How to switch my domain name from "" to "godaddy" ?

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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: How to switch my domain name from "" to "godaddy" ?

My main question is: This is somewhat disturbing to me.

We have so few female domainers! Domaining is suddenly looking like one big, boring sausage fest. We need more females in this business, period. Whats the fun in doing anything if there are no chicks around to hit on?.

On a serious note, why is domaining somewhat a primarily male field? What is it about domaining that doesn't attract women? Its not manual labor, so I can't see why women wouldn't be attracted to domaining.

To the female domainers here. What attracts you to domaining (and domainers ) and why do you think more of your kind aren't present in this field?..

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Your question was: How to switch my domain name from "" to "godaddy" ?

One could easily argue that psychologically, domaining is much like card collecting, comic collecting, or having the best and biggest power tools.....typically a male trait to claim superiority.

Think of it this way....the biggest sales made, those over 10K for instance. How many of them are made to the female gender?.

And I mean this as NO offense to our female HostGator counter parts, I mean it only as a common sense reality check. My wife often will counteract my suggestions with the female equivelant of a reality check. She will say "so if I was a woman, would I pay XXX for your *insert product/domain/idea* here".

If the answer is no, then I price accordingly. If yes, I price as she suggests. Invairiably, I end up selling for what she predicts...

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It is very simple, in most countries especially in Asia, most women don't earn the kind of money to give them the freedom to spend on domains...

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I cant see a woman domaining other than in a big corporate environment. Basically it's like what the bulldog said. Your collecting an oddity which most woman dont care to learn about nor understand...

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In addition to what bulldog suggested, domaining is also more on the "tech" side of things, of which guys also seem to show more interest in than the girls...

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Although technology is a male dominated thing, you would think that their would be some woman somewhere making leaps and bounds in the industry as that is usually the case with many other male dominated fields...

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I know of many women domainers here that prefer to be thought of as male. There are more around then you may think..

Comment #6

I was thinking the same. You, NPQ, lodes others...

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Not that I am one that prefers to be thought of as male, I dont but most just presume you are male until told otherwise and I do know a few members here that do like others to think they are male as they think they will be taken more serious...

Comment #8

I don't really take the line that domaining is 'technical'. Personally, I'm something of a technophobe. I still can't set up a simple HTML page.

So I don't believe domaining is 'nerdy' in any way. Its purely business to me, mixed in with some pleasure, of course...

Comment #9

If you are not technical or cannot understand the technical aspects, you are much more likely to loose money / and or your domains...

Comment #10

I believe that is so wrong. Thats simple inequality and discrimination. If this would've happened in any other industry, it would've brought lawsuits. Domaining is still not taken as a serious industry, and this not taking women seriously issue only furthers the non-seriousness of domaining.

My dad still believes I'm doing something illegal..that I'm dealing drugs or something.. I don't think so. I'm yet to lose money on names. I believe, rather, I'm making money on domains..

Comment #11

I dont mind but I have found it many times that member here and elsewhere just presume your a male.. I hope that I have been here long enough that people respect me enough to do biz with me regardless of my sex.

As for your dad.... buy him a nice car or something from your earnings.

Big non-techie here and I do ok..

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I don't feel that the domaining industry discriminates against females. males don't get priority over drops, more discounts in renewal fees, etc... then perhaps there already is, or there will be in the next couple of years. but even as of now, there are only a dozen or so male domainers making huge leaps and bounds, with the other big names being companies...

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Girls are better at words. Female is supposed to be good at the game called "set" according to scientists.

However female may not want to take the risk, this market is not that liquid...

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If I were you, I would be very pissed if my gender even pops up in a deal. I cannot really imagine why someone would have problems in dealing with a woman.

But really. As an industry that practically rules the internet, domaining is still typified by shady activities, fraud, TM infringement, and other such unsavory activities (including discrimination). We still hear of names being stolen every week, and the other hundreds that go unreported. Such things are somehow just overlooked.

I believe that the big domainers need to do something to give this industry some credibility. They have the financial clout to do so. Perhaps if they spent less time at drop auctions and checking PPC stats and writing about it on their blogs, they might be able to get some recognition. The burden of responsibility has to be taken by the most able of shoulders, and in this case, it's the big domainers... Its exactly this attitude that might make some of the female domainers hide their identities and give off the impression of being male.

I don't know where you got the notion that women are 'better' at words. A study of literature in any language would easily prove that writing talents are equally distributed among men and women. There was a time when it was considered that women are better at language than men, but it has been passed away as just plain ignorant talk.

