How to post one application in the hosting server?

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I got a quick question: How to post one application in the hosting server?.

I also got another question: They don't really sell, and get a bad rap. Curious though if anyone has any in their arsenal. If you have developed any, parking, or are trying to resell.

I will start: fury, creep, and hostel.

All parked, some traffic, will likely develope because of the keywords...

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Your question was: How to post one application in the hosting server?. , it was one crazy time and I decided to not register .ws again...

Comment #1

If .ws would let me reg. 2 character I would reg more for my HostGator hack collection but other than that I wouldn't...

Comment #2

I had two - recently let one drop, and am now left with ..

Still not sure what is the way to develop this one..

If anyone is interested, I am open for offers.


Comment #3

The only one I have is an "Anna Nicole" Smith memorial site I put up for my wife. She, my wife, was a big fan.

I may be buying another .WS for one of my daughters' soccer team. But both will be for development only.


Comment #4

I own occasional click, but little purchase interest. (the com version sold for 30K or so a few months ago.).

Comment #5 and

At one time I owned 100+, all one worders such as etc.....

Comment #6

These are the ones I have (all at 1Plus):

The ones above are open for offers since I don't have time for them. The ones below I will for sure keep since they are exactly in my area:

Just realized that I have more than I thought.....

Comment #7

I keep saying I am going to do a personal blog but.....

Comment #8

Http:// < - forum and free web-based email, I just started the forum yesterday no cat. yet. but 100+ web-based email users already...

Comment #9

I only have one.cost me $5 at auction.

Comment #10

The only 1 I have right now is

Comment #11

Comment #12

Still got 100+ one word .ws in myportfolio, and I sell 2-3 every month so that takes care of the renewal fees..

A random selection:.

Comment #13

Etit: I am showing that is available. should fetch a hefty 2 bucks..

Comment #14

I only bought 2 and still kept them. They are my favorite domains dust collectors.

Comment #15

Registered for $6.99 each using a GoDaddy coupon code...

Comment #16

I have 2:.


Names (bought 2 weeks ago from a NPer)..

Comment #17

I have about 40+ .ws names, many are developed and doing quite well. While I am not fond of the not being able to transfer the domains, I would much rather have a great keyword .ws than a crappy .net any day. Here are a few I own:.

For what it is worth, I have been watching .ws sales on tdnam (not the best, but still something). There have been three in the last week that have sold for $100+, one of them going for quite a bit more...

Comment #18

If .ws would implement transfers and standardize their pricing based on the gTLD's, I'll bet they could become nearly as acceptable as .biz...

Comment #19

I know of Institute for Supply Management (formerly know as NAPM) uses a .ws (they went from to

Comment #20

I have four .ws names. They are all parked and get a few clicks here and there.

Comment #21

I have few -.

And some IDN dot WS:

Comment #22

I have one, it's an adult HostGator though. Not developed, and no clicks. However, i'm sure that if it had some content, it would be quite the money maker.....

Comment #23

I bought a heap a while ago. Some with the intention of devloping others to resell. I haven't had time to develop any and am therefore looking to sell all my remaining .ws domains. Following is my list:.

PM me if anyone is interested..

Comment #24

I got only

Some says it's a crap, but I like it..

Comment #25

Which ones sold on TDnam? I let some drop: bridalshop & weddinggowns, maybe some others.

I still have:.






Not sure if I'm keeping any of them yet..

Open to offers...

Comment #26

Decided to take a look at our fellow nper, Jaimes' and check out the name sales this past year. Most are $1-30, there were some other Sample sales:. $20-Afternic Bazaar. $80-Sedo. $250-Sedo. $200-Sedo. $3- Afternic Bazaar. $512- Sedo..

Comment #27

If you change your mind, and don't like it let me know. I have around 10 similar domains. EEEE.WS being my favourite.

I also have SOGO and VURG...

Comment #28

I may have more, but I can only remember 2 off the top of my head... and

Both get a small amount of traffic......

Comment #29

If you look at sales figures for January of this year:- 14 domains sold (mostly @ Sedo)for a total $4558 approx average of $325/sale. Feb/07 average $80/sale. March/07 average $371/sale. The more recent sales have been on Afternic bazaar which have been pretty low in $ value but that is to be expected when selling there.

For those who hold good keywords I don't think you should take anything less than $300. IMHO We ourselves (domainers) are devaluing .ws by letting them go for peanuts...

Comment #30

I have It's a premium HostGator with a score of 517 Anyone wanna buy it... PM me.


Comment #31

I have and it gets traffic and is for sale..........but everyone seems to hate those .ws names. I also have

Both are at Sedo...

Comment #32

[shameless plug].

I've got birds (90 million + google results) and balloons (21 million + google results) up for offers here:

Nice premium .ws suitable for developing.

[/shameless plug]..

Comment #33

I've got Psychiatry (& just renewed it) - I should have my head examined!..

Comment #34

M e a t d r a.w s The online meat raffling resource.....

Comment #35

I've actually had some luck selling .ws names at SEDO, and some where I've been directly contacted by the buyer at forums and directly by mail..

I've also sold a few names through my (now very outdated) site

(I guess I'll have to update that one soon.... )..

Comment #36

I own some good keyword .ws names.

All for sale if price right.

I think that or sold for $4500 at sedo last year.

Thanks for looking!.


Comment #37

I had spotted a really good single keyword .ws a couple of days back. Any idea if I should buy it?..

Comment #38

I imagine it depends upon what it is. I have and it gets traffic and has earned $1.38 thus far in July alone on Sedo. I have many great .coms and it's somewhat amusing that this "dreaded" .ws outearns most of them on Sedo! I think it's because "Illuminati" is such a great keyword. So, if it was me it would be important to make sure most every other extension is taken, AND it would have to be a great keyword!.

P.S. is for sale if anyone's interested! It does earn and you can check it out on Sedo, and I'm sure it could do well if developed.

Good luck in your buy / or not decision re the keyword you found!..

Comment #39

It has traffic because it's an expired name ya? I see it has a history in Wayback machine...

Comment #40

Just re-registered two .ws domains that I had sold a while ago ... the buyers had let them expire. Viruses.

& Videocameras..

Comment #41

It can be yours, of course ... if the price is right!..

Comment #42

The right price for me would be reg fee...

Comment #43

I just bought, and in it's first day and a half on Sedo, it's already had 13 views, so I guess it's not too bad... but that is my first .ws purchase...

Comment #44

I have one just purchased recently that I plan to develop -

Comment #45

C o n s you l t a n c yW S.

Just found this - I guess this has dropped recently!.

Appraisals welcome at:

Comment #46

TheBeatles ws.

Hand reg this recently, guess the owner didn't bother to renew it. I'm so gonna developed this...

Comment #47

Obtained a couple weeks ago and got an offer a few days later. Currently in escrow at sedo for 200 ($403 US).

A few other recent pickups.


















DENTISTAS.WS (Spanish for Dentists).























Comment #48

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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