How to get veggies into my Nutrisystem meals?

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I just started 4 days ago and i'm really having a hard time getting the vegies in.I add boccoli and colliflower to my meals but other then that I dont know what to do. I think all diet dressings taste like vineger please help me!!!!.

Thanks kelly..

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Your question was: How to get veggies into my Nutrisystem meals?.

Have you seen the bigger list you can choose from?.

VEGETABLE SERVINGS 5g carbohydrates, 2g protein, 25 calories.

Serving Size.

Artichoke, whole 1/2 large.

Artichoke Heart 2 pieces canned (not marinated).

Artichoke (Jerusalem or Sun choke) 1/4 cup.

Asparagus 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Bamboo Shoots (Canned, diced) 1 cup.

Beans (Green, Wax, Italian) 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Bean Sprouts 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Beets 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Bell Peppers (All Varieties) 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Bok Choy, Chinese Chard, White Mustard 1 cup cooked.

Broccoli 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Brussels Sprouts 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Cabbage 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Cactus Leaves (Nopales) 1/2 cup.

Carrots 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Carrot Juice cup (2 fl. oz).

Cauliflower 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Cherry Tomatoes 6-Apr.

Chinese Cabbage 2 cups shredded raw, 1 cup shredded cooked.

Chinese Eggplant 1/2 cup.

Collard Greens 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Daikon (Chinese Radish) 1 cup fresh.

Dandelion Greens (Boiled) cup.

Eggplant 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Fennel 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Green Beans 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Greens (Collard, Kale, Mustard) 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Hearts of Palm 2 sticks.

Jalapeno 4 peppers.

Jicama, raw cup.

Kale 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Kohlrabi 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Leeks 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Mixed Vegetables (without Corn, Peas, Turnips) 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Mushrooms 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Mustard Greens 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Okra 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Onions 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Pea Pods 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Pimento 2 medium or cup.

Pumpkin, mashed cup.

Radishes 1 cup Raw.

Rhubarb 1 cup.

Rutabaga 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Sauerkraut, canned cup (High in Sodium).

Snow Pea Pods 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Spinach 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Sprouts (Alfalfa, Bean, Soybean) 1 cup raw, cup cooked.

Spaghetti Squash 1 cup raw, cup cooked.

Sugar Snap Peas 1 cup raw, cup cooked.

Summer Squash 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Tomatillos 2.

Tomato 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 medium raw.

Tomato Canned 1/2 cup.

Tomato Paste 1 Tbsp.

Tomato Puree 1/4 cup.

Tomato Juice (low sodium) 1/2 cup.

Tomato Sauce 1/3 cup.

Turnips 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Vegetable Juice (low Sodium) 1/2 cup.

Yellow Snap Peas (Frozen) cup.

Yellow Squash 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw.

Water Chestnuts (canned) 6 whole.

Zucchini 1/2 cup Cooked or 1 cup Raw..

Comment #1

I love veggies but if I'm in a hurry, I'll drink a V8. Also sometimes I cut up raw veggies for the week and take them to work. At home I like the steam in bag frozen veggies rather than canned. Like Coach, I really like the sugar snap peas and they come in the steaming bags...

Comment #2

I munch on baby carrots while I'm fixing dinner. They're crunchy, sweet, satisfying, and count as one veggie.

Canned diced tomatoes or 1/4 cup of light Ragu spaghetti sauce can be added to most of the Italian dinners.

Tomato paste (1-2 Tbsp) can also be added to the minestrone soup and the vegggie sloppy joe.

And the lycopene in tomatoes is a really great antioxidant...

Comment #3

"steam vegs in a bag"- don't they have a sauce with them? Please tell me more..

I do veg. juice- regular kind- could not stomach no salt kind- so watching for salt issues- holding fluid. Found it in 5 oz cans- perfect and close enough..

Also eat canned sweet taters/yams. They are good. Canned beets too. They say to rinse them off and try to get the salt off as canned food has alot of salt on/in it..

I whined alot about eating so many vegs- but got to do it!!!..

