I bought a domain name on, but how do I go about designing my page now?

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My first question is: I bought a domain name on, but how do I go about designing my page now?.

My next question is: I registered a few .asia domains with Godaddy, right after the countdown ended. The process went through, and I have paid for them. After a while, I revied this kind of emails from godaddy:.

"Dear Dugu,.

The following HostGator name has failed to be registered:.


Error: Add HostGator failed for BANGKOK.ASIA: 2306arameter value policy error ( is reserved for sunrise1 application).

We will evaluate this error and retry the registration.

If appropriate.

If we are unable to successfully register the HostGator.

Name, your account will be credited accordingly. Please.

Allow one business day for the refund to be processed.

Please contact, Inc. if you need any further.


Sincerely,., Inc.".

WTF is this?? Does anyone have any idea? I though it was first come, first served!!..

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Your question was: I bought a domain name on, but how do I go about designing my page now?.

But reserved by whom?? I bought, and many more, and got the same error. What government has reserved this HostGator and why? Should I talk with my lawyer??..

Comment #1


And whois your domains, you will understand.

The domain, BANGKOK.ASIA, is a Governmental Reserved Name and is available for registration only by eligible applicants...

Comment #2

But SHOES.ASIA / ?? Why is this governmental??? For which country???Hell, if China has it reserved, why isn't Japan making a move? Why have they reserved commercial domains??/..

Comment #3

I too registered a bunch of names including,,,, and at godaddy, but now got nothing!..

Comment #4

Lots of good domains were Registered before Go Live!.

When I was searching in GoDaddy for Money.Asia lol it was Available!.

Then I rechecked in Reseller Club and it was SHowing UnAvailable.

There are some reserved names which you can't Buy.

For Example:

The Problem is with GoDaddy not With .Asia..

Comment #5

No, most of the registrars, including moniker still showing the reserved names as available.

Have a look at this screenshot:

The problem is only with the registry, which gives unrelated responses to the registrar APIs during the HostGator lookup process.

With some registrars, it returns valid results and with other registrars it returns invalid status...

Comment #6

Do you guys know which registrar give the right message for reserved names?.

That will save a lot of time..


Comment #7

Not to mention saving us a lot of money as well. Sure registrars refund us when the registration fails, but the refund is in credit. Not refunding cash to us. As a result, our money is tied with the registrar...

Comment #8

So the thread should be renamed to godaddy scam then?..

Comment #9

What scam are you talking about? I see it as a fault of .asia registry Not Godaddy.. No one got scammed so Relax and chill out...

Comment #10

I also purchased & from Godaddy, hey they must be making huge amounts off the interest of holding all our money in their bank even for a few days... I'm still waiting for my paypal refund from them...

Comment #11

There are a Lot of problems!! Real Problems!! All of us register what he think a premium names like and, wich showed Available!!!! I think it's Error in lot of registrar wich can't show us the true situation of domains.

Any way, Godaddy is fast, and reply quickly.. other registrar took a few days.. I'm still waiting to know if I catch some domains, or it was just loosing time...

Comment #12

Most of good domains are taken or just reserved ...

Comment #13

Could it be possible that they have registered the domains for themselves??..

Comment #14

That's very unlikely. The demand for the good names are so high that most of them went during the pre-reg. rounds.....

Comment #15

I am little confused after coming to this forum. I was able to register some of the name mentioned above thru Netfirms.

I even got order confirmation emails from them. The HostGator names I register was and

I have no clue what's going on. Any idea?..

Comment #16

EURODNS are scummers!!!.

Until today thay had ads for preregistration dot asia and "live registration from 28.03" PAUL-B are you from eurodns? you have advert in your sig. it's eurodns scumming!!!..

Comment #17

Incompetence or a Scam?.

In my opinion it has to be one or the other, and anyone here who has experienced the so called .asia landrush first hand must agree.

BTW Here are the current top sales which oddly have not updated since the sunrise 2. $20,501. $10,000. $7,600. $5,900. $5,700. $5,400. $5,200. $5,100. $5,100. $5,100.

On feb 20 2008 I pre-registered through during landrush full well knowing there would be more than one applicant, willing and waiting for an auction notice. I qualify the charter requirements due to my wife being a citizen of the Philippines.

