I bought a domain name from, how do i edit and create the webpage now?

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My first question is: I bought a domain name from, how do I edit and create the webpage now?.

My next question is: This is too exciting... just had to share.

Guess who likes NamePros, just like the rest of us -

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Your question was: I bought a domain name from, how do I edit and create the webpage now?.

We're "Alive".

Congrats, Sahar and as always ... happy domaining!.


Comment #1

Wow, that's a nice compliment coming from one of the stars of the HostGator business. His blog is one of my favs.

NamePros community is #1...

Comment #2

I feel a little confused here.

Isnt this the same person that owned Premium Domains and advertised on namepros all the time ?

Comment #3

This is Sahar, great story -


Comment #4

Ok so is Sahar AKA- namepros member Cybertonic ?

Or am I still confused?..

Comment #5

No, cybertonic is someone else, if you read his post on Sahars blog you will see his name (don't want to post it here).

I don't know if Sahar has a NP user account ??.


Comment #6

Cybertonic is someone completely different who owns,,, and several other websites...

Comment #7

Probably just a bit of buttering up to get Bido of the ground.

Somebody has to use the service if it is going to fly...

Comment #8

I happen to like the Bido concept and think they'll do quite well with it as long as they keep to it's original goal of auctioning 1 great name per day...

Comment #9

Wow, what a couple of cynics...

He reads NP guys, enjoy it...

Doubt he's angling for buyers on bido from here.....

Comment #10

It is still going to be a challenge to get it to fly...

Comment #11

The very thing that's so great about Sedo/Afternic (their amazingly large number of listings) is the very same thing that hurts them. People have $100k+ domains for sale on Sedo which get next to no exposure.

I've like the concept since I first heard about it and still do. No clue how the "guarantee" aspect of Bido will work, but if they provide competitive guarantees, I really can't see how this won't take off...

Comment #12

Just to clarify, I was'nt agreeing with the cynical Duck !.


Comment #13

Got a bit bored with bido ......... joined for newsletter , got nothing , I haven't even bothered to see when it's up and running,... too much about about nothing..

Comment #14

They like to cruise this site, but where is their help or input?...

Comment #15

You assume that they don't.... where's yours?.

I don't see why but you've been harping on this for a while now.

Bill Gates is an American, you're an American, how often does he help you?.

Do the top people in any industry you're involved in help you personally? Or necessarily do good for the industry as a whole? Do you?.

Its great that top domainers read NP, at least it shows they're interested in keeping upto speed...

Whether they do or do not actually conduct business here or coach people in how they make money is frankly their own business, read their blogs if you're so concerned with what they do, rather than what does get done here...

Comment #16

I don't think he loves NamePros now, we crashed his site..

Comment #17

His blog goes down or is very slow often... is mysql dead as well...

Comment #18

I'm confused, didn't we just have a long thread on why the big domainers hate NamePros? Maybe related to this:

My servers were offline most of the weekend too...

Comment #19

Yeah, probably theplanet mess, seems they blew down three walls at the primary power source.

Had one server down too... still it in fact.

So hope he wont strangle me..

Comment #20


You have your opinion and I respect that. I have mine. I think it would be real nice if these very successful types would also come around here and have a face with their name.

I do read what they have to offer on Dnj etc. The problem with that is it is all coming from what they tell Ron. Thats great and everything. I guess if we want to talk to any of these high rollers we will have to attend Traffic right? Thats the way they like it...

Comment #21

What exactly do you expect them to do, come here and tell us everything they spent years of their lives and lost thousands of hard-earned dollars to learn? As much fun as it is to be part of a community, I guarantee you even the moderately well-off NP'ers with huge post counts aren't telling you half of what they know. That's business.

I think it would be fun to shoot the shit with legends of the industry too, but you can't hold it against them for not having time for everybody...

Comment #22

If thats your idea of a tight community of domainers so be it.

If the cream rises to the top, I want the straw at the top, not sucking up dregs from the bottom. We all loose when they don't participate here. I also know these types are way more busy with their domaining business that I am and understand they don't have tons of time to shoot the bull with us.

