I cannot access my email from Godaddy server?

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My first question is: I cannot access my email from Godaddy server?.

My next question is: Just got an email from Sedo: Guess Lorenzo's contact was right..

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Your question was: I cannot access my email from Godaddy server?.

Is it possible the new owner is selling it again?..

Comment #1

With a BIN the same as he bought it for? Seems extremely unlikely...

Comment #2

Agreed. I think we all had our doubts about this one going through...

Comment #3

All those who regged a bunch of *pizza*.com domains are sooooo down now..

Comment #4

Thats not good news!!!.

Just after didnt sell... now

Comment #5

That is one HostGator I'd spend the "dough" on if I had it .. I'd consider putting together a generic call center where people from anywhere could order pizza from anywhere online or by phone...

Comment #6

Anyone interested in partnering with me? We can split revenues. I'll develop it if you'll front the cash...

Comment #7

Bummer. I hope the owner that got all that press, enjoyed his 15 minutes. Personally I don't feel the price tag was too high or low, but this is not what we want to see on high profile sales. Perhaps our resident 'Staff Emeritus' here can explain this to us, because by his past reasonings on other extensions, this means that the extension is in failure mode. Not that I agree with such, but he does seem to explicitally know why these things happen and what it means for the future...

Comment #8

He might need money urgently for some other projects?? Have you ever sold domains at the price you paid for or even less than that ???..

Comment #9

Possibly. Your email did not say BIN. Only say "asking price" and the seller might again put the HostGator into sedo auction at 2.6 millions hoping to fetch about 5 millions making profit of millions in a few weeks' time.

At sedo, asking price and real price might be totally different. Once I bid for a HostGator with asking price of $500 but the counter offer was xx,xxx...

Comment #10

Now what am going to do with ?

Oops... I just checked the whois - Frank Schilling owns it. Has owned it since 2002. LOL..

Comment #11

^ Double ouch!.

Such a great .COM HostGator name ... where are the big guns (Pizza Hut, et al.) on this dang thing?.


Comment #12

Bummer, with all that press you'd think they would at least explain why.

..maybe it was another decimal point problem like !.


Comment #13

Don't forget not selling either, or hitting it's reserve... strikeout... it is unfortunate that the ones able to afford such domains really don't know the potential they are missing...

Comment #14

Some 13 years after I started buying domains this still is a cottage industry.

I remember buying domains in 1995 and I thought I would have made millions of dollars on them by 1997....... but I was off a decade. I thought everyone would see what I saw, but it is just us select group of domainers that understand what a HostGator means.

It just goes to show....... the end users of today's businesses will NEVER come around in force to a understanding of domains. Only when ALL the kids are grown then MAYBE they will understand.

Just look at how hard it STILL is to explain what we do!.


Comment #15

There is a difference between an asking price and a price expectation. Besides, this isn't your average Sedo listing.

The fact that the nameservers/site never changed along with the fact that they are asking for the same price makes it pretty clear the sale never went through. If I get a chance tomorrow I'll call Christian and see if I can get him to spill the beans.

Hopefully DomainNewsWire will call Monty and get it straight from the man himself...

Comment #16

Well, when I want Pizza Hut I go to , not pizza.comI've been to many times, probably hundreds. Never in my life (before the big auction that never was) had I ever gone to pizza.comPersonally I think generics like this are way over-rated (not that I wouldn't love )..

Comment #17

Once again, not surprised.

I wonder if it will actually ever sell...

Comment #18

It will probably sell eventually, but this auction has probably hurt it's chances of selling at that price point...

Comment #19

OK. It would be good if you can clarify this. Now it is just speculation. I knew some flippers who made millions within weeks. This one might be trying to do so...

Comment #20

Personally I think his price is a bit high. PizzaHut, Dominos, Papa Johns, and some of these other guys aren't going to be paying 2.5mill for the name. JMHO..I think it's a splendid name and all and definitely worth the 1mill range..but I think 2.5 is a little high...