We never received any notice from the registry,,, or any other .asia player. Only godaddy which sent the initial confirmation email and then several weeks later we received a "we have submitted your application to .asia registry and if there are other applicants for the name, you will be invited to participate in an auction for the name.

I waited patiently for the auction notice right up until the 24th of this month then saw floating along the ticker closing on the 25th for a laughable $10. I then contacted godaddy ( is still in my portfolio as pending btw) which they replied "I would have to take it up with .asia registry." I strongly disagree with that as I have no business relationship with .asia directly, and it's godaddy who took my money, but is getting off topic. I then contacted .asia registry and asked why we were not invited to take part in an auction, but received no reply. Within a matter of hours after sending that email, I noticed they had removed from the ticker. I still see closing 25th.

Domain Closing Date. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 26, 2008.

Domain Closing Date. March 25, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008. March 26, 2008. March 24, 2008. March 25, 2008.

Why don't we see any updated information, whois, who won etc?.

The answer is clear in my mind that this is either a scam or a case of gross incompetence. IMO Godaddy should be held at least partially liable for the misrepresentation and complete waste of my time and money as the promotion was all taken from their website not .asia, and godaddy should hold .asia liable for the turmoil it has caused their customers.

There is no transparency within this process, no accountability or arbitration. This is a big money grab!.

I never really thought that much of the .asia extension gaining any ground, with the exception of a few nice keywords like mine, and many of you above attempted to register, so for me it was either get a really premium .asia name or nothing at all. Today launches open registration, but I for one will not register a single HostGator from these scammers!.

I believe a Class Action Lawsuit is in order...

Comment #18

I don't think so. Dot asia web whois service has always been showing reserved names as reserved. It is your registrars that scammed you. So take a deeper breath and chill out mate. I am just sick of ".asia scam" threads...

Comment #19

I have been facing the same problem in Moniker...

Comment #20

Well you may be tired of .asia scam threads, but I am tired of being mislead by the .asia reg process to waste my time and money. BTW WHOIS say's nothing more than "sunrise application". As far as who's ultimately responsible; all parties involved have some liability as to a misrepresentation of their product to the public. I was told that if one or more party reg a name, we would be invited to an auction. This was the condition over which I was willing to invest time and some money. This did not happen and .asia has ignored my request for an explanation.

You are tired of reading a few little paragraphs in this thread? I am tired of reading pages for weeks over the mish mash .asia reg process information...

Comment #21


I thought I have bought, too...As well as,,,,heal

(through godaddy).

That was to good to be true..

Comment #22

Your app for was it sunrise? Did you claim a prior right to it due to TM, etc.?..

Comment #23

No, I didn't. I registered feb 20 which was deemed "landrush" preregistration for all the names that didn't sell in sunrise 1-2 and 3 The only prerequisite information available to me was charter eligibility which I have found is not enforced anyway. ie; proxy contact through resellerclub etc.

Although I live in Silicon Valley USA my wife is a legal citizen of the philippines and we have a residence and business presence there. Based on everything I have read over the last month, I should have been invited to participate in an auction. The closest thing to TM rights would probably be Black Entertainment Television and didn't think they would have much interest in .asia nor did they reg in the 4 previous stages. The word BET is in fact generic, and based on the rules .asia registry posted online I should have been invited to an auction. this is the first time in history that domains are not available on first come first serve basis so they have an obligation to be clear on this new registration process. You can clearly see if you visit that the data and closing dates are not on real time, nor is there any true sense of disclosure. Thank you for asking...

Comment #24

Look I understand and share your frustration but the quoted phrase above is where your mistake is. No you should not been invited because your app is landrush and there been sunrise apps for - check here (and it is earlier than yours with regard to coming to the registry, not to your registrar) And a valid sunrise app is always of higher priority than a landrush one. This is in the rules and basically understood without saying - it's the whole purpose of sunrise phrase. So I don't see anything is wrong here at all and hope you will get a refund from your registrar (if not then this is a rip-off by your registrar, not .asia)...

Comment #25

Appreciate you taking the time, and yes I see that one week after I preregistered this took place. I feel that based on all the hype and the system described as one that would limit the "chaos" as they defined it, it should not have been available to register. The registrars are given an API and the data comes from the .asia registry. They took my money and it still sits in my HostGator portfolio as application pending. This is not like a backorder where you know, and I waited until after all people who would have legal rights to the HostGator expired before registering.

