I am in Atkins Dukan Diet. I need supplements.?

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Got a question... I am in Atkins Dukan Diet. I need supplements.? Looking forward for any response. My other question... I want to try and make some xmas cookies, but a low fat version...they are called saltine cookies....

Here is the recipe.

1 cup of butter.

1 cup of sugar.

Saltine crackers.

Semi sweet choc chips....

Here is my low fat version.

1 cup granulated splenda.


Sugar free semi sweet chips.

My question is.......what can I use in substitution for the butter? anything?.

And does splenda carmelize? does anyone know??.

Thanks for the help....i hope someone knows the answer to this..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably know..

Comment #1

Thanks for responding..

However, those cookies came out great ! I did have to put them in the freezer to harden them up a bit - they are perfect now.....taste really good but i'm definitely giving them away because they are addicting.....

Comment #2

Did you figure out the stats on the cookies? I LOVE those and wanted to make them but know that I will get myself into trouble!..

Comment #3

I have used Smart Balance brand spreads. Used it in an apple/blueberry crisp I made and it was great. No difference between that and when I used butter other than calories and fat..

Hope this helps..


Comment #4

No haven't done stats, but I know the regular ingredents have 10 grams of fat for each one !!..

Comment #5

Hersheys makes a sugar free chocolate chip...I found it at wal-mart. Outside of that you could chop up a sugar free chocolate bar...

Comment #6

Are they less calories Annette? Netrition used to sell sugar free chocolates similiar to the Nutrichocolates but they discontinued them...

Comment #7

I bake with Whey Low. I get it at Whey Low .Com. I use it in cranberries, Rhubarb, and in coffee and tea. Much healther than Splenda...

Comment #8

I dont think so...but in a nutso chocolate must have might work...LOL! Decide for yourself..

Serving Size 1 tbsp (15 g) Amount Per Serving %DV * Total Calories 70 Calories from Fat 40 Total Fat 4.5 g 7% Saturated Fat 3 g 18% Trans Fat 0 g Cholesterol less than 5 mg 1% Sodium 0 mg 0% Total Carbohydrate 9 g 3% Dietary Fiber 1 g 4% Sugars 0 g maltitol 7g Protein less than 1 g.

Ingredients: Maltitol, Chocolate processed with alkali, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla extract, milk...

Comment #9

It's lower than regular, right? Works for me..


Comment #10

The hershey's brand is 45 cals for 1 tbsp and 4.5 grams of fat.....

Its still "kind of bad", but it's great as a substitute for something a bit healthier...i heard that 1 cup of sugar has 770 cals and 1 cup of granulated splenda has 380, so that is saving you a bunch of carbs !..

Comment #11

I cook pretty much every day. My husband isn't a sweet eater so since I started Dukan Diet I haven't baked anything just some low cal stuff that never comes out very good..

I did feel a little guilty and made him a coffee cake when he wasn't feeling well (and I did have a piece) but if I do any baking I'm the only one that will probably eat it or pick at it so I don't..

I'm not tempted to eat any of the food I make for some odd reason, but anything sweet or with chocolate? Forget about it. I don't trust myself...

Comment #12

I hear ya.

I ask myself alot "why do you torture yourself", when chocolate is my major weakness.....??.

But when I do, I make sure it's lower fat - then I throw the rest away after nobody eats it after a week .......

Comment #13

I didn't mean to sound negative in my first response at allI have used splenda in everything from low-carb cheesecakes to caramel sauce, and I have used smart balance in everything from pie crust to crumble topping for crisps. Both are very versatile and come out with great results. It would have been more accurate if I said that anything that actually fit the Dukan Diet stats would not taste like the original. Based on the ratio of butter to sugar (Splenda), no matter what shortening you use (even Smart Balance Light, which is the lowest I know and has more water whipped into it), you would not be able to get a cookie down below 5 grams of fat, which is 1 fat serving on NS, which is all anybody gets to eat. I have no doubt they were delicious using fat and sugar substitutionsI love that stuff. I just don't think even a single cookie would fit our stats..

Again, I hate myself for sounding like a downerit makes me sound like someone on here who irritates the hell out of me. Believe me, I've posted recipes here that *do* fit the Dukan Diet stats the way I am following it, and have been jumped on for not warning people that my recipe includes a saved protein from lunch on a dinner entree, or a low GI carb that women don't get unless they have more than 100 lbs. to lose. I understand the desire to be creative and post ideas. But, I kind of feel like this particular idea crosses the line because it can never be healthy for any of us on NS..

