How to incorporate Medifast into work schedule?

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Hi, I just placed my order and should receive soon. My question is how to incorporate 5/1 with working 12 hr night shift. My first night of work I am up all day with my kids and then go to work, so essentially I am awake 26 hrs in a row. I need to eat at work. So say I work Tues night, do I eat 5/1 from waking on Tues morning until midnight, then from midnight Wed until I go to sleep at 8am another 5/1? Or do I eat just the 5 Medifast meals after midnight and eat a LG at supper time when I wake up for "dinner"? This is the part that always confuses me with all diets. Any input would be greatly appreciated. TIA...

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Boy that is a tough ? I am not sure what is the best solution. You must be a zombie staying awake for 26 hours. Maybe pick your L & G to be at home and then space out the other 5 Medifast meals to fit into that 26 hour period. You are going to be hungry though. Make sure you have SF Jello and Pickles on hand for those cravings.

Good luck and Welcome to Medifast :0)..

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Sheesh thats why I stay at the job now that I'm at then I'm going to eventually go some where else, ,but for now I'm stuck as long I'm on Medifast lol..

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Maybe you should ask the dietitians if you'd be allowed an extra meal that day? I remember my friend had hours like that on another plan and was allowed more food to compensate...

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That is a tough one as well. I did 25 years of night shift as a nurse and just recently moved to day shift. I have always had problems with my weight because I eat when I am sleepy at work to stay awake. Those carbs with the added caffeine did the trick for me, but it plays havoc with the scale. So you will have to adjust it as you go along. Remember to eat every 3 hours to keep your blood sugar up.

But continue with your meals through the night shift as well every 3 hours. When you get home and go to bed at 8 am you can be done. But I would get up around 4pm and be awake with the kids, then go back to bed if I was off that night around 9pm. So there again I was sleeping, so technically I would get behind on my meals with the "catch up sleep". So I would say keep up with your meals while awake.

Good Luck..


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I also work night shift 7 on and 7 off. I start counting at it as a new day at midnight. I split my L&G into 2 meal so I will have that extra meal on that 1st night and the last night because I have the same problem of being awake the night before and then most of the next day...

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Call (not email) Nutrition Support and talk to them.

They are great about helping you to figure out this program based on your current weight and work pattern..

I also work 12 hr night shifts most of the time but sometimes swing back to 12 hr day shifts. I was on the phone for about one hour with them helping me map out this program so that it would work and do what it is supposed to and me not fall over passing out on my patients..

If someone on here was to look at my plan and not know that it was set up specifically for me and my crazy work schedule (and based on my current numbers) they would say that I'm not on plan and cheating and can't possibly be discarding the weight..

Well I've been doing this 12 weeks and down 33 pounds So I can say that my personalized plan is doing what it is supposed to. And the benefit of not being crazy weak or crazy hungry at work is great for me also..

So call Nutrition Support and get some help from the experts. They sometimes get grief on here for their "canned" responses but I can tell you I did not get that from them on the phone..

I also ran the plan they laid out for me by my MD and a dietician here at work and they were both very pleased with how it was laid out..

Each one of us are different and though we can give advise for what has worked for us it may not necessarily transfer to another one on the boards..

You will do great. Keep asking and researching...

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I work nights 2-4 times in a 7 day period for a month at a time...and what I do is eat my normal 5&1 the day of my first night shift, then space 2-3-4 packets after midnight...I usually split my L&G so I can have some before I go to bed, and then another bit for "dinner" when I wake up...and then a packet/bar in the car on the way in at 2300...It works for me...I might have an extra healthy fat in there b/c I like to drink hot tea overnight, but, all in all, in the month I've been doing medifast, I've lost 12 poounds...its working for me~!! basically, in a nutshell, I start my clock over at midnight...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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