Tell me then? Since I registered on the 20th of feb 08 and what your showing me is in the 27th of feb 08 and since today, one month later it's a first come first serve registration I think, and since celebrity and pioneer and sunrise 123 and blah blah blah prereg started in oct 07 or something like that; when did you say was the window when parties can preregister generic .asia names and then compete in auction if more than one registers?..

Comment #26

Anytime with the precondition that names applied for are still available after all sunrise apps against them have been checked and none approved.

With regard to API - yes it should have responded with "applied for" status. But I've seen some registrars' showed that status, some not, therefore it should be down to registrars it seems...

Comment #27

(Domain Action Description Todo by. new Ready for submission EuroDNS. new Ready for submission EuroDNS. new Ready for submission EuroDNS. new Ready for submission EuroDNS. new Submitted to the registry EuroDNS. new Submitted to the registry EuroDNS. new Submitted to the registry EuroDNS. new Submitted to the registry EuroDNS.

Pending actions in progress: 8.


The action will be processed automatically).

This info I got today in my account is not scam?????.

All this domains already registered , but not on my name. only azeri not registered. EURODNS SCAM!!!!..

Comment #28

It has easily been the most deplorable mess ever of a new HostGator extension release, that I know of anyway. So many problems, you can't tell if a HostGator is free or not on most registers or even the main registry for whois. Many of us getting funds taken out of our PayPal or cc accounts by registers for domains that are not even available and then having to wait for days till we get out money back. This could be difficult for some on low budgets.ASIA will be known for "How Not To Release a New HostGator Extension". The whole contact thing is also very confusing and there is no instructions on how to get this right. I live in Australia and don't even need to have a contact but that was not accounted for when I go to register, I'm treated as outside Asia region...

Comment #29

I think the problem is due to miscomunication between .asia and registar,.

I have pre registered during landrush, after I registered it I found out that has been registered during the sunrise. so if the auction for is running, i'm sure that I wouldn't be invited to the auction too. then i'll just wait for the refund from my registar.

Similar to your case, the different is mine hasn't gone to auction yet..

Comment #30

Almost all english are reserved!.

The only geodomain that I was able to register is which means beijing in italian. Are you sure? isn't Australia in Oceania continent?..

Comment #31

.asia also covers countries in Australasia (Oceania) too, I assume they thought .asiapacific was too long...

Comment #32

Well, I got my refunds from godaddy, still I really believe this is was a complete scam, and if I had more time and more resources, I would have taken Gddy and the other parts responsible to the court. There was no transparency in this process, and it should have been...

Comment #33

This exact same thing happened to me with my sunrise application. I thought it a waste of time, energy, emotion to try to contact them after crawling all over their website and not finding a way to contact them.

At the proposal of this new tld, I was in praise of how they were going to handle multiple applications by way of an auction. However, they have complete mishandled that process, either intentionally, by corruption, or unintentionally, by incompetence.

Their claim to be a non-profit organization is BS. What are they going to spend all those auction profits on? Salaries?..

Comment #34

AMEN! SCAM it is!.

5 minutes ago I received this:.

We regret to tell you that BET.ASIA could not be registered in your name because your application was denied by the .ASIA registry. Your registration fee will be returned to you in the original form of payment (the application fee is non-refundable).

We value your business and thank you for choosing, Inc. for HostGator registration. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call us at (480) 505-8877 or email us at , Inc.

No explanation as to the "basis" of denial. I do not remember any distinctions being made between "registration fee" vs "application fee" ????.

What I read was that if unsuccessful moneys would be returned. Maybe somewhere in the fine print! Nothing obvious after days of reading available info. Obviously the "landrush phase" of .asia is a complete scam! Even if GD refunds 100% of my investment. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely! .asia scammers! BTW How much is the f'n application fee? I can't find this anywhere!.

Like I mentioned in previous post with a few exceptions I can't see this extension going anywhere. I am tired of seeing so many appraisal requests here of .asia nature. My wife is asian but we both agree it's sort of a stupid extension in many ways, and with all these newbie HostGator investers regging western keywords with it. Just rediculious! Sorry folks...I must vent! AMEN!..

Comment #35

Vitalir, can you please expand your post so that a newbie to this forum like me can understand it? dogs bark, "domainers" speculate, invest, sometimes gamble, but complain when they feel they have been wronged' because the above 3 ventures require clear and concise rules to warrant playing the game. I hate suv's especially caravan. I also hate to be mislead... Do you mean to say "go with the flow"? If so, yeah' I agree! Bot do I not have a legit beef here? I can build a website in 1 day with more disclosure and info than .asia with all their big $.