Comment #4

1. Try roasting veggies. It really changes them up..

2. Check the recipe threads. There are some wonderfully creative people here..

3. Make BIG huge salads..

4. Try Galeo's dressings (I LOVE the Caesar!) Some buy it at Whole Foods and some buy it from

Comment #5

I add in any left over veggies from dinner into my lunch salad the next day...

Comment #6

Thanks for all your ideas,i'll have to try them. does any one know if you can have fat free sou cream? I dont see it any where but it's very low cal and fat.I mixed 2 tbls with a little balsomic vineger and used it as a creamy dressing and it was petty good. mamadancer..

Comment #7

These are the two brands I use depending on who may have a coupon out...they are pretty much identical in stats...30-35 calories per serving, about 4 servings per bag. Birds eye has a garlic cauliflower that I LOVE...its 40 cals, (15 fat cals) and 1.5g fat (unsaturated)....

I use the brocolli, cauliflower and sugar snap peas the most...but will use the Asian medly (a little higher stats because of the little corn cob thingys) now and again.

For people on the go...its just too easy...

Comment #8

MiniDonk, some of the steam bags (e.g. PictSweet Seasoned veggies) do have seasoning in with the veggies...and some just have a seasoning packet, which, of course, you can remove and just use the veggies. If they're on sale, I get the Voila (I think it is) frozen meals sometimes that have the veggies, a packet of the meat (like diced chicken), and a seasoning packet. Haven't done that since starting NS, so I guess you could weigh out the meat, toss the packet, and add your own seasoning...

Comment #9

While I really am happy with many frozen veggies, I HATE frozen broccoli. I buy fresh and use these (ziplock also makes the same thing).


You can cook all types of veggies in em, and sweet potatoes (if you are a guy, that is ), but they are only single use... which is a bummer...

Comment #10

Oh, and try Snap Peas raw, they are very good...

Comment #11

[quote=MiniDonk;4691466Also eat canned sweet taters/yams. They are good. [/QUOTE].

Sweet potatoes (or yams) count as a carb since they're a starchy veggie...

Comment #12

When I have steamed broccoli, I mix it with the Nutrisystem Sloppy Joe mix. I used to eat the sloppy joe mix just plain without a bun anyway...

Comment #13





Comment #14

Does any brand have just plain steam fresh cauliflower? All I can find is Broccoli, Cauliflower, and carrots...or Broccoli and cauliflower...I just want it alone..

Comment #15

What book are you seeing it as a vegetable? Unless they're changed something very recently, they are a low GI carb. 1/3 cup is a serving...

Comment #16

Book is packed- will check it tomorrow. (Flying out in a.m.).

I know it was 1/3 cup per serving- may have been on one of the print outs we get with lists of foods..

Jeesh- been eating them alot as a veg...

Comment #17

I moved to my itty bitty cabin in western NC in Nov 08. The place came with a large veg planter bed. So, I did the logical thing and put in some squash / tomatoes. First summer was okay. This year the zuchini and yellow squash are DROWNING me.

So I pulled out the old faithful dehydrator and started making batches of dehydrated squash. It is natural salty enough, so I don't add anything (the apples get cinn + splenda). It is great stuff. I even found a recipe for blueberries - of which I many, many bushes. And once dehydrated, takes very little storage space. Much easier than canning..

I actually used old faithful so much, it finally died. I ordered a new one (same mfg - Kesco) from Walmart on-line. Was back in business within 6 days. I have been dehydrating for 35 years..

If you have not tried it - please do. it is easy. the machines are cheap. and I carry a bag of "munchie" zucc with me wherever I go. very tasty..

Comment #18

Yes, Birds Eye makes the cauliflower only bags...usually in garlic sauce...its 40 cals, (15 fat cals) and 1.5g fat (unsaturated)..

I will look today at the store for one without the sauce and report back to ya.

The garlic one is sooooooo frickin' good though if ya like garlic...

Comment #19

Hi, I have never dehydratedd before but have been very curious to learn more. Can you make soft "Slim Jim" type sticks...I am thinking about making these for my hubby...if a dehydrator would do that...he can't eat hard jerky because of his "teeth"....they would come out.

The dried zuccini sounds so good and on Nutrisystem program. Do you eat quite a few veggies and fruits that would Nutrisystem stats ?

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