How to stop overeating during Medifast?

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The more I tend to eat. I love that people are noticing my almost 60 pounds gone forever, but it gives me this false sense of "it's ok if I just have one bite". These past two weeks, I have been taking a bite here, a bite there, and I need to STOP!!!!.

I am not eating enough extra bites to gain weight (although I have not lost much these past two weeks), but how do I get myself back into total control before I totally lose it?????..

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That darn little voice that says it's ok.. tell it to put a sock in it! You've done so well!.

Only you know why you are doing this to yourself so perhaps if you can answer "the why" you'll be able to stop sabotaging your success.

I wish you well...

Comment #1

Do you remember what you felt like 60lbs ago? Ive only lost 24 and I can remember what I felt like. I felt bloated, sick, and disgusting...

Comment #2

It's always a choice..... you can choose to put it in your mouth - or you can choose not to. It doesn't get more basic than that.

The thing you might want to think about is - why are you choosing to put it in your mouth? If you're not yet to your personal goal, then "relaxing" is just keeping you further from it. Is there a fear of reaching goal? We all seem to have some psychological block that hinders us at some point. Think hard, dig deep, nothing worth fighting for comes easy - and that applies to both physically losing weight, and mentally dealing with the changes that come with being a different size and shape..

You can do this! We all have faith in you! Look how far you've come already! You can go the distance without derailing on the way...

Comment #3

I totally understand....I call it getting kind of cocky, letting my guard down. Hey you are looking good, not in that place of pain like when we first began. I am very happy with my results, but I'm not done yet either so I need to push forward. Ever look at The Beck Diet Solution? She has some really good exercises that keep reminding me why I started this journey in the first place. Your not alone in this place, trust me...

Comment #4

If I can give you any advice or encouragement, I want to say that you will want to get hold of things and just decide to finish well. I kidded myself when I got to goal (128 down from 269) that I wasn't going to gain my weight back but could just have a little of this and a little of that. Wrong. I restarted Medifast recently, having gotten all the way back to 268 before losing a little on my own again. I am committed to finish this thing, and then transition and maintain.

Just don't get too comfortable. Perhaps you are actually UNCOMFORTABLE with the comments?..

Comment #5

Go back and look at some old pictures of yourself from 60lbs ago...that would do it for me...

Comment #6

I keep some of my ugly fat clothes that I will have to wear again if I gain this weight back. I just hate those clothes! I know how hard this is, you just need to remember where you came from and how easy it is to get back there...

Comment #7

I had a similar experience...I call it "white knuckling" MF....sometimes, we really need to grit our teeth and push through. Getting out an old picture of yourself is great...take a great "now" picture to keep with it and you'll find motivation in the changes. Visual cues can be very powerful! Posting affirming messages in key areas is another strategy...on the mirror, fridge door, cabinet, steering wheel...etc. You'll need these strategies for Maintenance as well!.

I concur on "The Beck Diet Solution" as well...a great read!.

Stay strong!!!.


Comment #8

Oh wow, I can feel ya here! We will always have an addiction to food, (at least I know I will) and thats something..

Comment #9

You have already got some great advice. Here is what works for me..

Before I put ANYTHING IN MY MOUTH, I question myself "Is this going to get me CLOSER to my goal ? Or, FURTHER away?" It works like a charm-every time..

I am now in maintenance and I STILL use this. I also use it with money/finances. "Is this purchase/expenditure necessary? Do I really need this? Is it taking me closer or further from my financial goals?".

Back to food..."Is it necessary, do you need it, is it taking you closer or further from your goal"?.

You have done great and you will continue to do great. BUT, "BLTS" add up. (Bites, Licks, Tastes)..

Here is how:.

My "old" 201lb sedentry self: Cals needed to maintain 201 = 2007 per day.

My "new" 128 sedentry self: Cals needed to maintain 128 = 1625 per day.

For a difference of about 375. That is ONE STARBUCKS CARMEL FRAPPACINO!.

So, yes, they add up!..

Comment #10

Love this Adele. And wow about the BLTS... makes me NOT surprised at all that my Route 44 Sonic drinks contributed to a big part of my weight gain....

Comment #11

Good post! I get to feeling cocky once in awhile too so I understand...

Comment #12

Don't think about what other people's goals are for you, but rather what goals you want to achieve for yourself!!!.

People are saying you look good now, which is great. Pretty soon they'll be telling you "You're getting too thin!" or "Don't lose anymore weight" even though you'll know in your heart that you haven't reached goal yet..

Unfortunately, people are very weight conscious and some comments that you may hear as you get closer to goal or more about their own insecurities than they are about what you look like..

In the meantime, enjoy the way you look and feel, but keep on striving to hit your personal goal!!..

Comment #13

I completely understand what you're saying and how that could happen. But, that said, the weight loss will slow/stop OR if we do that after reaching goal, we will just gain it back. I don't want either! This feels good and I want to feel even better!..

Comment #14

I went through this too. I was losing so fast I couldn't keep up with the clothes, the comments and I really did feel out of control. I didn't start eating off plan, but the water and exercise started to drop..... it might do you good to think long and hard about what the other posters said. How did you feel 60 pounds ago? It's so much a mental thing too. It's my biggest struggle. Good luck...

Comment #15

Thanks for all of the support!.

I just went out and bought the Beck Diet Solution. I think that is going to help big time!..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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