Also, I cannot possibly imagine what being a woman has to do with taking risks and the market being not liquid? I don't believe taking risks is a male dominion, just as writing isn't a female one (I'm a writer, for the record, and I'm male)...

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This is a fascinating question sashas. For many years now I have been interested in neural nets and the functioning of the brain (I own neural dot net). This interest in the mathematics of neural processing led to other general studies associated with the brain. Among other things I have *lots* of books dealing with the sexual differentiation of the brain. It is certainly no secret that women excel in verbal skills compared to men (in a statistical sense of course). They also tend to do a better job of relating things to each other.

I once heard a doctor compare the inter-hemisphere communication pathway between women and men to the difference between a freeway (women) and a dirt road (men).

Given the physiological differences and innate skills, one might almost be led to think that women might have a natural *advantage* over men in this field, which relies strongly on verbal skills. I do know a number of women in the field that are *very* good at domaining. Given that, I am inclined to agree with some of the posts above that mention economic factors. Another obvious factor is the inherent risk taking in the field, and there does appear to be a strong correlation between risk and testosterone.

As for me, I ask my wife about everything in domaining. She has come up with some excellent ideas for the general marketplace (some coming up in the next Geo auction). She is also a Realtor, which helps with real estate ideas.

Marc Right... and there is no difference in muscle development either, being equally distributed between men and women...

Believe it or not, the refereed journals point to real differences in neuroanatomy and sexual differentiation of the brain... but heaven forbid that we bring refereed journals into the discussion... and of course the PC view taught in colleges these days is that there is no difference between the sexes.


Dubb A, Gur R, Avants B, Gee J. "Characterization of sexual dimorphism in the human corpus callosum." Neuroimage. 2003 Sep;20(1):512-9.

Shin YW, Kim DJ, Ha TH, Park HJ, Moon WJ, Chung EC, Lee JM, Kim IY, Kim SI, Kwon JS. "Sex differences in the human corpus callosum: diffusion tensor imaging study." Neuroreport. 2005 May 31;16(8):795-8.



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If you are exclusively buying and selling domains non-technical is OK, but if you are developing, managing hundreds of sites on several servers, you should understand how stuff works.

More than gender, there are other factors. Compared to web development, there is a lot more discrimination in domaining...

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Just like most things to do with business & corporate life, it's mainly male dominated. Never mix business & pleasure..

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I'd class domaining as an area of IT, and IT itself is an industry which is mostly comprised of male workers.

This next few statements could be considered sexist, but it's just an observation of the people in my life:.

Most men I know deliberately shy away from areas of work which require large amounts of social interaction, which leads them inevitably into technical and construction based jobs..

The exception to this observation is sales and leadership based jobs, which are often adrenaline charged and aggressive.

Once the inbalance is in place it's hard to reverse it, as people ( of both genders ) often avoid social situations were every other member of the group are of the opposite gender.

Overall, I think this is bad for our society, e.g. AFAIK, we have an ever declining number of male teachers...

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Good points - especially about certain fields and the increasing polarisation of the sexes.

In a similar way that basketball attracts tall people into it, for the most part, domaining is a solitary (not team) pursuit - and women prefer to be in a social setting with other women....

(cavewomen around the camp fire instinct and being ostracized from the group was the worse thing possible).

Women also prefer to be in Marketing/Service type fields where they can utilise their soft skills best.

You only have to look at domainer gatherings to see that GENERALLY it attracts nerdy, geeky introverted types more comfortable behind a PC and an internet connection. That is, if they decide to turn up at all..

For ex, hiring a bunch of bikini-clad women at a recent event seems to be trying too hard to have 'fun'...

Comment #20

Unsolicited PMs about "let's be friends" is another reason what's keeping the female domainers at bay...

Comment #21

As for being a nerd, it is near the end of 2008, everyone is a nerd now, the internet is that big, women just do other stuff on the net is all..

Comment #22

Wow, some of the ideas expressed, is all that I can say.

Sashas, thank you for your open-mindedness, and for your respect. I have even more respect for you after reading your replies.

-A Woman..

Comment #23

Not to worry, gold-digging women will start hanging around HostGator auctions and such pretending to be domainers pretty soon. There are lots of men there wealthier than your average pro athlete, so pretty soon these gathering will have lots of females...

Comment #24

Wow. And I was reluctant to post reviews to peer reviewed scientific journals that put women in a positive light...


