How to get rid of sweet cravings during Nutrisystem?

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I have had my Nutrisystems for four days, and am halfway through the desserts. I have eaten 5 of them today in addition to the meals. I have terrible sweet tooth and cannot stop..

Any suggestions other than moving them out of my house to a friend's house?.

Ms. Mtnart..

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Your question was: How to get rid of sweet cravings during Nutrisystem?.

I don't want to sound harsh but why would you spend money on the nutrisystem plan and then ignore what you need to do to make it work. I agree that you should buy desserts that you can have some control over. I have read about situations like yours before and I have to tell you that I would never have thought to eat more than one dessert. I spent the first three months feeling guilty about eating the one dessert that I was allowed. Send those desserts back and try again following the directions...

Comment #1


Why are you sabatoging yourself right out of the gate? Get your head in the game. Decide whether you really want to lose weight or not. If you don't commit to the program, there is no sense continuing...

Comment #2

Please - immediately - pick up the phone and call a counselor.

Please - immediately - read the Mindset Makeover that came with your initial shipment or it is also on line..

Please - immediately - if you don't want to waste your hard earned dollars figure out what the heck is going on in your head that makes you want to fail at losing weight..

NutriSystem works - IF you follow the rules...

Comment #3

There is no try, said the wise Yoda, there is do or don't do..

My mama used to say "Do it...or get off the pot" (well, maybe a little more graphically)..

I say, you either WANT it or you don't...if you WANT it badly enough, you will do it..

You decide...

Comment #4

The other people said it perfectly. WHY ON EARTH DID YOU BUY NS??? Not to be too harsh but 4 days???? Moving the food out of the house is NOT going to work. We are adults here, not 3 year olds who can't control ourselves. Pull up your big girl panties and make a decision..

I'd say to you what I say to my husband all the time....."it's gonna be a lean month when you run out and have NOTHING for the rest of the month" but you know can't go without the dessert because it's a required section of the daily meals. The nutrients factor into your day. SO you now have to re-order all the desserts again and pay for those..

I'm not saying that for a few days in the first week I didn't wish for more soy chips in that bag, but I finished what I was allowed and then got up and distracted myself..

I'd say IF you really want to give this a shot. DO NOT GET ANYTHING CHOCOLATE OR SWEET. Soy Chips, pretzels, Chex Mix only...

Comment #5

One thing that helped me was to write down all the things I could do when I was hungry - INSTEAD of eating. It is cool reading that list - most of them have something to do with pampering myself in a non-food way. I also wrote down everything I look forward to - the really cute clothes that I'd love to fit in, the activities I want to do with my loved ones,... not to mention to allow myself to be in photos again. Somewhere I learned a system of three: allow yourself to commit to something and you'll have a change of mindset in just 3. First it is just 3 days (committed) then it is just 3 weeks, by then I'm ready for 3 months. You can do this, we can all do this...

Comment #6

I can sympathize with you. I've had that compulsion to eat on occasion, even a few times since I started NS. On Easter for instance, I bought a bunch of candy and made an Easter basket for my family, even though I have no kids and devoured half of it. I knew I was sabotaging myself but like you, I felt like I couldn't stop. I gained back 2 of the 12 lbs I had just lost and felt disgusted. But the next day was another day.

I also increased my exercise and I lost back those 2 lbs plus one more over the past 2 weeks..

What I've found is having a serious conversation with yourself about what your goals are and how you are continuing to get in your own way. Take responsibility for your slip ups and also for correcting them..

None of us is perfect, that's why we're all here. Just start fresh tomorrow, don't be too hard on yourself, that doesn't help either..

Good luck, we all know you can do it, you need to realize it too...

Comment #7

I feel your pain. I love anything sweet, but so far I've been controlling myself. I thought I was gonna have to eat 2 of those Nutrisystem coconut almond bars the other night. They were really good. I think I still have Cadbury Eggs in the house too....haven't even touched them. I'll try to remember to take them to a coworker or something....just to get them out of my house. I might breakdown and I wouldn't want to turn to real chocolate as opposed to the Nutrisystem food...

Comment #8

The sweet tooth thing is just a mind game. IT is your mind tricking your body into thinking you need it. You are using it as an excuse. No more excuses.

YOU and only YOU need to know that you are worth every bit of this fight, this battle!!!! WE all wish we could have extra desserts or an extra bite of a wrap, etc. Follow the plan like it was designed to be. When you give in to temptation you are just saying you are not tough enough to do this! Your wrong- we are WOMEN!!! for crying out loud- WE can do anything. Get to steppin' in the right direction...

