How to get over plateau on Nutrisystem?

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I have been here before, then gain, back a few, but never seem to be able to get the last 10 lbs off. Any sugggestions? I am on program about 80% of time, work 12 hr shifts so workouts are sparatic. I would love to hear how any of you managed to lose the last 10..

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Your question was: How to get over plateau on Nutrisystem?.

Patience. My last ten pounds took a long time, but I got there...

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I've been stuck at the same place all month. Want to lose 7 more pounds but can't make the changes I need to. Perhaps I will try doing two workouts and stricter control of little add ins that have creeped into my diet...

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I think you know the answer to your own question. Be on plan 100% of the time and make an effort to exercise regularly. Bet you'll lose those last 10. Good luck...

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I am having the same problem. I only have 13 pounds til goal. The first 20 came off like butter. But, I am being more social now. That means more bbq's, drinks after work, lunches out. I am very proud that I have maintained at this point, but it is still not goal.

My plan is to recommit to 100% all the time. I also take time to be proud of the changes I have made to my eating habits. Before I started I could polish off a whole bag of potato chips. They were always in the house. Now, my splurge up is a handful of almonds, and I don't keep chips in the house. This leads me to believe that I can reach my goal, I am just procrastinating.

I am a little overwhelmed by the attention I am getting now that I am thinner. The feeling makes me want to run backwards. I am trying to deal with that issue as it comes up...

Comment #4

I can't wait to be in your shoes....Just hang in there and you'll make it...

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I am right there with you!!!! I have lost 45 pounds and the last 5 pounds have been TORTURE!!! I cant seem to shake them! I have maintained pretty much since the middle of June needing to lose the last 4-6 pounds depending on the day. I work out by running for an hour 5 times a week and am on the plan about 80% of the time as well. I have decided to just take it slow and enjoy the summer and continue to exercise. I will work harder to get the last 4-6 pounds off in the fall when things mellow out. One thing that has been nice is now I know it's pretty easy to maintain- but I do want to get to my "goal" and would actually like to lose a few more "wiggle room" pounds below my goal- but both can wait until the fall...

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I have wondered about this: If you do additional exercise to lose the last few pounds, do you have to continue the level of exercise to keep the pounds off?..

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The last 10ish lb.s are the hardest/slowest to drop off. I'd suggest what the other posters have...getting & staying 100% on plan, & upping your exer(ise if at all possible. Maintainan(e does pretty mu(h require that you keep up the exer(ise. I stopped dan(ing & working out for nearly a year. Now I'm ba(k to relose a good sized (hunk of the weight I originally lost. Pls benefit from my experien(e & keepup the work outs. You'll probably live longer & definitely feel better doing it if you do...

Comment #8

Because your so close you're trying too hard and worrying too much gaining out of depression... just treat it like any other 10 pounds and you'll be fine...

Comment #9

No, I have gone back to exercising once per day, about 5 days a week without weights. I have been able to maintain for almost 8 months now...

Comment #10

I don't understand why when you go on this program they say oh you don't have to count calories, or fat and do any real physical excersice then when you talk to people they say oh excersice more you will lose what about this food were buying each month has that quit so you have to excersice more????????..

Comment #11

I've never heard that - ever - about not doing any real physical exercise. Who is the "they say" who told you that?.

(I always wonder when someone uses so many question marks whether I should repeat my answer that many times)...

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You can lose without exercise but you will lose faster with exercise...

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Prior to beginning Nutrisystem I called the counselors to ask if I could "work this program" without exercising. (I have fibromyalgia among other lovely physical challenges, the biggest one being my weight of 220 lbs.) I was told in no uncertain terms that I'd have a much much slower loss but I could do Nutrisystem without exercising..

I began very slowly as the weight dropped (slowly) to exercise. Was unable to do the Leslie Sansone DVD warmup when I began...ya should see me now!! Biking, yoga, Wii Fit, walking miles and miles, and yes, doing Leslie's DVD for 5 miles..

I've incorporated exercise into my plan for healthy living for the rest of my life. I STILL am struggling through my own last ten lbs. of loss but I don't struggle by avoiding exercise or overeating any more. I kick Cruela, my scale, and whine a lot about how long these lbs. are taking (avg.5 lbs./week) So, continue posting about your last ten, but yes, spiff up the workouts and get 100% would be my advice as well..

TWO lbs. to go for me...should really take till Labor Day at the rate I go. SO WHAT???..

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Not unless you want to eat a lot more when you get to goal. Maintaining is a balance of calories in and calories out...

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You dont HAVE to exercise. But it is part of a healthy lifestyle that most of us want to attain. Providing you follow the plan exactly, you'll lose weight if you never lift a finger, but it will take you a lot longer. It's your choice on how long you want to take to get to goal...

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