How to lower Godaddy hosting fees?

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My question is: How to lower Godaddy hosting fees?.

My 2nd question is: Over the last few days I've been experimenting with backordering high-value deleting domains (i.e. $150+, 99%+ guaranteed to be backordered on either Pool, Enom, or SnapNames) exclusively on GoDaddy, and have found the following:.

- Of the domains previously registered with GoDaddy, my capture succeeded about 40-50% of the time..

- For all other prior registrars, the capture succeeded 5-10% of the time.

Two questions:.

1. Why weren't all my GoDaddy-prior backorders victorious? Doesn't GoDaddy have first dibs on all expiring HostGator names previously registered it?.

2. The 5-10% success rate for domains previously with other registrars seems far higher than the GoDaddy success rates I've read of elsewhere (usually 1-3%). Is this your guys' experience as well? I've also noticed GoDaddy drop-caches domains from whole slew of child registrars Go Canada, Go Australia, DynaDot, etc. not just the well-known three (GoDaddy, BlueRazor, WWD). Are these recent additions responsible for upping the success rate?..

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Your question was: How to lower Godaddy hosting fees?.

But in all these case, I'm not placing my backorder until after the domains names enter the pendingDelete phase. Don't HostGator names enter pendingDelete only if nobody has bid for them on TDNAM?..

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I think they go in the godaddy vault if they are good names, and no1 bids on them.....

Comment #2

That wasn't the case for me. The domains got snatched up by registrars like Enom and Moniker. They also weren't all that exceptional e.g. I'm wondering whether I lost the domains because I didn't backorder them until they arrived at the pendingDelete phase...

Comment #3

Once a HostGator goes into Pending Delete, it's going to drop. Any of the dropcatchers can go after it. Where GoDaddy backorder generally succeeds is when it's picked up by a taster and eventually it's dropped. GoDaddy constantly monitors it's status and catch it when it drops...

Comment #4

HostGator cycle after expiration :.

Renewal Grace Period (1-10 days) >>>>> Registrar Redemption (11-40) >>>>> Registry Redemption (40-70) >>>>> Pending Delete (71-75).

If a HostGator expires at GoDaddy , the registrant has 18 days to renew it (at the regular price) >>>>> ten days after that (on the 28th) , it goes to TDNAM for a ten-day auction >>>>> if there are no bids , it goes to five-day Firesale >>>>> if noone buys it , it then goes to Registry Redemption and Pending Delete.

So ... while in the TDNAM auction that is done on the 28th day after expiration , the HostGator is in GoDaddy's hands and can successfully transfer it to the higher bidder (in a similar manner NameJet in Pre-Release auctions off all NetSol/eNom names that have expired but are not yet in Registry Redemption).

After the auction/firesale it goes to Registry Redemption and Pending Delete , GoDaddy competes with all other registrars/dropcatchers/tasters/new-registrants to capture a HostGator that drops.

Basically they "spitfire" the name requests at the registry hoping to catch them ... success rate depends on number of registrars/ICANN-accreditations (and therefore multiple channels for requests) , technology used , software used , etc.

Therefore the success rate for their "own" domains is way higher if they just transfer them before they drop and they don't have to compete with other catchers.

Hope this helps..

Comment #5

Spend your money anywhere except on Godaddy backorder. They are useless...

Comment #6

Ah, so based on what you're saying, it seems that given all the domains I backordered through GoDaddy were in the pendingDelete state the huge discrepancy between GoDaddy's succeess in capturing it's own names (40-50%) versus those of other prior registrars (5-10%) was pure coincidence, or it just so happened that less demand lay behind the domains previously registered with GoDaddy...

Comment #7

The only time that the Godaddy backorder successfully captures the HostGator is when nobody else is interested in the domain. GD backorder is slower than the other dropcatchers, slower than tasters, and sometimes even slower than hand reg. Think about it, if nobody else is interested in the domain, would you rather hand reg is for $7 or use GD backorder ($20) to snatch it?..

Comment #8

If a HostGator goes through a drop , the previous registrar has basically no control over it (the registry drops it) ... the registrar just competes with all other "catchers" on who-gets-it-first ... so theoretically previous ownership does not affect dropcatching success.

Logically a registrar can "focus" more on a specific HostGator (or domains) ... eg. put it higher on the list of the HostGator requests for the day , make the requests more frequent for that name , put more processing power "on" it , etc ... but I don't know whether GoDaddy -or any registrar- prioritize towards their previously-owned domains.

The above mentioned is what dropcatchers do when they say that if you bid up higher a HostGator (before it drops) they will allocate more resources to catch the name..

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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