Comment #9

Sounds like there will be a lot of purging of bad habits and giving in to the "wants" and not the "needs". Frankly I was shocked to read that she had eaten FIVE desserts in one day!! WTH???.


Comment #10

It's already been said, you must make yourself follow the plan and stick to it. Nutrisystem works, but only when you work the program.

Here are some suggestions that might help you follow the program, besides reading the Mindset MakeOver and calling the couselors. Those are both musts. You NEED to do those two things, and do them now..

1. Preplan your day the night before. Use the daily journal that came in your BBB (Big Brown Box). Plan what you are going to eat, write it down in your journal. Get out those entrees and put them with your journal. The others should all be put away.

Stop when the foods are finished.

One of the big changes to our thinking is that we need to start thinking about food as fuel for our bodies, not as recreation, comfort, celebrations, etc. Our bodies need X amount of calories to run appropriately. That is how much we need to feed it. Not more and not less.

2. Write out a list of activities to do when you want to eat, but it isn't a meal or snack time. Post it on your refrigerator or the door to the cabinet where you are keeping your desserts. If you find yourself in front of that list, make yourself pick one of those activities rather than eating..

3. Drink some water. Often when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty. Drink a glass of water, wait a little and then see how you feel.

4. If you still think you are hungry, make yourself a big salad with the unlimited vegetables. (Often called a Poly Salad.) Eat this instead of something else. It will give you bulk and help to retrain your mind to reach for more appropriate foods rather than sweets.

5. Take yourself outside and go for a walk or do some other form of exercise. Exercise will both help your overall weight loss and provides endrophins in a more appropriate manner than eating sweets..

I hope these ideas will help you. Remember, you and only you are in charge of what goes into your mouth. You must take control of your eating. I'll think some more about this while I'm driving today and if I have any more thoughts I'll post again tonight..

Wishing you much success with your program...

Comment #11

Out of all of these, this is THE thing that keeps me on plan. I get to work by at 7am and I normally don't get home till 6 so the bulk of my food needs to be packed. The nite before, I pack everything I'm going to eat and fill out my planner for the next day. Then, I dont have to think until I get home and all I have left to think about is what veggie and Nutrisystem meal I'm going to have. I eat everything else throughout the day..

For some reason, if it's written down, then I'll stick to it...

Comment #12

I am hoping the original post was not a joke. If you want to do well and are determined you will. If you want to eat sweets and make yourself sick keep going with the 5 sweets per day.

I am a impulsive eater as well and love sweets too. Focus on the good you will be doing for yourself if you follow the plan. Know that this is a change. A change for the better...

Comment #13

The good news is at your current rate you will be out of them by tomorrow...then you wll have a month to adjust...

Comment #14

You have a point there! I had to giggle! BUT I would not want to deprive myself of weeks w/o my desserts!.


Comment #15

I do find that one of the "drawbacks" of Nutrisystem is that I do really enjoy the food and sometimes I look longingly at another dessert or even entree after I have eaten the one I'm allowed for the day.

But I have never given in to the temptation for one simple reason: It's too darned expensive! I'm not going to eat extra snacks when they cost me - what - $2 apiece?? And they are even more expensive than that to replace ala carte with shipping added! I can't possibly justify such an expense.

I CAN, however, have another salad, or a sugar-free jello cup, or some tea. So if I'm THAT hungry, that's what I eat.

More often, though, I get moving and it helps me to not be so hungry. I have very clean closets, now...

Comment #16

Are you following the rest of the plan according to the instructions? If you are eating all of the fruits, veggies and protiens/dairies, in addition to the Nutrisystem meals.... perhaps you need to keep some sugar free chewing gum handy, or some sugar-free jello... even some diet sodas ... to curb your sweet tooth. Also, they sent you some free Flavor-fulls to try, right? Use those. THey will satisfy your sweet tooth..

I saved my 2 x 4 for another time. Everyone else gave it to ya.

Come back and post and tell us what you think about all this...

Comment #17

I forgot about those Nutrisystem cookies. If you're not careful, then I guess it is possible to eat more than one...

Comment #18

They we're supposed to send free Flavor-fulls? I didn't get any in my box. Is it like that South Beach drink mix? It's like Crystal Light, but it curbs your appetite...

Comment #19

It depends what plan you signed up for. I know they sent them as a bonus to people who bought through QVC...

Comment #20

So far the Nutrisystem choc. goodies are doing it for me. Its enough that I dont look for anything else. And I am a choc. nut...

