How to politely decline off-plan food during Medifast?

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I am a grad student and foraging for free food is a way of life for my classmatesUsually if it's something like a catered lunch I can grab some salad as my green for the day and stay on plan. But today, I am attending a department function where there will be pizza. I don't plan on eating any, and I will probably be the only one not eating it. I want to find a way to politely decline without drawing attention to the fact that I am on a restricted diet. I was thinking of saying something like "Oh, gluten and I don't get along anymore, so I already ate." This is true, although it might imply that I'm gluten intolerant, which I am not. Or I could just say I already ate and leave it at that.

How do you politely decline meals when there are no on-plan options? If it is time for you to eat, how do you explain why you are eating Medifast food instead of the meal?..

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Say you're gluten sensitive-that's actually true! Any junk food will probably contain gluten. I also feel like I'm sugar sensitive. Add sugar and gluten together and my cravings kick in big time...

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I have done it multiple times since starting MF... I just say No thank you, works everytime Might have to say it a few times, but soon it stops..

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I have developed a knee-jerk response and it's always "No thanks, not today". Took me awhile to make myself say that but it's a lot easier now...

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I find that in most situations, people don't even notice that I'm not eating. I say most situations b/c there are times when the food police are on patrol! LOL!!!.

On those occasions when I'm asked why I'm not eating, I just say I'm still full from breakfast or whatever, and that maybe I'll have something later.

I've learned that we are more self-conscious about what we are or aren't eating, and most people around us aren't even paying attention!..

Comment #4

I just say "No thanks, I don't eat." It makes it a little bit of a joke, and as people who know me can see I'm shrinking, it makes sense. But I've used it with strangers, too...

Comment #5

I say no thanks, but really do have gluten issues. It makes sure I don't slip and have a slice of pizza though.

When we went to my sons end of year scout party I pulled out my nacho puffs (which taste sort of like pizza.....imagination...) One of the other moms said aren't you having pizza? I told her I couldn't because of the gluten. She saw me eating the puffs which I had poured onto a plate and thought I was eating cheese puffs. Her younger son wanted my cheese puffs instead of his pizza...

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I feel your pain. It's really tough when you're sitting in a working meeting, around a conference table, and everybody else is eating pizza. First of all, it smells really good! Seriously, that's a worst-case scenario for me.

I will say that I already ate, or that I brought something for lunch I'm having later.

I'm not out about Medifast at work so I mostly try to avoid those situations. They are really tough...

Comment #7

I agree with dhershberg...just so no thanks. People that try to push the food on you are 1. not your friend or 2. trying to sabbatoge you and get you to fail. Stand strong and just say, 'no thank you' and pat yourself on the back...

Comment #8

I just say no thanks. Most of the time, people really don't care what you're doing, they just feel it's polite to offer...

Comment #9

I have a special breakfast to attend next Friday. I know they'll have lots of delicious stuff I can't have, so I plan to bring Medifast hot chocolate, stir it into some coffee they will no doubt have, and enjoy!..

Comment #10

Yes "no thanks" works well, I also was comfortable to share more, "No thanks, I just had a great chocolate shake" or "No thanks, I have chicken noodle soup waiting for me.".

Sometimes for me, when there are tempting items around it helps to hear out loud what I should do, so that I really DO IT!..

Comment #11

"no thanks" with a smile works.

Bring a beverage (like herbal tea or diet soda) to keep your hands busy!.

Isn't there an expression: idle hands are the devils work?..

Comment #12

I always just said that's not on my plan I have my own food...

Comment #13

You could always say, "Oh, that makes me break out..." And then under your breath you whisper "in fat!"..

Comment #14


I went to the meeting. There was soda and pizza. I snagged the ONE diet soda (I felt like a vulture swooping in so fast to get it, but whose idea was it for there to be only one diet option?). I sat down while everyone around me ate pizza. Two things:.

1. At first smelling it was a little hard. I thought about what it would taste like and had a small moment of "oh man, I miss pizza." But then I thought about weighing in tomorrow morning to see a gain because of water weight from eating pizza, not to mention maybe knocking myself out of ketosis, and the craving immediately passed. I even stopped smelling it after a minute or two..

2. No one noticed or said a word! It's very true that we expect more attention to be paid to us than actually is. I guess it's just me being narcissistic ...

Comment #15

Funny how so many of us are sensitive about others knowing about Medifast. But maybe not so funny..

I've always found "No thanks" plain and simple works better than trying to come up with something more (especially if it isn't true or a stretched truth). Anything more often leads to more conversation about the extra comment or food in general, neither of which I really want to continue. I'd rather move on to a completely unrelated topic of conversation. And this may sound dopey, but I have been known to practice saying "No thank you" so it doesn't come out sanctimonious or pompous or demeaning. Yeah, I occasionally worry about coming off the wrong way, probably from years of not caring and paying the price...

Comment #16

He he he... I agree with "no thank you" but knowing myself I would probably throw in a snarky joke as they are grabbing the pizza. I'd be the one in the background saying....

"Anybody else watch Biggest Loser this week?".

Watch how much is left over!..

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Some that work for me - "No thanks, I don't care for <xyz>", or "I like to eat healthy". That usually ends it right there..

Like others said, truly no one really cares what you eat or don't eat. I attended a 2-day all-day conference a couple weekends ago. I am in maintenance and I follow my food plan regardless of where I am. I brought my own food from home, toted my lunch bag around all day, whipped it out at the table, and while I had a couple of brief looks no one said anything. I order off the menu at restaurants all the time and it's no big deal, either to the chefs, the wait staff, or whoever I'm with..

Totally doable to be social and OP, whether on 5&1 or T&M..

Good luck!..

Comment #18

Lol I love this. "I get big bumps all over my body! Its really awful. The technical term is love handles and saddlebags. Too dangerous to get them surgically removed."..

Comment #19

I know exactly what you mean about food scavenging being a favorite past time of grad students. I am in the same boat. I think it might have something to do with the ''lack of money' mixed with the idea of 'free'..

Comment #20

You have done amazing. Congrats on your weight loss. I admire you...

Comment #21

I just say "No Thanks, I'm in the process of lodeing sticks of butter" That usually leaves them so puzzled, they have no reply...

Comment #22

Just say "no thank you" or "I think I'll have this instead" grabbing for lean and green. I see no point in saying "No, I'll have something healthy instead" at a nice gathering. That would irritate me to hear that. Nobody really cares...

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