How to make a website on godaddy?

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I got a quick question: How to make a website on godaddy?.

I also got another question: Quote from Sedo's auction page:.

Current Bid: 1,015,000 USD.

Reserve met!.


Due to recent unavailability of this auction site the auction has been extended by 20 minutes...

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Your question was: How to make a website on godaddy?.

Yes, and now .mobi is less likely to be at the top :-(..

Comment #1

Seriously though, I think I've seen these 20 minute extensions in a number of auctions at Sedo - in September or earlier.

Is this something fairly frequent?..

Comment #2

If it's a popular, highly bid on name, yes...

Comment #3

Frankly, if I was the bidding party - I'd be a bit annoyed...

Comment #4

Oh dear. a few mtld conspiracy theorists have been debunked.

Glad to see sedo's servers are equal opportunity employers..

Comment #5

Not so fast, Governator!.

This is exactly what 'they' would want you to think.


Comment #6

Somehow I think this extension thingee will be included in the next re-write of the TOS...

Comment #7

OOOOPS - sorry guys, wrong thread deleted.


Comment #8

Bubble or not it's auctions like these that raise domain's appeared value. Keep them coming.

As for the extention... well... good for the seller, upsetting for buyers.....

Comment #9

This "crash" at Sedo wouldn't have occurred if mTLD had kept their promise of the RFP process, IMHO.

This is what has since been removed from the mTLD site: I believe sold for $22G's ... interesting in light of supposed bids for $600k's+/+ for the current premium auctions (for domains that should have been RFP'd on a level playing field), IMHO.

Just my two sense..

Happy Holidays!.


Comment #10

LOL, another original way of linking RFPs to whatever the OP might be - factually incorrect but entertaining nonetheless.

What's the done thing when somebody veers off topic with a seemingly reasonable statement that requires lots of explanation for people new to the off-topic subject?.

There is a great response to this, but I'm not sure if I should respond at all - or as OP just urge people to stick to the topic.

I would really prefer if this doesn't become another debate about issues that are not directly related to the issue of auction extensions.

Do I respond to Jeff or not, that is the question:-)..

Comment #11


I put the fool on ignore ages ago. the first person I have had cause to..

I'm guessing many others have done too.

To think I used to actually defend the guy sometimes too. sheesh..

Be interesting to know 'how many' others have too. maybe mods could have advise?.

These threads belong to the mobi forum where 'he' is banned.

These two threads outside give him reason to exist.

Nb: save your energy, put him on ignore too..

Comment #12

You did indeed. Like yourself, I agreed with him when he was right - which as you may remember was so unpopular that I was accused of being Jeff (and now understand how that was a very reasonable proposition since I was a newbie to NP at the time and didn't know the history - mind you I would still have agreed with him even if I did know it).

Anyway, let's not discuss Jeff if this thread is to have any chance of generating more light than heat - otherwise I might just as well ask that it's closed. In two minds about it right now, but the issue of how frequent previous extensions to Sedo auctions have been is of enough interest to many of us to make me refrain from closing it for now...

Comment #13

My post above was more "on topic" ... and for general HostGator name discussion purposes .. than either of the subsequent posts (including in the case of the latter, sadly, yet another personal assault ("fool") and outright lie ("banned"), IMHO.

I expect nothing less, nowadays, from those most desperately favoring (and making excuses for) the .MOBI, IMHO.

Goodnight for now, and Happy Holidays!.


Comment #14

You're right Jeff, he shouldn't have said that. I can't apologize on his behalf.

Do you still stand by the opening part of your post:..

Comment #15

Thank you for your professionalism, MC. Yes, in the right context ... for which we can discuss between now and April 1, 2008.

Happy Holidays!.


Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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