Comment #21

I got a box of the lemonade and the tea ones in my first order as well...

Comment #22

Buy the chips snacks and eat them crumbled over a Poly salad. Sweet Nutrisystem snacks are real trigger foods. Fine for the people who can get by with their "dose" of chocolate, but if you can't control yourself, eliminate that food (like you would with alcohol or other triggers). Really sprinkling a little protein powder in the cookie does not make it that much less of a trigger. some of those things have a lot of fat and sugar in them and just taste yummy as all get out. Nice for marketing when they want to say how great the food is.

Eat lots MORE veggies. eat punitive Poly salads AFTER you cheat. Teach your tummy, it will not be allowed to let sweets displace veggies...

Comment #23

Oh. I just ordered through the Nutrisystem site. I never even knew QVC sold Nutrisystem until the other night when I saw it on there...

Comment #24

If you can get a friend to store the desserts for you and meter them out, fine. I diagree with the above. At least it would be you taking an action to constrain the behavior. I actually think real corrections are more likely to stop/correct cheats than just Nike "do it". It shows something more than just determination. Shows planning...

Comment #25

Whatever works...good point ApolytonGP..!.

For my part, water whenever I get a craving usually works pretty well. Just make sure you have it visible and easy to access. Get a beautiful mug for your hot green or herbal teas, too, and drink, drink, drink..

If you didn't get the Flavourfulls, get the closest thing to it from the grocery store and use them to keep from getting bored with just the plain ole' water..

Whatever works. Hang tough. Give this a month.

And know we have all been where you are, one way or the other. The plan works, if you learn to trust the plan, and the people here who want themselves and the rest of us to all succeed..

Drop a note when you feel ready. Posting on this site will be good for you to work through some of the issues.

And call a counsellor. You paid for it, so might as well make us of this benefit, right?.

Best to all of us in this journey-.


Comment #26

I feel your pain! I am a big sweet fan also and I've been known to eat more than one dessert in a day! I used to keep the desserts in the same room as I have my computer and it was just too convenient. I moved them down to the basement. Now, each night when I am ready to eat dessert, I have to make a trip down the steps, select one and then I make myself go back upstairs and eat it. Sure, I can make multiple trips up and down the steps, but this process slows me down and gives my body time to realize that it has eaten a dessert and that is all for the day!.

Peanut butter is another trigger food for me and I've been known to keep it stored in my garage so that I have to go out there to get an extra spoonful if I want it. I know one lady here on the Nutrisystem boards who keeps treats in the trunk of her car.

We all don't have the strong willpower that a lot of people have posted about here. That's ok. We are all different and we just have to learn to do what works for us...

Comment #27

I feel your pain. It helps if you break up the desserts you eat, for example, I love the walnut cookies so I just eat one or two and save the rest for the next time. THe first bite is always the best one. Also, sounds weird but eat a piece of fruit after that first bite and you'll see how artificial the cookies taste compared to the fresh strawberry...

Comment #28

I'm a sweet tooth eater... raises hand.

Here is a trick I use on myself and it works... eat 2 scoops of FF whipped cream in a bowl... eat it slowly, think of it as yummy vanilla ice cream .. and all you'll get is about 30 calories I believe and no fat... or spilt ip up during the day. you get to have 2 table spoons of FF whipped cream at a time no more than 3 times a day..

Add sugar free chocolate syrup as well...

I hope I helped..

Comment #29

Not pushing this, but you could try diet soda. A lot of men have found that having a couple liters at night, fills the belly and gives a sweet dessert illusion. I can sit there on Pogo Bridge, abusing the green grannies, while drinking glass after glass of diet A&W on ice. It tastes almost like a root beer float...

Comment #30

I think fat addins are a real trigger as well. The amount you get is sooo tiny. And storing items like Plantars or Skippy's is storing a real binge food in the kitchen.

But if you KNOW you are prone to cheat...COMBINE your fat into food and don't really eat it separately. so your fat might just be a couple tablespoons of light dressing. You could have one on your lunch Poly salad and one on your 2100 Poly salad (can have the FF dressing also). the benefit here is no metered macademia nuts...and you are encouraging veggie consumption. Other options might be oil for cooking, hummus on finger salad (or bread for those that rate it). nuts buried in a Poly salad are fine too.

If you can control yourself, fine. Different strokes for different folks. So if bonsai counts her nuts and controls herself, I'm not begrudging her that. Just for those that PROVE that metering doesn't work, get more strict and take action to PREVENT binges...

