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I had someone ask about Medifast and the motivation to finally commit to losing the weight. What do you say that will actually help someone take the final step? Or is there anything that can be said? I told her it was a matter of deciding, individually, that you were ready. I didn't know what else to say beyond explaining that I like the plan because I'm not hungry and I don't have to worry about counting calories, just eating the meals and getting in my one lean/green. But there's also a mental shift that happened for me that has allowed me to finally tackle this. I don't exactly know how to explain it...

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I give people the website and let them research and choose for themselves. After trying to lead a couple of friends to the program, I found the old saying "some things are better discovered than taught" applies here in MFland...

Comment #1

I think you are right on the money. At the end of the day, it comes down to a personal decision. I think you explained it well and are giving the ultimate good advice by being an example. Keep on with your success!..

Comment #2

I agree that you did what is best to do. This is such a personal journey and decision that we all have to come to it on our own in our own time. And that mental shift is what gets us asking the questions and ultimately gets us started on realizing our goals. It is hard to explain how we got to that place. A friend asked me that question the other day and it was hard to answer. I just said that I came to a point where I knew I had to do something, I was tired of being a slave to food and the information I had about Medifast gave me hope that I could free myself.

Now, because you told her, she knows something that can help her and it is up to her to decide if and when to make the commitment. You did a good thing...

Comment #3

You can't 'help' someone to get ready. They have to 'be' ready...

Comment #4

How does that old saying go? You can lead a friend to MF, but you can't make her drink the shakes. She has to find the reason on her own or anything you tell her won't really compute. Just keep leading by example...

Comment #5

My mother told me a year before I started Medifast about how great it was and I should try it. Even though I knew I needed to make a change, it still took me a whole year to finally place an order. When the student is ready the teacher will come.

Good for you for being supportive and giving her information on a great program. Its now up to her..


Comment #6

I heard about Medifast from my OB, during a yearly visit. She has a health coach working in her office. That was months ago! Then, about a month after that, I ran into a Mom @ one of my kids sports practices who I hadn't seen since last season. She looked great & I told her so. She said, I've lost 35 lbs on MF! I was shocked, because this woman wasn't overweight anyway. But, more so, because that was the 2nd reference to Medifast I had heard in a short span of time.

I looked at the website, read success stories, etc. Then, I still sat on it for another few months!.

I had shared my hearing about Medifast with my sister, who also wanted to lose weight. It sparked her interest. She called me one day & said, I'm starting Nov. 1st, you wanna join me? So, I did!.

My point is, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. I was the one getting all these tips about Medifast from people. But, there I sat, not doing a thing about it! It wasn't until months later, that my sister's joining sparked me into doing it. I think everyone is different. But, what others have said about being mentally ready is so true! You have to be in the "zone"...

Comment #7

I agree with all the above. It's kind of like you are planting the seed. Who knows when it will grow and/or bloom...

Comment #8

Been thinking on this one for a while, trying to come up with something that helps the most. Not just the Medifast plan but any plan because I see so many overweight people and I know they are hurting. I know they are searching for a magic weight loss secret but they won't find it until they realize they have the strength to change their own lives. I think the answer is really pretty simple and without being too preachy just say "you are worth it and you have the power to lose weight and improve your life"..

Comment #9

My experience is that you can't prepare someone to start a weight loss program. They have to WANT it. All you can do is give as much information as possible. From there on, it's up to them and all you can do is support whatever decision they make...

Comment #10

Well, I was going to say something, but De said it. So I'll just say "ditto."..

Comment #11

How true that is. Lead the horse to water but can't make em drink!.

Be happy they asked for help though. Send them to the website. That is a positive step in the right direction.

I was really sad yesterday that I couldn't convince my diabetic father (had to go on insulin for the 1st time recently) to even start to investigate Medifast. He is such a stubborn know it all. I think people have to have to hit bottom.. be at the point of total frustration or have some personal revelation that enough is enough. I need help and I surrender to Medifast and the structure/rules of the program. I want to live a better life, a healthier life, and I am on my knees willing to do anything that will take me there...

Comment #12

I've spoken to a lot of people about MF, and I try to just share what I've experienced. I tell them that I finally came to the conclusion that there was something more important to me than eating anything and everything I wanted all the time: my health and my life with my husband. Sometimes I'll invite them to think about what that might be for them...

Comment #13

You can't talk someone into to it because it won't work. It's easy but it's also easy not to follow.

They have to be ready and commited to doing it no matter what..

I found it worked so easily for me because I was so sick and tired of being fat and tired. I was willing to try just one more thing...

Comment #14

The only thing that helped me... other than hearing about it from several people, was when someone gave me a pb bar.... lol if I could eat stuff like that, and lose wt i'd do it, and I did......

Comment #15

I understand....

I wrestled for weeks to decide if I was going to make this happen, or not! Allowed friends, etc to get in my ear...Finally told them to just shut it, cause I had to make the decision and I was READY to do so...I am developing a toughness I did not have a few months ago, so bring it on! My first box will be here by Tuesday!..

Comment #16

I don't even understand how I took that step that led me to where I am now. I look back to 12.5 months ago, and I honestly don't know what made Nov. 16, 2010 different from all the other days that I started a diet over the last 8 years. Something clicked, thankfully, and that's the only way that I can really explain it. Consequently, I really feel like I'm in no position to help someone else take that final step, though I can certainly be supportive and share the basic information of what worked from me from a practical standpoint (e.g., Medifast.) But ultimately, I think that things have to "click" for that person, like they did for me and each one of us here...