Anyway, if it wasn't for the .asia debacle I would have not landed on this site, and I'm glad that I did. On a positive note..

Comment #36

The application fees should be USD 85 ....

That is the reason why I don't go for any .asia before landrush ......

Comment #37


The meaning was: domainers don't have any influence on things (well maybe with the exception for the big 5). They may bark, shout and swear on a new tld and it then can perform well, or they may have dreams of one (and buy loads of absolute rubbish in it) and it then can ruin. Whatever domainers do it is not them who decide on and make tld's future...

Comment #38

I am also not happy with how .asia is being handled. I searched a couple of popular dictionary words on and they were available. But when I went to GoDaddy to register they said the domains are not available!! I mean WTF! they don't show any whois info it's just blank...same is the case with DynaDot...they also said the domains are not available and no whois info :@.

I am pissed off!.

When you check whois info on it shows you 4 kinds of responses. 1. The domain,, is a Community Reserved Name and is not available for registration at this time.

Ok I understand they have reserved for may be auction. 2. The HostGator "" is either not found or not allocated. this HostGator is available...but wait till you go to registrar and there you will see it's not available!!! 3. HostGator not available and WHOIS information is shown below.

Fine with me. 4. Reserved by DotAsia.

Now WTH is this!?? if it is reserved then they should have displayed the number 1st response. What's going on?..

Comment #39

I think they really muffed up the auction processes (anything pre-GoLive). It seriously can't be that hard for to get it together with dotasia and schedule some auctions. The GoLive regos seem to be working perfectly well though, unless my moniker account is lying to me with and

A class action...exciting! which firm's putting it's hand up to lead/underwrite it? :=)..

Comment #40

For Everyone,.

You actually need to cross reference the DN in the sunrise and landrush lists..

When it comes up, "Not allocated" well it's not. It is however going to auction so....

All the other things "Community reserved" and bla bla is .Asia and china sitting on everything.

Basically, all 3 letter words are going to auctions.




So, during the initial opening of Go Live I think everyone had some problems..

Even though people get upset with this registry and that one you are actually only getting an invoice, you card most likely has not been charged.

There really are not any scams from the registers..

I though I had through godaddy a while ago..

Got an invoice and everything, never charged though, and just reversed the invoice and said sorry.

I think lots of us would like to own and ... some of us thought about it prior to golive though...

Comment #41

Where can I see this list?.

I looked in Closed Auctions.

And Scheduled Auctions.

And Current Auctions.

But couldn't find...

Comment #42

I think maybe before you submit for .asia, other than the normal whois,you might want to go through these list as well:

Comment #43

Not entirely true. some of those during sunrise were not paid for. went through that list on day 1 of open reg. got some good ones..

Comment #44


Thanks man.

By the way who is the cheapest .asia registrar?..

Comment #45

Check whois is they pretty fast and sharp, not like domaintools, always display " clear" .....

Comment #46

Oh really? And what are these gems you speak of? I registered prior to these docs based on all available information. BTW, still have not received my refund. Note: whois doesn't help you register a domain! Do I need to explain why?..

Comment #47

We've had our .asia name pending since March 26th even if it ISN'T in any of the lists above. Anyone have any idea why it's still going to auction? Godaddy and moniker still show it as available..

Comment #48

Yeah James, always comes back with the same result: The HostGator "xxxxxx" is either not found or not allocated...

Comment #49

Hi ThreeD,.

So how can this be explained? Incompetence? A glitch? Just a delay? A misunderstanding? Corruption? Or all of the above?.

I wish you the best of luck to get the HostGator that you wanted (honestly I do!) but, the way I see it, is all of the above! I guess your registrar and ICANN are useless in this arena. Maybe you could contact .asia people directly like I did to get no answer from them as well...

Comment #50

Thanks bud, I did contact the .asia registry, but I haven't heard back from them either The whole .ASIA HostGator is one big mess!..

Comment #51

In relation to I see that it is one premium HostGator mentioned as part of a long list of premium domains acquired by the CEO of See

Comment #52

I find that so interesting. Pool would have been the company designated to run the auction for How could this possibly be legal?.