Comment #21

Less not forget PapaJohns just jumped in this market in the last 6-7 years or whatever, and Dominos' not too long before them. For any startup with the backing that wants to go head to head with the big boys, this may be a great niche name to have and promote with, and the price may be worth it to them. There's still a lot of investment money out there that doesn't need to be recouped immediately...

Comment #22

I would think a name like would be more of a trophy HostGator or vanity thing rather than a justifiable business expense. FWIW, the alexa ranks are:.

> 39,128.

> 7,306.

> 2,673.

> 3,681. definitely gets a lot of type-ins...

Comment #23

There no chance of a sale happening with a $2.6million asking price. The seller needs to realize the first Sedo auction can be wirtten of as meaningless and list it with a realistic asking price (like high 6 figures)...

Comment #24

If it did not sell with the original 3 ? big bidders and this is Sedo's first response then I consider it they have yet again failed to address the problem of shill bidding or whatever reason is going to be given for the failure of the sale and are making a mockery of our business.

This is going to get press that will set back our industry for some time to come. The media likes good news but bad news is much better...

Comment #25

Tha high alexa rank is due to the auction, probably from every domainer in the planet hitting it. Have a look at the rank graph...

Comment #26

Yea, Sedo does second chance offers to some of the losing bidders, so nobody wanted it near that price range. Pretty disturbing people are bidding 7 figures and don't actually want it...

Comment #27

All that publicity and no sale, I even heard a DJ on my local radio mentioning this sale...

Comment #28

That's so true..... never really thought about that.

The next buyers may not want to buy it at that price b/c others did not. Value perception has been hurt and so has the name now.

So the lesson might also be that if you auction a premium HostGator and someone pulls out after much public attention, then your asset will be damaged. I guess you can thank Sedo for that if you are the owner..


Comment #29

You know who should take a swing at it is Little Ceasars. Imagine how many people mispell that name. I got it right the first time I spelled it but I had to pause and even then I had to make sure it was right. They work on volume and this could help then take away some business from the big 3.

It makes a lot of sense for them.

I can see why the Big 3 aren't moving. The name is more a luxury than anything else. Everybody already knows their web address and while the type-in traffic and marketability aspect would be nice, it's probably not anywhere close to 2.6m for them.

Also, the question becomes do we advertise our or Does just forward to us?.

Great name and whoever buys it will get a well publicized website...

Comment #30

Very good point, I typed it in after seeing your post and still spelled it wrong. Plus their alexa rank is 70,709 so they're likely getting less traffic than Don't know if they could swing it at that price tag though...

Comment #31

Little Caesars should get pizzapizza.comI'm guessing that's still their mascot's tagline? I haven't seen one of their commercials in many years, they all closed up around here, but that's the first thing I hear of when I hear Little Ceasars...

Comment #32

I think Pizza Hut or Dominos would just forward it to or as that is there brand everyone knows them. So this makes not worthwhile for any of them except maybe little ceasars which most people could not spell any way. But who can not spell pizza hut or remember that right! Then it would boil down to a defensive buy for a pizza multinational to buy, would get enough type in pizza buyer traffic to justify 2.6 million dollars?..

Comment #33

Here is how the search volume stacks up - at least in Australia.

DATE pizza pizza hut dominos.

15/03/2008 0.0009% 0.0102% 0.0082%.

22/03/2008 0.0009% 0.0104% 0.0080%.

29/03/2008 0.0009% 0.0103% 0.0078%.

5/04/2008 0.0009% 0.0104% 0.0077%.

12/04/2008 0.0009% 0.0105% 0.0075%.

19/04/2008 0.0009% 0.0106% 0.0075%.

26/04/2008 0.0010% 0.0106% 0.0074%.

3/05/2008 0.0010% 0.0106% 0.0074%.

10/05/2008 0.0010% 0.0108% 0.0074%.

17/05/2008 0.0010% 0.0111% 0.0075%.

24/05/2008 0.0010% 0.0114% 0.0076%.

