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So I had made Green Bean Lasagna for dinner tonight. I sat down to eat and ate about 1/4 of the GB Lasagna when I was called away from the table unexpectedly. About 10 minutes later, my husband came to tell me that our dog had jumped on the table and had eaten the remaining GB Lasagna on the plate, about 3/4 (rest) of the meal.... AGHHHHHH! So what would you do? How would you log it? I am not sure what I even ate of the GB Lasagna in comparison to all the ingredients.

I ended up eating a serving of lettuce, a serving of tomatoes, some salad dressing, and 3 oz of chicken that we had in the refrigerator. I didn't know what to do... I was SOOOO upset!..

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I actually had something similar happen with a recipe I just couldn't eat. It wasn't easy to determin exactly what portions I had because it was a mixed meal (kinda like your lasagna). I decided about an hour and a half later to make half a lean and green recipe (egg beater omlet) and went a tad lighter on the veggies than I usually would but wanted to make sure I didn't end up feeling like I was starving later on.

I think sometimes we just have to do the best we can when we get those curve balls thrown our way. I decided I needed the input but wanted to make sure not to go over on my carbs. I'm hoping I made the right was today.

Hang in there!! You seem to be doing GREAT!..

Comment #1

I think you did pretty well! We can't be perfect but you came pretty darn close. Good job!.

Is the dog looking any skinnier?..

Comment #2

Don't worry about it. I'm sure what you ate was fine and you can just start fresh tomorrow. Stuff happens, we aren't always totally in control and we have to wing it once in a while..

You're doing great! You're ticker shows you're following program and it's working for you!.

Happy Losing!..

Comment #3

This gave me a good laugh, thank you! He is avoiding me... he knows momma is not very happy with him right now!..

Comment #4

You did fine. Your body doesn't know you couldn't log it accurately but it knows you stayed on program...

Comment #5

I think you made a great choice with the situation. Things will happen and you adjusted well...

Comment #6

You did the right thing. Just like the scouts, we always need to be prepared because things will happen...

Comment #7

That made me laugh too. This fur-mama wouldn't have been happy either!..

Comment #8

Good thing it wasn't your homework! Bad Dog!.

I think it's his way of being supportive - hee hee!..

Comment #9

My daughter's dog ate my dental night guard this weekend. It will cost me $300 to replace it..

Good thing I love my daughter's dog...

Comment #10

I learned early on to keep egg beaters in the house at all times after the cat ate my weighed and prepared turkey meatloaf and I couldn't eat the family's meatloaf...

Comment #11

The first thing I would do is invest is obedience school. Having a dog on the table totally skeeves me out...

Comment #12

I agree with everyone~I think you did exactly what you should have done in the situation. I'm sure you are just fine.

Pets~gotta love them!..

Comment #13

My family has had dogs my whole life, and I have never known a single one to get on the table..

(However, dogs in general kind of skeeve me out anyway, so I'm probably biased.)..

Comment #14

The same dog who just ate my dental night guard once ate 38 muffins, paper and all, that my daughter had cooling on the kitchen table. Good thing they weren't bran muffins. He was a little lethargic for a few hours but recovered nicely. Why can't I eat 38 muffins and recover nicely...

Comment #15

All this talk about lazagna has got me hungry could I get the recipe for the Green bean lazagnait sounds awesome thanks..

Comment #16

Found it! Credit goes to larzp na#post873036).

Green Bean Lasagna.

1.5 cups canned green beans.

1/2 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese.

1 cup cottage cheese or low-fat ricotta.

2 tsp. low carb pasta sauce (counts as daily condiments).

Preheat oven to 350. Take 1.5 cups canned green beans and put in bottom of pan (I'm not sure what size I used - I think it's 4 x 4 maybe?). In separate bowl, combine 1 cup cottage cheese and 2 tsp low carb pasta sauce. Pour cottage cheese mixture into pan with green beans. Sprinkle 1/2 cup mozzarella cheese on top and cook for 20 minutes. Take out of oven and enjoy! Very easy and delicious!..

Comment #17

Thanks for recipe, Bostonian - and congratulations on surviving the loss of your delicious l&g with aplomb and resourcefulness, arrical8! Lucky dog you have, too (still alive AND well-fed..

Comment #18

You wouldn't like my dog..he thinks he is a cat!!!!!..

Comment #19

Here is the Green Bean Lasagna Recipe I use....

1.5 cups frozen green beans.

Dash of garlic salt.

1/4 tsp of dried basil.

3/4 cup shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese.

1/4 cup cottage cheese.

2 tsp parmesan cheese.


1. Prepare (steam or boil) the green beans and place in an oven safe container..

2. Mix the spices with the cottage cheese and spread over the green beans..

3. Sprinkle with the mozzarella cheese..

4. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until the cheese is melted..

5. After finished baking, broil until cheese is slightly browned..

6. Sprinkle with parmesan and serve..

Serving = 1 lean, 3 green, no healthy fat required unless using low fat cheese...

Comment #20

And now how do I log my water since I don't know how much I just spit out all over the keyboard! ROFL..

Comment #21

Thank you so much bostonian for finding the recipe. that will be for dinner tonight mmmmmmm..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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