How to stop being lazy during Nutrisystem?

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It's just this side of 7p.m. here and I've been dressed to spend time on the treadmill all day and have yet to go anywhere near the d#%* thing. I was doing great until my husband and I went out of town and I haven't truely excercised since Sunday. I want to do it, I know I need to do it, but for some reason I'm not doing it ! It's weird every other time that I have lost weight I get to right where I am now and I settle even though my goal is still 10 pounds away. The treadmill part I kind of equate it to the swings on the's so much fun once you get going, but a push to get started is helpful sometimes. The settling for a weight that does not make me happy, I don't equate to anything except laziness, I guess.

So I guess I need two things; 1. anyone else out there that does this? and.

2. I'm sitting on the swing....anybody want to give me a push?..

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Your question was: How to stop being lazy during Nutrisystem?.

Mary....Funny! you made me laugh....that might be as good as a push!.

Love Craig and Ariana....but not like that!..

Comment #1

I asked my super helpful son for some help and encouragement and his way of being helpful was to say, "you know it looks like your gaining the weight back." So now I HAVE to work out cuz I told him I was going to wear a bikini top and jean shorts to his high school graduation in May...

Comment #2

Instead of thinking of it as a big huge to do, try telling yourself you just need to get on the treadmill for 10 minutes. There are a lot of articles/research out there that 3 10-minute exercise sessions are just as effective as 1 30-minute session..

If, after 10 minutes, you still don't feel like it, get off. At least you got 10 minutes in. But, I would bet, once you are on, you'll feel so good you won't want to stop...

Comment #3

Have you considered other exercise options? I hate the treadmill (use it only when I'm on the road, at a hotel, and it is the most convenient exercise tool). How about the Wii system? There is a new "game" called Walk It Out that is so much fun and so much good dancing/walking/exercise...many of us here love it and can't wait to get in a session. Many of the exercises on the Wii are very good, I think. Just a thought...

Comment #4

True Pam!.

I hated the treadmill. Joined a gym and love it. Love taking classes, it makes exercise fun.

Find something you enjoy...

Comment #5

The treadmill is miserable. the elliptical I can handle. I also enjoy classes...spinning, zumba, turbokick, cardio kettle. I like them...but still have a hard time making myself go..

Comment #6

I actually like my treadmill. It was just tough to get going after a couple of days off. I did get going though. I started at 11p.m. and went for 45 minutes. I'm the kind of person who would have tossed and turned all night due to the guilt of not doing it at all.

Pam: I have been reading all the good things that people are saying about the Walk It Out program. We have a WI and I have been intending to check it out, I just haven't done it yet. I'm going to Target today so I plan to pick one up..

Thanks for the help and advice everyone...

Comment #7


Congrats on getting on last night & your goal for today. I am a runner and use the treadmill a lot, but that doesn't always mean it's easy to get on it.

As someone else says, it's usually easier when I say something like "OK, just 1 mile. If you want to quit after 1, you can." And then VERY rarely do I quit, I usually keep going..

The other thing I do is rationalize with myself. For example- if I run I don't have to worry about it or feel guilty. If I DONT then I owe myself 20 more minutes on the treadmill tomorrow. Seems to usually work..

But, you did it, so congrats!.


Comment #8

Thanks Jeanie,.

I rationalize with myself too. I am actually supposed to be doing 60 minutes 5 times per week minimum. So the 75 minutes included the make up time. I actually ended up going 85 today because the numbers on the scale were to odd and weird. How weird is that???..

Comment #9

To answer your question: YES! and YES! Lol. I am EXACTLY like you. I always get 10lbs from goal and just STOP. I can't even explain it. It's like it's too hard for me to be patient for the last 10lbs and I get complacent about it. I tell myself I am fine where I am, I am not THAT fat anymore.

Not this time! I will get there and so can you!.

>>>>>>>>PUSH>>>>>>>> onto that treadmill my friend! :-) I am a bit of a treadmill/running junkie so I understand the need to get on there but the hesitation also. I know my workout will be hard so I put it off...I am the queen of procrastination!!! I should not be so proud of that, huh?.

Let's get off our duffs together (though it looks like you already have, great job!) and keep it up! I am odd, it seems I am zooming along just fine a few weeks and then I just stop. 5-6 days will go by and no workout. DARN! I smack myself upside the head and head out the door to the gym or outside for a run and just grumble grumble for a few minutes but after about 5 mins, I am cruising along and forgot why I was grumbling. Exercise magic! Love those endorphins!!!.

Have a great Friday and get some activity this weekend!.


P.S. OR you could have had my scenario, hit goal, the shot right back up 10lbs to where I was...fighting my way back ever since. Gosh! What is up with that??? Or worse, you could be like I am right now, fighting off another 10lbs that the first 10lbs left with me too...yep...20+lbs to get off now! UGH! Don't be like me!..

Comment #10

Thanks for the pep talk Michelle! Now that I am back on I'll stay with it. I got off track because I work in a school and am now on spring break with my kids. My husband and I also took a two day getaway this week so my routine just got thrown for loop. I agree with you in that we seem to be the same person. Let's try to keep each other going and get rid of the last ten once and for all. I made the first step by making an executive decision for our family and I canceled our annual Easter brunch buffet. They're just gonna have to deal with it, it's mom's turn for a change!.

BTW....if you're the queen of procrastination, you gotta make me at least your co-queen! I promise I can live up to the title!..

Comment #11

Hey there Gracie - I had to make a "deal" with myself in the beginning. As soon as I walk in the door from work (6-6:30 PM) I change immediately into my walking clothes. (I'm a "dreadmill" girl too). Then I look at the clock and give myself to the next quarter hour to "chill". When the quarter hour comes, I get up and go. Like Kimberly said, I make another "deal" with myself for 15 minutes.

Usually I get 30 min done in no time! Now after 7 mo (and 38 lbs!!) I don't need to make a "deal" with myself anymore and I look forward to the "reward" of 45-60 minutes.

Here's your push - You can do it. It's good for your heart. It's good for your mind. It's good for your bones. It's good for your weight loss. It's good for YOU. Swing high!!..

Comment #12

I am experiencing some of the same frustrations!! I have lost 21 pounds and have 20 more to go. I am so happy with the numbers on the scale right now (I haven't seen them in a few years), I seem to have stopped right here in my tracks. I started out SO strong and now my motivation is fading, even though I am halfway to my goal. Does anyone have any helpful input?? How do I get back on the wagon? I started excercising today, but I've been sneaking jelly beans out of the kid's baskets all day!! AAAHHHH!!!!!..

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