Comment #25

True! It's probably my username...either that or it's because most guys in here just assume there aren't women around they're always doing the "thanks man/dude" thing. That's not quite what it is. All around the world, if you give a typical girl $500 she's likely to buy something that will attract guys or get other girls to envy her (usually something related to fashion, like sexy outfits or what not).

As for Asian women, many (not all) do have cash - they just prefer to spend it on other things. Lots are still into the traditional:.

Use money to look good = get marriage proposal = use guy's money.

They might also be under the (primitive ) notion that IT-related stuff are for guys...

SASHA - I'm glad you're very anti-sexism here.....

Comment #26

The girls that do get involved seem to do it well I think..

Comment #27

Nameboi, your post is so completely pathetic, it's disgusting. I hope every business person, male or female, takes note of this particular member, and refuses to do business with him. If anyone's intelligence, morals and ethics should be called into question, it would be yours. I refuse to quote you, since your post will most likely be removed by the mods, but the other members that have read this thread up to this point will know to what I'm referring.

As for what some of the male members at this forum think of women, please keep in mind that this is a business forum. It's not a social forum where you can freely post racist, sexist, and otherwise hateful speech. We deserve to be treated with respect, and certainly don't need to come here and read such discriminatory language, especially when we're trying to conduct business.

There are actually intelligent women that can think for themselves, that actually hold jobs (and important ones at that), and that actually have money and are into investing.

Take me for instance. I am a military intelligence army veteran. I have two college degrees, the main one being a BFA in Electronic Media. I have been into domaining for about six months, but learned how to build web sites over five years ago. I may not be wealthy right now, but in a few years I will certainly be a force to be reconed with. I may not be the typical woman, but I certainly am not that unique, either.

Such a shame that some of the men here don't realize that. Makes me wonder what your mothers and wives are like (if you have a wife).

Some of these ideas posted about women are disgraceful, hurtful, and ignorant at best. I am extremely disappointed to have read some of the comments from people that I previously held in such high esteem...

Comment #28

I agree with you, it really makes anyone wonder how such guys treat the women in their lives.

But it's really wonderful seeing what the other respectful/non-chauvinist guys are writing...

Comment #29

It is more to do with social /media conditioning.

A dumb and pretty girl is more socially acceptable, will have more "friends" ..

Most of them don't realise that looks fade away, what you learn remains with you till the end...

Comment #30

Are you saying there's no such thing as a pretty, intelligent female domainer? I'm really starting to think many male domainers in here don't get out much.

Nope, in my country sexism is a thing of the past - or something we consider uneducated (it's placed in the same category as racism and all those many other -isms)...

Comment #31


I have to agree with you on all points, but I do have to ask:.

What country might that be, pray tell, in which sexism and racism is a thing of the past. As sad as it is, I thought that all countries on the earth exhibit some form of racism or sexism. Could you please elucidate, so I can consider moving to this nirvana?.


Comment #32

If we could keep this tread going without it becomming an all out war it's actually a very interesting subject...

Its true domaining has more males then females but.. a comment above said what I thought.. most *not all* females I have come across while domaining are actually doing ok.

I must admit ive never met another domainer. I have many many friends and most of them have never even heard of it LOL.....

Comment #33

Within the space 36 posts, we've already seen some of the sexist attitude that some domainers carry..

So you can pretty much guess that the industry does have some problems with this issue. And it needs to be sorted out.

NPComplete - I agree with your point that women do have better developed abilities when it comes to interpreting social relationships, etc. I read biology for quite some time so I know the physiological reasons for that (my girlfriend also happens to be a med student ).

When I made that post, I knew I was shooting off my mouth. Physiologically, in general, women have better abilities to comprehend and mold language than men. But this difference is not very great and is spread out, and men make as good writers as women, as anyone would agree.

What I wanted to challenge with that post was this belief that SINCE women are better at understanding language, they should stick to that field...that is plain ignorant thinking, IMO. If everyone were to do only what they are good at, we would come back to the 15th century with all it's "-isms" - racism, sexism, etc.

It actually surprises me that I haven't seen more outrage from some of the female domainers at a few of the posts made here. Where are they all at?..

Comment #34


Outrage is such a waste of emotion.

If more people faced situations with a positive answer rather then wanting a fight all the time I'm sure the world would be a better place..

Comment #35

Haha, come on! I did add the "...or something we (the general population) consider uneducated..." Obviously there are 'haters' in every corner of the world. Me neither. Most of my friends aren't into internet stuff...and they don't know what "domaining" is!..

Comment #36

Well it's very nice to chat to you I'm sure we will have more convos..

Just an idea but you could add a survey to this i.e.