Let me expand my question:.

You mean to say that after 1 month of research into the .asia registration process and all my efforts to secure a premium domain, and after successfully pre-registering (they kept a fee btw) with the condition that if one or more party pre-registered the same name then it would go to an auction which would be administered by, and that the CEO of Richard Schreier was able to secure for himself without inviting me to the auction?.

If I understand this correctly then that's just ludicrous and reprehensible!..

Comment #53

As mentioned in other threads, the HostGator was awarded in the Sunrise period (SR2B to be exact) based on a single application. It did not go to auction as a result. And it was NOT awarded to This is true for all the domains published on the "complot" site.

This can be confirmed using publicly available information: will provide the basis on which the HostGator was awarded and to whom, and;.

The Master Auction Schedule at will show the HostGator did not go to auction which means it was not given to by the registry to be placed in auction. was awarded totally independently of

Comment #54

Okay, then. Let me ask the question again and I will go slowly.

Who owns, has, is getting, knows the owner of

Who has it...plain and simple? Not a difficult question, if you know...let me know.

Because the only thing that comes up at who is: The domain,, is a Governmental Reserved Name and is available for registration only by eligible applicants.


Comment #55 was awarded the HostGator in the Pioneer Program which occurred prior to the Sunrise and under public scrutiny. Paperwork to complete the transaction is in process...

Comment #56

Then why was I able to register it February 20 th 2008, and why was it floating across the ticker at in march 2008 as going to auction? Why did their API allow my registrar to accept my $50 reg fee february 20 for as available and hold on to it for nearly 3 months when SR2b ended january 31? I was refunded all but 20% of it. What is this all about? Sunrise 2b: November 13, 2007 - January 31, 2008.

Exact Registered Trademarks applied for before December 6, 2006..

Comment #57

Do you seriously think domains like, shopping .asia, movies .asia etc were going to be simply left available for any schmuck to regg?? Come on man you are deluding yourselves! These are top generics and there is NO way in HostGator hell that such domains would be made available to joe average domainer.

Come on cant you see what this industry really is like!! INCESTUOUS AND SELF SERVING!!!! You are simply financing the big boys and wasting alot of your time!!!..

Comment #58

I knew that were true, but you would expect to see those names as 'reserved" and just move on with your day.

Oh, I missed the schmuck part when I first read this post. I will remind you, and as I have always stated' I was expecting to, and willing to go to auction. There is nothing schmuckish about that...

Comment #59 was awarded the HostGator in the Pioneer Program which occurred prior to the Sunrise and under public scrutiny. Paperwork to complete the transaction is in process..


Finally, I have the answer I wanted. has, or is scheduled to get,

All that was being stated so far was the process. At no time was it offered that had

As far as the " public scrutiny " ,I see the exact opposite; a process shrouded in secrecy and non-disclosure.

That was the one answer I was looking for and I need nothing further. Now, I can get after the process and how that was awarded and that will be a matter for DotAsia and ICANN to answer. And I have nothg but time.


Comment #60

MaguirePHD, in another thread in this forum you posted an email from me to you dated June 3 2008 where I had already answered your question about The following text is snipped from your orginal posting:. was advised on January 15, 2008 that our Pioneer application had been accepted. The remaining contractual paperwork is still in process.

To say that "you finally have an answer now" or "At no time was it offered that had" only shows you have not read what you posted 3 days ago.

There has never been any shroud of secrecy or non-disclosure; all of the data you have been requesting is publicly available. All of the programs that have been offered by DotAsia have been well advertised through their site as well as through webinars to all Registrars. And there were no restrictions placed on anyone from participating in any of the programs provided they met the application criteria.

As you proceed to build your case with ICANN, I encourage you to become more familiar with the programs that were offered and all of the publicly available data...

Comment #61

I stand corrected[U]. I reread Schrier's entire e-mail and did find that snippet in another section.

However, that changes nothing in my mnd about this entire dotasia, Drake deal.

All this does is make me want to know more about the awarding process..

If does have this legitimate claim in advance of all others, so be it.

But we will find out more about the process.

And in reading these threads from others, this process does cry out for more review.

And Rich, I don't need to review anything more about procedures. I need to have dotasia explain how someone could end up with so many of them to the exclusion of everyone else.

I may be initially ignored by alll these parties but I promise it will not be for long.


Comment #62

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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