How to use DynDns and

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: How to use DynDns and

My main question is: Had a buyer send an inquiry email about one of my .nets from a gmail account. Pretty straightfoward email= "I see you aren't using the domain, it might be good for a project I'm working on, how much you want for it".

Should I just reply "make me an offer" ?

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Your question was: How to use DynDns and

Sure why not? Unless you have a specific price in mind thats fine...

Comment #1

I second him.. tell him, make an offer. But If you want certain amount of money just shoot. It's demand and supply, no worries...

Comment #2

It actually looks like spam that has been going around ... It may actually be a buyer - But several people have been getting the same email word for word lately So I'd assume it is sent out in mass amounts...

Comment #3

Thank you for your thread.

Hmm... I m afraid you will be as disappointed very soon as I am now.

You save me the trouble to reply to the mail I've just rev.'ed...very similarly written.

Let me guess...The title goes:. inquiry..

Comment #4

It is the scam e-mail I believe...was it a "small project", and did he want to "take it off your hands?"..

Comment #5

Why such spam is sent? Trying to scam you in appraisal or something? Odd..people should do something useful...

Comment #6

Yup, that's what it was. Word for word and same email address. Wonder what the point of it is...

Comment #7

Hmm thats interesting. Why would someone do this? I dont understand the scam? If he sends you the money how do you get scammed?..

Comment #8

May he is willing to pay with STOLEN Paypal account ....

Comment #9

I think that he want to find somebody who will give him HostGator for free...

Comment #10

Ahh yes. I once had someone email me inquiring about a name. I went along with it and tried to negotiate but said he would only buy with an appraisal from some site. I never did he and he never bought it...

Comment #11


Currently that dont sounds like some kind of scam*.

If you have some amount in mind I would reply with that,.

If not you can try with "make offer". But I think your chances would be better with an amount.

* Simply follow rules -> 1. No appraisal needed ; 2. No paypal payment.


Comment #12

Unless it's a several thousand dollar deal your not using escrow. Obviously no appraisal. But when everyone gets the same e-mail it seems a bit fishy...

Comment #13

Sounds for me like some developer / domainer.

Who have list of domains he would use, sending to all inquiry.

If he get some nice gems or price what is acceptable for him,.

He decides for that domain.

(that would explain why he dont reply to "make offer" mails).


Comment #14

Im guessing not. I hope it wasnt a scam..

Comment #15

I got the same email exactly- but he never asked for an appraisal- so I dont know what his hook was- never heard back..

Comment #16

Maybe it was legit and the guy ran out of funds? With things like this you can truly never be 100% sure...

Comment #17

Sure, but this one sounds opposite of 'normal' scam.

'normal' scam:.

- tells that they are big company ;-).

- they are not in HostGator biz or development ;-).

- letter is written by CIO or whatever.


- they agree on 'whatever' price.

- asks/tells allready payment details (paypal ...), so you should allready see money ;-).


Comment #18

Yep, had quite a few of them, my usual reply is make me an offer directly or should you wish to feel more secure make the offer Sedo/ Afternic etc - never hear back...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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