Comment #31

I would suggest keeping all of your Nutrisytem food in one place in a box. At the beginning of each day, decide on your meals and dessert for that day. Put them in your kitchen..

Then you know you do not go back to that box during that day. Tape it up if that helps!..

Comment #32

I hate when people "drive by" and post something and then disappear. We don't know if we've helped or not... or if they gave up and ran away.....

Comment #33

Try putting your chocolate bars in the freezer. It takes longer to enjoy them, Nancy..

Comment #34

I was going to reply, and then I saw this post. I so agree. We'd love to help, but it would be helpful to hear back from the original poster..


Join Date: Mar 2010.

Posts: 92.

I hate when people "drive by" and post something and then disappear. We don't know if we've helped or not... or if they gave up and ran away.....

Comment #35

That's just a total bummer. I mean, you took the time to post, why not take the time to reply? And, you took the time to order NS, pay the money, etc. why not give it a fair shot? I mean, I know the answers, but just frustrating..


Comment #36

I agree, but at least the rest of us are getting the reminders and even some new suggestions of how to cope with our own challenges...

Comment #37

It was probably someone who isn't even doing Nutrisystem at all. Just wanted to throw out some ridiculous information. Don't waste your time...

Comment #38

So hey, why were you guys nicer to her for eating five desserts than to me for eating 1 bagel thin with no calorie toppings? **eyes Coach Mark with a grin**..

Comment #39

Im thinking this was a joke, I dont know how you can eat 5 of any kind of dessert and not be sick..

Comment #40

It's easier to whine and complain that to run your program and be successful, because then you have nothing to hide behind anymore..


Comment #41

Perhaps the OP is STILL in the bathroom and can't get to the computer. LOL.

Seriously though, I'm not bothered that they haven't posted again (yet?). The topic generated an interesting discussion and yielded some tips and ideas that surely helped others (like moi). So... thanks!..

Comment #42

I KNEW you could handle it...she seemed kinda fragile...

Comment #43

When I get the itch to cheat, I drink a V-8. A nice cold one seems to stem the tide and I get a veggie serving too. It works for me, and my wife tried it and now she's doing it too. Were buying lots of little V-8 cans now...

Comment #44

I plan my meals out a week in advance. My daughter thinks it's great fun to dig through the Nutrisystem box and organize all my meals for the week. The rest of the box gets put away. I just do this because our schedule is so crazy I don't want to have to think about food too much but maybe that would help with someone with little self control.....

Comment #45

You must be right...she can't bear to come back now!..

Comment #46

Have you been good btw? <taps foot and looks piercingly>..

Comment #47

You guys are right & have such great attitudes. At least part of this thread made me giggle a little.


Comment #48

You gotta have fun in life...we have to watch Lisa though because she goes hog wild and eats off plan low fat bagels now and again...

Comment #49

I'm going to have a bracelet made up to wear - "WWCMD". lol.

I have been super good. Boringly good. Hit my first 10 pound goal!..

Comment #50

<laughs> You can buy them at

YAY for the goal Lisa!!! you earned your first bear!!!..

Comment #51

This poster didn't try to blame her cheats on someone else...

Comment #52

Attention everyone! Let's pull together!.

I am collecting Nutrisystem desserts...We are all gonna try and hold over mtnart until her next shipment..

If my math is right, I need 143 of them...

Comment #53

Oh, look what the cat drug in! Since I do the flex plan, it wasn't really a cheat, now was it? I'm wise to the dealio, macdaddy. Off your high horse and find some other poor waif to save.

Coach Mark is my new 'sponsor' in foodies anonymous. lol..

Comment #54

Sorry, Mark... I'm hoarding the desserts and all their yummy deliciousness at my place. Just knowing they are here makes me happy.

Perhaps you can find someone selling theirs on Ebay or Craigslist.....

Comment #55

WOW, I am in shock!!! Five desserts in one day? Girlfriend, you are not going to lose weight unless you take this plan seriously. If you are truly eating all the Nutrisystem food, as well as the free foods, you cannot be hungry...

I just started a week ago, have only been hungry once, and saw that I had missed one of my dairy options, so I had fat free yogurt before I went to bed and I was fine.....

You can do this!!! You just have to put your health and well being before that sweet tooth of yours and kick your resolve into high gear!!!..

Comment #56

Its not only possible, but in my fatass days I did things like that all the time..

I can still remember eating a a box or Oreo's and washing them down with a half gallon of milk....while standing at the kitchen counter starring at the electric clock.

