Hunger from Medifast Program?

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So I'm entering week 4 today and I am just LOVING this plan.

Starting two days ago, I all of a sudden got VERY hungry in the middle of the day, about an hour after I had a meal. I don't know if it was b/c I was doing a lot of physical labor that day (9 hours of painting 2000 sq ft area) or if something is just different. Then again yesterday after work and about an hour after my afternoon meal, it happened again. No physical exercise that day.

I was wondering if anyone else experienced strong hunger in the middle of the day after weeks of not getting those growly hunger pains at all? Suggestions on how to battle this? I have been chugging water to get rid of it which helps some but it's still there. Is this odd?.


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I'd be willing to bet it's the painting!! That's tremendously hard work (i.e., exercise) and way more than Medifast recommends. You might want to check out the exercise board and see if anyone else has posed this question to the trainers. How much longer will you be doing the painting? You might have to adjust your meals if it's going to be going on for a while...

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I too experienced this until I started eating some of my lean and green at lunch time. I would be absolutely, stomach gnawing ravenous. I find if I eat a bit of lean and green with my Medifast lunch, I don't get as hungry in the early afternoon. Drinking water only goes so far if it is true hunger...

Comment #2

Are you still loosing? If so id go with it. For me, it seems like I'm loosing the most on days that I FEEL hungry...

Comment #3

Oh my yes! Hungry times come and go for me. I think the splitting of the L&G and having 1/2 earlier in the day is a good idea. It helped me by doing this...

Comment #4

The hunger kind of comes and go. Could be the painting but could also just be one of "those" days...

Comment #5

I usually find the hunger onset just before a big loss. It's the body's way of trying to get you to consume more calories so it doesn't have to enter the deep fat reserves. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. =)..

Comment #6

I have just gotten this same thing, no real hunger for over 4 weeks and suddenly starving. No increased exercise for me so it can't be that. Gosh I hope KB is on to something and a weight drop is coming, losses have been slow for me. I have been trying to battle the "hungries" with an extra few glasses of water if it isn't time for a meal...

Comment #7

I've been starving all week too...more tired...felt like my week 1. Then I pulled a big loss at weight in. I think was just losing a lot this week and my body was readjusting...

Comment #8

Kb, I agree, but love the way you explained it!..

Comment #9

Yes always have hunger days several times a week!..

Comment #10

Well if this story is true - i'll stick to it too!..

Comment #11

I don't know where you live but here during the fall, the weather definitely changes - I wonder if weather is related to our "hunger" - I know I eat more in the winter...or should I say USED TO EAT MORE..

Comment #12

Congrats on your weight loss! I sure hope that is what is happening with me as well!..

Comment #13

I have been hungry several days this past week. Today is my weigh-in and I lost 3.0 lbs - so maybe it is an indicator of coming weight loss. I hope so...

Comment #14

I have had hungry times all along but I definitely had more hungry days the closer to goal I was. I do think it was my body trying to force me to stop. hang in there. Have some hot tea in between meal times. That really helps me...

Comment #15

I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one. I've been on Medifast 4 months and have 5 lbs to goal. I haven't been hungry or tired since week one, but this past week I've been starving and exhausted...

Comment #16

WEll thanks to all - I was scared I was not doing something right even though i've been doing everything on plan precisely. So - I'm going to go with it's an indicator that I'm going to lose a ton of weight and be a size 2 in a couple days..

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