31/05/2008 0.0010% 0.0116% 0.0077%.

Suggests that brand recognition (or loyalty) for the two leaders is particularly high. This, unfortunately devalues the generic somewhat.....

Comment #34

How can they let the buyer (or ex-buyer in this case) get away without any legal action?.

Why would he bid in the first place if he can't pay for it?.

I'm glad they implemented new ways to ensure that the bidder is a legit buyer...

Comment #35

Of course, their brands are printed in our minds permanently, many many years and billions of dollars of marketing has made it that way. That is why the generic is really not suitable except as a general pizza traffic redirect..

Comment #36

-The lawsuit would probably be more trouble than it is worth..

-The probably have no clue who it even was..

-Even if they did the guy probably would have no money. To bid the price up so some else pays more or just to fool around...

Comment #37

Oh yea ! It was a blooper.

Some members were BS'ng with me, asking how I knew that the sale didn't go thru, what proof do I have and things as these...

Comment #38

I said from word go the sale was bullshit along with sale rofl.

Tbh it's sad how many bought the one, quite shocking what people will believe when they want to..

Comment #39

Well, it makes more people aware of the new sale of this name right now. Maybe a buyer will come around now with the added press..

Comment #40

I dont understand the people who are complaining about the price being too high..

We are talking abt big companies here.

A superbowl ad for 30 seconds cost 3 Million dollars

Surely the publicity this sale generated was more than what they would have got with a 30 second superbowl ad..

Comment #41

Don't know about that... I don't know anyone in my personal life who heard about this "sale" just fellow domainers. A good superbowl ad (like Godaddy tends to have) and you instantly have millions of new customers...

Comment #42

Why didn't Sedo sell it to the second winning bidder ?

Comment #43

I'm sure they tried, but the second bidder probably didn't want it...

Comment #44

With the price it went up to [crazy], you can be pretty sure there was a long line of non genuine bidders...

Comment #45

2 mil is too much for a name like that. The Pizza market isnt that big unless your Dominos or some other big franchise. They are already branded they dont need to spend more on a name...

Comment #46 is an Amazing name to build a full NEW business just like the branded ones that already exist. Papa John's, Pizza Hut are already branded. You could build a full business just off the HostGator and call the pizza company The online ordering numbers are Huge and growing more and more daily. You would still have to build little pizza shops like Papa John's has, but it's instant branding imo...

Comment #47

I would have to agree with Yofie.

You could have the next "Band Aid", "Kleenex".

Pizza brand Pizza...

Comment #48

Those started out as brands and became common words, what you're talking about is the other way around. That would be like having Water brand water, or Food brand food. I think you'd have a hell of a time getting a TM, much less enforcing it...

Comment #49


Have you confirmed this? There is no point of talking about this unless being confirmed...

Comment #50

Their brand name could be "" rather than Pizza, like or

What about one of the frozen pizza manufacturers? What about Jerry's or CPK? Or maybe a directory of pizza places, like a geo name, pizza places pay to list their locations on Build the name out as an internet business.

Also, a couple million dollars should not be a lot to a huge multinational corporation. It would maybe take a while to pay itself off with typeins, but they would own the asset for life (at $7 a year), and they could write-off the expense immediately...

Comment #51

Yes, I confirmed this with Sedo's cheif negotiator. He said "The previous transaction hit a road block and did not go through."..

Comment #52

Wouldn't it be sensible for the likes of Sedo to immediately announce hiccups like this instead of continued speculation by the sceptics etc who had already guessed the outcome.

Come on Sedo and the rest of you, front up with information when it is available, you would be appreciated and accepted for professionalism.

Hitting a road block - what sort of answer is that..

Comment #53

Yeah who would after fake bids apparently drove the price up and extra $million?..

Comment #54

So wht if didn't sell.

I saw. going for $10k at sedo..

Comment #55

Sure they're pleased...loss of a half million in commission? I don't think so...

Comment #56

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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