I am female and dont care who knows it.

I am female but prefer to be thought of as male.

May give a better idea how many of us around..

Comment #37


Yes, I think those capable of significant thought among us are in agreement. There are real differences, but no such thing as "better".

I have studied this, quite literally, for decades. The most intelligent thing I ever heard about intelligence is that "intelligence is not a scalar, but more like a vector". What the person meant is that intelligence and the associated skill sets are best described as a "multi-dimensional quantity (vector)", as opposed to the usual "scalar" value which is a single dimensional number. There is considerable peer reviewed scientific literature on sexual differentiation, but differentiation does not mean "better". In the same vein, "correlation does not imply causation", which is poorly understood by some of the best scientists.

The older I get (57 now), the more I realize that everybody else knows more than I do in some subject or other. When I was young and in physics grad school at Stanford I thought I knew it all. Over the years I have learned quite a bit more, and now I realize I know almost nothing.


Comment #38

<Look at my avatar, I keep cute kitten on my avatar. And enjoy domaining at the same time,LOL!.

Well, I got into domaining at the end of august by chance. I watched (60 min, or Dateline?) show about Kevin Ham while back and oneday decided to google "buy HostGator names". Go daddy popped up and few days later found NamePros by chance and here I am.

For me though, I've never thought twice about choosing a gender neutral username. I like & am proud of being a woman. If I succeed or fail, it's not because I am a woman but it's because of my decisions and actions. Do notice tons of men around and yeah , sometimes I do feel like I am barging in on a keg party but, I do give credit to guys here at NP. Relatively well behaved and respectful overall.

It would be too simplistic to say women are better at____ and men are better at______ and put a subjective and/or objective valuations on opposite gender, but as each individual has logos and eros or yin and yang.

Or whatever you call the masculine and feminine traits, I think it is only for all our benefit to adapt and tap into it.

For example, women's 'intuition' : I can't think of any industry, that would not benefit from that.

Or let's say men's 'assertiveness' : I can't think of any business where that will hinder growth...

Comment #39

I have never cared about the gender of the person on the other side of the transaction. Male or female makes no difference it's common sense that no gender has an advantage in domaining either one can succeed to the highest or fail at domaining.

I believe this is a business forum so I do not care if someone male/female, straight/gay single/married etc all that matters is people do honest business and help out when they can by sharing knowledge. To even get into these conversations only brings out more sexist statements and the like. Secondly the women who are already here are established domainers so it would make sense to ask women who are not into domaining IMO...

Comment #40

IMHO we can't all have cute little pink avatars to show we're females. In fact, I don't really know where to place gender in a HostGator business... Basically, everyone should just stop assuming that everyone in here is male, period.

I'm pretty sure most women in here don't intentionally want to be regarded as male. Guys in here just tend to refer to some of us as "man" and we just leave it at that because replying is both awkward and unnecessary (esp. if you're just looking for a quick transaction).

When I first got here I remember having a whole bunch of this emoticon decorated all over my posts & PMs - and guys would still assume I'm a guy. Ultimately you just "drop the towel" and let them believe what they want to believe...

Comment #41

I would summarise the reasons few women are into domaining as follows;.

1) Domaining is a risky business. The product is intangible, the market is illiquid, and prices are uncertain. Men are more risk loving than women so it suits their pysche.

2) Most programmers are male. People who can extract value from HostGator names are more confident bidding up their value.

3) Domaining is based on collecting and men love to do this. It's the male hunter gatherer thing coming out.

4) Men have a higher disposable income than women so they have more money to risk on speculation.

5) The end goal of domaining is to make money and men are more driven to do this than women because of the pressure society puts on them...

Comment #42

I think I'll continue to base by name evaluations on traffic, appeal, brandability, HostGator age, and other things like PR... the sex of the seller I don't think will ever play into the equation.

FYI... along with are both taken... although, and are both available...

Comment #43

Female domainers dint voice out much coz they are busy buying domains, optimising domains, registering domains...hahhaa.

I am a female domainer and I dont find domaining a very nerdy job.. but maybe others might think so , who knows..

I am from asia and in some countries salary is really low for a graduate esp in my country.. a university graduate's starting pay could be as low as 650 usd a month for your first job.. Of course wif such low income rate compare to most countries.. our standard of living is also low as a plate of food here cost as cheap as bout 0.30 usdso ioverall ts harder for asian domainers to start domaining than european domainers...

But of course the issue of the thread now is not about whether you are asian , european or american ..its about the gender.

