How to reduce belly with exercise and Dukan Diet without using drugs?

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My first question is How to reduce belly with exercise and Dukan Diet without using drugs? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... I was able to locate the "breakdown" of the foods like the proteins, fruits, veggies, etc. The breakdown of how many calories, protein, carbs, fats can be in a food item. However, I am unable to locate anything on the desserts...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably know..

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Thank you.. I guess that definitely leaves off the WW frozen desserts. The ones that I saw only had about 3 g protein. That alone tells me

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The dessert stats are interchangeable with the afternoon snack. Some of the Dukan Diet desserts go as high as 160 calories. About once a week I throw my protein caution to the wind and have a skinny cow chocolate drumstick for dessert. Another one that I just adore is Chef Jay's Lite Bite chocolate chocolate chip cookies (available from The protein is very good in that one so no caution required...

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I checked on all the desserts that I have from Dukan Diet and saw only 1 that was close to the 10 g protein and that was the microwave choc cake. all others are under the 10. and all the ones I have are over the 110 cals...

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Personally, I use 150 cal as my rule of thumb for both dessert & snack and 7 or 8g of protein as my guide...

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I saw that too. Why do they say one thing but don't follow it them selves. Oh well...

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It is my understanding that it is supposed to be a "guideline". but I have to learn the right guidelines first before I can apply them to everyday life when I someday stop NS...

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They're the averages that were done with the nourish foods. I've never seen a requirement stated that it needs to be 10 grams a protein from anyone. But if you add up the dairy/protein & fruit, it's about 2 from the fruit, (depending on what it is) and around 7-8 from the protein, it's about 10. The Dukan Diet ice cream doesn't have that much, neither do the Dukan Diet chocolates. I guess if you have cravings, up the protein..


Nutritional Value Average Highest Lowest.

Serving Size Dessert Dessert Dessert.

Calories 110 180 80.

Total Fat (g) 3.25g 8g 1g.

Total Carbs (g) 12g 22g 7g.

Protein (g) 10g 16g 1g**.

I copied this. I have no idea what dessert was 1 gram of protein. I suspect it was a mistake...

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The guidelines that Obie posted are based on older averages when I started almost 4 years ago, there were a number of Dukan Diet desserts at 90 calories and the highest was around 150 calories and they DID have a LOT of protein, which if you take an average of the items offered would make the 110 cal w/ 10 gr protein not unreasonable for the product line as it was in late 2005 a member posted ranges of stats for the then current Dukan Diet items dessert was:.

Cals 70 - 160.......... Fat 1 - 7.5.......... Carbs 5 - 21........... Protein 7 - 12.

Since then, new (and reformulated) Dukan Diet desserts have increased in calories or generally been at the high end of the old range and often have less protein than the 7-12 range noted above, most of the low calorie items (a coffee drink and another cocoa flavor, a chocolate shake and 2 puddings) all of which were 80-90 calories, have been discontinued AND the protein in new and reformulated items has been reduced and while not all of the current Dukan Diet desserts have 10 grams of protein the Soy chips, regular pretzels, peanut butter dessert bar, old choc chip pudding (don't know current stats on the add milk one) and the micro cake all have at least 10 gr protein.

At a guess, these day's I'd use 150 calories & 7-8 gr protein as an average for Dukan Diet Dessert.

And btw Swedish there WERE desserts at 1 gr protein (and generally 100 calories) they were the "NS Classics" in the blue packaging that were beloved from the pre-Nourish program and did not have the protein addition that the Nourish program items had (remember Mint Decadence bars??? the Vanilla & Choc Chip cookies??? the old Cheese Puffs??? or had they been discontinued by the time you started???) folks were able to buy them, but it was recommended that they not be used all that often they got discontinued gradually between early 2006 and sometime in 2007 (I think - just know I still have a couple left).


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I guess someone could go through all the desserts and do an Excell spreadsheet and get the new averages. The only thing is they do change..

They're reformulated, some are discontinued, oldies pop up at big lots, the frozen foods, etc..

BTW, here are the old Nourish stats for all the meals while I have the page open. Did you do these Lynn?.

Nutritional Value Average Highest Lowest.

Serving Size Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast.

Calories 150 200 90.

Total Fat (g) 2.75g 7g 0g.

Total Carbs (g) 23g 37g 4g.

Protein (g) 10g 15g 2g.

Nutritional Value Average Highest Lowest.

Serving Size Lunch Lunch Lunch.

Calories 170 210 90.

Total Fat (g) 3.25g 9g 0g.

Total Carbs (g) 26g 38g 3g.

Protein (g) 10g 16g 6g.

Nutritional Value Average Highest Lowest.

Serving Size Dinner Dinner Dinner.

Calories 240 280 220.

Total Fat (g) 5.25g 10g 3g.

Total Carbs (g) 28g 41g 12g.

Protein (g) 20g 36g 9g.

Nutritional Value Average Highest Lowest.

Serving Size Dessert Dessert Dessert.

Calories 110 180 80.

Total Fat (g) 3.25g 8g 1g.

Total Carbs (g) 12g 22g 7g.

Protein (g) 10g 16g 1g..

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Naw compulsive I may be and definately anal - but now way am I THAT compulsive!!! GhostDW did that a couple years ago (just checked - fyi post date 7/07 - that kind of anal, I AM!!! if I've seen it, I generally remember it, sort of - lmao) and posted on the "on your own" thread @.


I didn't even save that one myself just the 10/05 ranges that bubble posted cause I was still newish at that time by 2007 when ghost posted his stuff, I had my spreadsheet with calories & points and didn't care - also with the regular & constant changes of Dukan Diet products, I decided it wasn't worth the time - lmao.


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You had a stash of the Mint Decadence bars long after they were discontinued, but are you seriously saying you still have some left????????!!!!!!!..

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Roflmao yep hiding in the back of the refrigerator crisper drawer I keep other Dukan Diet stuff in only pull one out for a "special" occasion!!!.

And I'm NOT sharing either neiner neiner neiner roflmao.


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You probably better put them under lock & key, because I just may have to travel up your way soon.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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