How to not overeat with Nutrisystem?

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Ok, one thing I have DEFINITELY noticed (I'm in my 7th week of NS, and have learned several good lessons!), is I am VERY thankful of the pre-portioned foods! I am terrified to stop ordering, because I don't want to go back to my old ways.

Often, yes, even on NS, I eat something yummy (a flame-broiled burger, a peppermint patty, cookie, pizza, a penne-pasta dinner, macaroni n cheese, etc) and my brain says "that was good! I want another one!" In my old days, I would go to the kitchen and get another helping. Well, of course, that's how I got overweight, right?.

Well, I wouldn't DARE get another helping of Nutrisystem foods. Another helping of broccoli? Sure. Not that I really want it, but I know I can have it, and if I'm hungry enough, I get it. But, the Nutrisystem police will barge in my door, alarms will go off or I think "it's too expensive", or I know it's just not RIGHT... so I DON'T get another helping of Nutrisystem items.

Thank you again, NS, for the pre-packaged proper portions. I need them..

I know I shouldn't worry about the future. But I don't think I can ever live in the non-NS world again.

I always "want more", because when something tastes good, I want more. It is so satisfying, it makes me feel good, it makes me happy... so... why not? I don't care that I'm not hungry anymore at the end of my meal. I don't care that I've eaten the appropriate amount of calories. I don't care that it will make me fat if I eat more.

I read something that PAMSB wrote, that you have to stop thinking/acting like a 3 year-old. The thing I just wrote (above) reminds me of a 3 year old. hmmm... time to grow up, perhaps. And tell myself no. It doesn't matter how good that pasta is (or that pizza, or cookie, or whatever), 1 is enough, and if I'm still hungry, broccoli or water will do until next meal-time, and occupy my mind with something else..

Thank you for "listening". Maybe someone else can relate? Maybe someone else can encourage me and offer some other advice/perspectives in this battle of "I want another!"..

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Your question was: How to not overeat with Nutrisystem?.

Acevedo, I was just telling my husband the same thing about saving containers. I think that will really help me also control my portion sizes when I'm ready to go on maintenance...

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One of the biggest lessons I learned, among many others, on Nutrisystem is that I don't need as much food as I think I do..

Indeed, THANK YOU NS!!..

Comment #2

Big lesson I think we are all learning is food is fuel not recreation as a wise poster said earlier...

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I so agree! I have gone from the mindset of "what is the maximum amount of food I can eat and not gain weight" to "what is the minimum amount of food I need to feel satisfied." I'm not talking starving myself, but really knowing the point at which I am eating for reasons other than being hungry!..

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Thank you all for some great feedback..

Food is fuel, not recreation....

Discover at what point we eat for reasons other than being hungry....

We don't need as much food as we thought/think we do....

Save the containers for use with non-NS foods....

I find myself saying, in argument to the fuel vs recreation rule... "but it tastes so good. Why shouldn't we enjoy simple pleasures in life?" I suppose we can, in proper amounts. That is the hard part for some of us. *sigh*..

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Thanks for the great post! One reason I'm about to start NSit does no good to make a healthy, 6-portion dish if 2 people eat most of it in one sitting...

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Boy, can I relate to all of this!. I agree.. for me food was just always such a pleasure.. I am now trying to think "food for living" not "living for food". I am just starting my 4th week and right now I have been really staying honest... the pounds coming off are a motivator.

If everyone is like me you just had no idea that our servings were probably 2-3 times what they should be!. The visual of seeing the right size portion so beneficial. Good luck to everyone!..

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I totally agree with Justme_c. Even after 100 lbs, I still struggle with this..

Thanks for the great post..


And the black mini poodles..

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This is my issue in a nutshell. It doesnt matter if I'm hungry or stuffed, if it tastes good I want more..or I want some to begin with, even if I"m not hungry. (like dessert after a big meal).

This is exactly why I decided to try NS. I was on Weight watchers. I lost a lot of weight (60lbs) I gained 30 of it back cause when I wasnt losing, I wasnt paying attention to what or how much I was eating. I totally lost my sense of how much food I need vs how much food I want..

I am hungry on NS. It feels GOOD to be hungry. I had forgotten what real hunger felt like cause I was just eating to eat..

This is the beauty of Nutrisystem for me. The choices about HOW MUCH I can eat have been totally taken away. I NEEDED that!.

Good luck..

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