In this society a lot woman is climbing the corporate ladder and no doubt there is a lot out there but there is also a bunchful whom are home bc wif kids.. there are more housewifes than house'husbands" like any field mens ratio are normally higher than the women's ratio...and I also find most of my domainer frens.

But it doesnt really matters much.. coz domaining normally trades are done online n would care if the seller or buyer is male or female or how old?you are not gonna meet him or her face to face anyway....

Comment #44

I agree with you Malaysia. And to those men who feel they don't want to do business with a woman - it's their loss.

Now if you don't mind, I have some domaining to do...

Comment #45

I find domaining not nerdy at all. I find domaining to be more of a marketing and entrepreneurship related field. But then, thats probably because I'm purely into buying and selling names, and haven't developed a single one...heck, I even use TypePad for my blog because I couldn't understand wordpress..

Comment #46

How entirely derogatory so much of this thread is. I am truly appalled at some of the sexism displayed.

If you want to know why most women that are active in this industry do not participate in forums and those that do generally refrain from letting people know they are in fact women... just reread the posts contained in this single thread...

Comment #47

I think domaining is fun ......... no matter what sex you are !!!..

Comment #48

Thats the best thing anybody has said so far!.

Cheers people and lets forget the bitterness..

Comment #49

I have a music forum, and we have lots of girl members, and they also dont post; and the reason is simple. The girls on my forum dont want all these dorky gear head electronics guys sending them PMs about how much they like them.

No matter what field were on, were still guys. I can almost guarantee that every girl here has a PM from some member telling them how cute they are and how theyd like to take them to dinner.

There you go, mystery solved, next issue please...

Comment #50

I think the imbalance of men:women is somewhat intimidating.

I am getting married in July and need to sell domains to pay for it...but, that is not something I would normally share with a bunch of guys.

I am surprised how many men are surprised when they are working with a female domainer! I am an at home mom, so it is a PERFECT business for me!.


Comment #51

Congratulations ~.

Its really a great field for housewifes I think.. more time for the family, kids, home, husband, etc..

Comment #52

I remember there was some dude posting as a hot chick on DNF..there were public threads about people sending her PMs, creating happy birthday greeting cards for her.

That was hilarious!.

I guess most domainers are still nerds...

Comment #53

Last time I checked a womans money is the same value as a mans...

Comment #54

Problem : People say there aren't enough Women in this Industry.

Solution : Half of you "Guys" in this thread should have Gender altering Surgery..

Comment #55


Its called a 'sex change operation' from what I know..

Comment #56

I think some people seriously need to check their calendar settings - this is 2007, not 1907!.

Maybe the female domainers are busy researching, registering, selling and developing domains instead of wasting time on ridiculous discussions like this!..

Comment #57

I really don't believe this is a ridiculous discussion. I certainly did not intend it to be one.

Did you read the entire thread? I believe it is more than a serious thread. This really is an issue. For me at least. I preach equality, and when I don't see it right in front of me, in the field I work, it really bothers me...

Comment #58

Sashas, you want to live in a utopia. Tell me, how would you go about. making domaining equal, or for a matter of fact, anything equal...that is, 50% male and 50% female?..

Comment #59

I do not see how that is "living in utopia"..

Yes, it is hard to make anything equal. There are some basic differences between people that essentially make it impossible to make things equal. If I am 5'2" and weigh 250 pounds, I cannot expect to be in the college football team. I can crib and cry that it's not being 'equal'.

But what we can do is make sure that I get the opportunity to try and be equal to everyone else. Even if I weigh 250 pounds, I should have the opportunity to tryout for the team quarterback. Sure, I might not never make the cut, even make a fool out of myself. But that is immaterial. The thought, the idea that I stood up there, with people who were more physically gifted than me, and tried to do the same things they were doing - that idea is what I call 'equality'.

Equality to me simply means equality of opportunity. A child born in Sierra Leone should have the exact same opportunities to do what he wants to do as one born in Manhattan. That is the world we should try and create. Doing away with gender discrimination from all fields is just one aspect of it.

You might call me an idealist, but I believe I'm only a realist. This is real...

Comment #60

Excellent, as usual. It is not about Equality, it is about Equal Opportunity. There are a lot of areas where I would fail too. We are not created "equal" in all areas of life, but we should strive for equal opportunities to at least try.

Thanks Sashas, you obviously "get it".


Comment #61

I dont think that it is exclusive to Domaining, I think online business in general.

I also think that often forums can intimidate and scare away females where there seems to be a 99% male congregation, as although most will be professional I think men (im a bloke by the way) cant help being pests, it's similar to offline work environments only it's even easier for the man to be sleazy and a pest towards them.

