I blew Medifast ?

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So I had about 2 good days and then I blew it. I cried, got depressed, felt hopeless and VERY scared. I dont want to put all my weight back on. I need to get healthy and strong. Yes, there is alot major stress in my life right now, the thing that is making me eat off, is the very reason I need to stay healhy and on program..

So I bit the bullet and ordered more MF. I think having such few choices made it a bit harder. I ordered my favs.... beef stew, chicken noodle soup, french vanilla shakes, chocolate and vanilla pudding, cream of broccoli soup..( I use to add more broccoli and subtract it from L & G)..

Next step, I have to clear my home of the crap....hard to do when I have others living here who thrive on the junk.... but even things like those new breads, deli rounds, I dont know the real name of them... ya know, the 100 cal. round bread that looks like a hamburger roll. got a few packages of those around, low carb wraps, (cuz I though before I came back, well, I will just do low carb, nope didn't work, ).... fruit ( LOVE apples, oranges, mangos, grapes, strawberries and blueberries and yogurt...

(see you can put weight on eating lots of healthy food too. I use to make a green smoothie, had spinach, kale, strawberries, and a lemon, and yogurt for the base. it was delish...) but I miss my size 12 14 clothes more than I will miss them. I REFUSE to buy a size bigger than what I have. so I will wear what I have and look foolish and feel the feeling of that part of my stomach, the younger kids call it a muffin top??? I think, after zippering my jeans.

Disgusted by it..

I also have begun talking outloud to myself...LOL... all positive self talk. Like how much I enjoyed that tomato soup.... how warm it was and I doctored it up with hot sauce, YUMMY.

So, I begin again... I am sure I regained the 3 lbs I had lost when I tried a week or so ago.I will get on the scale monday morning........ I am on program today ...even though I have a birthday party to go to. I AM IN CONTROL. I am sooo sick of this..... fat I feel around me, I feel awful..

But I will get better....stronger.... happier.......


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Buck up. You can do this. Spend a lot of time reading on this website and then stay in close contact with it and these boards...

Comment #1

You can do it!! You're already doing things to keep on track - buying the fave Medifast foods, clearing out tempting stuff, etc. Focus on one day at a time... Eating every 2 hrs, drinking tons of water, reading the boards. A lot of us (me included) have come to this having regained weight. It's a battle, no doubt about it. But isn't it better to start losing now than give up? We're all in this together!..

Comment #2

When I was trying to get myself into the right committed frame of mind, I spent ALOT of time on these boards. Read the success stories, look at the before/after pics, etc. You CAN do this and you will feel so much better in just a few days. By the end of the week I'll bet your clothes will be comfortable again..

Be so proud of yourself that you're back and on the right road. The positive self-talk is a great idea! One of the hardest things to do is fall and then get right back on the horse. Here you are mounting up and we're proud of you!!.


Comment #3

I think you have hit bottom. There is no place to go but up, and YOU are in control of when that starts. It sounds like you have the drive and the motivation. You just have to reconcile yourself to saying goodbye to the Off Plan foods for awhile. It's a grieving process, but you actually have to say goodbye to them...

Comment #4

Good luck to you! You can do this. When I first started I spent a lot of (probably too much) time here on the message boards. Post when you are down, scared, about to break and you will get support. Read the success stories for motivation an the tips and recipes for inspiration. So glad you have recommitted yourself, you will find the plan gets easier the longer you stick with it, it becomes second nature. Please message me if I can help you in any way!.



Comment #5

/hugs Making big changes isn't easy. But you're worth it. You can do it!.

I never thought I'd find anything other than gastric bypass that would work for me, since everything I did before stalled out after an initial drop. I thought my health issues were too much for my metabolism. But this is working. Just think how good you're gonna feel as your jeans get looser, and you need to pull out a belt to keep them on or risk disgracing yourself with a depantsing! Think about how good it'll feel when you have to put those 14s aside, because you'll never need them again.

I'm not quite two months in, and down 4 sizes (ok, those 16s are a tight fit, but hey, they FIT!). If I can do it, you can do it..

Comment #6

You may have messed up, but you've gotten yourself back UP and ready to go! Great job!.

For what it is worth, I approve of both reaching out for support here on the Medifast forum (great choice - we can all relate, and are ready to help you help yourself) and also ordering more choices in Medifast food. DH and I probably have an extra 2 months worth of food on top of what we order now because I believe that having more choices makes me much more likely to stay focused and on plan. I find that I wind up focusing on one or two or three types of food and eating that for a week or three - and then switching to something else that appeals and doing the same thing.

Getting rid of the "other" stuff around the house is a good idea too. I pitched a whole bunch of "other" foods before we started.

Hang in there.. if you can keep your self on plan for a week you'll feel like a whole new you! The energy level goes up, the hunger level goes down, and the sticking headaches fade away. :-).

Keep reading, keep posting.. you can do it!..

Comment #7

You didn't blow it. You just delayed your progress.

If there's one thing I want to pass on to new people, it's the fact that this diet gets easier and easier every day. These days I don't even think of it; it's just automatic. I binged days into the diet, and I was very discouraged by it but these days, I wouldn't even think of doing that..

I still have issues with food. Even people at the end of the weight loss stage, or maintaining for a year + will often admit to struggling with cravings. But I can approach these situations with a clarity of thought that I didn't have 2 months ago when I started...

Comment #8

Thank you all so much for your responses......

I am printing out this one part of one of the responses.....

You didn't blow it. You just delayed your progress.

Going to try and remember that. It has been hard today and I have done it, so far, so good. When family stress began to get to me, I just walked out of the house and walked the dog for a bit. When it started up again, I just went to another part of the house...(I was at a family birthday party, and in my family, stress happens even during 'happy' times).

Now I am about to make a cup of tea and relax..

Thank all sooo much for your thoughts, I am implementing each one of them, every minuteof this day and all of my Medifast days to come..


Comment #9

Hi there!.

I just want you to know you are not alone. Last weekend, I went away and did not stay on the plan at all. It was an all inclusive resort and while, I should have taken the Medifast with me, I made the decision not to. I'm up a few lbs and this week I was sick with a terribel cold and didn't really stay on the plan like I would have liked. Anyway, I'm feeling better and ready to put that DELAY behind me. Back on track tomorrow...let's get this weight off...we owe it to ourselves!!.

Good luck and sending good vibes your way!..

Comment #10

I have also struggled with having to eliminate so many food choices that seem healthy, like fruit and yogurt. But then I realized, the reason Medifast appeals to me is that it makes things so simple. It may not always be easy - but it is simple. Having fewer food choices can help - after all, as you said, the low-carb diet just didn't work. Also I think it's important to keep telling yourself that you WILL eat fruit and bread again, when you have reached goal and learned to eat them in a healthier, portion-controlled way! I've always reminded myself of that on the different diets I've tried. Like if you're at a party, and you really crave a piece of cake, you tell yourself, "I know what that cake tastes like.

But I don't need to have cake TODAY." Hope that helps!! Hang in there!!..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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