Comment #17

Like any addiction I guess.or any decision.we all will do what we choose to do...

Comment #18

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears.".

I was ready and Medifast appeared. If it had appeared a year ago, it wouldn't have worked, I was not in the right place mentally. I had to be ready inside. IE: this really is a spiritual journey and dealing with what's eating me, not what I'm eating. I'm finally starting to find peace with why I eat. You cannot force that lesson on someone, they have to find their own journey...

Comment #19

Before you start any diet...You want to make sure that you are 100% ready physically and mentally to change your life style and be healthy...Don't go into this feeling " oh I want to lose this weight, but don't want to change my bad eating habits ".....

Good luck in your journey...I'm doing it and lost 22lbs. since I started Medifast on Oct. 15....

Comment #20

I don't think you can talk someone into Medifast, they have to want it...AND, it has to be a good match for that person at that time. Medifast is sooo easy for me to do... it totally fits me and my needs. But I know there are other people out there that would benefit better from trying other plans. Not because Medifast wouldn't work (of course it would!) but because where they are in their lives, what meshes with their lifestyle, and what "clicks" with them could be different from my needs.

I think the better focus would be to help them see the need to eat healthier/be healthier. And even that....I wouldn't try until you know they're ready to hear it. If they're not ready, you could make things worse by making them more defensive..

Just my two cents :-)..

Comment #21

We've talked a lot about weight loss over the years, techniques and motivations, reason to lose and reasons we didn't lose, etc. The difference is that SOMETHING shifted for me. She's my friend, and I'd like her to have that shift. It's frustrating that I can't identify what it was that turned my key. I try to be pretty self-aware...

Comment #22

I understand that, but the bottom line is that it has to click for HER, and that isn't going to happen just because you want it to. What clicks is probably as different for each of us, as we all are from each other. What clicked for you, may not be what does it for her. When she's ready, she'll do what she needs to do. Until she is, she may try and fail over and over because she has not really committed to the program. Face it.

Don't push her, or you may end up pushing her away. Just support her in whatever she chooses to do and maybe one day, she'll give Medifast a try...

Comment #23

One thing I might add to this discussion is that FOR ME, when people commented on my size or diet choices, it just made me eat more in secret. Sorta like, 'I'll show them, they won't see me eat poorly anymore!'.

What a mess. I ended up hurting me even more. So I had to actually ask my family to stop commenting on my plan this time. I needed time to see if it would work or not. I needed the space to see if I could truly commit to such a restrictive plan, or would I yet again, be tweaking and cheating, rationalizing and making excuses..

I agree that we all have to do this for ourselves and that 'switch that clicks' will be vastly different for each of us..

Inspiration comes from many strange places sometimes. Just read the Success Stories here and see how many different reasons for finally getting it right there are here. And Medifast is just ONE weight loss tool. Imagine all the other forums out there and the many different scenarios there are..

The BEST thing you can do for those whom you love and care about, IMO,is to do that. Love them, right where they are. Our actions truly do speak louder than all of our words. Gently be an example and don't you CHEAT or have your walk and talk not match or else you do more damage to the plan than had they not heard of it. Some people are just waiting to see if it IS real for us THIS TIME. At least I know that was my experience.

(Ha) I'm sure people were waiting and testing me to see if I was serious or just on yet another fad diet. Only time and my perseverance to stay OnPlan can help with that..

If your friend asks about what you are doing, you should only share with her what you feel comfortable sharing. Overloading her or bombarding her with too much info right away may make what you are doing seem too much and not possible for her. Pointing her to the website and allowing her the privacy and time to read up on her own may be a healthy way for your friendship to remain strong too. That way IF she chooses to try it and fails, you don't have that between you, too. You never know, she may try it several times before she gets it right. Lord knows I had to try many diets to find one that worked for me.

Some need food sent to their home that looks like food they are giving up, you know like Jenny or Nutri pizzas and pasta.

Whatever works, for ME, Medifast was, and still is, just the amazing tool for getting my life back in balance and healthy, but as De said, not everyone is ready to commit to eating 'space food' for 5 meals a day, either..

Keep us in the loop, and I'm sure many of those folks here who have a faith, have added this thread to their prayers...

Comment #24

I guess I'll just have to answer whatever questions as best I can. I don't want to become pushy about it, that's for sure. She talks so much about wanting to lose weight that I want her to be able to. Plus, the more people notice, the more I'm asked what I'm doing (I know a lot of people and am fairly approachable about this sort of thing, I guess). The more I ponder what to say, the more I realize that there was a huge mental shift that happened. I know I'd been working on it for a long time, but I can't pinpoint when exactly it took place.

I just like how fast and simple Medifast is. I just can't say, "if you do XYZ, then it will help you to make that mental shift, too."..

Comment #25

I think this is the best route to take. Be the best example you can be for your friend. As she sees how successful you are, she may take the plunge. You're obviously a great and caring friend. Just keep on being one...

Comment #26

I think if you point someone to the Success Photos section of the board, that is very powerful..

What finally clicked for me this time was watching a friend of mine succeed (she posted her loss each week on Facebook along with updated pics every month). Seeing someone you know work the plan and experience the joy of success is also powerful..

So the best thing you can do to motivate others is to succeed yourself! Let them witness your own transformation and let them see the happiness and health it brings to your life..

In order to get myself in the right frame of mind to start, I spent ALOT of time on the boards reading success stories. This message board is a gift and a tool. Put that gift and tool in their hands if they ask for help..


Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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