Although people like to pretend every now and then that things are more equal and professional in the working world, I still think that there is this air of the men still dominating.

Plenty of women online in business but usually performing infront of a camera for the credit card holders...

Comment #62

Thanks Marc. I dont get it, really. I just pretend I do...

Comment #63

Then you'd be probably surprised at how many women are involved ... and very successful ... in various aspects of running and promoting online businesses. There are a quite a few forums where these same women are very active participants...

Comment #64

I cant speak for this forum, or domaining, but I know a number of females from other forums running comfortable online businesses, but I personally get the old fashioned feeling from a forum wherever I go, just like offline business.

Too much though on sex, lack of professionalism and caveman type thinking, maybe ive just not bumped into the right type of people yet, I'm new here so I may discover some pleasant suprises.

I still think that women on forums appear in hiding a lot of the time, the very fact that people notice a "lack of" and that this thread exists, kinda says that they either dont show themselves or there really is less numbers of females than desired.

Then of course you get the men posing as a woman in hope of other users softening to them, ive seen all the tricks, know the true bearded identities of a few people on webmaster forums...

Comment #65

Female herelove domaining. but agree... Can you show me any BIG HostGator (something like owned by women? How many female HostGator hunters are usually going to TRAFFIC or similar places?..

Comment #66

Sashas, how are females denied the opportunity to be a domainer? Who is denying them the opportunity?..

Comment #67

Nobody is denying them the opportunity to be a domainer.

What they're being denied (as has been seen here within the space of these 70 odd posts) is: one, the right to be treated respectfully. Just read some of the posts here. Half of them are filled with misogynistic vibes.

Two, because of the above mentioned attitude, they're being denied the opportunity to make as good sales as the male domainers and be taken seriously.

Even if you leave these factors apart, discrimination is wrong. Period. There are reasons for it.

I'm not here out to champion women's rights. I take women's rights and sexism as only a small part of the bigger picture of inequality in the world.

And seriously I really need to give a reason for saying that discrimination of any kind is wrong?..

Comment #68

Would I play domains if our partners did? No. It would seriously annoy me if my girlfriend did and she was better at it than me.

- Luke..

Comment #69

Absolutely! My wife has been logging into my fabulous account lately and reg'ing names. I absolutely love it. And if she can do a better job than I can do that would be great too. In many cases she has done better, and coming up with better ideas. She works different markets than I do, and probably more practical markets. My first name registered in 1996 was my last name.

Neither is a good HostGator for profiteering. Her first names are making money.

Don't underestimate the value of teamwork..


Comment #70

Jiblob, you must be insecure with who you are. My wife can do a lot of things better than I can and I can go a lot of things better than she can. I don't feel threatened. As NPcomplete stated, "Don't underestimate the value of teamwork"...

Comment #71

I would be chuffed...I could definetly do with a few lessons.

Was'nt there a similar thread here earlier that had a poll too ?


Comment #72

I don't know why I feel this way. I would kind of like to teach my girlfriend the ropes and get her in to it. I guess it's different for Man and Wife as oppose to Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

- It wouldnt be profit for both of us to enjoy.

- The domains aren't joint ownership.

I also think that maybe it's nice to have seperate hobbies to a partner.

Somehwere to escape to, something to flourish and gain from which is a little bit secret.

Just in the same way that it would annoy me if everyone who I had tried to get in to coding PHP, if they had more successful websites than me... that wouldnt make me too pleased.

Must just be the way I function..

Comment #73

Now *this* part makes sense, within reason, although couples should of course also have similar interests.

Being a geezer now and looking back at life, one of the worst relationships I ever had was when I was in physics grad school. I started dating a physics undergrad (beautiful and really smart). It was like I had no retreat. Go to school, then after school talk about physics with the girl friend. Very nice lady, but it wasn't the break I needed after work. Effective teams work together and complement each other.


Comment #74

My girlfriend knows very little about domains, and frankly, all that I really care to tell her are my sales. She doesn't care either and is happy for things to be this way. My first love is English literature and movies, and hers keeps shifting between biology (she's a med student) and literature. We don't need HostGator talk between us to keep things happy and smooth.

This has to be my favorite thread at NP. Got some great responses (and some not so great) from so many people. I never expected it to reach 82 posts...

Comment #75

Well, I would have thought everybody could tell I was a woman, with my big kissin lips avatar, and my Queen of Domainland.....

And I still get guys who say thanks dude, and dear sir.....

