good to his sales too.

Generally be cautious.

I tend to prefer repeated buyers/sellers better than a newcomers but I don't reject the opportunity to create a new trusted transaction/friendship..

Comment #11

Trader rating is huge on here and most other forums. It's almost like your "credit" on the forums. It may be a little hard to build at first and you may need to make some sacrifices (if someone has a 60+ good iTrader and you have may need to offer to send them the HostGator before they pay)..but it will be best in the long run. Build your trust on these boards...

Comment #12

The Trader Rating is like trust and respect.

It must be earnt.

With a zero rating you have neither.

Trading rating is important as well as posts and reputation..

Make purchases, build up your Trader Rating.

Make posts and be helpful.

It takes effort and time but it will pay off in the long run.



Comment #13

Thank you all who replied..

I have received offers to buy domains after this post..

I will buy from some of these guys...

Comment #14

When I first joined, I bought loads of cheap domains to get my trader rating up, then I started to sell and eventually I had +20 with selling and buying. Buying is the best way to start IMO, make sure you're prompt with payment and you can't go wrong..

Comment #15

Trader Rating is quite important as well as other things. Personally, I have a look at the Trader rating, rep, how long the person has been a member & also how many posts that person. Feel free to buy some of my names which are for sale..

Comment #16

I believe trader rating is bs..

The number of posts means nothing.Just look at what people post instead of the number..

Many people here post answers to get more credibility and/or to promote their domains,which this site allows to be posted everytime("signature")..

Everybody has read how important it is for googlerankings and such to participate in forums and put your domains in the signature.So self promotion is key.I would definitely value contributions without domains in the signature more than others..

Just like with bloggers you never know what people are up to and what the value of their text is.Look also at a site like,which get contributions from people from people who only are there to sell their domains/product.You believe they do not get paid for that?.

Shameless selfpromotion and promotion of products for which they get "kick-backs" are being promoted here and on all kind of blogs,all infomercials.

Regarding trust.I would rather trust a newbie than a senior. From my experience in the pokerworld, people do not f*** you the first time around for substantial amounts .The people who have been around and appear to have credibility get you for the bigger amounts..

Newbies may f.. you for 20 dollar, so what..

Also do not forget people who have been around may be looking for ways out or have gotten into financial trouble..

In case something happens other senior members prefer to believe one of their own vs a newbie, so trusting a senior member as a newbie is not a good idea.

Just trust nobody is the best idea, just decide for what amount you do not mind too much be f'd and have everything else be arranged by escrow. If you are looking for margins where the escrow fee makes a huge difference, you might be better off working for a salary instead off spending much time on this...

Comment #17

I don't really care much about TR when I'm buying as long as they don't have negatives, because I can always do a chargeback if they try to screw me.

As a seller I care a lot about it, and it is usually the determining factor when I choose to accept PayPal or require escrow...

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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