Yup, you guessed it...DOUBLESTUFFS!!!.

I think it was something I smoked...

Comment #57

If nothing else - a post like this brings all kinds of interesting comments out of the rest of us. I have really appreciated all the great advice, the humor, and the pleads for reality checks. Enjoy!..

Comment #58

I can and recently as a month ago. When I binge, I REALLY binge...

Comment #59

You're asking for suggestions...are you kidding!! My suggestion to you is that you quit while you're ahead! Eating 5 desserts in one day, you'll be gaining weight instead of losing, Nutrisystem desserts or not! All of these people are trying to advise you and sincerely trying to help. I think they are wasting their time! You're not going to do what their suggesting. It's obvious, you didn't do what you were supposed to with the Nutrisystem plan from the get-go. I can't believe that you're asking for help from others when you're not willing to help yourself!If you were looking for a reaction, you sure got one!..

Comment #60

What? Me? But I'm an angel! I NEVER go off plan. I NEVER eat evil low fat bagels on flex plan. If I did, I'd blame Lisa...

Comment #61

Lisa, I love you. Way to stand up for yourself, Girl!!..

Comment #62

I don't get how people could want to eat more than one of the Nutrisystem foods. Cuz now you're down 5 desserts that you'll have to make up for at the end of the month. I don't get it...

Comment #63

It's called food addiction and it's a battle I fight every single day. Just because you've never done it doesn't mean it doesn't happen...

Comment #64

LMAO!! kinda like when a crime is commited they round up all the "usual suspects" and known criminals?..

Comment #65

I'm right there with ya. My favorite meal used to be Lipton alfredo noodles with Oreos as a side dish (I like to eat sweet and salty foods side-by-side). If I had that combo for lunch, I would eat the rest of the package of Oreos for dinner (not the little one-stack package from the gas station, either - the whole three-stack behemoth). I would polish off an entire gallon of milk between those two meals. So, really, five tiny Nutrisystem snacks in one day ain't nothin'...

Comment #66

Exactly! We know who to point the finger at. LOL!!..

Comment #67

Just call me the Bagel Fuehrer. LOL!.

Whatever she did, I bet it was Poly's fault...

Comment #68

I have never eaten a whole package of Oreo's... now... Girl Scout Thin Mints.... that's a different story..

Comment #69

I'm addicted to whipped cream. That stuff is evil incarnate! Cool Whip though? That I can manage....not nearly as fun...

Comment #70

Cookies? Snacks? Chips? NOPE ... But the half gallon of ice cream ) thats a different story - it can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner!..

Comment #71

Ever tried the French Vanilla cool whip? I know I'm making things worse by saying that, but if you haven't... don't... you'll be even moreso addicted...

Comment #72

There has been an oreo package or two in my past too. But hey I only ate the "stuffing" so I was saving myself some calories right? LOL..

Comment #73

Stop what you are doing, call a counselor they are there 24-7, send back the deserts you have left and order only the deserts that do not tempt you and committ to yourself that you WILL follow the program to the letter..

I wish you all the best,..

Comment #74

*coughs and hits her toes on the ground before rubbing one foot on her other leg* Um...yea... gram crackers in milk for me. Oreos for some reason make me sick...

Comment #75

They didnt me for the longest time.

I am so glad my very rare disease was was a lifesaver...

Comment #76

I'm a Thin Mint victim too....

Though it did take me two full days to eat it, and I admit I felt like throwing up after ward..

They were so tasty though xD..

Comment #77

I guess I am very thankful that I have never been a binge eater. My ex would eat out of control like that sometimes, but he was very active and burned it all off. He couldn't open a box of cookies and just eat 1 like I could, he'd eat the whole thing if he wasn't careful. Same with chips or anything else you put in front of him. I remember learning to horde my food because of him... I'd get very protective over what was mine and be worried there wouldn't be enough.

After he put on about 20 pounds (and I'd put on 100) he decided to go on a diet, we did it together and when he was done I found he would still eat any food I'd bought for myself to eat right with, lol. Leaving me with nothing but junk in the house. He realized he was sabotoging me thankfully and I did go on to lose the rest of the weight. It was only in the last couple of years I've learned to stop hoarding my food.

And for the record, I have 10 boxes of girl scout cookies all in the freezer and 1 box that's been open for over a month now and I haven't eaten a single one. Of course I'm a hoarder and always worried that if I eat them I won't have any more when I really want them so that helps keep them safe. Food is the only thing I hoard though...

Comment #78

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