But you know what- I love doin this- it is a hobby for me- I usually correct someone because my name is dottie, not dave, and I have never had an issue with HostGator selling/buying/and being a female..

I get pms from those who ask advice, ask if they should buy a name, etc.... so I feel I have represented myself well enough to just do business out here- and I have fun with it too :-)..

Comment #76

I always think of smash as a domainer first , who has knowledge and some good advice when I have asked her ....... good onya smash !!!!..

Comment #77

I think some people have correctly put domaining akin to comic book collecting and other predominantly male activities, plus overall tech "nerdy" activities seem to attract men more than women. Unfortunately there is a lot of sexism about as well that probably hurts - women who would have otherwise been more successful have bad experiences with it and thus don't get other female friends of theirs involved in it or whatever. In my own family, I've gotten my brother interested enough in domains to at least put forth an effort to try and do what I do, but my sister for whatever reason has no interest in it at all despite enjoying hearing about my success. Then again, my brother is a computer geek and my sister pretty much isn't.

Besides the sexism against women, the one thing I particularly don't like in this industry is the patronization of us by some of the companies, which not only furthers the sexism in the way it's done but in effect dumbs down the industry. GoDaddy for instance has to have the GoDaddy girl, has to have superbowl commercials with big-boobed playboy playmates having "wardrobe malfunctions", etc. At conventions, there are always hired female models around because either those holding the conventions or whatever sponsors there that utilize them assume that domainers are so shallow that it will help them get more business. I guess it happens in just about every industry, but you'd hope that ours would be above it...

Comment #78

I get that often too.

Makes me think, that there are probably just as many girls just as there are guys in this forum - except the guys here only assume there aren't girls around.

...well, ya never know!..

Comment #79

GoDaddy for instance has to have the GoDaddy girl.

I agree- this doesnt help at all-..

Comment #80

And why on earth would that stop women from domaining?! Women have been proven to be more intelligent than men overall, so your suggestion is quite ignorant.

This thread is really getting ridiculous...

Comment #81

There have been multiple insults thrown at women in this thread, and that's the only straw you grasp at?????? You've got to be kidding me!.

Where is the respect?!.


Mods, can you PLEASE close and delete this thread?..

Comment #82

Why close and delete? It's an interesting read, and pointing out that calling women smarter than men is somewhat sexist, despite my wife knowing that it is true, isn't "disgusting".

Keep it civil folks; it's been interesting to read the opinions thus far.


Comment #83

I agree with Allan above. This is a fascinating thread. I am guessing that DomainMayhem was not serious here. Time to take a deep breath, cut each other some slack, and don't kill the thread.

Like I said earlier, the most intelligent thing I ever heard about intelligence is that "intelligence is not a scalar, but more like a vector". A scalar is a single number, while vectors live in multi-dimensional space, like:.

(language,math,art,long term memory,short term memory...).

Saying that a poetic genius is more intelligent than a mathematical genius, or artist, or author, or... is just plain silly. I enjoy hearing different points of view, and am quite capable of performing my own filtering for the nonsense, or comments made in jest.


Comment #84


I started this thread. I've posted multiple times about the need for non discrimination in every facet of human life, about equality. I ask women to have equal opportunities as men. But I certainly get offended as a man when someone says that it has been "proven" that women are smarter than men. Thats pretty much undermining every thing any sensible person has said in this thread. We want equality, and women being 'better' than men, or men being 'better' than women just won't cut it.

There is no proof of intelligence or smartness, and it's definitely not gender dependent.

So yes, I grasp at that because, as I've said multiple times before, equality is the common aim here. And that means equality not only for women, but also for men.

I hope you'll agree with my stance here...

Comment #85

Where intelligence is concerned, there are intelligent women and men out there. Likewise, I've met a whole lot of dumb broads and dumb 'scrubs' with no job, no money and still living with their parents at 25+.

I can't understand women who get mad at chauvinist men. If people like Nameboi or Jeffrey think women are the lesser humans; that their mothers (women) should sweep our husbands (men) houses instead of sitting in front of the PCs, that's okay with me. That's their opinion and I have my own...

Comment #86

Domaining to me is a hobby..

I have a life and a very busy one at that... Im a full time nurse a mum, partner and dog owner.

I think it's a case of any new member going into any new venture.. you must prove yourself to be honest and trustworthy.. nothing to do with race, gender etc...

I hope I have managed to prove I'm a trustworthy honest person here as all the deals I do my gender never even comes into the transaction .. well maybe a virtual kiss at the end.