Based on the recipe you posted, I can't look up any stats, because you only gave quantities for 2 ingredients, but a cup of crushed Saltines has 300 calories and 8 grams of fat *and* they're high glycemic index carbs. My regular Smart Balance that isn't whipped has 90 calories and 8 grams of fat per tablespoon, so at 16 tablespoons per cup it's 1440 calories and 128 grams of fat. Chocolate chips have fat in them, too, even when they're sugar free. This recipe would have to make a whole lot of cookies, just based on the shortening, even without knowing the amounts of the other ingredients, and it would probably have a high glycemic load, which would spike your insulin and make you hungry later in the day. And I know *I* wouldn't be likely to stop at one per day, either. I still say it's better to learn how to make a recipe that's healthier, even for friends and family who aren't on NS...

Comment #14

You don't sound like a downer at all. I appreciate all the info I can find regarding baking. Especially since I'm so terrible at it..

If I never baked anything again my son or husband probably wouldn't care. Not because I'm bad at it, but they aren't sweet eaters at all. Here's something else my son and husband have never had a cavity. They're both disgustingly healthy eaters and always have been. I guess I'm the black sheep...

Comment #15

Nah, I don't think you are a downer either....i appreciate you're knowledge. however, I do tend to make baked goods, and whenever I do, I try and make a healthier version of them; some come out good, some don't. thats the bottom line on the recipe I case anyone was interested, and can use control when having one.......

Comment #16

I can't..

Everyone got fair warning last year, give me cookies or anything like that, I throw it away. Well, I might not, but that's what I tell them. My mother is a food pusher (she weighs about 100 lbs) and loves to give everyone fattening food then talk about how heavy they are...

Comment #17

Swedish - BAD BAD EVIL mom you have - I know people like that too - I just wish a LITTLE weight gain on them..

Comment #18

I don't think she realizes she does it and if I say anything to her she feels bad. And makes me feel bad for saying anything to her. I guess we all have our 'issues'. She constantly watched her weight, but is always shoving food on people then telling them they need to lose a few pounds. She's older, so I'll let her slide. Not gonna change her at this point!..

Comment #19

Valerie - What do you think about using eggbeaters instead of regular eggs in recipes?..

Comment #20

OMG - I think I am an evil food pusher! I enjoy watching people eat stuff I can't eat. How sick is that?..

Comment #21

Laurie - I like cooking for people also, but whatever I make, I really do try to adjust the ingredients to make it healthier. my husband actually lost weight last year because of me buying all lower fat foods, etc...and he actually needed to GAIN weight, not lose...he doesn't have a weight he eats what he wants, but I still "sneak" lower fat ingredients in food without him noticing.

Regarding the egg beaters, I use them for EVERYTHING when I have it in the house. there is NO difference in using it for baking....i love it !.

Nancy - I understand about your mom...i'm sure she means no harm in the things she says..

Comment #22

I LOVE splenda, use it for everything, and for converting recipes to healthier versions. I substitute egg beaters for eggs, apple sauce for oil, and of course the splenda for sugar. And Pam has an awesome flour spray for baking so you don't have to grease the pan with crisco! AND the kids can't even tell the difference! Haven't run across the problem of recipes needing butter yet, because I avoid those! Any suggestions for a good butter/margarine substitute for baking besides the ICBINB spray I've been using would be appreciated...

Comment #23

Thanks for the info about the Eggbeaters Rose and Ginger!.

I made a broccoli casserole thing last weekend and didn't want to chance it since I was having people over for dinner si I bought regular eggs. I think I will try EB next time!..

Comment #24

I use eggbeaters (actually ReddiEgg which is the same thing) in place of real eggs all the time. At the holidays when we have company & I make deviled eggs for the buffet, I scramble up some reddiegg (cook it very well) and mix it in with the yolks from the hard boiled egg to make the filling go further and have my eggs filled more thoroughly. I also add tiny diced celery, smidge tiny diced sweet onion and wet the ingredients with (in this order) mustard, relish and NF plain yogurt to get the desired consistency being careful not to add too much at one time so the egg filling doesn't get soupy...

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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