They see no value being here other than reading what is posted is what you are saying?.

Spoon feeding information without a dialogue thru certain channels is the mode of the day from these folks. Thats the way it is folks. Don't jump on me about it either. I am just saying what it is they do.

Super big domainers love Namepros, they just don't engage in dialogue here...

Comment #23

Sucking up dregs from the bottom is all a straw does btw. What you need is a spoon and to learn how to get the cream off the top with it. No one is going to spoon feed you.

NamePros is the whole milk shake though, you need to know the cream from the dregs and use the right tools to get what you want, zimbly putt.

Roderick, I respect you too, hence I don't understand what you're on about with this. Your thread has already been closed and this is way off topic, so we'll leave this lie for another time and place...

Comment #24

I read that and had to sit there for a minute to understand.

That's a big endorsement for namepros...

Comment #25

Doesn't have anything to do with the way they want it, it's just the way it is. There are people in this industry at the top who make hundreds of thousands to millions and people at the bottom who lose big.. To expect the people at the top to "bridge the gap" and share all their knowledge and secrets with everyone in a public forum is unrealistic.

Be happy with what is shared, take advantage of opportunities to learn from others, use your brain and determination to take you where you want to be.

Thanks for sharing this news mwzd..

Comment #26

I finally got to read the post. I love that a successful and brilliant domainer is grounded enough to listen to the little guys. I emailed Sahar and he got back to me 7 minutes later. What a cool guy..

Comment #27

All the information you require to be a successful domainer is right here on this forum.

It's just down to how you interpret it and then it depends how you utilise that knowledge- in other words- it's up to you.

Of course all the "big boys" come here, they need info as much as we do...

Comment #28

Closing threads is good at times, but only when it becomes ugly.

Saying those top domainers, to come here and share all their knowledge is sidestepping my question. None of us on the lower peg of the HostGator ladder shares all our knowledge. Does everyone know what domains I specilize in? Hell no, and I ain't gonna say either. I will be part of this communnity though and I will add my two cents worth. Why can't they? They sure the heck don't have too. I am just asking why they don't.

Its all about networking.

If it makes most people happy that they they are not commenting once in a while around here I am glad for those people.

Aside from my viewpoint that it would be great if they did engage here I think they may miss out too from what this forum could be.

We should be able to talk about anything having to do with domaining here. If the questions are asked with respect than they are good questions. Reading into them is not going to improve dialogue either. If we are pros and this is the forum for HostGator pros then the question , "why is it most of the top money makers, (the big players) have no face here" is something that can be discussed without some suspicion of alterior motives.

To address the comments that everything there is to learn is here right now is true to an extent. We have many, many fine contributers here. I think much more could be learned here if some of these folks mentioned had a face here.

Maybe the very successful ones who do not engage in posting in this forum got tired of chit chat. Maybe they felt everytime a hard question was asked they got sucker punched for having the balls to ask the hard questions.

That being said this is the best forum I know of and I enjoy the whole buffet of viewpoints that are here now.

So everyone can stop jumping me about this. My contribution in Namepros is not just one viewpoint. If you are happy they don't make posts that is fine with me.

The closing of a certain thread I started was not my idea. My view is if a thread goes into the area of stepping on toes, the mod should deal with the person who takes the rude way.

There should be no topic we cannot talk about as long as we do so with respect for the opinions of others. When certain persons go out of bounds with rudeness or flaming it is my wish as a member here that those who do so are warned or dealt with. Shutting down threads everytime the subject gets heated is a poor way to run a forum imagine.

The dialogue should be able to go on, those who verbally attack posters are the ones in the wrong. The idea, or the topic is harmless...

Comment #29

Hell, I want to know how from the top domainers how to stop a namepros addiction..

Comment #30

Thank God I get paid to post at least it makes this addiction profitable.

Seriously, how bad is it when you have 2 separate ISP's (1 cable, 1 DSL) + computers in your house so you can make sure you can always access Namepros..

Comment #31

I noticed that as well. It takes a lot of time to load.

But the content in it is really valuable...

Comment #32

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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