Lighten up guys and girls..

Comment #87

Maybe we should establish some key words:.

Domainer - Male/Female.

Domainor - Male.

Domainess - Female..

Comment #88

I read this entire thread and I must say I'm not surprised at all by the sexist comments here, I am not very active here on NP, but rather DNF. I am Female (really) and been in the business for about 6 years now, I took it over for my husband who didn't have time for it, He had a HostGator portfolio that was earning less than $100 a month, I devoted a lot of time, research and hard work into it, and in 6 months time it was earning $800-$900 a month, now it's earning a substantial amount more, not to mention the domains I successfully brokered in the mid to high All from a Woman who put her mind to it.

As for Sexism in the HostGator Forums, it DOES exist and this thread is a testament of that... I remember signing up to my first ever forum on DNF last year, I knew very little about Avatars, so I used my real picture, shortly after I received PM's from guys asking me out, had one actually propose Marriage to me and the rest were sexual in nature, It came to an abrupt stop when I changed my Avatar to the one you see here. What came next is what I call "Sexism in the threads" which can be seen today... You may not read the sexist comments like you do here in this thread, but what is apparent is the way Woman are treated differently, Many male members will indeed challenge Female members a LOT more than they will their male counterpart, and when you stand up for yourself as I always do, a heated thread ensues and your blasted. And it's not just with me, I've seen this happen to other Female members as well.

You can also see it at Internet conventions, most Industry leaders and professionals do treat Woman as equals I think, This is in contrast to many of the attendees I've met, who fail to take Women seriously, who will value them by physical attractiveness, Listen to them and pat themselves on the back for doing so. Which is really no different than what I see on the HostGator forums, but I believe they are the Minority, For the most part members do treat me with respect, sending PM's asking for advice and sharing business ideas, I think this is the only reason why I stay...

Comment #89

Just an observation...

If females here (and other internet forums) wanted to be treated equally and "taken seriously" (on forums majority male), why identify yourself as female in the choice of female-sounding alias - virtually always something unimaginative: "Hot Girl", "Sexy Sue", "Miss XYZ", "Domainer Girl" etc. with a face/body avatar pic..

Don't usually get males calling themselves "Domainer Hunk" etc...

If females truly want equal treatment/no bias they could simply use a sexless sounding name - and no-one would be any the wiser.

"On the internet unless you mention it, no-one knows you are a dog".

Then again, MOST women are biologically hardwired to define themselves by their 'attractiveness' in the physical - and virtual world. Hence the choice of alias...

Comment #90

I do it because I dont like to be called dude, man, sir, etc....

I get that automatically-.

Yeah, I can just pretend, and move on and not correct someone, but why? I am a female, happy to be one, and just feel silly pretending to be a guy :-)..

Comment #91

Being good at what you do and being assertive goes a long way towards earning respect ... but it's sad that an equal starting-point for respect isn't a "given" in this day and age!..

Comment #92

You might be surprised how many forum members that you would think are males are in fact females. Recently on a forum I go to I was just made aware of a member who is a woman but I always assumed was male. Also owning a fairly large active forum I see that many members are females but have user names that don't hint at this...

Comment #93

Sexism and an undercurrent of hostility is prevalant. I don't blame any one domainer, it is a societal misogynistic perspective. It would seem that women are less prevelant as domainers, which is it's own seperate issue. As far as active on forums such as NP, it is as likely a male domainer has chosen a masculine moniker/avatar, as a woman domainer has chosen.

A name to differentiate her femaleness.

It's not just domaining, a warped skewed perspective is everywhere. I've been in the music biz and I saw it all the time. On the other side of things, there is NP member (a man) who deliberately chose a female sounding name.

To illicit a kind of response with regards to his domaining. I saw him alot in the appraisal thread, he was clearly misrepresenting...

Comment #94

I hope you reported these solicitations, mods should have issued infractions for this spam and repeat offenders should have been banned. People looking for dates on a HostGator forum need to get a real life, maybe a ban would assist.

Personally, when it comes to business I don't care what genitals my buyer or seller has. Money is money, a sale is a sale. Women and men have equal opportunity to do business with me, your gender is meaningless in this context.

Ladies, I encourage you to be yourselves, but in light of the spam you mentioned RaiderGirl and the sad realities of sexual predators in our society, I completely understand anyones desire to lay low, take care of business and avoid the potential hassles. I find these comments to be ridiculous. What I take serious is trader rating and good deals, not screen names and avatars. Sounds to me like you are the one having issues with only looking skin deep...

Comment #95

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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