I am registered my domain in,now i park my domain in godaddy, but its not parking , why and?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: I am registered my domain in,now I park my domain in godaddy, but it's not parking , why and?.

My main question is: I was checking out the site and clicked on the auction section. There is a link at the bottom that says click the link for more info on the auction.

The link will bring you to the Manage page on (you will have to log in)

Then there is a submit section and includes 2 dates.. Dec 18, 2007 and Apr (the Apr one is for the RoundTable auction on the 21st).

So it appears there is going to be an auction on Dec 18, 2007 as well and it looks like you can submit your domains for both auction now!.

Not sure why DT has not announced this, but I thought I would post it...

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Your question was: I am registered my domain in,now I park my domain in godaddy, but it's not parking , why and?.

I couldn't see any mention of an auction on December 18, though there is an option of choosing December 18 in the submit section. DT will have to clear this up....

Comment #1

There probably not quite ready - I think Jamie may have stumbled upon this before they intended to let the cat out of the bag.... - as well as a few more have been submitted.


Comment #2

I think they are in stiff competition with Moniker to see who can do the worst job of marketing...

A week before Christmas auction on very short notice gives them one leg up in this tough competition.


Comment #3

Agreed. Who in his right mind would wanna fly down to Seattle for a HostGator auction a week before Christmas? Would you rather be spending time with your family, or bidding on on December 18?..

Comment #4

Don't get me wrong.... I like Large Hooters.. LOL.

But this is going to be an ONLINE ONLY auction for sure! So no need to fly any place...

Comment #5

I LIVE in Seattle (ok Bellevue) and am wondering if it would be worth driving a few miles for this (let alone getting on a plane). I wouldn't put anything up without putting very high reserves.


Comment #6

Now who doesn't like them...

It would be interesting to see there. I'm sure you guys will hit the 30-40k mark with it.

Btw, how long does it take to get paid if you make a successful sale? I might put up one of my names there, but I want to keep the cash flow going too.....

Comment #7

I think payment should roll out much faster this time then last time. I think it took me about 2 months to get paid last time, but I think it should be with in weeks this time.... I hope at least...

Comment #8

Guys it's an Internet auction has NOTHING to do with the DRT coming up in no worries of leaving your home..

Comment #9

I don't think you would see much.... Just Jay sitting at a PC watching the auction software do it's thing...

Comment #10

Great. That makes it SO much easier to ignore the auction. I bet it will be an EXCELLENT auction for buyers though.


Comment #11


2 months is a lot. 2 months would severely cut down my cash flow, as well as my budget for future purchases.

I think this is one aspect that should be looked into. Cash flow is a serious issue, and if any auction house is taking months for payments, it just makes them look unprofessional and makes us domainers look stupid..

Comment #12

Im sure you had seen the last Live Auction/Online auction. Not many bids came in "At" the show. Most bidding was online. The fact is, there are NO Real Time online auction houses. So for DT to have a Real Time auction is Great! For buyers and sellers. DT had over 1,000 online bidders last auction and it wasn't because of the conference.

For me as a Domainer, if I want to spend a couple grand to listen to people talk I would go to the shows. I invest into HostGator names, so I don't need to hear other people telling me about services and trying to sell me crap. I care about the Domains!.

The "Real Time" HostGator auction is fun for bidders and sellers and there does not need to be a conference going on, to make it a success...

Comment #13

I second that. I would strengthen it to say that if it doesn't get 30-40k then there is something wrong with the venue or the marketing thereof. This is an excellent .net.

Like I have said in other posts, I love competition, and some real competition in auction venues, format, etc. is nice.

Best wishes with the sale!.


Comment #14

Thanks guys - we'll see how it goes. It has been submitted...

Comment #15


Good news for those who liked Online Auction.

I sent an email this morning to confirm, and they just replied.

They ARE having an online auction only on Dec 18, 2007! I would expect official word from them very soon!..

Comment #16

Its interesting that it's less than a month away - but no "official" announcement from DomainTools...

Comment #17

I think Jay is still getting over the .mobi debacle.

I'm still skeptical if this one will be as big a success as the last DRT after Jay and Rick's very public feud...Rick holds a tremendous amount of influence in the industry.....

Comment #18

Is there a deadline for submissions to the Dec auction? Is there a theme?..

Comment #19

They havnt even "announced" it... Jamie just stumbled upon it - asked them if it was happening and they responded "yes"...

I would still like to see a blog posting or even an acknowledgment via email.....

Comment #20

Yah, just another mess. I was checking my domains that I submitted, and now the Dec 18th date is Gone! A new date was added Jan 03, 2007? Not sure if that was a typo and should of been 2008 or what.

I submitted another support Ticket and asked Jay to post here on what's going on...

Comment #21

Here people are on holiday on January 03. I don't think this is a good date for a live auction...

Comment #22

I will submit some of my domains now but I can't find any details about the requirements like HostGator Age, TLDs, Main Theme, etc..

Anyone did ?

Comment #23

I'd also be interested in seeing them too - anyone know what/where they are ?


Comment #24

"Generic Domains" will be the theme ?

What about the tlds ?

Comment #25

Sorry ! what's funny about this ?

You didn't assign your "one word" answer to any question ..

May be it's hard for me to figure it out..

Comment #26

Jay wrote about the Jan 03, 2008 auction on his blog earlier today.

Highlights:"We are only accepting 20 submissions per user" "the more generic the better the chance we will pick the domain" "We will require exclusive listing before the auction and for 60 days.

After the auction on unsold domains" " will be held completely online at.".

Big Negative many Domainers hate (read the comments): "If a HostGator fails to sell during the auction the seller is authorizing us to sell it for 20% less then the reserve price after the auction. We will run a closed bid process on unsold domains after the auction closes.".


Comment #27

HostGator owners are once again being treated terrible. these HostGator "auctioneers" treat domainers as if we are lucky to be part of these events when WE are the ones with the products. they expect us to agree to whatever they include in these agreements.

Sure, it's their event so they can run it however they want but any domainer with a brain will refuse these terms...

Comment #28

Most people that enter an auction are unhappy to sell at the reserve, and believed that marketing auction hype to keep your reserves low to stimulate bids.

I would never sign a contract like this, unless I artificially hiked my reserves by 70% before submission... which would eliminate me from the auction since the reserves would be too high.


Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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